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Trump's campaign has emboldened the dregs of American society

To The Daily Sun,

Although Hillary Clinton clobbered Herr Trumpf by more than 1 million votes and only 29 percent polled say he has a mandate, the Year of Broken Glass continues with his appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist. Bannon is an out-of-the-closet fascist who speaks for the most despicable elements of society: anti-Semites, misogynists, white nationalists, anti-immigrant extremists, anti-LGBTQ bigots, and Muslim haters. Trump's campaign emboldened the dregs of America just as the Brexit vote did. Hate crimes spiked in the UK.

The FBI is also reporting a spike in hate crimes and that includes anti-Muslim harassment and violence being up 67 percent; the highest rate since 9/11. The SPLC has listed 437 such incidents since Election Day, as of this writing. In East Hampton, Massachusetts, volunteers hiked to the top of Mount Tom to remove racist graffiti and swastikas. In Hell's Kitchen, a man told a fellow employee that if Hillary won, he would shoot him. At Ohio State, a student barreled into a man giving an anti-Trump protest speech and sent him down several stairs. The student was charged and indefinitely suspended. In Florida, a pickup truck covered with Trump bumper stickers, flying a large confederate flag weaving in traffic was chasing a car with two young blacks in it. When the car stopped to ask why, the Trump fan got out with a baseball bat and threatened them.

Chili's gives Veterans free meals on Veterans Day but at the Cedar Hill, Texas, location, African American veteran Ernest Walker was rudely challenged by a man in a Trump shirt. The Trump bigot persuaded the manager to take his meal away. Walker says he has never seen this level of racism. Well, Trump. Chili's has apologized and the manager has been "removed."

At the SMU campus in Dallas, racist fliers, titled "Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men," were found. In Oregon, a black woman was struck with a brick which broke several ribs. She was then threatened with rape by a group of Trump thugs. According to KOIN, Kara Stevens claims, "They yelled 'Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be. Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.'" Police are investigating this as a hate crime.

In Seattle, Councilwoman Kshama Sawant has called for demonstrations in D.C. during the inauguration of Trump to "tell America we do not accept a racist agenda." She received a flood of angry emails and phone calls. One caller told a staffer, "I will come and tattoo a swastika on your head and on that [b-word's] head." The emails were just as bad.

In a dugout in Wellsville, New York, a message was scrawled around a swastika saying, "Make America White Again." Only hours after that at the SUNY campus in Geneseo, someone spray-painted a swastika and the word "Trump" on a dorm. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, police are investigating reports a man who approached a Muslim student and threatened to set her on fire with a lighter unless she removed her hijab. "At New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, students discovered Trump's name written on the door to a prayer room for Muslims on Wednesday, school officials said" (CNN).

At a high school in Minnesota, students discovered: "Trump," "Whites only," "White America" and "Go back to Africa," scrawled in the bathroom. At San Diego State University, two men accosted a young Muslim woman in a traditional garment and hijab, made (pro-)Trump remarks, grabbed her purse and backpack and stole her car. A day after the election, "Black lives don't matter and neither does your votes" was scrawled on a wall in Durham, North Carolina. A faculty member at a Pasco County, Florida, high school told a group of African-American students standing in a hallway, "Don't make me call Donald Trump to get you sent back to Africa."

Capital University student Brittany Daughenbaugh of North Baltimore was assaulted by two white men wearing Trump clothing last week. "Don't you worry, honey. President Trump says this is okay." She was then punched her in the face and the arm. She fell, hit her head on the pavement and blacked out.

The Year of Broken Glass continues.

James Veverka

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Advocating for border control & deporting illegals is not racist

To The Daily Sun,

I read Scott Cracraft is looking to call me to renew our telephone conversations and I would be happy to do so but having moved from a big old place so much stuff is still lost. I have had to resort to new PIN numbers and passwords and my telephone number list is also still missing, but it should be in one of the boxes or bags we have yet to go through. I'll get to them eventually I guess just don't know when.

Now okay, not slander or libel maybe but certainly smears and unwarranted smears at that and not by accident or slip of the tongue. In the same edition of the paper our letters appeared you may look just to the left and read a letter from Russ Wiles. Russ clearly reveals the truth, that it is progressive left that resort to the actions you and other liberals attribute to conservatives as events after the unexpected Trump victory filling the 6 p.m. news all week.

Saul Alinsky spelled out his recipe of uncivil, malicious, violent intent years ago and you and the rest of the progressive left follow it just like it was written. When you or others attack the Tea Party, calling them racists or other things, it is because they do not vote the way you want, not because there is any evidence of any such thing. Then you or other progressives refuse to call Black lives Matter the racists and violent terrorists they are. What is that an example of critical thinking or blind adherence to a vile hateful doctrine?

On to Tom Stankosky. Well Tom, you could well be right that Trump is a misogynist, possibly even megalomaniac, but there is no evidence of racism just because he wants to control the boarder and deport illegals. It so happens that the vast majority of illegals are Hispanic, that is just fact. If the influx of illegals were poor unskilled Caucasians bringing in far too many cases, drugs, crime and disease, the harm would be the same. I'd expect the reaction by Trump and his supporters would be the same. That can't be proved either way, but the liberal left's constant charges of racism is becoming a joke. It's one of the reasons Trump won.

While I'm at it, have you any fault to find with the violent reactions by leftist Hillary supporters?

Moving on once more, we haven't heard from James Veverka, who last relayed his belief that we "cupcakes" would be distraught, when Hillary won. I'm sure Jim is still in shock and just wish him a get well soon thought.

Steve Earle


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