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Why do voters have to show up at polls but reps can phone it in?

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! Mrs. Wittmann, I haven't been lectured like that since my sixth-grade teacher, Miss Forsyth, caught me passing a note to Mary Ellen Swartz during history class. Mary Ellen sure was some gal, a real hottie! Wonder what she's doing now? Any way, I was soooo embarrassed.

Since I am not well read, I guess I didn't do a very good job of making my point in my previous letter, since I don't write well. But in that letter I don't remember writing about "Khumbaya," heck I can't even pronounce it, much less spell it. You remind me to do my research — really good idea.

Mrs. Worsman could send out, in advance of county convention meetings, a printed agenda so's we'uns can research the various subjects up for vote. Golly gee Miss Forsyth . . . oops I mean, Mrs. Wittmann, "I promise to be a good boy and do my research every day." Stop laughing Joyce, as my wife you should know I'm trying to be serious.

I don't remember saying anything about "warm-up bands" and "hippies," but if I insulted them in some way, I'll try to be a good boy and never do it again, cross my heart. I'll also work hard to develop some common sense so's I won't be afraid to get into the belly of the beast. Right now I don't have enough sense to pound sand down a rat hole! I'll read any books you recommend. I'm sure you'll help me choose which ones as I can tell from your letter that you are a warm and generous person. I'll read them all after I finish the stuff I am reading now — Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. I'm afraid I'm not going finish them soon though 'cause most of the words have two or more syllables and I spend a lot of time looking up meanings.

Oh yes, I guess I should tell why I wrote the former letter. . . why is it voters have to appear in person at the polls and show a picture ID in order to vote for those representatives who will be members of the county convention, but those same officials at the convention can vote by telephone and not actually appear and be identified? Who is the person on the other end of the telephone line who is voting? I have been told that this procedure is legal under New Hampshire state law, but why is it legal for lawmakers not to appear in person but us little people must appear?

Have nice day, Mrs. Wittmann and, oh yes, Khumbaya!

Elliot Finn

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For a court to decide college players are employees is troubling

To The Daily Sun,

I am not accusing the media at all, but am merely commenting.

The issue of unionizing college football players — for a court to decide players are employees is troubling.

The news teams need to research for the benefit of consumers, especially small-business people.

I do understand that the college will appeal. As small-business employer, we must comply with many employee regulations, the least of which is payroll records, Form 941, taxes and worker's comp insurance. It costs me to have an employee about 15 to 20 percent of the gross pay, for an employee. Workers Comp insurance premium is partially based on the risk. In other words, the premium is far higher for a tree climber than for a sales/clerical employer.

Please, I hope the news media does their research when reporting a story.

George Hawkins

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Fairpoint now determines when they raise rates & my how much

To The Daily Sun,

Since May 2013 the FairPoint monthly measured service rate has increased by 30 percent and the unlimited local service rate has increased by 70 percent. Wow! What a great piece of legislation the Senate passed in 2013, taking the control of rate increases out of the hands of the Public Utilities Commission (amendment to HB-542 regarding the deregulation of telephone rates and service). FairPoint now determines when, and how much they will raise rates for their customers.

How can these rate increases be justified when seniors only received a 1.5 percent cost-of-living increase in monthly Social Security benefits and many others in the private sector received no COLA increase at all?

How did your legislators (House and Senate) vote on this unfair legislation allowing these unfair rate increases?

Bill Whalen

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Where's evidence of Republicans concern over folks at bottom

To The Daily Sun,

I wrote a letter a while ago responding to letter writer Tony Boutin's so-called facts that he used to claim that people choose to stay poor and dependent on programs offered by state and federal government.

I asked for specific examples of what Republicans have done for those who are classified as the lower class. How has the GOP proposed to get this segment of our population out of the vicious cycle of poverty? Actual proposals, instead of the usual vague platitudes, would be greatly appreciated.

Since Mr. Boutin never responded I wonder: Does he need more time? Is he still doing research? Or did has he decided to ignore the topic which you broached in the first place and just move on to another talking point?

Could it be that Republicans on any level haven't implemented many laws or programs to serve this segment of our population? Could it be that many programs and laws enacted by Democrats have, in point of fact, been watered down by the GOP, or just blindly opposed and obstructed because they were Democratic ideas? Could it be that through the actions (or inaction) of the GOP programs and laws have been defunded or just wiped out?

I won't hold my breath waiting for a detailed report of facts and figures. This winter's snow banks will be long gone before we see evidence of Republican concern for those on the bottom rungs, or of any attempts to help them climb up the ladder to a much better standard of living, right?.

Bernadette Loesch


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Car title loan guys enjoy loophole you can drive 300% through

To The Daily Sun,

I was shocked to learn that New Hampshire's 36 percent annual interest rate cap on small loans contains an exception you could drive a car through — an exception that allows so-called "car title lenders" to charge interest up to 300 percent per year on loans secured by the borrower's vehicle.

The car title loan industry says it serves people who have "nowhere else to go" in an emergency. What these loans really do is delay the emergency, leaving people worse off than they were in the first place. Some borrowers will end up in our town welfare offices, seeking assistance funded by our property tax dollars. The Local Welfare Administrator's Association supports reducing the maximum interest rate on these loans. The borrower may sign the contract for 300 percent interest, but we all will end up paying.

HB-562, recently passed by the New Hampshire House with broad bipartisan support, would restore a reasonable rate cap on car title loans.

I ask our state Senators to pass this common-sense bill. I also ask that we all contact our state Senators to let them know we want them to vote in favor of this bill. You can find your senator at the following link: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/Senate/members/senate_roster.aspx

Kim Norwood

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