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Let's all rethink what we can do to honor Granny D's legacy

To The Daily Sun,

On Jan. 24, Granny D would have been 107. She did live to be 100. In her memory and to prompt admirers/supporters not to sit idle, but practice some Granny D activity, I want to quote from her second memoir, "Granny D's American Century," published in 2012 by University Press of New England, at UNH.

As if prescient to our time now, our 2017, she urges, "the new meet-ups that have become possible and popular ... are a powerful force for change, but only when they go further than being just a gathering of like-minded citizens; they must become organizing units for bringing in people who are not yet like-minded. They must become organizing units for people who will do more than sit around and share their feeling about politics; they must be platoons that go out and get real politics done."

This makes me think of her ready reminder: "Democracy is not something we have. Democracy is something we do." So, in keeping with the feisty woman's spirit, that traveling woman's feet that took her across our country — more than 3,000 miles — at 10 miles per day, let's all rethink what we can do, and find ways to be positive with others and generous-spirited with others, for our country's sake. I am even thinking — send new President Trump vibes (and postcards) that he be the best for our country. He can be asked to let go of his negativity. Maybe we can mentally pull him into our organizing units that Granny D knows she wanted for us. We can at least try.

Happy Birthday, Granny D, of Laconia and later Dublin.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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House Bill 440 will repeal the ugly tax on interest & dividends

To The Daily Sun,

Please support repeal of the "hidden" New Hampshire income tax.

Even though we claim to have no personal income tax in New Hampshire, in reality we actually do. It is a 5 percent tax on interest and dividend income, and it may also apply to income from an S Corporation, a partnership, or an LLC.

The 5 percent rate is higher than the income tax rate of several states that have an admitted tax on personal incomes.

The worst effect of the I&D tax by far is on individuals who have worked hard and saved and invested for their future, after paying federal income taxes on whatever income they were able to generate and save.

This falls especially hard on seniors who are sufficiently fortunate to have investments in bonds and/or stocks. Even with the artificially low interest rates being paid on bank accounts, CDs, and bonds, to have to pay 5 percent of the meager interest income to the State of New Hampshire is outrageous, considering how we hold ourselves out as being a low-tax environment.

The I&D tax accounts for only about 4.06 percent of the total state unrestricted revenues, a very small portion of the total. So why is it still there? It is there to penalize people who work and strive and save and invest to support themselves rather than relying on big government to take care of them.

The I&D tax should be repealed and any revenue that mighty be "lost" to the state should be offset by cuts in spending in state government programs.

I am a co-sponsor (along with six other representatives) of House Bill 440, which would repeal the I&D tax, and a hearing on it will be held before the House Ways & Means Committee at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 25, in Room 202, on the 2nd floor of the Legislative Office Building, located at 33 North State St. in Concord.

I urge you and any of your friends who also oppose the I&D tax to attend the hearing and voice your support for the bill. It is a very simple matter for you to speak your mind. Just show up, fill out a pink slip available at the entrance to the hearing room, indicate on it your name and town and that you want to speak in favor of, or in opposition to, the bill, and you will be called upon for brief comments by the committee chair.

If you do not show your strong support for the bill, the tax will likely remain in place.

If you have any comments or questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 293-0565.

State Rep. Norman Silber


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