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Stealing Scott's yard signs is really a disservice to all of us

To The Daily Sun,

A citizen of the United States, New Hampshire, and the town of Hill, I have been sickened by the lack of civility that has characterized this election. As any sense of personal politeness and consideration have eroded, so too have the sense of common decency and fair play. This affects our lives in small and large ways, on a personal and local level. Not only is this distasteful in the extreme, it is undermining our election process locally.

Two years ago, in the mid-term elections, we had committed, passionate candidates running on both sides, pressing their positions, keeping their names before the electorate with yard signs. Signs were on private property or set up in neutral sanctioned areas, such as in the median strip between Commerce Street and Route 3A. No one messed with an opponent's efforts to campaign. No more.

I have had signs swiped over and over, both from private and public property. I have lost two Bernie Sanders, two Anne Kuster, three Maggie Hassan and four Scott Burns signs. No signs for Republicans have gone missing. This is dirty.

I find this particularly galling in the case of Scott Burns. This is a man who has served in the New Hampshire House from 2012 until 2014, and who has worked incredibly hard for Hill and Franklin Wards 1 and 2. A vocal member of the Franklin School Board, he is dedicated to early childhood education and to making sure that Hill and Franklin can acquire supplemental state funding and additional educational resources. In his leadership roles in health care and family resource centers, he has championed improved access to vital services for us all. Through stewardship programs, waste initiatives and the development of outdoor recreational facilities, he seeks to care for our environment while improving our economy and is endorsed by the Sierra Club.

Scott is the hardest worker I know. I have known him for 2 1/2 years, and I wholeheartedly support him. He is one person running for office who is, as Michele Obama says, "going high" when others are "going low." Stealing his yard signs not only does him a disservice by marginalizing his presence with the electorate, it is a disservice to us all.

Lucy Natkiel


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Sanbornton hearing on Wednesday will focus on safety inspection fees

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton residents concerned about taxes need to attend the public hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. in the town offices to discuss the proposed fees for safety inspections.

The estimated revenue from the proposed fees is a modest $6 to $8,000, but it's still a tax increase and something that should be presented in a warrant article at Town Meeting rather than discussed in what is usually a poorly attended public hearing. The Board of Selectmen should be sensitive to how residents perceive fee increases especially after the brouhaha created last year when they suggested charging for items taken from the dump's metal pile.

This request for fees raises a number of questions. For example, why are the fees even necessary? Sanbornton has the second highest town tax in Belknap County, what are we getting for our money? It certainly isn't well maintained roads.

Also the proposed fees seem to hit taxpayers twice. First we pay the salaries of inspection personnel through our town tax, and pay again when we or our contractor pays the fee.

Proposed fee revenue is slated to go to the Fire Department Special Revenue Fund. However, this fund, at the end of this budget year, will have a balance of approximately $270,000. Further there will be $265,000 and $85,000 in capital reserve for a new fire truck and fire truck refurbishment respectfully. A total of $620,000 set aside for the Fire Department while the total amount in capital reserve for the DPW department is only $559.01 for heavy equipment. Clearly any fee revenue for inspections should go somewhere other than the Fire Department.
Agree or disagree at the hearing.

Roger Grey

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