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Basic housing needs of ohter homeless people not being met

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to an article in The Daily Sun about the Belknap House.

Referring to the "River Crew," the homeless group tended by Elaine Morrison and Dick Smith, (Len) Campbell said "with them, we couldn't have a dry shelter. They are alcoholics, and they're not ever going to be anything else." He allowed some may go through spells of sobriety, but added that their likelihood of remaining sober "is between nil and none."

"Families we can make a difference with," Campbell told the council.

In the early planning stages of the proposed Belknap House, they saw the need for an overnight shelter during the winter for the River Crew and other homeless alcoholics who needed a place to stay during cold weather. This was similar to the Concord shelter which allowed homeless suffering from addiction to stay the night and be safe. All alcohol was secured upon arrival and dispensed upon departure, the next morning.

This model did not allow them to stay for an extended period with case management services. It was only to provide winter shelter at night. They did not drink in the facility. The criteria for entry was not contingent on their sobriety. There were rules about not drinking in the facility. Participants had to abide by the house rules for their safety and others.

There is always hope for recovery from addiction. In our program, River Crew Art, over the past four years, we witnessed some successes. Being a chronic illness, it is common for them to experience periods of sobriety and relapses. During relapses it is still important for their basic needs to be met. The Belknap House is conditional on sobriety. This is an important resource for families who are transitioning into a more permanent lifestyle. We support this important resource in our community.

River Crew Art is not conditional on sobriety. Participants need to be functional in order to benefit from the program. Some participants are varied; encompassing recovered addicts, and those suffering from mental illness, and those still struggling with the challenges of addiction. As long as they are able to participate, we accept them.

Our participation in Stand Up Laconia and Navigating Recovery of the Lakes Region has increased our knowledge and awareness of addiction through the stories of recovering addicts. Hope is always possible. A common theme of addicts was one of hopelessness. Their life-changing decision to recover and finding community support and programs made them successful in their journey.

Society expects recovery. Most programs are funded based on sobriety. Late-stage alcoholics may be past the point of recovery due to physical and mental challenges. However, we always have hope that they may change to have a meaningful life.

The Belknap House is a great asset to the community serving homeless families. However, we have to recognize other homeless populations whose basic need of housing is not being met during the cold, winter months.

River Crew Art
Elaine Morrison
Dick Smith


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Vote for a female president. Sure. But Hillary is not Golda Meir

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary, you do not have the temperament to be president.

You watch what and how you say things. But that is natural for someone with legal background.

Temperament definition: a person's nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior.

You lied to the families and American citizens that the cause of Benghazi was a video.
Now you are being sued by two of the families of the Benghazi dead. As you said they misunderstood you in their grief when you and the families met the caskets in America.

They did not misunderstand you. You lied.

Your "temperament" gave Putin power in the Russian reset. Russia took back some of Crimea. Russia just recently bombed air fields where our jets are located. He is constantly crossing the line and Obama does nothing. There is still tension at the border between the two countries.

I don't want war with Russia, but it was your reset button with Russia gave Russia the power and impetus to cross the border and take back Crimea.

You negotiated lower numbers of nuclear weapons with Russia but helped in the negotiations in giving Iran money to get their nuclear weapon and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Oh ... do not forget, Iran will now have more money to support terrorists who hate the U.S.

Iran just recently received over $400 million in unmarked currency and called us a banana republic.

You said you were going to get carried away with all the jobs that you are going to create. Your economic plan is a job-killer.

You are perpetuating the economic classes. Tax the rich is what you want.

The rich create jobs. The top 5 percent pay 50 percent of the federal taxes. The rich invest in new companies and improvements in existing companies, which creates jobs.

The only jobs created in the past eight years were fast food restaurants, and low-skilled paying jobs. Oh yes, green-energy jobs. Yes, they were created, (but) only because the federal government subsidized them.

So I pay taxes to create a job that would not have been created without the government subsidy.

Let the market create the jobs.

When JFK and Reagan cut taxes, there were many high-paying jobs created.

Hillary, you did not ask for the endorsement from the largest police union. You are perpetuating the race problem in this country. All lives matter.

Our military is in trouble. There are jet fighters with no pilots to fly them.

Intelligence reports were manipulated to show that the U.S. was better in fight against ISIS. The White House did not take blame, but suggested the blame be put on the military. Surprise, surprise, the White House did not take any blame.

Hillary when secretary of state wanted to outsource control to Clinton Foundation. Can you imagine a foundation that sold rights to U.S. uranium to Russia for money to be in control of the State Department permanently?

Hillary, the State Department was up for sale when you were secretary of state. What would you sell if you were president?

Hillary, you do not have the temperament to be president of the United States.

We want a strong America.

Hillary, would I like a woman president? Sure. But Hillary, you are no Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher.

You do not even come close.

Linda Riley

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