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Let's leep positive momentum going by expanding WOW Trail

To The Daily Sun,

The following is a letter of support for the WOW Trail approval as recently submitted to the Laconia City Council. I am the president of Bonnette, Page & Stone, and a taxpayer of Laconia. It is my sincere feeling that Laconia is at another major crossroads in its history, and the WOW Trail offers another small piece of the positive move forward in restoring our community.

I have worked in our city for more that 35 years and have not ever witnessed the kind of excitement swirling around downtown like you currently see and feel on a daily basis. It is awesome.

I was in the audience of a packed City Council Chambers Monday for the hearing and I, too, love the Pitman's Freight Room and they are important to downtown. The fact that the Beane family stepped up to help solve a neighbor's parking issue was impressive. That kind of collaboration by the community will make this a great city again.

Keep the positive move going, and vote in favor of the WOW Trail.

Randall J. Remick


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Big Oil & its allies certainly are not going to go down easy

To The Daily Sun,

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the nation's most powerful oil lobby and it knew of the dangers of rising CO2 levels in the late 1970s. From 1979 to 1983, it teamed up with Exxon, Mobil, Amoco, Phillips, Texaco, Shell, Sunoco, Sohio as well as Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil (now Chevron) to run a task force to monitor and share climate research.

Internal documents uncovered by investigations showed that the energy giants began their own state-of-the-art CO2 sampling program in 1978 to better understand the relationship between its product, increased atmospheric CO2, and climate change.

Like the tobacco companies when they learned the connection between tobacco and cancer, API chose to begin decades of propaganda designed cast doubt on the science and protect profits. That strategy cost Big Tobacco hundreds of billions of dollars in 1998 when they were found guilty of racketeering and fraudulent practices in order to protect the bottom line.

Now there are calls for the same kind of anti-racketeering action against the energy giants who knew of the dangers decades ago but chose to attack science and fund the deniers. The attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts, California, and the American Virgin Islands are investigating Exxon to determine if the company deliberately lied to investors, the public, and the government about the threat of climate change.

In the Virgin Islands, the AG has served 90 conservative organizations with subpoenas for internal documents. Those served include the usual suspects: CATO, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society, Hoover Institute, etc. The latest demands from the AG are filed under anti-racketeering laws which may set the stage for a Big-Tobacco-like investigation and trial.

Big Oil and its allies in the denio-sphere aren't going down easy, either. They think the demands violate their constitutional rights. Blah, blah, blah. Hillary Clinton called for a federal probe back in October so this could be big after January.

"They took the environmental unit and put it into the political department, which was primarily lobbyists. They weren't focused on doing research or on improving the oil industry's impact on pollution. They were less interested in pushing the envelope of science and more interested in how to make it more advantageous politically or economically for the oil industry." (James J. Nelson, the former director of the API task force on CO2)

To keep up with this story, go to the Pulitzer-winning site, Inside Climate News, at
Politico is also covering this with a recent article, "Exxon scrambles to contain climate crusade" at

James Veverka

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