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Ask Joe Kenney where he stands on Planned Parenthood contract

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, we marked the 41st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision affirming the right of each woman to control her reproductive health. Roe v. Wade has become a settled matter. Yet, some would reverse this right so necessary to more than half the population. During these 41 years, women have had the chance to blossom at home and at work with the certainty of planning their families. All women deserve access to that kind of certainty.

In 2011, our N.H. Executive Council joined those who would chip away and then reverse women's reproductive freedom by denying birth control to those who use Planned Parenthood. In 2011, the Executive Council was weighted against Planned Parenthood and voted down the contract that would have funded New Hampshire Planned Parenthood.

In 2014, funding of New Hampshire Planned Parenthood is again before our Executive Council. Women who wish to plan their families and know it is important for all women to have that opportunity believe the Executive Council should restore funding to Planned Parenthood by approving its contract. This raises the question of who will be our 1st District Executive Councilor voting on that contract. Will it be Mike Cryans or Joe Kenny?

I will go to the polls on March 11 to vote for Mike Cryans to be our next Executive Councilor for the 1st District. I will do so confident that Mike Cryans will stand with those who wish to restore funding to Planned Parenthood. I ask, whom will you trust with the vote on the Planned Parenthood contract? Executive Council District 1 residents reading this letter, I suggest you ask each candidate, Joe Kenny (R) and Mike Cryans (D), where he stands on the Planned Parenthood contract, then join me at the polls on March 11 to vote for Mike Cryans.

Gail C. Morrison

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So what if we are sometimes inconvienienced by sharing roads

To The Daily Sun,

This is a response to the insensitive, inhumane, entitled letter of A. Moon, dated Jan. 16:

Driving is a privilege. In the State of N.H., one must be licensed and follow the laws governing the operation of vehicles, as defined by the states driver's manual. There is no mention of skunks, squirrels, cats, possum or bull moose or any other animal in

the state's driver's manual, because they are ... animals.

Part 18 of the State of NH driver's manual, page 92 – 100, addresses the topic of sharing the road with a variety of motorists and pedestrians, the human kind, your friends, family, co- workers, community members. Like it or not, walkers, joggers, bicyclists, motor vehicle operators, we all have the privilege and responsibility to share the road.

The letter makes reference to a tragic accident that took place one morning some years ago when a jogger wearing headphones was killed on North Main St. by a driver on his way to work. It states that the driver suffered from distress for a long time after that but no charges were filed because the jogger had placed himself in harm's way by being in the middle of the road. A. Moon advises that if the reader happens to know one of these "critters" have them take a lesson from their "road kill" cousins.

This reference sounds like a distorted version of what happened to our beloved family member one morning many years ago. Marie had recently retired and moved back to Laconia to live with and care for her elderly mom. She was a 67-year-old woman who regularly walked the city streets before breakfast, never jogged, yet wore a jogging suit, the fashion of the time, listening to her inspirational tapes. In early September, while crossing North Main Strett, almost across, but not quite, she was struck and killed by a man on his way to work.

When found, Marie was not quite within the cross walk. The wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong choice, a tragic accident. Marie was a beloved daughter, sister, mother, mother in law, auntie, grandmom, great grandmom, and friend. She was no one's "road kill cousin". For anyone to callously refer to her as "road kill cousin" should give us all concern. No one deserves to be referred to in this way. Whether A. Moon's letter refers to our loved one, or another community member, we need to take heed of such ignorance.

I myself and a good friend drive part of the same route described in this letter for over 15 years now, between the 6 and 7 a.m. hour. NEVER have either of us witnessed a jogger down the middle of the road. Were we sometimes inconvenienced by having to share the road? Yes. So what. We slow down. We practice patience. We accept life on life's terms. We all learn in the state driver's manual that sharing the road is an important part of the experience.

What A. Moon describes in his letter to the editor is a tragic accident with significantly painful consequences for many people. To trivialize, blame, and then imply threats through ownership of a big truck is most definitively not a reason for us to "sleep in until spring".

Quite the contrary, in Marie's memory I suggest we all increase our practice of loving kindness and the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated, immediately. Winter, spring, summer, fall ... especially when it comes to sharing the road!

Henry & Patricia Weatherbee


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Mike Cryans will serve us well on the N.H. Executive Council

To The Editor,

We the undersigned encourage you to VOTE FOR MIKE CRYANS ON MARCH 11. As former and current Statehouse Representatives, we understand the important role of the Executive Council. Executive Councilors vote to approve or reject all significant state contracts, judicial nominations, and appointments of leaders of all state agencies. Mike Cryans' commitment to constituent services and rejection of partisan politics makes him the right person to work with the governor and the four other Executive Council members and represent District 1.

Mike Cryans is a 17-year Grafton County Commissioner, consultant to small business, former teacher, hospital board member, and is currently employed at Headrest, a non-profit organization that deals with substance abuse recovery with residential care. Mike is a native of New Hampshire, coming from Littleton and currently residing in Hanover. Mike has worked extensively in central and northern New Hampshire

Mike's priorities of building the economy, his work ethic and dedication to constituent services make him the best person to continue the public service of Ray Burton, who tirelessly reminded us all of the value of our citizens and resources north of Concord.

Please vote on March 11 for Mike Cryans for Executive Council. He will serve us all well.

Hon. Beth Arsenault

Hon. Mo Baxley

Hon. Lisa DiMartino

Hon. Ruth Gulick

Hon. David Huot

Hon. Elizabeth Merry

Hon. Kate Miller

Hon. Gail Morrison

Hon. Ian Raymond

Hon. Judie Reever

Hon. Richard Stuart

Hon. Jane Wood

Hon. Barbara Zeckhausen

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Year-Round Library offers plenty to keep seniors connected & engaged

To The Daily Sun,

We all know that seniors can often live in isolation — this is especially true in the winter months. Happily, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library recognizes this and ensures that the library has plenty to keep senior citizens connected and engaged. In today's world it is helpful to seniors to have access to family and friends who may live a distance away. The library has Internet access so people can stay connected. The library also offers ancestry.com, a popular program for many adults. The librarian is available to offer assistance to those who may need to learn some aspects of computers.
On the fourth Monday of each month, a movie is shown at 1 p.m. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a new movie or an old classic with neighbors and friends right here in town. A weekly craft group meets on Tuesday afternoons. Bring your most recent project to work on and share ideas with other crafters. Other programs are held throughout the year — just call the Library at 364-2400, go to the website (www.gyrla.org) or receive the monthly e-newsletter to keep informed of upcoming events.
Stop by the Library to read the newspaper, check out a new book or movie, or chat with neighbors. It is the library's goal to offer programming and services to meet the needs of all our community members. If there is a program or activity you would like to have available, contact the Library — new ideas are always welcome.

Board of Trustees

Gilmanton Year-Round Library

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2 Gilmanton parcels for sale are protected by conservation easements

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton Land Trust has received inquiries about the "For Sale" signs on two of the four tracts of land involved in the "Gilmanton's Greatest Views" conservation campaign. We would like to clarify the situation and put to rest any concerns.

First and foremost, these four tracts are now permanently conserved by perpetual conservation easements limiting their use to agriculture and forestry and assuring continued maintenance of existing fields and views. These restrictions will be overseen by Five Rivers Conservation Trust, a regional land trust based in Concord.

The Town of Gilmanton now owns two of the tracts, one on Meetinghouse Road and Pond, and the other at the top of Frisky Hill, with sweeping views. The Conservation Commission assumes ongoing management of these lands and will seek public input about their use.
The other two conserved tracts include fields along Rt. 107 overlooking Loon Pond, and a hayfield at the junction of Griffin and Loon Pond Roads. These are now being marketed to conservation-minded buyers as part of the overall conservation plan. Proceeds from the sale will help cover costs that GLT has incurred to accomplish the conservation result now in place and will assist in GLT's anticipated conservation of additional land adjacent to one of the four already conserved tracts.
Questions? Contact Tom Howe, Project Manager, at (H) 364-6131, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For information about the two tracts for sale, contact real estate broker Tom Howard, at 253-4999, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Board of Trustees

Gilmanton Land Trust

Fuzz Freese, John Dickey, Carolyn Baldwin, Tom Howe, Graham Wilson, Eliza Evans, Meg Nighswander

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