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Sadly, our only alternative to electing this crook is Donny Boy

To The Daily Sun,

Well is ANYONE surprised? Here are the facts as I have been able to put them together from my readings on the subject of Hillary and her private email server.
1. The FBI investigated Crooked Hillary under two statutes. The first, a felony, says "it is unlawful for anyone entrusted with info related to national defense to permit, through "gross negligence" such info to be removed from its proper place of custody and disclosed. Gross negligence rather than purposeful conduct is enough to prosecute."

2. The second statute, a misdemeanor, "involves the knowing removal of classified documents to an unauthorized location" (i.e. Crooked Hillary's personal server in her home!).

3. FBI Director James Comey clearly and specifically indicated that Crooked Hillary and her staff had met the standards of violating BOTH these statutes. He referred to the felony situation as "extreme carelessness" rather than "gross negligence" — semantics at best. Webster defines "extreme" as "greatest", and "gross" as "great". It defines "negligence" as "an act of carelessness". Sounds like extreme carelessness and gross negligence are EXACTLY the same. But that's just my poor "commoner's" understanding of the terms. The misdemeanor statute means simply "the knowing removal of classified documents to an unauthorized site" (i.e. Crooked's unsecured personal server).

4. Among her MANY lies, the journal article quotes from Comey's press conference six statements by Crooked Hillary which he refutes directly. If you say something that is NOT TRUE is that NOT A LIE? I always thought it was illegal to lie to the FBI. For all of us but not Hillary? Seems that is the case.

5. Classified e-mails. The FBI found 110 e-mails that were classified on Crooked Hillary's server (she said there were none). Eight of those e-mail chains contained material classified as "Top Secret/Special Access Program." This is the highest level of classification and applies to material that is NEVER released to the public. The definition of this classification is "Top Secret shall be applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which, reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security." Sounds pretty serious to me. These were on her personal server!

6. Michael Mukasey wrote a blistering article in the Wall Street Journal condemning Comey's decision not to prosecute and clearly outlining the case FOR prosecution for violation of BOTH Federal Statutes mentioned above. He should know. He was a U.S District judge from 1988-2006; and the U.S. Attorney General from 2007 to 2009! Pretty qualified, I would say.

7. Comey actually set a double standard in his own words during his news conference. After exonerating Crooked Hillary with a recommendation of no prosecution, he went on to say, and I quote, "This is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions." Translation: If your last name is Clinton, no problem. You get off Scott free. For the rest of us, loss of job, loss of security clearance and maybe a vacation at Club Fed!! How blatantly biased and hypocritical can you get? This is known as the "Clinton Standard" of justice in America.

8. Hubby, Sleazy Bill, visits with the Attorney General "just to chat" and less than a week later, Crooked skates! Does anyone doubt that "THE FIX IS IN"?

9. And then the topper of all toppers. "Dear Leader" Barack takes Hillary on a campaign trip in Air Force One! Words fail me.

So where does all of this leave us? Sadly, the only alternative to electing this felon to the highest office in America is Donny Boy. What have we come to in America? Oh well, he does tell it like it is and who knows, a complete outsider might have a shot at turning some of this disaster around. He certainly gets my vote!
John Schoenbauer.
Center Harbor

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Stay positive? There has been very little to celebrate in Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

The facts are that the present Board of Selectmen have in just a few months done harm to the Town of Gilmanton.

The Selectmen's administrative assistant resigned after the board took away her responsibility of taking the minutes and reduced her hours to part-time without benefits. The town's electrician, who happened to campaign for Mr. Currier, was let go. Mr. Ogni spent many hours bringing the Academy back from the flood. He knows our buildings. What a loss.

The Board of Selectmen decided after recording their non-public rant, insulting a contractor, a town employee, and anything else that entered their minds, that it was all public business.

The Board of Selectmen voted to let go the town resident who maintained the Academy lawn for 16 years. This after a public input session where Mr. McWhinnie did not want to let the man speak. The vote was taken in an illegal meeting to let him go.

This past week the Board of Selectmen called an emergency meeting about the Police Department, but did not invite the police chief to attend. Why was that?

This past Monday the Board of Selectmen voted 2-1 to give the selectmen's meeting room to the town clerk/tax collector for an office. This after receiving letters from various town boards expressing reservations concerning this major change. What was the rush? Why did you ask for input when you did not want it?

The board also accepted the resignation of the planning administrator, and voted that a Highway Department employee has two months to get his CDL (commercial driver's license). Who is running the Highway Department?

Mr. Blake speaks his mind and I support that. Should this board do something positive I would imagine he would congratulate them. At this moment there has been very little to celebrate.

Don Guarino


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