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Eat Out for Got Lunch! Laconia raised $2,708; thank you very much

To The Daily Sun,

Got Lunch! Laconia wishes to thank the local restaurants and their patrons for a successful and delicious return of the "Eat Out For GOT LUNCH! Laconia" program to raise funds for the children of Laconia.

Got Lunch! is a volunteer program and relies on donations from businesses and individuals to purchase healthy lunch fixings for children who might otherwise go hungry during the summer hiatus from school.

The following restaurants agreed to donate a portion of their sales to GLL from patrons who ate at their restaurant on a particular day. So thank you to T-Bones/Cactus Jacks, Hector's, Brick Front, Buritto Me, 405 Pub, Lyon's Den, Faro Italian Grille, Patrick's Pub, The Local Eatery and Tavern 27. The total raised for GLL was $2,708. And thank you to the patrons who came out to support Got Lunch! Laconia.

Linda Tunnicliffe

Advisory Board Member

GOT LUNCH! Laconia

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State's economy is slowly rebounding; governor need to be patient

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to thank state Rep. Peter Spanos, a hard-working member of the House Finance Committee, for his recent letter outlining the factual fiscal realities regarding the New Hampshire business economy and recently vetoed state budget by the governor.

For the public to be properly informed factual information on the current state budget needs to be explained and shared in a way that one not close to the process can best understand the complexities. Rep. Spanos accomplishes this task with truth, not spin.

Our state is continuing to slowly rebound from a challenging economy and revenues are beginning to demonstrate a positive trend. A spender like this governor needs to show patience before thinking the "grand good all days" are back again and promote excessive spending which is possibly motivated by an individual political vision of the future for oneself.

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee which is responsible for revenue projecting for supporting the state budget, I am pleased to report that with all the information known today by the committee, comprised of Democrats and Republicans, a very thoughtful approach and analysis occurred in Concord over the last six months to set a tone for spending. Revenues are very fair today.

Thank you Peter, for sharing the truthful fiscal realities of spending 101 in New Hampshire.

State Rep. Brian S. Gallagher


Member, House Ways & Means Committee

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