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Clinton has more than walking pneumonia, video was alarming

To The Daily Sun,

Mrs. Clinton has more than walking pneumonia. There are a lot of people with pneumonia; some can die. People I know who have had pneumonia don't lose their balance, become weak-kneed and collapse. She even lost a shoe which had to be put back on. This video was alarming to see.

It might have something to do with a blood clot; maybe a transient ischemic attack; maybe a slight stroke? Who knows? I know she can play hardball but with her health, that is stupid. If she tells her doctor to be evasive with her diagnosis, the doctor will be. Who's fooling whom?

I still can't figure out a woman like her. It must be the ambition which I have none, and of course, the power and money to perhaps be the first elected woman in the U.S. to be president. Anyone running for the highest office in the nation does not have the right of privacy over her health.

She has been pampered all her life as compared to many millions of woman who cannot say they have been pampered to even a quarter of her life span. Get real.

Rosemary Mellon


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Weeks family would not have approved of this logging project

To The Daily Sun,

I would also like to thank all who have chimed in on the destruction of the Weeks Woods conservation property.

My family and I have been a residents of Gilford for almost 30 years and I cannot count how many times I have walked and snowshoed through Weeks Woods. I am not a "tree hugger" by nature, but I do respect the environment, enjoy the lands we have been blessed with in Gilford and Belknap County and will speak out if I feel they are being jeopardized. Like many Gilford residents I was not aware of the plans to "manage the forest," and I, too, would like answers from the town administrator as to how the project was approved without the input of the residents.

I also find it very hard to believe that an organization that calls itself the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests would sanction such a project and not provide constant oversight throughout the project.

Several weeks ago I ignored the signs and decided to explore the trails, or what was once trails, to see for myself what was happening out there. As I ascended the trail from Route 11A I was immediately shocked and sadden by the destruction of the once scenic path to the top of the trail. When I arrived at the top I could not believe the devastation I saw. I continued to the left, down a path that was once a nature trail, only to find more destruction and no presence of silt fences along the wetland areas.

I continued around the rutted paths to the fields and back into woods at the bench (those who have walked the trails will know where I am speaking of) only to find the devastation continued throughout the forest with trails blocked by large piles of debris, ruts in the wetlands area and damage to the remaining trees.

Who was hired to oversee this project, to protect the forest, the streams and wildlife? Shame on all involved. I am quite certain the Weeks family, who were so generous with their contribution, would not approve.

David Emond

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