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Left always turns to violence when things don't go its way

To The Daily Sun,

Two weeks and the yahoos (empty-headed collage kids) and the thugs (professional agitators and anarchists) are still in the streets with demonstrations (also known as riots) to show their outrage that they didn't get what they wanted, how sad.

Wasn't this the behavior Hillary and her mainstream media allies told everyone to expect from conservatives and the Tea Party once she won? Yes it was, but then they always do that don't they?

Remember when the Brady Bill was going to run out and they said there would be shoot outs on every corner or when right to carry laws were passed there was to be blood in the streets? Well heck, the blood in the streets is mostly from drug gang drive byes or Islamic terrorists, not the legal gun owners the left targets. But then violence is the currency the left always resorts to when things don't go their way.

And when they can't win the argument "you are a racist." they scream (otherwise known as critical thinking) then run off to find a safe place.

Now that brings me to Carol Steppi, who is once again on her rickety soap box calling "white men" racists. Carol doesn't hate racists, just white men, and particularly older white men. If she hated racism she has the Black Lives Matter or Islamic terrorists to call out where there is ample evidence to support the charge — but not Carol.

It's white men for her, so I ask, does that include Bill Clinton, Chuck Schummer — white Democratic men — or just conservatives? If it doesn't include those white men we can only conclude it actually only means white men who do not vote her way. That makes her a hypocrite and fraud, I'd think if that's the case because otherwise there is zero evidence to support her slander.

I read an article here a couple days ago, don't have the paper handy so can't tell you who wrote it, but it revealed there has been a big increase in anti-Semitic activity recently. Really, recently? I guess the writer hasn't been paying much attention for a decade or two. For quite a few years anti-Israeli hate groups supporting Palestinians have been very active on American college campuses (more empty-headed yahoos) buying into the lies and propaganda of Palestinians. Just too dumb or lazy to check historical records, or looking for group approval at innocent people's expense.

The writer says it's on both sides and perhaps it is. But you know what? I haven't seen any KKK out burning crosses in years and years, or for that matter white supremacists either. Where can they be? Because the left is constantly referring to them but we only see the leftist mobs on the news. Those folks are always out smashing, burning and looting and at any made-up excuse.

Let them weep and moan, let them carry on like the spoiled school children they so resemble because the more of that they do the more people will turn from their message of "poor us."

Steve Earle


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You could feel Russ's joy in that letter; what he's doing is wonderful

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Russ:

I have seen and read your numerous political letters. Though I have never agreed with them, I wish to say I loved your last letter about the children you mentor.

That was a beautiful letter! You could feel your joy and the love you have for them in it. I think what your doing is wonderful and I wish you the best. Keep up the good work for them and yourself.

May you have happy holidays and a wonderful 2017.

Denise C. Burke

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