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Very disappointed to learn Funspot won't be hosting Halloween party

To The Daily Sun,

Though I've only lived in Laconia for 10 years, I've always heard from my friends about Funspot's Halloween parties and how fun they were. I was finally able to go last year after Pumpkin Fest and even hung out with a couple of my friends there, playing the video games, and drinking cider, while being able to dress up in my costume. It was nice having a warm place to hang out after work and not feel silly for wearing a costume and being like a kid at Christmas again.

I was quite looking forward to going to their party again this year and taking my boyfriend with me since he hadn't been there in years.

I was disappointed when they announced they weren't having it this year. Initially I believed it was because of the clown incidents until I found out it was because of Pumpkin Fest. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to make the Mount Washington trip, I was looking forward to Funspot.

It saddens me to know they would cancel a decades-old tradition over a little competition. I would've thought they would've welcomed it. Especially if the Pumpkin Fest days are rainy or cold, and people just want to hang out indoors. So from one who enjoys Halloween fun to one who supplies it, I wish Funspot would change its mind.

Emily Martin

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In light of email revelations, how can Hillary say she's for women's rights?

To The Daily Sun,

Why I won't be voting for Hillary – Reason 1.

WikiLeaks just released emails from a campaign staffer for Hillary concerning gender pay gap at Clinton foundation. I don't care who is behind the leaking. The fact is the emails were released and let us look at what was said.

The campaign staffer noted that there is a huge discrepancy among the top women and men employees at the Clinton Foundation. This is the foundation of Hillary who says she is fighting for women's issues and yet her foundation pays women less than men.

Hillary says equal pay for women and men but she doesn't follow that in her foundation. Why Hillary? So why should we the public believe what you say in your speeches?

How can you accuse Trump of anything when you, a woman, do not pay equal pay to the women who work for your foundation compared to the men working in the foundation?

In the email it stated: Average salary of highest paid men $346,106; average for highest paid women $185,386. Out of the 11 highest paid employees of the Clinton foundation three are women. That is about one quarter — just pitiful.

These stats do not look good for a candidate who says she is for women's rights.

The Clinton Foundation under Hillary's tenure as secretary of state took millions of dollars from countries with deplorable women's rights. Women cannot work or drive. Women cannot go out without male chaperone. Women need four male witnesses to verify a rape. Some countries the woman is punished for being raped and not the man.

How can Hillary say she is for women's rights with what her actions in the past say something totally different?

Linda Riley

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