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Wonder how N.H. raises money without a sales or income tax?

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region TEA Party's April meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 19, at the Moultonborough Library (4 Holland Street) at 7 p.m. Our speakers will be state Reps. Glenn Cordelli and Marc Abear.

Rep. Cordelli (Tuftonboro) will provide an update on the Legislature's activities, including the budget and focusing on a key item, SB-193, which establishes Education Savings Accounts ,which will provide state funds to parents to purchase the best educational services for their children.

Have you wondered how New Hampshire, without the income and sales taxes that most states have, raises the money it needs? Rep. Abear (Gilford and Meredith) will answer this and related questions. Marc will also discuss pressures for increased and/or new taxes, how New Hampshire taxes affect economic growth, and he will address audience questions.

The public is invited to attend to listen, learn, and respectfully participate in our discussions.

Don Ewing

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Now is time to make sure your reps to Washington hear from you

To The Daily Sun,

We are now in a Congressional recess. This is a good time, while they are home on recess, to make sure that our U.S. representatives and senators are aware of your concerns. If you are in need of some suggestions, here are a few to consider. I am sure you can come up with others:

1. That you support an independent or at least bipartisan investigation, free of political maneuvering, of the Russian interference in our last election and of possible collusion with the Russians by the Trump election team.

2. That you support the Presidential Tax Transparency Act to ensure that President Trump and all future presidents tax returns are made public.

3. That you will hold Congress accountable for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

4. That you are opposed to I.C.E. acting as a police state.

5. That you expect our representatives and senators to hold the line on administration and Republican threats of draconian budget cuts and government shutdown.

If you haven't yet heard of or read the Indivisible Guide, get your copy at Indivisible.com

Rick DeMark

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