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Please join us in voting for Christopher Boothby on January 21st

To The Daily Sun,

Please join us in supporting Christopher Boothby with your vote for the N.H. Executive Council on Tuesday, January 21st. He is running for N.H. Executive Council (District 1), which was vacated in November, after the death of Christopher's long-time friend and political mentor Ray Burton.

Christopher has an impressive background in business, health care and county government along with strong leadership in many civic organizations.
I know that Christopher is committed to making a difference by serving the people, projects and organizations that are working to improve our communities. He is an excellent listener and communicator who will represent District 1 well and collaborate with state government on our behalf.

Please join us at the primary on Tuesday, January 21st and help us elect Christopher Boothby as the Republican nominee for N.H. Executive Councilor. For more information, visit www.christopherboothby.com or www.facebook.com/boothbybrigade .
Allan Beetle


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My writings on Duncan v. N.H. resulted from many hours of study

To The Daily Sun,
In response to letters from Ron Godbout, William McCoy's and James Veverka, the ones that concerned my last series of letters:

Firstly, I would like to thank Ron Godbout for his service. Yet I will take issue with even a veteran when he speaks wrongly. In your letter sir, you characterized my last series of letters as rants and religious diatribes. Did you do that because my discourse fits the definition of these or because you did not like what I said and wanted to paint it in a negative light. The series that I just finished, on Duncan v The State of N.H., represents many hours of study and research and immeasurable amount of wrestling with these concepts in an attempt to get it right. If you would like to do diligence and examine the documents and historical accounts yourself, I will welcome your input. If not, with all due respect sir, please keep your cheap shots to yourself.

I see that James Veverka's has become the Lakes Region's poster boy, for liberal intolerance. Jim, mocking people does not show a whole bunch of understanding.

And to William "Liam" McCoy: Thanks for your support. Keep fighting the good fight, and don't let these rascals get your goat.

John Demakowski


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Learn more about the expectations of Common Core standards

To The Daily Sun,

The board of the New Hampshire Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NHASCD), the state's largest professional development organization, supports the Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core Standards outline what students should know and be able to do in reading and mathematics from kindergarten through 12th grade. They align with the knowledge and skills that New Hampshire high school graduates need to be fully ready for college and careers.

They are benchmarked to the standards of top-performing countries and states, and mark the first time that states share a common set of educational goals and expectations for the nation's students. States and local districts develop their own curriculum and instructional activities to address these standards.

To develop these standards, state governors and state commissioners of education collaborated with educators and subject matter specialists. The federal government was not involved with their development, and state adoption is voluntary.

NHASCD is a non-profit organization of over 850 members that sponsors educational conferences and workshops, and is the co-sponsor of the NH Journal of Education.

NHASCD joins organizations such as the N.H. Business and Industry Association and the N.H. Coalition for Business & Education in supporting the Common Core. We appreciate and value the Common Core's rigor and its emphasis on critical thinking, deeper understanding, and more personalized teaching and learning. As New Hampshire schools thoughtfully plan to implement these standards, we believe that all students will become far more successful in college and in their future careers.

The NHASCD Board urges New Hampshire's families, educators, community members, and local school boards to learn more about the expectations of the Common Core standards and then work to actively support their implementation.

Judith Adams, Manchester
Bethany Bernasconi, Windham
Gerard Buteau, Plymouth
William Carozza, Hopkinton
Kim Carter, Manchester
Rebecca Gagnon, Hopkinton
Christopher Harper, Derry
Stephanie Pike, Derry
Roberta Tenney, Concord
Marianne True, Plymouth

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Please ask store owners to remove incense/spice from shelves

To The Daily Sun,

I recently became aware of disturbing information related to the consumption of incense/spice. Sold under the names of K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Spice Gold and labeled "not for human consumption", the problem arises when it is consumed.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had labeled the five active chemicals as controlled substances and therefore illegal to sell or possess but the manufacturers' then substitute other chemicals and continue to market them as harmless. They are not harmless.

I spoke to Officer McLaughlin of the Meredith PD. He tells me that they are not being sold in Meredith stores but are being sold in Lakeport and Franklin. My friend, whose child unfortunately consumed (smoked) incense, had a terrible reaction. That "spice" was purchased in Tilton. Another young man that I know of in Laconia has become addicted to smoking spice and has exhibited a detrimental change in personality (paranoid and hostile). He has lost his job.

If you go into a store where you see this product being offered for sale, please ask the store owner to remove it. If they decline, please consider telling them that you will shop at another store until they do remove it. This is something we can all do to make a difference.

Cathy Merwin

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NRA needs your support in this ongoing battle to preserve rights

To The Daily Sun,

Exactly what will it take to make the dwindling number of Obama admirers see that his constant push for more gun control laws are a major part of his real agenda for additional people control? His administration has plenty of such laws on the books to control every aspect of illegal possession and use of a gun. Just look up Federal Firearms Laws on the net and you will find so many laws there that you will wonder why they are so rarely prosecuted. Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, takes every opportunity to blame the everyday slaughter in his Chicago streets, on the law abiding citizens, not the gangs and thugs that he chooses not to jail, using existing laws. He would rather push for new laws in an attempt to make his law abiding gun owners the criminals. You can bet the farm that he would pursue these people aggressively if he is successful. This is true in most major cities and most definitely at the national level. Obama would like nothing better that to add to his growing list of attempts to turn us in to a docile flock of sheep more and more dependent on the government. Can anyone still believe anything this chameleon, a proven liar, (think "you can keep your health care policy") when he says that he supports the 2nd Amendment?
Notice that every savage attack on schools could never happen if any existing laws could prevent them. Federal Law 922 (q) restricts firearms within 1,000 feet of a school and another section makes it illegal for a juvenile (a person under age 18) from possession of any handgun. Obviously the school attackers could care less about these laws. The people clamoring for more laws know that they wont make any difference, but callously pursue their agenda anyway. Their real objective is more and more control of the millions of law abiding gun owners, with the eventual registration and confiscation of all of our guns, just refer to Australia and England. While you are at it, check on the effect that this action had on violent crime there
I am a long time member of the NRA and you can tell that they are one of the more effective organizations, in fighting the many attacks on the 2nd Amendment, by the constant vilification of the NRA by the politicians and most of the mainstream Media. If you are a gun owner, or even a supporter of our Constitution, you should belong to the NRA. They need your support in this ongoing battle to preserve our rights and freedom.
Donald Lockwood


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