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I'm running for Gilmanton Road Agent but I support Article 21

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton voters:

My name is Raymond "Mickey" Daigle and I am running for Gilmanton Road Agent. I have lived in Gilmanton for 40 years, operating RM Daigle Excavating here for 38 years.

I was a member of the Gilmanton Corner Fire Department, a member of the Gilmanton Budget Committee and chairman of the Gilmanton Roads Committee. I plowed and worked as a subcontractor on Gilmanton roads for the past three road agents during the 1970s and '80s. I have been active in other town organizations and affairs volunteering time and equipment.

Today the Gilmanton Road Budget is close to $1 million and it is important that the department be efficient, responsive and accountable, and that the value received from existing funding is maximized. I will work cooperatively with selectmen and other departments and encourage support from the roads committee, experienced residents, the Municipal Association and other administrators. I will respond in a timely manner to all contacts.

Working cooperatively with the Roads Committee and other resources we will evaluate existing road infrastructure to develop a long-range plan of work for the community placing the town in a proactive rather than a reactive position. Employees will be supported with appropriate training and licensing. Town facilities will be repaired and maintained. An inventory of town equipment, tools and supplies will be created and maintained.

I would commit the town roads crew to regular/preventative road maintenance and equipment and facilities upkeep. Major equipment repairs would be performed by a qualified, experienced provider. Road reconstruction projects would be adequately designed, proposed through a warrant article for the voters to approve and accomplished through the bid process by companies with the right experience and resources to complete the work efficiently.

I would propose a non-capital reserve fund, expendable by the selectmen, to cover the expenses of unusual winter weather, like this year, so that the funds are not drawn from other important project line items in the budget.

Lastly, I also support Warrant Article 21 to change to an appointed road agent for the purposes of continued accountability and transparency in this key town position. The appointed position would be accountable to the people and the selectmen every day.

The job of road agent is not an easy one, and my choice to run for this position is not a reflection on the existing department administration, but it is my belief that changes are necessary to meet the future needs of the community.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I would appreciate your consideration on March 10. Voting will be held at the Gilmanton School from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Raymond "Mickey" Daigle


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Moritz, Lapham & Jones lap the field in Meredith Selectboard race

To The Daily Sun,

Three skills summarize what is needed in the choice of a selectman: (1) creation and management of a multimillion-dollar budget, (2) balancing public and private interests in all issues coming before the Selectboard, and (3) ability to be a team member of the Selectboard, listening with an open mind to the views of the other members and then, with critical thinking, take positions and being able kindly to explain one's position. The town budget is clearly the most important but the success of the board requires the other two!

Eight candidates are running for two openings on the Meredith ballot, three of whom meet or show high promise of meeting these criteria: Ray Moritz, Bev Lapham and Jonathan James.

Ray's business experience and success depended on team leadership and financial skills and he is valued in bringing those skills to our community.

Bev Lapham is also highly qualified by his many years as a top bank manager, enabler to small-business people by granting of loans, and his financial management skill evident in his ownership of a local business.

Jonathan James managed the $2-million property operation budget of Tilton School, and shows promise of a short learning curve in municipal fund accounting required on the Selectboard. These three are "heads and shoulders" above all the other candidates in the basic requirement of being a Selectboard member.

Listen carefully to what each of the eight candidates say about themselves and their qualities. They have already sorted themselves out in terms of financial management skills, and only Ray, Bev and Jonathan prevailed. They have also in public given clues as to their stance in terms of public and private rights, ability and experience in team building, and skill in critical thinking. Again, Ray, Bev and Jonathan rise to the top on these qualities.

In conclusion, consider the skill of critical thinking that is central to what is required of a selectman. Critical thinking requires that a person look at every issue with an open mind. This means that we must each be aware of our own biases and not allow them to pre-determine what our conclusions will be. It requires that we refrain completely from thinking how stupid are people who differ from us; and, conversely, to listen to and learn from those with ideas different from our own. In this way, better ideas emerge, we grow in understanding that there are intelligent views beyond our own, and this mutual respect heightens the team work that leads to better results for the community.

Political life in our country, and world, is characterized by a lack of critical thinking, and the use of code words that reflect distrust of the open discussion required in a democracy. People with a lack of critical thinking tend to foster "anti-team work", and polarity in our society. Ray, Bev, and Jonathan give great evidence of thinking critically.

In Meredith, there are only two openings on the ballot. I have decided who gets my votes. I ask each citizen to vote with critical thinking and then to use their influence to get the third "musketeer" appointed by the new Selectboard for one of the two remaining openings.

Miller C. Lovett


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