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How much climate change did it take to melt a massive glacier?

To The Daily Sun,

I'm responding to Ms. Bernadette Loesch's Dec. 15 "Climate Change Deniers" letter:

I read the letter twice and am not quite certain if Ms. Loesch feels the "deniers" are those of us who feel that man-made climate change is a folly. Although she didn't say it clearly, I'm pretty sure that's her stance.

My college degree is in geology and I'd like to present to you a few facts that Ms. Loesch forgot to mention in her letter.

First and foremost, the engineers who planned the Hoover Dam based their future annual rainfall estimates for the Colorado River basin on an extraordinary period of wet weather that happened just before they built the dam. Go back in history and you'll see the engineers only had a meager 40 years of weather data to work with.

Realize that part of our great nation was sparsely populated in the late 1800s and early 1900s and weather stations capturing data were few and far between.

The engineers didn't take the time, or possibly didn't think to go deep into the biologic data right in front of them, that would have shown their estimates of projected rainfall were far too high.

All one has to do is look at the growth rings on old living trees and in wood left behind by the inhabitants of Mesa Verde National Park. When you do this, you quickly discover the Southwest has been very arid for thousands of years long before us "deniers" bebopped around in our bubble SUVs.

The dry weather the Colorado River basin has been experiencing is quite normal when you expand the data timeline. But Ms. Loesch prefers to drive her stake in the sand using an ultra-thin slice of weather records over the past 15 or so years where all us ignorant people are bustling about in our belief-bubble cars, buses and trucks that are powered with evil carbon-based fuels.

I'll also add this to those who are gulping mass quantities of the man-made Kool-Aid. Look at the hard geologic evidence all around you here in New Hampshire.

Here are the cold, hard facts about climate change. Climate change is real. The climate is in a dynamic state of flux all the time. Mother Nature is at the controls, not us.

Just 12,000 years ago, all of New Hampshire, most of New England, much of Ohio and the upper Midwest was covered with a massive continental glacier. This glacier was thousands of feet thick. It stretched all the way down to and over Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

This massive ice sheet began to retreat (melt) about 12,000 years ago. Scientists are still debating when it completely disappeared, but let's say it was all gone about 5,000 years ago.

If you do the math, you'll discover the average rate of retreat for this enormous glacier was about one-third a mile per year.

The group making the massive jugs of man-made Kool-Aid point to the tiny Athabasca Glacier in Canada because it's disappearing so rapidly. It's their poster child of abuse — yes, us abusing our planet.

Guess what? In the past 125 years this thinner smaller glacier has only retreated, are you sitting down, just 0.9 miles. Yes, less than one mile. In that same amount of time, the giant continental glacier that was much thicker would have retreaded over 41 miles!

You need to stop now and ask this question: How much climate change does it take to create and melt a massive continental glacier when no one was around to belch out invisible clouds of CO2?

Are you still sipping the Kool-Aid elixir? Put that glass down.

I can take you to Mount Major and show you a massive glacial erratic boulder that was dropped by the melting ice. Franconia Notch is a classic u-shaped glacial valley.

The Finger Lakes of New York state were carved by the massive continental glacier. Oh, and it gets better. What if I told you in the past 2 million years there were four different continental glaciers here in North America. The second-last continental glacier completely changed the course of the mighty Ohio River in Cincinnati.

Yes, the ice was created, it advanced, and it melted four distinct times. All without any help from our CO2-belching bubble cars, trucks, buses, factories and power plants.

Ms. Loesch I might suggest that you spend some time over the holidays at the library and brush up on what's really going on before the court of public opinion finds you guilty in the first degree of willful ignorance.

Tim Carter


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Aren't 'Christian' demagogues guilty of inciting violence?

To The Daily Sun,

David Stamps and Judy Buswell were certainly right in their analysis of Donald Trump supporters in their recent letters to The Sun. While I am sure Donald Trump's fans will be insulted, truth is truth: the Donald Trump movement and a number of extreme, ultra-reactionary movements and ideologies that have emerged since Obama was elected, including the Tea Party, do have many of the features of fascist movements.

Ms. Buswell is correct, not all Trump supporters are uneducated. Many are certainly educated and even intelligent. But, the experience in Nazi Germany shows that educated and intelligent people can be drawn in by what Josef Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Information called the "Big Lie."

You see, the Germans at the time were some of the most cultured and educated people in Europe. When I was a boy, my father was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Germany. One year, he took the family to Dachau, the first concentration camp the Nazis established. I asked my dad why the Germans did this stuff and he gave me an answer that was common at the time: it was part of the "German personality."

Since then, I have studied too many atrocities and genocides to believe it is a "German thing." It is not a German, Russian, Serbian, Cambodian, or Turkish thing, but instead it is a human thing, the darker side of the human condition. The fact that it happened in Germany, an educated and cultured country, means it can happen anywhere, even here.

Dr. Goebbels and Hitler knew you could not tell a lot of little lies to smart people. Have you ever known a pathological liar who lies even when she or he has no reason to lie?

We all have probably lied for a reason: perhaps to stay out of trouble with our parents or teachers. Wrong perhaps, but this is at least rational and understandable.

But, the pathological liar lies for no apparent reason. These types tell lies which they then have to cover with another layer of lies. Then they have to cover that layer with another layer of lies. They are easily discovered because if you pull out a couple of cards, it all comes falling down.

To propagandize intelligent people, thought Dr. Goebbels, you need a very different approach. Instead of a lot of little lies, you need to tell a few outrageous "Big Lies" and tell them over and over again and have those lies told by people whom people assume know what they are talking about: Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, or the German Propaganda Ministry!

Many American conservatives are convinced that, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, President Obama is a communist, a radical Muslim, or that he is not a native-born American citizen. Or, they believe that he is going to seize our guns and put his opponents in concentration camps. Or, that he has plans to put the elderly before "death panels." I wonder if people tend to believe what they choose to believe. This is willful ignorance.

Although he was evil, Dr. Goebbels was smart when it came to propaganda, with one exception: when television broadcasting first started in Germany in 1939, Goebbels thought TV would never be an effective propaganda tool. History has clearly proven him wrong on this.

Remember, fascism is not a "top-down" authoritarianism. Hitler and Mussolini took power with the support of mass, popular, "grass roots" movements of disaffected, bitter members of the middle class. These movements were supported at the top, though, by major industrialists, militarists and those who just wanted to support "traditional German (or Italian) family values." Hitler did not take power in a direct coup but rather by the constitutional, legal process. He was quite popular.

Like Hitler or Mussolini, Donald Trump and other similar American inciters of hatred, are populist demagogues who play on people's hatreds, fears, and bitterness. Actually, the supporters of Trump are a lot scarier than Trump himself. One wonders if Trump actually takes himself that seriously.

After all, he is a sociopathic politician — like Adolf Hitler. Studies show that most sociopaths are not in prison: they are often successful politicians, CEOs, and often the people who sit on the front row at church. Such people love to play the "blame game." Instead of looking at what is really the matter with their country, they find convenient targets: Jews, Muslims, liberals, immigrants, or whatever.

I remember thinking the same when I lived in Rush Limbaugh's hometown during his heyday in the 1990s (I actually slightly knew his mom, who was a wonderful, dignified lady — what happened?). I was not so afraid of Rush but rather of the "dittoheads" who took him so seriously.

Consider the attacks on abortion providers, including the recent one at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. Of course, the shooter has to be held responsible. But, are the "Christian" demagogues who call for death to abortion providers perhaps guilty of incitement? When are those who call for the execution of gays going to admit that they play a role, however small, in violence against gays?

Fascist demagogues usually do not murder people themselves. I am sure Adolf Hitler never personally beat up Jews or pushed people onto trains or into gas chambers. Charlie Manson did not personally kill anyone. Demagogues and cult leaders usually get others to do their dirty work.

E. Scott Cracraft


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