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We Americans are losing our innate ability for self preservation

To The Daily Sun,

Why does the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces and the leader of the free world seem to be of the opinion that the slaughter of four Marines and one Navy petty officer by a terrorist is not sufficient reason to fly the White House flag at half mast? John Kerry and Josh Earnest answered with a less-than-earnest "I dunno", in so many words.

Perhaps now that he has attended a Broadway play, attended a fundraiser and played a few rounds of golf since the tragedy, Mr. Obama could perhaps reflect on this needless slaughter caused by a man seemingly inspired by Allah to go kill in his name. No, it was only after the Capitol lowered the flag to half mast and the Republicans demanded that the president do the same at the White House many days later.

By now, everyone except our president and the left understand the pattern that has emerged. Here's a short trip down memory lane. The Christmas Day bomber was a "radical extremist." Four Benghazi deaths were about an unkind "Internet video". The murders at a kosher deli in Paris were "random acts of violence". Of course, who can forget Major Nidal Malik Hasan shooting 43 unarmed soldiers and killing 13 of them while shouting "Allahu Akbar". I believe the official narrative of that radical Islamic slaughter, after more than five years, remains "workplace violence". And let's not forget the Boston marathon mad bombers. The poor Tsarnaev brothers were just a couple of "lone wolves" who had lost their way. Baa, baa, baa.

I wrote a letter back in January of this year referencing Lt. Col. David Grossman, who wrote a book entitled, "On Combat". It talks about three categories of people — sheep, sheepdogs and wolves. Our brave service men and women go abroad to act like "sheepdogs" to defend us against the "wolves". Those wolves are now increasingly roaming our towns and cities, intent on devouring us and our freedoms. The Department of Defense has decreed that those sheepdogs should take off their uniforms while stateside and hide among we civilians (mostly sheep). So now we have civilians carrying legally owned firearms (sheepdogs) protecting our soldiers. Apparently, because this pacifist administration thinks our service men and women are not capable enough to defend themselves at home (they transform back into sheep).

Is this not "Alice Through the Looking Glass" madness? How does one describe a president who refuses to name the enemy that has reached our shores, repeatedly? Who refuses to address evil when it is staring him in the face? And please spare me the drivel that he is trying to defeat evil because Bin Laden was killed on his watch, because he likes to hit the drone button and sends a few pinprick air strikes over Syria, pretending he is actually trying to win the battle.

Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez, the son of a Palestinian and an immigrant from Kuwait, had become a devout Muslim and apparently learned his Koran lessons well, especially the phrase from Qur'an 3:151: "We will put terror into the hearts of the infidels." The past 30 years of a failed immigration policy which has resulted in gangs, rapes, child molestation and drunk drivers has now caused the death of men of honor and along with upstanding civilians such as Kate Steinle.

As David S. Whitley reminds us about every Islamic, jihadist terror group, they all use Quranic texts to justify their killings. "They all do it in the name of Allah — al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Ansaru, Al-Badr, the Taliban, Al-Nusra, Hizb'allah, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jemaah Islamiyah, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestine Liberation Front, , the Abudullah, Azzam Brigades".

Ann Coulter's book, "Adios America" spells out the insanity and destruction of an immigration system that has allowed this to happen. You can count on forthcoming books by Mark Levin, "Plunder and Deceit" and Dr. Michael Savage, "Government Zero" to spell out the details of what could well be the end of America due to the marriage of "progressivism and Islamism."

Our constitutional republic, as we have known it, is almost gone. Dennis Prager says that the leftist ideology of the past 100 years has been more effective than Christianity in shaping this nation. Unfortunately, it is an ideology that far too often embraces evil (Iran and Cuba most recently) and hates those who fight evil. Due to the proliferation of the progressive, leftist mindset in our culture, we are losing our innate ability for self-preservation. Is now not the time for conservatives to rise up and start a peaceful civil war against this ideology? Mark Levin thinks so and so do I. Will we elect a president who will allow that to take place?

Russ Wiles

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The DOT line is 'nothing can be done"; typical for public sector

To The Daily Sun,

I read the article in Friday's Laconia Sun paper about the so-called overlook on Route 11, in which the editor failed to mention the story was the result of a tip by me. I was hoping an article would generate some interest in an attempt to resurrect the beauty of the lake. Instead, the paper chose to interview a political hack like (state Department of Transportation spokesman) Bill Boynton, whose only job is to make excuses for the DOT.
The real story is this: This is a location on Route 11 about a mile from Ellacoya State Park, which has a parking area where people could stop and look at the beautiful view of the lake. About six or seven years ago, a few members of Brookside Condos, paid to have the trees trimmed. Over the years, the trees have grown again and block the view of the lake.

Last fall, I wrote a letter to the governor's office, hoping that something could be done. A call from some coat holder produced, "nothing can be done", "it's private property" and more. I thought that being an election year, the governor might want to "do something". No dice.

The Gilford Selectmen bailed out (nothing they could do). I did think with their concern about the tourists (the fireworks repeal), they would at least write a letter.

The state takes millions of dollars in revenue out of the Lakes Region in room and meals and business profits taxes, Motorcycle Week, the Timberman event, and a large number of tourists, and gives little or nothing back. (Drive the state roads in the area and see.)

Mr. Boynton is parroting the company line "nothing can be done", no money", and "it's not a priority," all well worn words in the great public sector.

I can't believe that in a state budget in the billions, money can't be found. As Lyndon Johnson once said, "That dog won't hunt." I guess he is more concerned about protecting his fat pension (which we are paying for). I am from the dreaded private sector; those words were not allowed.

Maybe Mr. Boynton should take a ride up here and take a first-hand look. Maybe it's time for the selectmen to expend a little political capital and take an interest, maybe somebody other than me cares.

I certainly hope so.

Bill Knightly

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