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Do we really want people like Havenstein & Brown controlling NH?

To The Daily Sun,

Don't look now, but there is something far worse than the fringe Tea Party and Libertarians who is casting his net in New Hampshire. Yes, it's Walt, sign the Koch Brother's Americans for Prosperity pledge, Havenstein. In other words, he sees himself, like other conservative governors, as the servant of the corporate rich. Social issues will now be dealt with in strictly commercial terms.

Consider his so called three-phased economic plan. 1. Reduce the business profits tax and require a 2.5 percent reduction across state government, after which 2. He will go begging to neighboring states and pitch low taxes, deregulation and a workforce that has been browbeaten by his neo-liberal mean streak. 3. Dialogue between business, colleges and local schools to "better align educational goals with workforce needs." Translation? No room for liberal arts and the humanities since they don't fit the picture of the university as a factory. Yes, it's coming to a campus near you: "the notion that thinking is dangerous."

As for local high school teachers? Just shut up and teach toward the tests.

Do we really want people like Havenstein and Scott Brown controlling this state? Do we really want self-interests to trump social needs? Do we really want to celebrate profit-making as the essence of our democracy? Do we really want to privatize and deregulate everything in sight then call in the vultures to pick the rest of us clean? Do we really want our citizenship to be viewed only in terms of our consumption patterns? Now more than ever our Democratic representatives become the front line in this neo-liberal assault on our way of life.

George Maloof


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Rich Leonard can be trusted to put public interest before his own

To The Daily Sun,

For 10 years I was a manager at a state agency. Occasionally I was faced with making recommendations which were not politically expedient or in the best interest of my career. More than once these decisions were very difficult and came down to my "responsibility in the public trust." I'm only grateful that these situations did not arise more often than they did.

As a pharmacist, Rich Leonard faces choices between meeting business or professional goals and what's in the best interest of his customer multiple times every day. As I progress through my senior years my medication list is becoming more complicated every time I go to one of my doctors. Thus, my health and well-being is as much in Rich's hands of as any other member of my medical team.

In my career, "responsibility in the public trust" was an abstraction dealt with once in a while. In Rich's case, it's constant, much more personal, and part of his fabric. In the state Senate Rich will always put the public's interest ahead of his own.

I trust Rich with a vital part of my medical treatment and as state senator. I trust Rich to always do the right thing because it's who he is.

Bob Regan

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Peter Spanos would absolutely be an asset in the N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to say an encouraging word on behalf of Peter Spanos, running for state representative.

I worked for Peter for six years and have known him for more than 20. Peter has always been a sincere, intelligent, compassionate man, knowledgeable and community-minded.

Peter would absolutely be an asset to our House of Representatives, our state and our community. I hope people will reach out and vote for him.

Mary McCormack


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David Russell worked effectively in N.H. House of Representatives

To The Daily Sun,

Nov.4 is voting day, to elect the people we want to make our laws in Concord and Washington. Please vote.

We are fortunate to have David Russell from Gilmanton Iron Works running again in District 5 for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He has the experience of seven years in that House.

In those 14 years as a member of the Resources and Recreation Committee, he has worked effectively for milfoil eradication — vital to keeping our lakes healthy, as well as our economy. He was prime sponsor of certification of boat owners, similar to drivers' licensing, thus increasing safety of boaters and those who enjoy the lakes.

David and his family have lived in the Iron Works for over 40 years. They owned and ran the grocery store there for 15 years.

His hobby is antique cars and he is a boat owner.

On Election Day, Nov. 4, Dave Russell deserves your vote.

Alice Ziegra Calvert


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Kathy Rago is one candidate who believes in life, not abortion

To The Daily Sun,
As voting day approaches, remember that life is most important. Even for local offices, a pro-life candidate is crucial, because the more people in political positions that are pro-life, the more likely that pro-life ideas will win in the end.

Kathy Rago is one who believes in life, not abortion. Andrew Hosmer has accepted Planned Parenthood funds and voted in February to establish buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Harry Mitchell

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