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88 retired generals & admirals have now endorsed Trump for president

To The Daily Sun,

Eighty-eight retired generals and admirals recently endorsed Donald Trump for president. This should serve as a wake-up call to voters that Donald Trump is best equipped to make America safe again.

Donald Trump won't go on an apology tour like President Obama did once he took office. Donald Trump will, however, end nation-building and partner with moderate Islamic countries to defeat radical Islamic terror. If Donald Trump wasn't the best choice to keep our country safe, these 88 retired generals and admirals would never have endorsed him.

I'm proud to be a vocal supporter of the next president of the United States.

State Rep. Peter Varney


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Conservatives: stop massaging your bruised egos, Trump is only hope

To The Daily Sun,

I heard a pithy comment today that I believe is right on. A Donald J. Trump worst-case scenario is still miles better than the best-case Hillary R. Clinton scenario.

The left, along with everything else it touches, has and is, causing massive unrest and decline in the United States. Larry Kudlow continues to urge Mr. Trump to talk about his economic message, which is a message of pro-growth. Meanwhile, Hillary's message is the same as Obama's, more pro-recession and redistribution misery for all. That is why she is basically in the witness protection program. She has not addressed the nation since Dec. 4, 2015. She has no accomplishments to talk about and she is frantically trying to squash the mountain of scandals piling up against her and her womanizing husband. So she will continue to try and run out the clock, while having her army of malcontents continue to fund attack ads against Trump.

Full disclosure, Larry Kudlow has been one of Trump's economic advisers along with Steven Moore. And that is the point with Trump versus Hillary. Please take a look at the top-notch advisers he has on his team compared to the globalist, American-hating advisers on Team Hillary. Democrats claim that the annual GDP of just under 2 percent during the Obama administration is the new normal. The last quarter GDP of 1.1 per cent is really not so bad, they assure us. After all, look at all the jobs the Obama administration has created. Please Mr. Trump, talk more about your pro-growth message and ignore the race baiting, corrupt mainstream media. Three to 4 percent GDP growth is possible under a Trump campaign. Or would you rather continue on with the Democrats slow growth malaise?

Bob Meade just wrote about the death spiral of Obamacare. Tony Boutin and D.M. Williamson just wrote about the death spiral of the Democrats mind-numbing "free college education for all." The Democrats continue to demand that you give them more of your tax money so they can throw more of it against their wall of good intentions in hopes that some will stick. All that money thrown at inner cities over the past 60 years, about $19 trillion, did not really stick to anything except corrupt Democratic bureaucrats who have been in charge of those cities for half a century.

Finally, we have a Republican who is not afraid to point this out, even knowing he will be labeled a racist. Inner city blacks are starting to realize what the Democrats have done to them and believe that there is relief in sight. The Clinton campaign is in full-blown hysteria over the thought of not garnering 95 percent of the black vote. Leftist politics will now necessarily become even more nasty and destructive.

Yes, Trump has the potential to get these disenfranchised folks off of the government plantation and they are beginning to realize that and also realize that the Democrats only offer them free stuff to get their vote. So yes Mr. Trump, keep talking about your economic plan to get this country out of it's economic doldrums and bring blessed relief to those shackled inner city folks yearning to breathe free.

Hillary supporters will continue to label you as a racist and bigot. They will continue to assault Trump supporters, spit on them, yell obscenities at them and destroy the Trump signs. Your supporters will continue to hang in there, so please keep up the good fight. Just wondering though, where are all the live video shots of Clinton supporters being assaulted and where are the pictures of all those Clinton signs being destroyed? There aren't any because it rarely if ever happens by those on the right. That is because it is the left that continues to display thuggish behavior from Occupy Wall Street to the Black Lives Matter movement, and of course the continued verbal assaults of conservatives who dare to speak at liberal colleges. Of course, it is increasingly rare that they even get invited. Diversity of opinions and critical thinking have become anathema within the liberal halls of academia.

Finally, to some of my favorite columnists — Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, George Will, Bill Kristol, Bret Stephens and Erick Erikson, among others — what in the world are you thinking? Please look at the big picture and stop massaging your bruised egos because your favorite candidate didn't win and because Trump is just too rude and crude and anti-establishment to become president. He is right now our only hope of stemming the tide of the progressive, globalist Democrats who are hell-bent on transforming this country and destroying our borders, language and culture.

Yes, their open borders policy will forever change the very identity that has made us such a great country. Please, focus, focus, focus, because it is all about what the left is doing to our country. How are you not focused on that? I too have done much soul searching about Donald Trump and have come up with only one conclusion: #NeverHillary! The very lifeblood of this republic most assuredly depends on that coming to pass.

Russ Wiles

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