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Nothing ever happens to the Clintons, no matter what they do

To The Daily Sun,

Monday, I read one of the funniest Letters To The Editor I have read in a long time. Walter Hamilton of Portsmouth wrote, "Hillary will work for us, not billionaires funding GOP." With all the money Hillary made for speaking engagements (up to half a million a speech) and poor old Bill, up to three quarters of a million a speech, if anybody thinks they are doing this just for fun they need their head examined. 
Millions and millions to the Clinton Foundation with favors following. Isn't amazing after being broke when they left the White House, how well they have done since.

One of Hillary's big talking points is how she wants to help women to be equal. But she doesn't have any problem accepting money from countries where women have to cover their faces at all times, can't vote, can't drive and can be legally killed for
looking at another man.

From when Bill was governor of Arkansas and the White Water affair to the present, nothing has ever happened to them.
For all of you that remember the mafia, you must remember John Gotti, no matter what he did, murder, racketeering, union takeovers, and etc., he always got out of it, wittiness disappearing, have memory lapse and bought juries. That is why they
called him the Teflon Don, nothing stuck. His luck finally ran out and he died in prison.

I can't say the Clinton's are criminals, but I can say that nothing ever happens to them no matter what they do. That's why I call them the Teflon Clintons.

Mr Hamilton, I will take all the billionaires I can get to help support the Republicans.

If You have any billionaire friends and don't need their help, send them over.

L. Michael Hatch

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Ways to honor 2nd Amendment & still have effective gun control

To The Daily Sun,

We have read, seen many incidents involving violent gun encounters. There has been a cry for gun control, and a cry to keep the Second Amendment. This is a case where we can have our cake and eat it both.

The Second Amendment was designed during the early years of our country's history. During this period, guns were necessary to the survival as well as safety of the citizens. They were used to hunt as well as for defense.

History shows that, over time, law enforcement became stronger to providing defense of property and human life. Food became more available in markets reducing the need to hunt. Today, additional needs to have stringent gun control is mandatory, given the multiple gun incidents that have occurred.

There is a way to allow guns as per the Second Amendment and have effective gun control. This method is patterned after existing licensing system for automobiles and trucks. This will work to conserve both the Second Amendment and public safety.

First, stringent background checks is critical; and must be initiated before any license can be considered. If evidence indicates a mentally disturbed resident resides in a facility or home, there should be no guns in that place. (This could have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy, or the movie theater disasters.) Those who are identified with terrorist organizations would also be refused guns (ie: shootings at military facilities).

Two, everyone should be required to have both training and a license for use of any gun. Like driver education, this should apply to guns as well. No exceptions. Two, licenses must be granted according to the type of weapon used. For example, training and a special license would be required to obtain an AK-7 weapon. License process will require formal training by licensed instructor, then the testing, oral, written, and hands on examination similar to a driver's license test.

This does not mean one cannot have a gun. It means you now need to go through the above process to obtain this license. If you do not fulfill the requirements, you cannot have a gun. Safety is the rationale behind this proposal, and conserves our right to health, safety, and welfare. The second amendment remains intact.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr. 
New Hampton

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