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Remember Sanbornton: 'What was changed can be unchanged!'

To The Daily Sun,

Our opportunity to vote in Sanbornton has arrived. At 7 p.m. at our elementary school this Friday night we can come together as citizen legislators and speak/vote to have our swap opportunity returned to us at our Transfer Station/Recycling Center. We can raise, also, return of the metal pile.

We very much like what Mike Laughy said to Rachel Paige early in this controversy: "Rachel, what was changed can be unchanged!"

Can we do it? We can if all the registered voters/petitioners (two petitions happened) and other caring registered voters make our elementary school their Friday night destination. Here's to us.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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John Dearborn is a Laconian who has many friends, including me

To The Daily Sun,

About Sanborn's Auto Repair:

I am writing for two reasons. One is to say that John Dearborn, mentioned several times in a report, has been a Laconian who has many friends. Among them, are the members of the LHS football team of the 80s and players and coaches of the Lou Athanas Youth Basketball teams of the 80s and 90s. John liked to sit on the bench with me as "our" team was playing a Saturday youth basketball league game. Sometimes I had to remind John that once in awhile there might be a disagreement on the rule between me and the refs, and that it should be me discussing that little problem and that "coach John" just sit quietly before he was awarded a "T".
Following the passing of Bud Moore ("Bud's Gulf") I moved my gas/repair business to Ralph Sanborn of Sanborn's Auto Repair, Court Street, Laconia. Needless to say, we have had a good relationship over these many years. Ralph has always been there for me. Going that extra step to keep my delivery vehicles on the road! Service like that happens when you are a "Sanborn's customer". Well, we can still visit with John Dearborn because he socializes with customers and dines with the family at lunch time.

I plan to stay with Ralph, with or without Mobil gas. Another friend of mine sells Mobil at Devoy's Gilford Mobil Mart.

Niel Young


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