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Thank you so much! We're already planning next year's Santa Shuffle

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, the 1st Annual Santa Shuffle to benefit the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region was held. Despite the cold temperature, we had over 75 people show up to participate! Needless to say we were ecstatic about the turnout. There was no registration fee but donations were gladly accepted. We also held a raffle, organized by Lisa Green Barber and her husband Mitch, with several prizes. Prizes were donated by Jennifer's Color Bar, All My Life Jewelers, Local Eatery, The Downtown Gym, Happy Cow Ice Cream, Let Them Eat Cake, Laconia Village Bakery and Wayfarer. Donuts were donated by Goody Good Donuts and Water Street Care donated hot chocolate and muffin tops for participants. Special thanks to Lakes Region Tri Club, Tritanium Sports, Boulia Gorrell, Laconia Police Department and Alan and Jennifer Beetle for all the extras needed to pull this event off.

Special thanks to those folks who rolled up their sleeves to help out including Marnell DiLorenzo, Sharon Trombley and friends, Lisa and Mitch Green-Barber, Trish, Mark, Ella and Jake Tryon, Janine and Bob Page, Katie Pierson, Chris and Janelle McCarthy, Lisa and Anna Cochran, Brandee Loughlin, Cricket Basha and Karen Bobotas. The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region could not have pulled this event off without the help of The Downtown Gym. With all this help we were able to raise $1,248 for the Santa Fund which will be used to continue our effort to make sure no children in the Lakes Region are cold this winter. We have help over 650 children so far this winter and the cold weather has just begun.

Thanks again to all the folks who showed up to make this event such a success. We are already planning next year's event so mark your calendar and tell your friends. Let the holidays begin!

Janet Brough
Board member
Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region

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Our state roads could become low-cost magnate for high-voltage lines

To The Daily Sun,

If Eversource gets approval to route the Northern Pass down state roads in Franconia, Easton, and through to Plymouth, it will not only affect abutting properties in those towns, but it could adversely impact properties on state roads EVERYWHERE in New Hampshire.

This is the first time ever, that a utility company is saying it can place high voltage transmission lines within ANY state road right-of-way. For folks in Easton, that means the Northern Pass could be buried about 22 feet into their front yards. Moreover, Eversource and the DOT say they don't need landowner permission, and they don't have to pay landowners a penny in compensation. They believe they can do so because state laws have long allowed electric distribution lines that bring electric to our homes to be sited adjacent to roadways. Saying you don't see the difference between a 320,000 volt, billion-watt transmission line carrying power cross-country and a distribution line keeping the lights on next door is like not seeing the difference between an oil pipeline and a gas station.

If Eversource gets approval of this route, and you live on a state road anywhere in N.H, know that the next high-voltage transmission project could run across your yard — and not only can this be done without your consent and without compensation, but the utility can also remove trees in your yard to keep roots away from the buried lines. And because these routes would be made available to the utilities for "free", our state roads could become a low cost magnet for these projects. Do not allow this precedent to be set.

Let your opposition be known by sending a public comment to the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) via their website at http://www.nhsec.nh.gov/ or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also sign an online petition by going to change.org and typing "Deny Northern Pass" in the search bar. In either case, please leave a comment saying you oppose this use of our local roads for transmission line projects.

Barbara & Eric Meyer


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