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I cannot figure out where Mr. Wiles is going; English please

To The Daily Sun,

To Mr. Russ Wiles:

It's pretty obvious that you know your left from your right, but this belief that everything is based on some kind of conspiracy has clouded your sense of direction. I don't think anyone can figure out where you're going with all of your letters. English, please.

Todd Welch


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Let us not confuse intellectualism with pseudo-intellectualism

To The Daily Sun,

I wonder if the writer who directly links me to "anti-intellectualism" (March 30), beyond some arm-chair textbook definition, has any real knowledge or understanding of what he is talking about. I have witnessed, first hand, the ravages of anti-intellectualism. Well before the Khmer Rouge horrors, which began in '75, I was in Vietnam seeing duty with the 1st Air Cav, oftentimes not far from the Cambodia border, where I and many others became aware of the stream of Cambodians already fleeing the anticipated beginnings of Poll-Pot's social restructuring, which was driven in large part by anti-intellectualism. The horror, that was! To off-handedly link me then to "anti-intellectualism" without knowing a thing about me, is absurd, pathetic and incomprehensibly stupid.

What in fact I do object to, however, more accurately, is pseudo-intellectualism, where an individual such as this writer, displays his intellect, not tempered by good judgment or reason, and disconnected from sound values and principles — more as an elitist badge, than as a helpful tool. Had the writer actually applied some measure of intellect, he would have realized he was also aiming his absurd and callous accusation at, not only me, but also at a very large body of people in Gilmanton, stating that because they refuse to support town funding for the Gilmanton Year Round Library ... that they are basically stupid. Well, allow me to intellectualize this the best way I can: I am very happy and content to be amongst the stupid and not sitting alongside him in his ivory tower, looking down on the little people.

Al Blake

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