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'For you and I exist in the same space & time, separated only by chance'

To The Daily Sun,

The Universal Man

It is not my pain I feel, but yours
a spirit crushed by violence and death.

It is not my weariness I bear, but yours
hungry and wounded you stumble on.

It is not my soul that is troubled, but yours
reaching out for help; you grasp the empty air.

I am not abandoned, but you are, friendless
in a hostile land — your family scattered.

You are the universal man ... despised and
forsaken. However you came to be you came
thru me —

For you and I exist in the same space and time
separated only by chance!

Leon R. Albushies

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Citizen's Equality Act is Professor Lessign's one & only priority

To The Daily Sun,

Money has corrupted our politicians and 83 percent of the nation agrees. Our elected representatives have been compromised by the consistent need to raise funds for the next election, so much so that they spend the majority of their time courting campaign donors instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Martin O'Malley have all spoken out about the corruption involved in the system, but no one has prioritized fixing it, until now. Professor Lawrence Lessig has announced a unique presidential campaign and has started to raise money, money from individual citizens, in order to fix it, first.

Professor Lessig's plan calls for a national referendum, a massive uprising of popular support from the people to elect him as president with one goal, to enact the Citizens Equality Act. The CEA is a series of revolutionary campaign finance and election reforms designed to take the power back out of the few who have the money to finance elections and back to where it belongs, with the people.

And he plans to fix it, first. The Citizen's Equality Act is his No. 1 priority, in fact, it's his only priority. We can't expect a politician to risk their political career by making this leap, which is why we need a statesman like Professor Lessig to enact such a vital change. Once in office, he will work hard to get the reforms into law, and then step aside.

Professor Lessig needs your support, which is why I am writing to the readers of this newspaper. New Hampshire knows representative democracy. We pride ourselves at being first to choose the next president, and it is not a job we take lightly. I urge you to check out Professor Lessig's plan on his website at Lessig2016.org. If you agree, as I do, that eliminating the corruption of money in politics is so important that it needs to be the first priority of the next president, please consider supporting him.

Brian Shields

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