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Grafton District 17 needs to vote for the individual, not the party

To The Daily Sun,

I believe we need a state representative who will represent and be respectful to the voters. One who will hear their concerns and understand the issues that affect our families.

I am the candidate in Grafton District 17, who will listen and will represent the voters, instead of a party or personal agenda. I am a retired scientist, not a politician, who will offer solutions and support our rights and environment we enjoy in New Hampshire.

I am against industrial wind farms. I believe that towns and voters should have a voice in projects which affect their communities.

I have encouraged voters to know the candidates' views and to contact them before the Sept. 9 Primary. I am proud to have publicly stated my views, completed multiple of surveys, answered e-mails and phone calls with information and honesty.

We need honest, independent thinkers in Concord to handle the fiscal affairs and refrain from the political rhetoric. We need people who will listen and take a stand based on information, facts and data, not bow to party ideologies. This is one election when I believe Grafton District 17 needs to vote for the individual not a political party on Sept. 9.

Tom Ploszaj


(Candidate for NH House of Representatives, Grafton District 17, representing Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Enfield & Grafton)

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My opponent said what he said about guns; it was recorded

To The Daily Sun,

One of my opponents in the Republican Primary for State House Grafton District 9, Eric Rottenecker, has attacked me (even using the ungentlemanly profanity "BS politics"). He accuses me of misrepresenting his position on Second Amendment rights. I won't bother arguing with him since it's all on videotape.

Instead, I will simply ask the Republican voters of Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, and Grafton the following: If you were asked whether people should have the right to large-capacity magazines for their rifles, would you give this answer: "If that is what it takes to go turkey hunting, then maybe they need to learn how to shoot straight?" That's a non-answer and it shows little support for our Second Amendment rights.

Similarly, if you were asked whether people should be allowed to own large-caliber gun, would you answer with "First I'd ask why you need such a thing"? Again, that's a non-answer. Both were given by my opponent.

My answer to both questions above would be, "People have the right to own both large capacity magazines and large caliber weapons under the Second Amendment." I will never support any law seeking to restrict those rights.

In the upcoming Grafton District 9 primary election, I am the only "no compromise" supporter of Second Amendment rights. I do not "waffle" on fundamental constitutional rights. For that reason, I ask for your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Robert Hull
Republican Candidate, Grafton District 9

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Again, this teacher of children doesn't let facts ruin a good story

To The Daily Sun,

Once again Ms. Rudman Chong decides to tell us all how all the ills in the world are "Bush's fault". Once again, this "teacher" of our children never lets facts get in the way of her opinion.

As to her inference that Vice President Cheney was a war profiteer, perhaps she doesn't remember, or never bothered to find out, that Mr. Cheney left his position in the private sector while earning millions of dollars a year, to accept the offer to run for vice president, a job that paid $174,500 annually. As most people know (but I'm not sure that Ms. Rudman Chong does), as vice president, Mr. Cheney's assets had to be put in a "blind trust" until he left office.

As is her usual practice, Ms. Rudman Chong ignored a few very important facts concerning the War in Iraq. For example, here is a four minute YouTube video link in which various Democrat leaders all speak of the need to disarm Saddam Hussein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5p-qIq32m8. In addition to the Clintons, Sandy Berger, and various congressmen and senators all endorsing the actions that were taken, Ms. Rudman Chong also ignores the fact that the best information available at the time was presented to the Congress and also to the United Nations for their endorsement. Of course I'm sure Ms. Rudman Chong doesn't remember that CIA Director George Tenet, a Clinton appointee, told President Bush and his advisers that the issue of Hussein having weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) was a "slam dunk".

We recall that prior to initiating the war, it was reported in various news sources that there were a number of large trucks carrying unknown materials into Syria. The speculation was that Hussein could be removing the WMD's to a "safe house" across the border. In light of recent events in Syria, might that speculation have some substance?

I'm waiting for Ms. Rudman Chong's comments on the current administration's ongoing attempts to by-pass the Congress and ignore the rulings of the Supreme Court . . . the real threat to our democratic republic.

And yes, she teaches our children. Will someone please test the water at Plymouth State?

Bob Meade


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It's time to change who sits on Belknap Board of Commissioners

To The Daily Sun,

It was a pleasure to serve Alton and Gilmanton as a state representative for the past two years.

As a member of the Belknap County Delegation, it was amazing to see the current County Commissioners flout the law on many occasions and to fail to properly manage the county. It was this that prompted me to contest for the District 2 commissioner's seat for the towns of Barnstead, Gilmanton, Belmont and Tilton.

When one-tenth of the county budget is devoted to health care premiums, does it make sense for us not to put the contract out for competitive bidding? When commissioners admit that our population growth is stagnant, that our median age is increasing and that county income is down, does it make sense to propose a new jail at a cost of $40 million, and to hire 20 new correctional officers to staff it?

The existing jail does have issues, issues which were worsened by years of neglect. But there are proven ways for the county to meet its obligations at a cost about one-fourth of that which the commissioners have recommended.

In preparation for a new jail plan, a plan which will cost the county about $5 million a year each and every year, the requisite reports to the state attorney general about the condition of our jail were never submitted.

It is time to change who sits on the board of the Belknap Commission.

Please vote on Sept. 9.

Richard B. Burchell

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Brian Gallagher will vote in best interests of San'ton & Tilton

To The Daily Sun,

I recommend, without reservation, that Sanbornton and Tilton citizens vote Brian Gallagher for state representative. I have known Brian since the 1980s, when our children became friends, and we later served together on Sanbornton Budget Committee. His work and community experiences more than qualify him as the state representative for Sanbornton and Tilton. His resume reads like a job description for state representative.

1. He is educated with a BA in political science, an MBA in management, and an AOS in accounting.

2. He is experienced with 12 years in the NH State Budget Office, eight years in New Hampshire Supreme Court Administrative Office, and six years as business administrator for several local school districts.

3. Involvement at Town level, in elected positions: he served on Town Budget Committee, Library Trustee, and Trustee of The Trust Funds. He currently represents Sanbornton on the Winnisquam Regional School District Budget Committee.

4. As a community volunteer he served as a soccer coach through the Sanbornton Rec Commission. He currently serves as an active volunteer in several positions at his church.

In these times when government officials tend to overspend budgets, choose which laws to enforce, overstep or bypass the Constitution and thereby threaten not only our form of government, but threaten our constitutional rights, we need to start the fix at the local level. We need Brian Gallagher to represent Sanbornton and Tilton in Concord. He will vote in the best interest of our towns. He has the experience and knowledge in state and municipal levels of governance, laws, budgets, and planning.

Vote Brian Gallagher for state representative on Sept. 9.

July Burlingame Rich


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