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We will all be voting for Paul Manganiello for Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Bristol is lucky enough to have three very qualified candidates running for Selectboard this year. Each of these candidates offers experience and stands for what they believe to be the right direction for Bristol. We each have a choice for sure and it is our hope that voters will turn out in mass to vote their choice.

We the undersigned will be voting for Paul Manganiello for Selectboard. We will do so for a variety of reasons personal to our own beliefs, but we all agree that he is the best candidate for the following strengths he will bring to the position:

— An open mind, balanced with strength of conviction.

— A commitment to fiscally responsible decisions.

— A consideration of taxpayer burden in decisions on spending.

— A common sense perspective to deliberative process and decisions.

— A promise of open and transparent governing.

— Respect for staff, departments, and fellow officials.

— Dedication to community and economic development efforts.

— Determination to weigh all decisions based on what is in the best interest of the town.

Join us with a vote for Paul Manganiello on March 10.

Burt Williams, Bill Phinney, Mason & Jane Westfall, John & Eleanor Morrison, Arthur Casey, JP & Elizabeth Morrison, Scott Doucette, Bill & Janet Cote, Mary Jane Rivest, Paul Simard, Betsy Schneider, Boake & Betty Morrison, Ray & Fran Parkhurst, Ernie & Nancy Richards, Rebecca Boudreau Margaret Hoyle


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I aim to change this kind of behavior in Belmont with your support

To The Daily Sun,

It is that time again when we voters of Belmont are preparing to go to the polls to vote for the position of selectman for a term of three years. I have placed my name on the ballot to represent you, as I have represented you in the past. I am a common-sense person and that has served me well in my personal and business life. I am, and have always been, an independent thinker and I can listen to both sides of an argument.

Most people lose sight of the fact that the voters are the people in charge because they are the ones who make the final decision in the end. A leader's job is to keep the voters informed as to what is being planned and to advise them regarding the best course of action.

I am a voter and a concerned citizen and I am not happy at all with the leadership in the Town Hall. For example, did anyone in this town vote to approve the construction of a pavilion or the purchase of a bridge? Were the voters informed of the fact that meetings were being held at a time that no working person could have possibly attended regarding the mill building? The present leadership does nothing to encourage voter participation.

Advertising in the newspaper or writing a news release to all 3,000 voters that a Town Meeting is going to be held to vote on the Town Warrant Articles on March 10 at the high school from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. would inform voters and encourage greater voter turnout.

I aim to change this type of behavior with your help.

I am going to vote against the $3.4-million bond issue (Article 3 of the Warrant). I am also going to vote against Article 12 of the Warrant for $125,000 to go into the capital reserve fund. The selectman have $500,000 in that fund already. They use that money to build pavilions and bridges without your approval.

To all the 3,000 voters in Belmont, you have the opportunity to take a few minutes of your time to vote on the proposed $3.4-million bond issue. How much time will it take, 20 or 30 minutes? If that bond issue passes you will be married to that bond for 20 years and wondering why your taxes keep going up every year.

I respectfully ask for your vote as selectman so that I can represent the taxpayers interest and seek greater participation through transparency.

George Condodemetraky


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