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Think Trump empathizes with a working class mom in Franklin?

To The Daily Sun,

As Donald Trump continues to renege on many of his campaign promises and backtracks on his many, many, lies, our local locos, the white-old-men — you know them as Earle-Boutin-Wiles-Ewing — continue to salivate at his every word like Pavlov's dog. No matter what stupid, outrageous things he utters,or writes, they follow along like mice to cheese. They are either incredibly dumb or incredibly gullible , probably both.

These men denigrate what they don't understand out of fear and ignorance, like the Black Lives Matter movement by labeling them as thugs and criminals. Do they have a clue what it is like for descendants of slaves to be treated as second class citizens and not even considered to be a person in our America? That racism still exists. "It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House, I'm tired of seeing an ape in heels." That was from an official in West Virginia just a few weeks ago about First Lady Michelle Obama. Those comments should offend everyone and yet not one of these men touched upon it and spoke out against it. Maybe they agree?
Trump's cabinet picks threaten to dial back women's rights to the dark ages, will wage war on seniors, use tax money to pay for religious education to just name a few; and they may end up having a net worth of nearly $50 billion. Yep, that sure is representative of the middle class. They must surely know how it is for a working class mom in Franklin N.H. trying to make ends meet.
The rich will get richer, and the middle class and poor will pay for it. When he says Make America Great Again, he is really saying that his billionaire elites will earn more billions with Trump pulling the strings and gaming the government in their favor. They win. We lose.
These men don't care about any of that though, because they can't. They don't have the capacity for it. We should feel empathy for them though, and show some progressive love for those less enlightened. It's the American way.

Carol Stappi

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Trump has named the 'climate denier in chief' to head the EPA

To The Daily Sun,

After years of denying climate science and calling it a "hoax," Donald Trump now tells the New York Times that he has an "open mind" about climate change. Don't be fooled.

Trump is a walking contradiction and a human conflict of interest. He says he denounces white supremacists but defends Steve Bannon, an alt-right hero he has named to his White House staff. He says his business is in a "blind trust" operated by his children and yet his children are sitting in on high-level government meetings.

Most telling: Trump has named noted climate denier Myron Ebell to run his transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency. Ebell is notorious for not having an open mind when it comes to climate science. Ebell is the "climate denier in
chief" and he has the power to rig the system for polluters by filling key climate positions in the government with deniers, including the EPA administrator. Trump's actions speak much louder than the words he sputters.

With Ebell in charge there is no "open mind" on climate change. It's just more business as usual in Washington.

Beth Arsenault


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