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Support Alton teachers with your vote

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton Teachers' Association is a part of the community that values public schools and learning, despite the many obstacles to successful education. Two of these obstacles are perpetually constrained time and differing viewpoints.

Alton's Budget Committee and School Board both hold the same viewpoint, however, with regard to the new collective bargaining agreement for Alton Central School teachers: unanimous support.

Casually referred to as the teacher contract, this agreement asserts positive and predictable working conditions while being fair to both Alton faculty and citizenry. If passed, it fixes the instructional school year at 180 days for students and eliminates 20 minutes of nonproductive time in the current school day. There has been some misunderstanding about this — the students still arrive and depart at the same times, classes will simply begin 15 minutes earlier and end 5 minutes later.

The Alton Teachers' Association encourages all voters to participate on March 8. We ask for the community's support so together we may surmount the many obstacles to successful education.

Richard Brown President

Alton Teachers' Association

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Taxpayers won’t be served by eliminating Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

I urge Gilford residents to vote "no" on Article 30 and keep Gilford's Budget Committee.

Despite the case made by Mr. Butler and Mr. Voivod that it is a waste of time and money, nothing could be further from the truth. Having been involved in Gilford's budgeting process this year, the one thing I heard again and again was this one question: "Will this make it past the Budget Committee?"

That alone tells me the various department heads took a second or third look at their budget request line items to determine whether they would pass muster. That one question alone helped save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Thinking the Selectboard or School Board could devote the amount of time needed to parse every single line item again and again to the level the Budget Committee has is magical thinking at best.

Do we really want to try this experiment of doing away with the Budget Committee, only to see town and school spending increase at unsustainable rates? Removing another set of eyes that may catch things others may have missed (or ignored) never leads to better control over spending. It leads to just the opposite with less oversight and, in the end, more "nice-to-have" spending that morphs into faux "need-to-have" spending.

What purpose does eliminating the Budget Committee actually serve? Certainly not that of the taxpayers of Gilford.

Dale Channing Eddy


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