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Conservative Christians breed bigotry against anything out of their moldd

To The Daily Sun,

A recent, well written column by Mr. Scott Cracraft was true and right to the point. This message in various forms has been been present in previous letters by this writer. It is interesting to note that Jesus Christ was a Jew and Christians in present congregations, Tea Party bigots, do not seem to understand that Jesus's message of love and compassion are very real as well as appropriate today. Scott, your message was well done. Would like to add a few points as well.

Conservative means to conserve, and conservative Christians are anything but. They breed bigotry, anti-women's rights, anti race, anti Muslim, not accepting gays, blacks or other groups that do not fit their mold. This is not what the U.S. Constitution ascribes to, and in many instances their actions should be appealed to the Supreme Court and challenged. This Constitution provides all rights under their supreme being (note the absence of God here), and contrary to responders to previous discussions, it is not God. Period!

The Founding Fathers were actually courageous in the wording of this document. God and Jesus are not found in this document, except at the end. It is important to note, the end stated, this is signed in the year of our Lord, meaning these men's beliefs were designed to protect the rights of all. The Constitution states we all have the rights to the pursuit of happiness, life, liberty and property. The first ten and subsequent amendments clarify this further.

Liberal, and if you want to call this writer such, means to be opened minded, caring, well learned, and willing to look at all options to try to resolve the differences on the table. This is not demonstrated by these narrow-minded Christian bigots. Jesus tells us to accept all, we are all men and women in this face of life. We are all equal in the eyes of God, but heaven helps us if two men or two women want to enjoy the rights of marriage. Accept a Jew or Muslim? How horrible! These clearly bigoted thoughts are a contraindication to Christian thinking as manifested and preached by the Jewish Jesus Christ.

But there is a common denominator that binds all of us. First: Our blood is red, one never knows what religion he/she is receiving their blood transfusion from. Two: Even the wealthiest can never "buy" life. We all will die someday. What we do between birth and death will define our contribution to man/womankind. The core of the narrow-minded Tea Party bigots and severely right Republican members is not conservative. For that matter, neither are the Democrats so liberal. Jesus said for us to love everyone, and promotes conserving their rights as well.

On a personal note, I left the Christian church because of its cruelty to a minister's wife. The minister had been accused of adultery. But instead of raising issue with the minister, his wife was stoned (figuratively) because she did not keep her husband faithful? Male bigotry rises again! But Jesus stopped a stoning as Mr. Cracraft indicated. Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone! Bigotry has no place in any faith, especially the Christian faith.

Another Mark Twain Quote, this is held dearly by this writer: "Support your country, and the government ... only if it deserves it!!" Scott did an excellent job with his presentation of the quote in his letter.

The question then arises: Could Christianity be an offshoot of the Jewish faith? Jesus Christ was a Jew, not a Christian. One might think that such comments by this narrow minded groups go against the Jewish faith by their preaching against the concept of promoting love, health, safety and welfare of all the people. Jesus did promote the form of love to opposing this kind of bigotry. Why can't you Tea Party bigots do this?

I Corinthains 13, is a message of love. Something sorely needed in this country and the world today. Can it happen? Its opening passages, "when I was a child, I spake like a child, but becoming an adult, the childish things need to be put away." It is time for these bigots to put away their childish things. Faith, hope, and love, these three abide, but the greatest of all this is love."

Thank you Scott for an excellent Letter.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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Thank you to good Samaritan who paid my grocery bill at Shaw's

To The Daily Sun,

On July 18, I was in Shaw's in Gilford trying to pay my grocery bill and using an EBT card that wasn't working. The lady behind me paid for the whole bill; it wasn't a small one either. She wouldn't tell me her name, so I couldn't send her a thank you note. This will have to do — so thank you again, you made my day-week-whatever! You're a true grocery angel!

J.B. Garvin


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