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Our group's goal is to double attendance at Sanbornton Town Meeting

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton residents proved last Friday night that they can turn passion into action. Told by the selectmen that the free swap shop at the transfer station was eliminated, they turned out in large numbers to say otherwise. Well, large numbers for Sanbornton at any rate.

One hundred, eighty-seven residents showed up (14 percent more than at last year's Town Meeting) to direct the selectmen to reauthorize the swap shop. In my view there will undoubtedly be increased costs associated with restarting the swap shop and these expenses will have to be voted on during the March 8, 2016, Town Meeting.

Therefore, it would behoove swap shop supporters to plan on attending the next Town Meeting to champion their cause. In fact, it would be wise for all Sanbornton residents to attend the next Town Meeting because there are already many requests for increased spending in next year's town budget that, if approved, will significantly increase taxes for all of us. The more residents that attend Town Meeting the more representative their votes will be.

I am an member of Concerned Citizens for Sanbornton and our goal is to increase Town Meeting attendance by 100 percent. If we could get in excess of 300 residents at the next Town Meeting, we could have a very interesting discussion.

Roger Grey


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Check out Gilford Candle Light Stroll on Facebook for great pix

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to say thank you to all involved with Gilford's fourth Candle Light Stroll.

Held on Dec. 12, the old village roads, Belknap Mountain and Potter Hill, were lined with 1,000-plus candle lights. It takes a tremendous amount of volunteers and time to create this annual event. Carolers, candle lighters, entertainers, decorators, greeters, pillow sewers, are just a few.

Thank you to all our stroll partners and sponsors, those that donated and helped support this event. Without each and every one of you this event would not be possible.

Thank you to all that came and shared the evening. Also those that stayed to help make sure all candles were out and picked up.

The church, meetinghouse, and town crier bells being rung in unison is a sound we are so lucky to hear. It was wonderful to peek inside the old buildings glowing windows, with all the holiday bustle and merriment. All the village homes decorated for the season, with many sharing treats and surprises. Each adds so much to the evening. The carols being sung, the sound of horses clip-clopping down the road, as they carry folks down thru the village. Laughter, smiles, and people reunited. Entertainers sharing so much talent.

The Memorial Candles at the Union Meeting House were reminders of those there in spirit. It was an amazing display, lights burning bright.
The line to Santa struck a cord, with children holding onto Mom's or Dad's hand, staring at Old St. Nick in awe. Waiting patiently for a turn to share their Christmas wishes.

The warm bonfire with families roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. The entire village busy with folks stopping in to see what was going on. All the snacks and treats, oven baked cookies, mulled cider, and more! The Candle Light Stroll Committee is grateful to all. There are a few "Gilford Village Pillows" still available at the library. Stop in a pick one up today.

Check out Gilford Village Candle Light Stroll on Facebook to see some great pictures.

Wrap up Candle Light Stroll meeting is Jan. 5, at Gilford Public Library, 3 p.m. All are welcome.

Dee Chitty


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