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Should Ayotte abstain from Senate votes until the people speak?

To The Daily Sun,

Kelly Ayotte is reaching new heights of hypocrisy and double-talk, even for her, when she tries to justify stonewalling the Supreme Court nomination by saying that she wants to "ensure that New Hampshire citizens have a voice."

What she doesn't say is that she's taking the voice away from every American, including the 52 percent of those who cast ballots in New Hampshire, who voted for this president. In 2012 they elected him for a four-year term — not a three-year one. Maybe she thinks we are only allowed three-quarters of a vote.

Of course if she really was being honest when she claims that "the people of New Hampshire must have a say" she wouldn't have already voted against the majority opinion of our state's citizens by voting to defund Planned Parenthood, to make access to contraception harder, for Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare as we know it, to eliminate Medicaid expansion, against clean water protections, against paycheck fairness, or to allow potential terrorists access to guns and weapons.

And if she really believed her doublespeak, there is one other step she should take.

We have a hotly contested race for her Senate seat this year in New Hampshire. And as in the upcoming presidential election there are many important issues at stake. So, if she was telling the truth when she said that New Hampshire voters "deserve an opportunity to weigh in given the significant implications" she should abstain from all votes in the Senate "until the people have spoken" in November's election.

Think she will? Don't hold your breath. Hypocrisy fits her too well for her to practice what she preaches.

Ed Allard

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These women just love to criticize Jeanie, no matter what she does

To The Daily Sun,

What do Paula Trombi, Kate Miller, and Mel Nadeau have in common? They all love to criticize Senator Forrester no matter what her vote is on almost all bills and never give her credit for all she has done for the district she represents. All three say she doesn't work for all the people. I disagree; Jeanie is not afraid to take a stand on any issue that she feels is best for her
district and the people of N H.

A little about these three Ladies. Paula is well-known for being the number one Democrat in Meredith, Kate lives in Laconia and has been involved in the leadership of the Democratic Party in the Lakes Region. She also served as a Democratic state representative for a time. Mel, I personally have never heard of; she is from Belmont.

As for working for all the people, I think it should be noted that the first time she ran for the senate, Jeanie beat a sitting senator and has run re-election twice since. These people who criticize Jeanie have no problem letting Hillary Clinton get the
same number of delegates to the national convention, even though Bernie beat her by 21 points, claim the Republicans should hold hearings and vote on someone to the Supreme Court , even though President Obama filibustered to not let G. W. nominate a candidate before the next election and both Vice President Biden and the next head of the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer stated they would not support anyone nominated before the next election.

These three ladies said nothing when our president didn't attend the funeral of a Supreme Court justice or our former first lady Nancy Reagan, widow of President Ronald Reagan.

What these three ladies mean by for "all the people" is only things they agree with. Myself and the majority of the people that voted for Jeanie feel we are part of "all the people."

L. Michael Hatch

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