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Join us Wednesday night for Bernie Sander's meeting in Gilford

To The Daily Sun,

This evening, Wednesday, July 29, from 7 to 8, supporters of Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign are organizing thousands of kick-off meetings all across the country. The nearest one for us will be at the Gilford Community Church Sanctuary at 19 Potter Hill Road in Gilford Village. Join us for the start of this grassroots campaign where we will begin a volunteer organization built on the notion that a representative democracy must be represented by the many.

This meeting will give you an opportunity to learn more about Senator Sanders and to plug into the various volunteer teams and groups that will carry this campaign forward. Our immediate task is to organize teams to spread the word and get the conversation rolling on the issues that are most important in making a just society — income equality, care for our environment, concern for our neighbors, and opportunities for all people to fulfill their potential.

Although the election is still over a year away, building the momentum starts now. Please consider joining us tonight at the Fellowship Hall if you are simply curious, want to learn more, or are interested in supporting Bernie Sanders.

Thank you and hope to see you tonight.

Alexander Stewart


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Commission majorities letter to Mr. Logue is very prejudicial

To The Daily Sun,

A non-public session of the Belknap County Commission was called to order just past ten o'clock on Monday, July 27th with all three County Commissioners present. Commissioner Taylor was appointed by Commissioner DeVoy to take minutes.

While Mr. DeVoy referenced an e-mail sent out on Sunday, July 26 by Mr. Taylor, he did not want that to initiate the discussion of the grievance filed by (nursing home) Director Logue. Since I found the body of the e-mail as well, as the attachment, to be very
prejudicial, I did want to discuss this before we turned to the formal request by Mr. Logue for a hearing of his grievance.

The e-mail itself refers to the word grievance in quotation marks, indicating from the very beginning that Mr. Taylor did not find the grievance of Mr. Logue credible. Mr. Taylor, in a letter which he worked up, apparently on his own, used the collective "we" which presumed the acquiescence of Mr. DeVoy in the avalanche of misleading statements which followed.

I pointed out to Mr. Taylor the prejudice implicit in this. His response was that I was prejudiced in favor of Mr. Logue. I stated that, as a member of the Personnel Committee of the Belknap Delegation, I along with Ms. Worsman and Mr. Greemore found (last year), by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Logue was credible and that the county administrator had lied during her testimony. I further stated that the impasse in county government was the direct result of the failure of DeVoy and Taylor to properly direct, or to replace, the county administrator. I stated "jacta alea est": the die was cast when they failed to act on this difficult matter in February.

With no further discussion, Mr. Taylor made a motion, seconded by Mr. DeVoy, to send the aforementioned letter. I voted in the minority to not send the letter and objected to the premature end to the discussion. Mr. Taylor moved the question, which was seconded by Mr. DeVoy. They then voted to send the letter which had been concocted by Taylor on July 26 and quickly voted to adjourn, at which time Mr. Taylor verbally threw a common vulgarity my way as a way of saying, in effect, "take that".

The total time that we were in non-public session was less than 10 minutes. As I stated in February when told by Mr. DeVoy that he was a gentleman, I do not find that to be the case and equally find Mr. Taylor to be quite removed from that status.

Dick Burchell
Belknap County Commissioner


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