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She was simply saying those letters should not have been published

To The Daily Sun,

Carolyn Pillsbury: Carol Stewart does not owe you an apology.

Maybe if you read her letter correctly you would see that she is not defending anyone responsible. She is saying the way these letters were written, with the gory heartless content (including yours) should not be published, and I agree. A little discretion would be nice. One fool even went as far as making a joke out of it.

We all hope something is done to alleviate any problems. Until then, apology? Perhaps you should contact Mr. Mayhew, and your state and town officials.

Jill Holmes


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Ms. Pillsbury's case should be taken up with town & state officials

To The Daily Sun,
I think if you look closely at Ms. Carol Stewart's letter on Tuesday you will find she was upset at the tone and content of the original article and letters. She is not defending any particular situation regarding the crematorium but only her own feelings regarding the fact that her husband of 40 years was cremated there last fall. It is still a new wound for her.
Ms Pillsbury is also entitled to her sentiments, and I would not choose to live that close either. Perhaps her case would be better taken up with her town and state officials who approved the location in the first place.
I completely understand both sides and think this could be handled with tact and poise regarding the bereaved instead of putting unsubstantiated details into print without regard to personal circumstances.
Heather Tatro

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