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'Mrs. Cooper has earned honor of having 'Dr.' before her name

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Kevin Leandro's letter on Jan. 24 headlined, "Don't Worry, Gilford Voters Will Probably Give Genesis What it Wants," I would ask that the author of the original article be given the appropriate respect that a physician deserves.

"Mrs. Cooper," as Leandro refers to her repeatedly, is actually Dr. Cooper, a well-respected LRGH emergency room physician that has tended to the medical needs of thousands of our local friends, family members and neighbors since she moved to the Lakes Region almost 10 years ago.

Dr. Cooper spent four years in undergraduate studies, another four in medical school, another three completing a medical residency necessary to become a board-certified physician, and another two in an international fellowship program to earn a Masters of Public Health (MPH).

Completing 13 years of higher education means she has earned the title of Dr. Cooper.

Kevin Lee

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There will be a lot of changes to our gun laws in the near future

To The Daily Sun,

Our friend A. Vervaeke is outraged by yet another mass shooting in Florida, and repeats Democrat demands for more gun control. He still blames these things on the NRA. The part of the story that he left out was the fact that the shooter was, once again, a self radicalized Muslim following marching orders from terrorist websites. Not surprising from Mr. V as he is always bragging about his Muslim, friends among other things. By the way, did you know that he was a hero in the Philippines and a patriot? He has told us so himself!

Well I have been to the Philippines too, in 1983. I arrived at the Manila airport just two days before Benigno Aquino was assassinated there. It's a long story but I still have my little souvenir from Mindanao, a cute little missionary. She can tell you what it's like living side-by-side with Muslims who are nice to your face and then try to kill you. It was martial law all the time. By the way, the people I met did not appreciate our sailors luring their young women into prostitution, as Mr. V has told us about. I remember many times trying to apologize for the bad behavior of the U.S. Navy. Thank you for your service, Alan.

Now about the long list of gun control Mr. V demands in his latest manifesto. Many of his complaints would be addressed simply by enforcing the gun laws that we already have. The Florida shooter was forgiven for beating his wife and given his gun back because he was a Muslim and law enforcement could have been brought up on charges of discrimination by the Obama Department of Justice. Now there is a new sheriff in town and that kind of stuff is going to change very soon.

There will be a lot of changes in our gun laws in the near future. Here in New Hampshire, the requirement for a license to carry a hidden gun will go away, and join Vermont and Maine to continue to be among the lowest crime states in the country. But you might want to hold on to your permits because Congress will likely approve the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would require every state to honor it just as they do for a drivers license. This in turn would cause many of those states to rethink their own CCL policies when legally armed out of state visitors are packing when many of their own people can not.

Another change likely to follow will be the Sportsman's Hearing Protection Act. This would remove firearm suppressors from the National Firearms Act (NFA). Currently, "silencers" are treated the same way as buying a machine gun, with much red tape, long delays and $200 tax. Since the number one complaint about shooting ranges is the noise, this would seem to be a common sense and courteous thing to do. In many countries they are almost required so shooters will not cause undue alarm while enjoying their sport.

Perhaps most significantly, will be the restructuring of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and shifting many of those duties to the Treasury and Justice departments. The ATF has a long history of abuse and harassment of ordinary gun owners. Does the name "Ruby Ridge" ring a bell?

The liberal Democrats have had their way with the gun control laws in America for a long time and still they aren't happy. Many of the problems that exist are ones that their policies have helped to create. Time to try new ideas, but in a way, go back to some old ideas about how to have a more safe and secure country to live in.

Alan Moon


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