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You have until Feb. 5 to forward Northern Pass testimony to SEC

To The Daily Sun,

A record crowd showed up at the Site Evaluation Committee hearing in Lincoln Thursday night. As (was apparent from) the rows of people sporting their favorite color (orange), there is great opposition to the proposed project. They rose small orange shovels in hopes that the committee would get the message to bury the project.

We have been telling them for five years to bury it. They have turned a deaf ear to our request time and time again. We thought maybe they are deaf and can only relate to visual stimulation. The new motto: "Can you see us now?" Let's hope they don't have tunnel vision.

If you are opposed to this project as it is proposed please write to the site evaluation committee today. The time is now. Speak up! You have until Feb. 5 to send your testimony to the SEC. Tell them how you feel. We need your help in this fight against the scarring of our beautiful state.

George Wright

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We must not have a president of bigotry in the name of Donald Trump

To The Daily Sun,

In recent weeks, Donald Trump continues his bigoted comments. Listening to Mr. Trump's rhetoric, it's amazing that this individual influences so many who favor him. Mr. Trump is a very dangerous individual. He reminds this writer of Adolph Hitler as he entranced the German people against those of Jewish faith. The only difference lies in their deeds. Hitler killed some 6 million people (largely Jewish) to add insult to mankind. However, Mr. Trump threatens to do this in a most catastrophic way. Mr. Trump is able to galvanize people a significant portion of the populace as did Hitler. Trump's thoughts go against the American way, the American dream, as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Trump talks out of ignorance. His comments about Mr. Cruz (who is also not to this writer's liking) are false and misleading, for example. The length of this country's history shows that any child born of an American couple is a "naturally born citizen" regardless of where those American people live, whether it is one parent or both. Court rulings to this end support and make this quite clear. One must also note, that Mr. Cruz is quite dangerous in his own right, advocating "bombing people to oblivion" comments. While Mr. Trump is "bombastic," Cruz's thoughts are dangerous and downright evil.

Mr. Trump is on a path that has the world wondering what he would do if he becomes president. Mexico is looking at a wall he states he will make them pay to have built —  an impossible and unnecessary approach. Two, to insult the Mexican people is unacceptable. We are all of one race, same blood of each other. Being color blind is a nice trait to have, of which this writer is. By being color blind is to recognize we are all human, with a common bond of the same blood, the drive to live, and to accept all as one. We are a heartbeat from death. Sending people back then allow the "good ones" back is impossible, expensive.

Attacking Muslims in the same manner is unacceptable. For the less than 1 percent of the people who are so violent, do we attack the innocents? Many Muslims quiver in fear of this small minority, and are speaking up against them. The basic premise is their drive to peaceful resolutions of issues, not admiring the texts of the Sharia. These people who are already in this country are peaceful people and are protected under the First Amendment for freedom of speech as well as place of worship. Keeping Syrians, etc. from entering this country is bigotry at its worse. Such bigotry cannot and must not be condoned. His comments potentially provide ammunition for ISIS and al-Qaida to use in their propaganda against the U.S.

In a previous article, this writer also compared ISIS/al-Qaida as pirates of both Caribbean as well as the Mediterranean. Like the pirates, ISIS and al-Qaida insult human dignity and life. So does Mr. Trump.

His attack on TV commentators are insulting, unacceptable and downright rude. His attacks on disabled people are unacceptable, just as this writer is by virtue of his life threatening cancer, his hearing, and his musculoskeletal pain. He should be removed from the candidate selection we currently have. He is a bigoted candidate that must not be permitted to be a candidate for the most hallowed office of our country. This man will truly make the presidency less respected not only by our people, who one would hope is the majority in this country, as well as the world around us. The refusal of removing Mr. Trump reflects the quality of Republican candidates. One really needs to stand up to him and say, "You are really not qualified, you need to drop out."

Those who embrace this man, reflects dangerous overtones of of many people. Yet these same people would object to his antics were it of their close neighbors, friends, and associates at work. It is frightening so many people fall victim to his thoughts. Black people have suffered for years of such indignities. The Japanese concentration camps. Hitler's attacks on the Jewish people. One can go on with the many insults suffered by so many minorities.

Please ponder these thoughts. We are many races and faiths. We must not, and shall not have a president of bigotry in the name of Donald Trump. We all will suffer for it. Some may even exercise certain rights in the Second Amendment that goes beyond the right to bear arms, but to form a militia to protect our families, our neighbors, and our country. A better way is to set the rules as well as qualifications for being a candidate, just like one applying for a job. Step out of line, you need to resign or be dismissed.

One can appreciate Mr. Trump is making comments of what people are thinking. But to elect this man is to worsen matters, not improve them in this country. It is hoped he does not reflect the will and mind of the majority in this country.

Robert Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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