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Thank goodness Gilmanton has knowledgeable people to guide officials when they err

To The Daily Sun,

Thank goodness we have watchdogs among us who watch over the needs of the town. Shame on anyone who ridicules these efforts. It is only through give and take, and through the guarding of the best interest of our towns that our system of government can work in the way it was intended.

Thank goodness we have knowledgeable friends who guide our town officials when they err or when the common tendency to run roughshod over our regulations in the name of expediency occurs.

Taking the time and the effort to accomplish this thankless task is a gift to us fellow citizens no matter what our political persuasion.

Daryl Hoitt

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Survey shows American attitudes toward Muslims & Islam is progressively improving

To The Daily Sun,

The backlash against anti-Muslim bigotry continues. People like Steve Earle and Russ Wiles are helping the progressive cause when they lump all Muslims together. Most people are not that shallow.

Do you remember when Kim Davis used her perverse and despicable version of Christianity to support her anti-gay bigotry (Leviticus and Romans 1)? The public debate that ensued after her refusal to issue marriage licenses helped support for marriage equality to soar to its highest levels yet. The wretch got crushed. When the Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality last June, support was at 53 percent. By May, it stood at 61 percent. Game over.

The same dynamic has transpired since Herr Trumpf and his army of reprobate degenerates began their shady anti-Muslim crusade of hate. As I have always said, the biggest enemy the right wing has is its own mouth. (Keep screaming, Steve!)

With all the inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric spewed from the extremists combined with actual attacks in the last year, one would think that the attitudes toward Muslims and Islam would have worsened. Exactly the opposite has happened because most people are intellectually mature enough not to demonize a group because of the actions of a few crazies. After all, most Christians aren't nutters like Demakowski, McCoole, or Ewing.

So here is my "Christmas in July" gift for Steve Earle and Russ Wiles. A new Brookings Institution survey released this week has shown American attitudes toward Muslims and Islam to be progressively improving. According to the report, "respondents who expressed favorable views went from 53 percent in November 2015, to 58 percent in May 2016, to 62 percent in June 2016. At the same time, favorable views of Islam went from 37 percent, to 42 percent, to 44 percent over the same period — still under half, but with marked improvement over a period of seven months."

It is clear that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and progressive voices are winning this debate and will continue to.

James Veverka

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