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Ray Moritz demonstrates qualities that will serve Meredith well

To The Daily Sun,

For several years (and to the great relief of both organizations) Ray Moritz's volunteer work has included running computer systems for the Friends of the Library's annual 5K race and the Great Rotary Fishing Derby. No matter how hectic the situation, Ray is always there, an oasis of calm and competence.

I am also impressed with Ray's preparation for the two "meet-the-candidate" events held at Wicwas Grange on Feb. 28 and the Meredith Community Center on March 5. Clearly, Ray knew the issues. He had reviewed town budgets and finances. He was familiar with the Capital Improvement Program and projects in process.

I believe Ray demonstrates qualities which will serve Meredith well if he is elected to the Board of Selectmen. Ray studies, he listens to what is needed, he turns up and he does all he can to enable good work to go forward.
Please vote on March 10.

Pamela Coburn


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Harry Bean will be tireless in support of Gilford's best interests

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in support of Harry H. Bean as candidate for a seat on the Gilford Budget Committee. I have occurred seats of similar responsibility in the Lakes Region for 40+ years. I understand and recognize the essential characteristics of a community leader. Harry has them. I have know and worked closely with three generations of the Bean family. He and they all represent much of the best qualities required of leadership: strength of character; community pride, work ethics and integrity. He will be tireless in honest and faithful support of the best interests of the residents of the town of Gilford.

I ask for your vote in support of this fine candidate...Harry H Bean.

Karl P. Reitz


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