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In Havenstein, I see a leader that can bring us to a better future

To The Daily Sun,

Now it's election time. If you care enough to vote (and you really should vote... your future depends on it) you have probably looked at the candidates and are thinking about who to support. Who will help the economy the most? Who will help our state the most?

I want to know who will best represent the values and hopes and dreams that I have for my family and those who will come after me? Who will work on providing an environment that will encourage people to try ... to use the education that society pays for and will help the state recoup that investment. Who will instill in our young people the understanding that this great nation is worth fighting for and worth working for. Who will instill the drive to generate a society that is primarily self-sufficient, but never forgets those who need support and assistance? Which leaders will focus on the key issues (economy, business, energy, heath, independence, drive, education, and self-sufficiency) and who will help us move towards a future that, at last, is better than the past?

I look at Walt Havenstein and see that leader. He was a great leader at BAE, successfully transitioned the Sanders incorporation, kept jobs in New Hampshire, worked with UNH to get the technical training in place that businesses here need, led FIRST, and understands technology.

He knows that we are bleeding jobs into Massachusetts, and has plans to stanch that bleeding. He has demonstrated that he can lead a large company, knows how to deal with bureaucracies, can get things done, and is ready to lead our state. He understands politics, government, security, and more. He is what we need. Walt gets my vote. I hope you join me.

Janet Cramer


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Please allow funds to be transferred for this year's health insurance

To The Daily Sun,

I want to speak on behalf of the Belknap County Nursing Home employee who works full-time at the nursing home during the day and then part-time at night elsewhere just to make ends meet. I also want to speak on behalf of the countless employees who live paycheck to paycheck who have to scrimp and save all year to have enough money for Christmas presents. These are the people who are now looking at the possibility of having to come up with over $800 in the next eight weeks to cover the shortfall for the health insurance.

The County Delegation can blame the county commissioners and the commissioners can blame the delegation while incurring more and more legal costs to the taxpayers. The employees do not care who is to blame. What we want is to go to work to take care of our residents and then go home to take care of our families. We cannot bear the burden or the added stress of unexpected health care costs and the uncertainty of if our jobs are going to be cut. We don't care who wins in this power struggle. We just ask that we are no longer used as pawns.

I want to ask the delegation to please allow money to be transferred to cover the cost of the health insurance for this year. The money is there, just not in the correct budget line. Let the commissioners renegotiate contracts with the unions to include talks on increases in healthcare costs. Allow the elected officials and their hired staff to do their jobs with your oversight. Let's stop working against each other and work toward a reasonable agreement for all parties; which include the taxpayers.

I will be supporting Dave Pollak for Belknap County Commissioner. Dave has common sense, listens with no prejudgments and has experience with budgets.

Carolee Sliker


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Thousands of young families are moving away because jobs are scarce

To The Daily Sun,

Here is one of the many reasons I'm running to represent you in Northfield and Franklin. A grandmother told me that she has not voted for 30 years but this year she will. She explained, "I am losing my babies." Her children are leaving New Hampshire because they can't find jobs. Soon, her grandchildren will be hundreds of miles away. "I will be alone. I want them to stay, but they can't."

This woman won't be available to help her children take care of their children. The grandchildren will rarely see their grandmother. Some day when she needs help, her family won't be there to act as caregivers. This sad story is being played out across the state.

Thousands of young families are moving away because New Hampshire jobs are scarce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms what most of us recognize: there are fewer people overall working now in New Hampshire than there were eight years ago. Those who are working are often working harder for less. Middle-class income is down for the fifth year in a row. Savings are stagnant or declining. Costs are rising.

It is hard not to notice other problems facing us. A great many of us, our friends, our neighbors, have lost access to the doctors and hospitals they have depended upon for years. Entire counties in New Hampshire have not a single hospital covered by the one plan available on the Obamacare exchange.

The middle class has been hammered, yet our opponents write that "N.H. is on the right track." I say that we are headed in the wrong direction. I think health care and jobs are the issues we must address now. My opponents seem content to stay the course, telling constituents not to worry. They seem to believe that the federal government has things under control.

I see very little under control at the federal or state level. I see people in power who think they know better than us making bad decisions on our behalf.

Despite all these problems, I remain optimistic. I might be the most optimistic person in New Hampshire. I firmly believe that, with the right leadership team in place we can begin to solve these problems. I am running for state rep because I want to help us get New Hampshire on the right track.

On Nov. 4, I ask you to vote for the right change.

Greg Hill

Candidate for State Rep


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Cryans common sense & good judgement needed on Ex Council

To The Daily Sun,

I am delighted that Mike Cryans is running for a full term on the New Hampshire Executive Council from District 1, and I hope you will all join me in voting for Mike on Nov. 4.

Executive Council District 1 is the single-largest voting district in our state, larger than either Congressional District. It covers two entire counties (Coos and Grafton) and parts of five others (Belknap, Carroll, Merrimack, Strafford and Sullivan) and comprises four cities (Laconia, Berlin, Lebanon and Claremont), 103 towns and 19 unincorporated places. The district was ably represented for 34 years by the legendary Ray Burton.

A district that large and diverse requires an executive councilor who can unite and balance the interests of the entire district, not divide us and alienate us with narrow-minded politics. Ray Burton succeeded by listening, not lecturing.

Mike Cryans knows how to listen and lead. As a Grafton County Commissioner for 17 years, Mike brings a respectful and civil tone to public office and a deep understanding of the needs of New Hampshire and the North Country.

Mike's varied experience as a schoolteacher and coach, as a senior executive for a local bank, as a small-business owner, and as the executive director of a community non-profit, will serve his district well. We need Mike's common sense and good judgment on the Executive Council.

Paul Phillips


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Carolyn Mello is about putting people first, not special interests

To The Daily Sun,

Carolyn Mello for State Senate in District 2 is right for us.

Carolyn believes in putting people first, as opposed to corporations and special interest groups. She feels the need to invest in public education which is for all students as opposed to charter schools that are for a select few.

Carolyn wants to increase the minimum wage to at least $9 an hour that could be accomplished gradually in order to give businesses time to adjust. This increase would help working families who are struggling and the money would absolutely go back to the economy.

Carolyn also opposes the "Right to Work" philosophy, which would erode collective bargaining rights.

Carolyn feels the Medicaid expansion has been helpful to many who are in need. It is only right to help those who require these essential medical services.

Carolyn is opposed to Northern Pass, but would consider burying the lines. She does not support the wind turbines that have been built in our area as they have impacted the beauty of our state. Both of these projects lower property values. She wants to continue exploring alternative energy sources such as solar.

Paul Floyd


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