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Ben Carson isn't running for president of the Medical Society

To The Daily Sun,
Ben Carson is just one year older than I am, almost to the day, but he seems to have a much harder time remembering events in his past than I do, especially significant ones.

I know exactly where I was when I watched The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, when JFK and MLK were assassinated, and when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I know what college offered me early admission, and I remember which friend was with me when I stuck my arm through a storm door, leaving me with scars as a reminder.

I do a lot of writing. I have written speeches and press releases for congressmen and senators. In all writing in which facts are cited, those facts must be accurate to support the point being made.

Ben Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon. But he is not running to be president of the American Medical Society. His autobiography, his personal story, is his stump speech, just like an elected official's voting record. It confounds me, as the evidence continues to mount, that the stories Ben Carson would lead us to believe are those that made him who he is today are just that: stories!

I hope voters will think long and hard about a candidate who manufactures his own truths or simply doesn't take the time to get the facts straight. That would be troubling and dangerous behavior in the Oval Office.

Kate Miller


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We were saved by 2 young men hiking down trail at right time

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap Range Trail Tenders (BRATTs), a volunteer hiking trail maintenance group, working in the Belknap Range, had its last official outing on Saturday. A dozen steps were placed on the Blue Trail heading to Mt. Belknap, with the help of seven BRATTS, but four of them had to attend other obligations before the project was finished. That left the remaining three to finish the project, but they were left with enough tools to keep at least 10 members busy. What to do?

We were saved by two young men hiking down the trail at just the time we were done and wondering how we were going to get all those tools down. The men agreed to take "some" tools, and ended up taking "most" of them. We are very grateful to those two hikers who didn't realize that two bars, approximately 30 pounds and an 8-pound sledge hammer, were really heavy! And cumbersome! We would like to thank them so much for helping us.

Peggy Graham

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