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Harry Bean has skills & temprerament to serve on BudCom

To The Daily Sun,

I write this note to endorse Harry Bean for Gilford Budget Committee. I've known Harry and the Bean family for over 50 years. Harry is a local, successful businessman and has developed the skills and the temperament to review and evaluate budget requests on behalf of Gilford residents.

I urge Gilford to vote for Harry Bean as a member of Gilford's Budget Committee.

Russ Dumais


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Can't question willingness & perseverance of Rosemary Landry

To The Daily Sun,

This year's Meredith Selectboard election is shaping up to be a watershed event for the direction of the town. Two incumbents are not running for re-election to the five-member board. Eight candidates have stepped forward to run for the two available vacancies. March 10 will provide Meredith voters an opportunity to reconnect with election process. Please make use of the opportunity.

The existing Selectboard recently held several contentious meetings culminating in a vote on the three roundabout road construction proposal brought forward by the Route 3/25 advisory committee. The quality and content of proposal left many residents concerned about the board. Proper evaluation of matters of judgment brought forward to the board appears to be an area where the new select board members can make an immediate impact.

The current board has done its best. We all appreciate the work they have done for the community. Moving forward we need to choose from among the candidates, those people who will best respond to the voters and tax payers of the town. The best candidates are the ones who are positive, fiscally conservative, action oriented and able to listen to, as well as to connect with, the people of the town.

Rosemary Landry gathered over 500 petition signatures to raise the visibility level of the roundabout proposal for the community. She had a belief that the proposal was not well thought through and translated that understanding to a result. The last time there was a petition drive in Meredith that got that kind of support was ... well it has probably never happened before. It is the kind of effective work on behalf of the best interest of Meredith that should be appreciated.

Rosemary Landry has been attending the meetings of various boards and committees for a long time. She goes to gather information and acquire knowledge. Her willingness and perseverance cannot be questioned. She stands up for her principles. She does her homework. She is available and energetic. She communicates effectively with the community. She can bring a change in perspective to town hall. Please vote for Rosemary Landry for Selectboard.

Marc Abear


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