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These egregious failings hardly inspire confidence in the candidate

To The Daily Sun,

Our frequent letter writer from Gilmanton has once again found himself busy coming to the defense of yet another political ally. His most recent defenses have been focused on a candidate for selectman.

The contributor's underlying defense of this candidate is that he would like us to believe that fraudulent behavior is just part of doing business in the construction trades. In support of his candidate for selectman, he infers that consumers requiring quality workmanship and the fulfillment of contracts are responsible for this candidate's legal problems. He states that "integrity and honesty can be stretched to the limits." I know this contributor will think I'm "smug," but I was taught, and of the belief, that there should be no limits to either integrity or honesty.

This same contributor lauds this candidate on his honesty and integrity, but recent history has shown that he was convicted of forging a government document. In his defense, he claims it was a "mistake."

As far as this candidate's "integrity," an adjudicatory hearing was held, in which the plaintiff claimed that the respondent (the candidate) had failed to complete his contractual obligation for construction that was contracted. After adjudication, the court found that the respondent (our candidate for selectman) was in breach of contract and failed to meet his contractual obligation and must pay restitution to the plaintiff. This candidate failed to comply with the court order and was found in contempt. These findings do not bode well for the "integrity" of our selectman candidate.
This candidate, compounds his legal problems by ignoring the court order to make restitution and failing to appear for scheduled court hearings — resulting in his arrest. These egregious failings hardly inspire confidence in an individual running for public office.

This letter writer would like Gilmanton voters to "ignore the smear campaigns," which I find hypocritical, because he has no qualms in instigating them himself, as long as they serve his purposes.

Jack Schaffnit

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The Year-Round Library is truly a community effort in every way

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library, I would like to thank those who recently participated in the "Show Your Support" contest. You exhibited wonderful creativity in your support for the GYRL. Congratulations to Allison and Grace Howe who were the winners of the contest as determined by the number of Facebook "likes." All of the entries are posted on the GYRL Facebook page. They are also printed and posted on the bulletin board at the GYRL.

I encourage everyone to take the time to vote. It is a precious right and privilege to be able to shape the direction of our community. Each and every vote is important so please make your voices heard. Several community members have provided excellent information to help educate residents on the many topics on the ballot.

We ask for your support with a "Yes" vote on Article 23 for partial funding for the GYRL. If you have not visited the GYRL, please stop in and see all that it has to offer our community. We greatly appreciate the tremendous support that we receive in so many ways throughout the year. The GYRL is truly a community effort in every way. We look forward to continuing to provide the residents of Gilmanton with full library services in the coming years.

Chris Schlegel

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