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On election day, kindly do us all a favor and send your dog to vote

To The Daily Sun,

John Demakowski is correct. Donald Trump is a giant of a man. A man of giant sexual tastes and appetites who has allegedly abused women and teen-aged girls and his own wives. A man with a giant ego who has gone on radio and television shows to discuss his giant sexual needs, who has called in to newspapers pretending to be someone else to drop hints about his own successes. He is a giant of a failure who has had corporate bankruptcy after bankruptcy and left creditors holding the bag for close to a billion dollars in debt.

He is a giant of a racist who has suggested that all Hispanics are rapists and murderers and that all Muslims are murdering radicals. He is a giant of a sexist who has stated that a woman is incapable of being a good president, that women in the military should expect to be assaulted and abused. He is a giant of a coward for hiding from military service and then declaring that dating was "his Vietnam" and that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases was "like a battleground."

He is a giant of a traitor for threatening to hold our elections hostage to his ego and only being willing to accept the results if he wins. And finally, he is a giant manipulator for encouraging the worst aspects of America to come out into the daylight and strut like deranged vultures.

And you, Mr. Demakowski? You should be awarded — awarded a Nobel Prize for Outstanding Delusional Thinking and Exceptional Fiction Writing. Certainly an award for Exceptional Nonsensical Writing in a Public Forum — The Nattering Nabob of Negativity Award for 2016. Yes sir, you a giant fool for believing any of it. You are a fool for believing that you care at all about Blacks, feminists, or homosexuals. You're a fool for believing that Trump is any kind of champion of the American people.

He cares about the 1 percent of the richest Americans because that is exactly what his economic plans state. His version of "supply side economics" — an even worse version of Reaganomics than Reagan himself — will make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and will finally destroy any remaining vestiges of the middle class that I still faithfully belong to. He will destroy our standing in the world, because who we are is not what WE think we are — who we are is defined in the views of the rest of the world.

Finally, you are the biggest kind of fool for believing that God has a stake in this election. People just like you said the same thing when Barack Obama was elected, and we never had the kinds of biblical judgments that had been predicted. No — our economy improved, our war deaths were reduced, and there was no fire or brimstone. Only idiotic fundamentalist right-wingers ideologues like you continue to believe your kind of nonsense. That somehow — above all others — America is the only nation that is favored by God.

Now I consider myself a man of Christ — a good man. A man of faith — not blind faith. Not an ostrich-like faith. But I've rarely experienced your degree of hypocrisy, idiocy, and sheer arrogance. But what else should I expect from a man who stated that God speaks to him and that you've seen his face. Something the Bible says can never happen.

Do you remember that letter to The Sun, John? Where you mocked the scientists who declared that animals have feelings? Well, I'll tell you something else. Animals also have far more sense than you. So on Election Day, kindly do us all a favor and send your dog to vote. We'll all benefit.

Alan Vervaeke

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Bob Giuda will be holding Town Hall meetings all over District 2

To The Daily Sun,

I support Bob Giuda for state Senate. He has served our country, our state, his community, and his family. He is committed to improving the lives of the people of New Hampshire.

Bob supports responsible economic growth to bring good jobs back to our state and our district. He is committed to improving education to better prepare young people and displaced workers for successful futures, and to defeating the drug epidemic destroying the lives of too many of our citizens and families.

Bob graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served our country as a carrier-based Marine pilot and an FBI agent. He owned several small businesses, and is retiring after 30 years as an international airline captain.

He spent his life in positions of responsibility for the lives of others, and cares deeply about the less fortunate, visiting home-bound church members, and residents of the Veterans Home in Tilton and the VA hospital in White River Junction. These quiet acts of kindness tell much about a person's character.

As a state representative, he was prime sponsor of a constitutional amendment protecting our property rights, and supported fully funding the developmentally disabled wait list, protecting our Second Amendment, and repealing New Hampshire's "death tax." He opposes new taxes.

Bob was appointed deputy majority leader by then House Speaker Gene Chandler because he brings people together to solve difficult problems.

Bob will be holding Town Hall meetings in Haverhill, Bristol, Sanbornton, Meredith and Plymouth (details at www.bobgiuda.org). Come and see for yourself why I'm supporting him. He is straightforward, clearly understands the issues, and gets things done in Concord.

Please vote for Bob Giuda for State Senate on Nov. 8.

Don Ewing

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