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Ayotte's words & actions have remained remarkably consistent

To The Daily Sun,

During the course of an election year, candidates running for office often say and do things that they normally wouldn't. This can be especially true when re-election is involved. As informed voters, the trick is to determine who will best follow through with campaign promises once elected.

I believe Kelly Ayotte is different. Her words and actions have remained remarkably consistent when contrasted with her early days as a candidate. During the last five years, her commitment to New Hampshire has never wavered, nor has her willingness to take positions not always in her best political interest. When Kelly stated she wouldn't support the closing of Guantanamo for national security reasons, she meant what she said. When her opposition to the cost and bloat of the Affordable Care Act was articulated, she struck a blow against big government.

To protect our state's fiscally conservative heritage and to ensure that failed liberal policies remain on the dustbin of past broken promises to our state, I urge all of you to join me in proudly returning Kelly Ayotte to Washington. We have never had a better or easier choice, and the stakes will never be higher than they are in 2016.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos
District 3, Finance Committee


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Speaking of 'clown cars', has Mr. Veverka looked over on the left?

To The Daily Sun,

Here on Thursday, readers are once again treated to a letter from James Veverka with a headline referring to the "Republican clown car." Is he kidding? Perhaps James hasn't noticed that his Democrats have their own problems — criminal in some cases, like Hillary's failure to secure classified government documents. No, they do not have to be labeled or stamped nor does intent come into it. Just incompetence and failure to secure them is a felony, James.

And now we know the FBI is investigating Hillary for political corruption. Opps! That's another felony and if they find anything else, which they probably will, she's not going to be able to talk, bribe of threaten her way out of a jail cell.

Then we have Obama himself. His list of lies, fraud, deceit, and constitutional violations are spread over his whole life. Those minorities he said he champions have lost more ground under his presidency then in the previous 35 years. The KKK could not have done more harm if they had tried.

Then we have Biden, the bumbling, blabbering nincompoop who never saw an open mike he wasn't able to resist spilling the beans into.

Let's not over look that great "war hero" John Kerry, who negotiated that splendid deal with Iran, giving the world's leading exporter of terrorism for the past 30 years, a clear road to getting there very own nuke arsenal with which to wipe Israel off the map, level New York, Washington and half of Americas cities.

Then the prize in the Cracker Jack box, Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who apparently thinks he alone in history can make socialism work when no one else has. What an array of clowns of James' very own. But thanks for the laughs anyway Jim, your always good for that.

Steve Earle


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