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Syrian president is a Western-educated doctor; he wears a suit

To The Daily Sun,

I was listening to President Obama's lofty speech given at the United Nations. It's unfortunate that a speech trying to meld nations, sects etc. together to help each other falls on deaf ears. Inspirational speeches, I think, are perceived as weakness to these zealots who know only the thrust of war.

I think the president is trying to live out his presidency through his Nobel Peace prize acquisition. That is a mistake. I want us to keep Gitmo, and I do not like seeing these barbarians released to other countries and then come back to raise havoc with us again. That is a great disservice to our soldiers killed and maimed who can no longer fight for their country.

He mentioned in his speech that negotiation and diplomacy will end the war in Syria. Then why isn't Bashar al-Assad not an occupant in these so-called peace discussions with world leaders. He should be. My God, he is Western-educated, an ophthalmologist (medical eye doctor), wears a suit instead of seventh century garb. He is no better or worse than all the other world leaders in that region. In fact, he is the most educated and I feel he can be reasonable even if he wants to remain in power.

I think Mr. Putin gets a bad rap also. Believe me, it doesn't help when our government representatives call him a thug. He is a nationalist, loves his mother Russia and will be far better than all their previous dictators.

Two or three years ago I watched a WGBH "Frontline" on Syria, just when their uprising had begun, I think. The Syrian army was not the dreaded Gestapo as they are portrayed now, not to me anyway. That "Frontline" should be repeated.

President Obama, if what you are doing is not working try something different. Help the Syrian people stay in their own country, let your legacy be that you restored peace in that country through diplomacy, negotiation with all partners present and not to nation-build which is a forlorn disaster. I know Syria's politics is just the opposite of Iraq's, and believe me we don't want another Iraq.

Rosemary Mellon


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Hillary has lied & lied but it's Trump supporters who are 'irredeemeable'?

To The Daily Sun,

I am a deplorable. I want to thank Denise Doyle for her letter and will answer with my side of the discussion.

Hillary Clinton attacked hard-working Americans. Hillary calls us (Trump supporters) a "basket of deplorables" — people who were racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic. Not satisfied, she stated Trump supporters were irredeemable. She has expressed her contempt for everyday Americans. All of this was done while laughing.

Here is what one blog (supporters of Hillary Clinton) called Donald Trump: He is a nut, nitwit, dishonest and a douche. What if supporters of Donald Trump called Hillary these names?

Hillary Clinton has lied about emails, Benghazi, personal server and many other issues. But it is Trump supporters that are irredeemable.

In closing, I am proud to be a deplorable.

Jim Mayotte

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