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By all means, please offer to help put my kayak in the water

To The Daily Sun,

I enjoy being out on the water just as much as other boat owner's do. I have a kayak and need to use the boat ramps to get it in and out of the water. It's too heavy for me to carry down to the beach from a parking lot.

Being patient and respectful of all boats is the rule of the water. If I am in your way at the time of entering and exiting, by all means please come around and offer to help. I would be grateful for anyone's help and we can all remain on friendly terms.

Thank you for your future consideration for my request. I will see you out on the water soon!

Ann Chabot


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Will folks on Margin Ave. live long enough to enjoy a paved street?

To The Daily Sun,

I read with great interest the article in the July 1 Daily Sun about Cleveland Place finally getting rebuilt — to the delight of the residents of the street.

For about 30 years, my wife and I have lived on Margin Avenue at Weirs Beach in Laconia. Margin Avenue is an unpaved, narrow, city-owned dirt road with well over a dozen homes along it. Last year alone, we paid nearly $5,000 in taxes to the city.

Not to take anything away from the good people of Cleveland Place, I must say I am puzzled as to why the city cannot provide the people of Margin Avenue the same consideration given to Cleveland Place.

I have met on several occasions with the city's Public Works director, Paul Moynihan. He has always been cordial, but instead of action, we get excuses, like drainage issues (I agree, they need to be addressed) and a lack of funds (we pay our taxes like everybody else, but get inferior service).

Our street is a mess. It needs to be rebuilt to today's standards. We have potholes you can get lost in. It's narrow and when cars go by in a rainstorm, the dirt splashes into my house. I have to keep my windows closed or the dirt is all over the inside of my house. I have paved my parking area and built a deck to try to keep the dirt out of our house but nothing short of the city rebuilding the street will work.

After all these years of paying taxes to the city, we are wondering if any of us on Margin Avenue will live long enough to see a normal, paved street with adequate drainage here, like most everyone else in the city enjoys. Maybe there are streets in the city in worse shape, but I've never seen them. I realize the budget is tight but when is it our turn to get on the priority list? I would love to see a commitment from the city Public Works director, city manager and City Council as to when they will take care of the long overlooked mess Margin Avenue continues to be.

Robert Decotis


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