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I know Andrew Hemingway to be honest, principled & hardworking

To The Daily Sun,

I would like the opportunity to voice my support for Andrew Hemingway, GOP candidate for governor. I have known Andrew for some years now. I met Andrew in the context of our mutual involvement in town government in Bristol.

Andrew and I were on a committee established to study the feasibility of recycling and to establish a recycling program if the study showed it would benefit the town. The members of this committee represented a wide range of beliefs and political convictions, but they didn't get in our way because we had a common goal.

Here's what I know about Andrew from working with him: He is honest, principled and hard-working. He is thoughtful and looks at all sides of an issue before making a decision. He recognizes that people can have different opinions and doesn't let a difference of opinion change his respect for the person who disagrees with him.

Andrew is more interested in doing good than "looking good." He believes that one person can make a difference and if enough of us believe that we can, together, make a big difference. The people of New Hampshire need a governor who understands and is one if them. They need to have more in common with the governor, than mere ownership of property in New Hampshire.

In the interest of full disclosure I do need to say that after I retired from the New Hampshire National Guard, I was offered a job out of state. I continue to own my home there and hope one day to return.

Francine Swan

Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Bristol & Panama City, Fla.

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Usually don't take sides in a GOP Primary but this calls for exception

To The Daily Sun,

Seldom do I weigh in on candidates during a Republican primary. Usually I have found the Republican primary winner, whether or not he/she was my first choice, to be far better for the taxpayers then the Democratic candidate.

This year, however, there is a race in Belknap County that doesn't fit that scenario. State Rep. Dick Burchell is running against an incumbent for a county commissioner seat. Since the two of them have extensive voting records, it's easy to see the contrast in how they represent their constituents, particularly in fiscal issues.

Dick's opponent, as a commissioner, proposed budgets that would have increased the amounts assessed the towns and ultimately the taxpayers by 9 percent in 2013 and 8 percent in 2014. The delegation, with Dick playing a strong role, had to prioritize competing budget items to reduce the hit on taxpayers to a more reasonable amount.

Likewise, Dick's opponent and his fellow commissioners proposed a $42 million replacement of the county correctional facility. In spite of much criticism for greatly exceeding standards resulting in the huge cost, the commissioners have resisted reducing the scope, though Dick's opponent now says his proposal will come in at $30-35 million. Many other facilities that meet all required standards have been built at far less cost. As commissioner, Dick will be far more realistic and develop a taxpayer-friendly solution.

The Superior Court injunction issued last Thursday sums up much of the recent disputes on the Belknap County budget. The court took this unusual action saying that an injunction was necessary to prevent "...the possibility of the continued unauthorized transfer and expenditure of taxpayer money, especially in the wake of the likelihood that the petitioners (the Delegation) will succeed in this case on the merits...". The entire conflict has been troubling, particularly when one realizes that Dick's opponent took the exactly opposite side of his current position when he served as chairman of the delegation in 2005-06.

Republican voters in Belmont, Tilton, Gilmanton, and Barnstead are urged to turn out on Sept. 9 and vote for Dick Burchell to keep fiscal soundness in Belknap County. The rest of Belknap County also needs to give attention. This primary will affect all of our tax bills.

State Rep. Frank Tilton


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Russ Dumais has the tools to be an exceptional state representative

To The Daily Sun,

When voting for State Representative in the upcoming Primary Election please consider Russ Dumais of Gilford. I have personally known Russ for 44 years. He is a man of honesty and conviction.

He has been an educator, respected town leader and selectman in Gilford and a successful businessman in the Lakes Region. These life experiences give Russ the tools to be a great state representative who will make the tough decisions we need to successfully run our state government.

And as a former sheriff of Belknap County and county employee for 28 years, I know he has the ability to sit on the County Delegation and understand the unique issues we face here in our county. Russ will also be available to meet and speak with his constituents.

Stephen Hodges


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Sen. Jeanie Forrester has been tremendous advocate for Holderness

To The Daily Sun,

I am voting for Jeanie Forrester because she has been a tremendous advocate for Holderness. As a member of the Selectboard in Holderness, I can tell you that Jeanie has been the most effective elected official for our community since Ray Burton. She recently attended one of our meetings to report on her activities as our state senator and asked if there was anything she could do for us. We asked her to try and get resolution on the Jersey barriers that had plagued our downtown for more than a decade. Guess what? The barriers are now removed and new guard rails have been installed. Done. That is service.

And she is assisting in getting the $150,000 funding approved through the SEC for the Livermore Falls improvements. Jeanie is on the ball and committed to the communities in her district. This is refreshing, and not politics as usual.

I hope everyone will take part in our democratic privilege to vote in both the primary (Sept. 9) and the general election (Nov. 4). And I would encourage you to vote for Jeanie Forrester so the North Country continues to have a strong supporter in Concord.

Shelagh Connelly


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Scott Brown needs to do some research before he attacks on TV

To The Daily Sun,

Scott Brown and his SuperPAC buddies continue to lie about Senator Shaheen's record. I feel a need to put the real facts forward, but first, some context.

Recent attacks ads against the senator have indicated that she and her family benefited from her vote for the stimulus package in 2009. These ads have been taken off of many TV channels because of their factual inaccuracies. I find it offensive that they would falsely attack a sitting U.S. Senator, Democrat or Republican, just to promote another politician.

These are the facts: Sen. Shaheen and her family never received a single penny from voting for the stimulus package. Her husband was given stock options in a company that received a drop in the bucket worth of stimulus money. Neither the industry nor the company, which is developing better software to help detect breast cancer, knew it would be eligible to receive stimulus money until after the vote. In addition, Mr. Shaheen let these stock options expire, meaning it was not possible for him to receive any money from the company.

Mr. Brown and his friends need to do some research before they put another ad on TV.

As President Lincoln once said, "Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of one for the other."

Paula Trombi


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