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Clarification: Kim Smith is from Vermont

Confusion abounds concerning the name of the Meriden (not Meredith), New Hampshire postal worker who is accused of several misdemeanor accounts of mail tampering. The issue was the subject of a letter to the editor submitted by David Boyton of Bridgewater that was published on Wednesday. For the record, the accused woman's name is Kim Smith and she is said to be a resident of Harland, Vermont. The incident has nothing to do with Meredith or anyone who lives in or near Meredith.






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Don't listen to all the bad things going on around us; they're fools

To The Daily Sun,

I have been listening to my friends complaining about not having a white Christmas, and guess what, I won't have a white Christmas either. Do I miss the snow? But I sure would like a little more cool weather. I sincerely believe I am being prepared for life everlasting in a warmer place.

Since my arrival here Thanksgiving Day, it has either been raining, cloudy, hotter than (fill in the blank). At first the air-conditioning system refused to work, but after a few choice words it finally started and it is just right in the motor home. Feels like home. Brrrr.

The trip down here was uneventful until I got to North Carolina, where "Buster" got outside and decided he had had enough of this trip and was going home. That was when I came face to face with my guardian angel for the first time. Don't laugh. Everyone has an angel who is there when you need them. So, even though we all have something to complain about with a bit of patience we can get through anything.

In this season, please turn off the boob tube. Do not listen to all the bad things going on around us by the fools looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Try and have a good holiday season, and to all blusters girlfriends we are counting the days till we get home

Bev Buker

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