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Most Deluded Americans Award goes to: anarchistic gun-nutters

To the Daily Sun,

The head of Yale Business School has recently said what many of us already know; Carly Fiorina's denial of reality is nearly psychopathic. Whether its her business record or the videos she claims she viewed, none of it is true. Welcome to a Schadenfreude Edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity where we keep the stupid in the news. As you know, for over two years now, we have offered more flavors of vacuity than Ben & Jerry's has ice cream.

First up this time is Kevin McCarthy who really messed up and round about admitted the obvious. We just didn't think anyone was honest enough to admit that the Benghazi hearings have never been anything but a political smearing strategy. Its nice to hear a politician tell the truth. Jockeying for pathological liars of the week are right wing Christian bigots Kim Davis and her attorneys who posted a 200,000-strong Peruvian prayer meeting image claiming it was for her and that she had a private meeting with the pope who supported her religion fueled bigotry. Neither are true. There was no private meeting.

On tap for the most deluded Americans this week are the ones who claim gun-free zones are the problem. To the anarchistic gun-nutter world it would be so cool to check out everyone's guns and ammo whenever you shop at Walmart, Market Basket, or, yes, buy new sneakers. There would be competitions between businesses regarding who has the patrons with the biggest guns or the biggest baddest clips. And they could be like Burger King with playgrounds; your kiddies could play at shooting ranges with semi-autos that blast testosterone inflating armor piercing bullets while you shop. And everyone would feel safe because as we all know, an armed society is a polite society. Isn't American exceptionalism great? Over in Norway, imprisoned right-wing mass murderer of 72, including 68 unarmed kids, wants a PlayStation 3 or else. The anti-immigrant psychopath, of which we all know there are many in our own land, has threatened a hunger strike if his demands are not met. Now's your chance, Norway!

We here at the Center admit our mistakes and we want to congratulate John Boehner on finally creating a job. Kudos, John, we were wrong. Did you hear what Mitch McConnel did to Ted Cruz? That old Kentucky coot boxed Cruz out and they had clean votes that prompted Cruz to have a senatorial tantrum. The Dunce of Blabber now faces irrelevancy in the Senate. In fact, Rand Paul told Fake News that Cruz had become worthless to the people of Texas. Poor little Teddy Taliban.

That Jesus fellow has been in the local letters lately. It appears that old coot McCoole threw his toys on the floor after a Scott Cracraft letter. Enraged, he said. So our crack team of journalists did some fact checking and found that there is not one contemporary source verifying the historicity of this person. Tacitus was born in 56CE, Josephus in 39CE, and none of the epistles or gospels were written until several decades after the alleged events. So clearly, after looking at the historical evidence, we give the New Testament a pants on fire until further notice. We would also like to welcome Joe Higgins to the editorial staff of the Sun since he has taken upon himself the responsibility of deciding what a disservice to the Sun is. What? He isn't on the staff? Trick or Treat!

James Veverka

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Aversion, dislike and hatred play a powerful role in politics

To the Daily Sun,

Most people accept that politics and government are necessary evils ... but evils. Institutional makeup in politics and government fosters hatred. Parties recruit followers by exploiting hatreds. Bureaucracies increase their power and budgets by weaving hatreds into their mission and procedures. Regulators take advantage of artificially heightened hatreds. Group identity is emphasized at every turn, and tribal distinctions are tailor-made for the maintenance and increase of hatred among individuals who might otherwise disregard the kinds of groupings politicians emphasize ceaselessly.

Have you ever noticed that some people completely subscribe to the belief that "Nobody walks past a $20 bill they see on the sidewalk." This perspective causes us to think of people as self-interested, but not as vicious. It reinforces the view of individuals as indifferent to the welfare of others; intent on getting everything for themselves that they can ... not seeking to harm others, but only to benefit themselves and those they care about. But what if this generally accepted view is not true?

Observation of the behavior of politicians and even writers to this paper shows us that their behavior may not fit the model. To be sure they seek to feather their own nests by hook and by crook and in many instances they act simply to hurt their political and personal enemies. Often it seems one individual is clearly "out to get" another and they are not simply seeking to advance their own position. All things being equal; they are out to get the other individual ... even if they have to bear a cost to do so.

The point here is that we may be completely overlooking a critical element: the powerful role of aversion, dislike, and hatred play in politics. There was a Russian fellow named Lenin who described this sort of motivation in politics this way: "My words were calculated to evoke hatred, aversion and contempt ... not to convince but to break up the ranks of the opponent, not to correct an opponent's mistake, but to destroy him." It isn't about making the best decision for the most people...

Donkeys and Elephants are but two branches of one predatory ideology which is in ruling America. So why does their intramural feuding reach such vitriolic extremes? The short answer is that despite the two parties' general similarity of positions, they are made up of different sorts of people. They are different in regard to religious conviction, social position, culture, background, occupation, urban-rural composition, ethnic makeup, etc. The two groups dislike each other and their political representatives represent their supporters along the hatred dimension.

We are well advised to consider this because a government applies one rule, one outcome, one state of affairs on everyone subject to its rule. The hatreds that go into the making of that outcome become generalized and infused throughout the entire society. Our nose has been being rubbed in this reality.

Following Christ's admonition to "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" is far easier to say than to implement. When we live and act in the private realm, we can make our best attempt to love others or at least to tolerate them in peace. We have options for avoiding hateful people and situations. Occasionally we may even be able to lead someone, or ourselves, to substitute love, or at least understanding, for hatred.

Marc Abear


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