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Can't Northfield do something about the stench from a factory?

To The Daily Sun,
Sunday evenings in Tilton boast a very special and relaxing series of free concerts at the Island Park. I was so pleased to be there with friends enjoying a picnic dinner and some good music.

About halfway through the concert, a noxious cloud settled over the island, smoke from the PCC Structural's factory just across the river in Northfield. Some people got up and left because of the stench. Others complained of headaches or trouble breathing. A nasty damper on an otherwise wonderful event.

It isn't acceptable for that to be happening, and the sad part is that I can recall the same foul stench at a concert two years ago.

How can local residents put up with that? Does anyone in Northfield government have the public's health in mind?

Andrew Sanborn

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Bernie supporters will call this a sellout but I'll vote for Hillary

To The Daily Sun,
I have come to the conclusion that American elections are like Utah executions. In Utah, if you are sentenced to death, the judge gives you a choice of two ways to get "fried."
I understand the popular sentiment that often, the two candidates in a race seem to be the worst the two parties can come up with. I have voted in every state and national election since I was 18 and rarely have I voted "for" anyone. With a few exceptions, I usually vote "against" the other candidate.
This fall, it looks like l must do that again. As a Bernie supporter, I do not like Hillary Clinton. Bernie and Trump supporters at least have this in common: we are tired of the "establishment" of both parties.
Hillary is a "hawk." She voted for Bush's illegal war and then claimed to be against it. She is more concerned about pleasing everyone than bringing about significant changes. She is an "establishment Democrat" and could get the country into another war. It would be nice to see a woman as president but not "that woman."
But, unfortunately, Hillary is going to be the Democratic candidate. Bernie has decided to endorse her. I guess I will hold my nose, walk into the booth, vote for Hillary, and then shower.
I know many Bernie supporters will call this a "sell-out." They say if Bernie is not the candidate they will write him in or vote for a third party. I understand their frustration and have done the same thing.
But, write-ins or voting for independent and third party candidates, while principled, will only help Trump win. Third parties do not have a history of success. I like to think the majority of Americans do not want a narcissistic, sociopathic, lying, misogynist, racist, and trashy populist demagogue in the White House.
Everyone should register and vote. Even in presidential elections, less than half of the ELIGIBLE voters vote. Congressional and state elections are important too. Even with Hillary in the White House, we can still elect progressives to Congress and state legislatures to bring change.
If Bernie and his supporters can keep his movement alive, it may keep up the pressure and turn the Democratic Party toward a more progressive platform. This appears to already be happening.

E. Scott Cracraft

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