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I enjoyed working at county home until Matt Logue came along

To The Daily Sun,

Responding to the article on the front page in the July 29 Sun headlined, "High turnover scrambling county budget", I can only speak for the nursing home. It is a very toxic environment.

Several department heads have left (laundry, maintenance, activities) after many years of service. I have made a county commissioner aware of the issues, as have other employees, and wonder, why aren't they doing their job?

The director of nursing and the county administrator are so unprofessional. Do you taxpayers want to pay approximately $100,000 a year and have your loved ones cared for by these two unprofessional individuals?

I have now submitted my letter of resignation which states why I have left after 20 years of service, service that I enjoyed until Matt Logue became administrator.

Ann Kyle


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Obama & Kerry may be leading us toward at nuclear thriller

To The Daily Sun,

How could Mike Huckabee accuse Barack Obama of marching the Israelis "to the door of the oven"? David Harsani says that Huckabee is incorrect by "suggesting that the president is interested in starting genocide on purpose, as opposed to suggesting that he is gullible or incompetent or subscribing to a dangerous philosophy when it comes to the Middle East."

Ben Stein asserts that Obama and John Kerry have "opened the door to more harm of the Jewish people in the history of the world," with the Iran nuclear deal. Ben mentioned that this may lead to a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel and a "second Holocaust in an afternoon".

Though Golda Meir is not in charge anymore, Israel is not about to let Iran march Jews through any more ovens, so to speak. This disgraceful deal may ultimately light the fuse toward a nuclear war in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the media is busy focusing on Huckabee summoning his inner "Trump bombast". Don't you just love how the mainstream media knows where the real stories lie?

Have you heard any of the major networks, save Fox News, discuss the secret side deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Tehran? Or that the IAEA will rely on Iran to collect samples at one of its military bases? Are they incensed by learning that the deal will give Iran roughly $150 billion so that they can fund Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist regimes? Have they reported that Putin is excited about this deal?

Well, they did actually report that Russia is preparing to sell an advanced air defense missile system to Iran, bless their hearts. Why he even plans to upgrade them while he waits for his money. Does the media care that those missiles could very well make it almost impossible for Israel to severely damage their nuclear infrastructure? Apparently Obama and Kerry do not.

Mark Levin, Pam Geller and other of the Jewish faith can't fathom why so many Jewish people cling to their "leftist" beliefs and continue to vote for the party that seems hellbent on destroying our Constitution and this republic. The same party, led by Obama and Kerry, that could be repeating the European naivete of the 1930s.

Harsanyi succinctly describes the left's death dance with evil. "The same administration that trusts Iran to uphold its end of an agreement, doesn't believe that Iran is earnest about its project to destroy the Jewish state."

This is the feckless administration that, though it held most of the cards, could not even get our hostages back from Iran as part of this terribly one-sided deal. We got the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl back by giving up five top Taliban leaders, while hailing him as a hero in a Rose Garden ceremony. But not innocent Americans held captive by this brutal regime. Oh, but they are working hard to get them released in a separate deal. Uh huh. And OJ is never going to rest until he finds the real killer.

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, if Obama and Kerry have their way, we may bear witness to a Middle Eastern nuclear thriller.

Russ Wiles

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