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Angry candidates won't get job done; I prefer steady & knowledgeable

To The Daily Sun,

When looking at the candidates one tries to figure out which one has a message to agree with, plus the experience needed to avoid being captive to those he/she chooses as members of staff and cabinet. With the Bush administration I believe we saw what can happen when decisions are made without strong and experienced leadership.

There are candidates with virtually no experience in running such a massive organization. They seem to think that having held office for a very short time or, in one case managing an operating room, makes them qualified. Some have little sympathy for those living on minimum wage and speak about our environment as though it's something to waste. Others have had considerable experience in state government and are now unwanted by their own constituents.

We have candidates who refuse to believe scientists when that belief would require big donors conform to practices meant to save the planet. We have candidates who tell us what they're going to do "on the first day" when they know very well that presidents don't just rip things up. We have at least one candidate who has white supremacists following him and refuses to disavow their hateful beliefs. This same person throws people out of gatherings when he doesn't like their skin color or religion.

There are good candidates on both sides. They have shown outstanding leadership skills. They've held state and national office and are known to be level-headed under pressure. I might add that they are also liked and admired by those who work with them.

While it may be fun to encourage the angry ones, that won't get the job done. Let's look for the steady, knowledgeable person to run the Ship of State.

Fran Taylor

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Farming is not odor free & benefits of biosolids use are significant

To The Daily Sun,

There's another debate about biosolids use on farms in Gilmanton, just like five years ago. Back then, local citizens rejected — by a nearly 2 to 1 margin — a ballot measure banning biosolids, because most learned that biosolids are valuable resources that benefit local farms and soils, helping support local jobs and open space.

Now, neighbors to farms are concerned, mostly because of odors. Such odors are a downside of biosolids and manure management. Farmers and those providing biosolids should do all they can to control impacts. But farming is not odor-free. And the benefits of biosolids use are significant. They are documented by 40-plus years of research and practice across North America and supported by Land Grant universities, state environmental regulatory agencies, and the U. S. EPA, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, and U. S. Food & Drug Administration.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. sewage sludges are treated to make biosolids and are applied to soils, including from San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Concord, Nashua, Merrimack, Plymouth, and Franklin.

This is an important recycling program and local farmers depend on it. It is part of keeping our waters clean and closing the nutrient cycle. We all contribute to biosolids production and should support their best and highest use. Local bans, such as that proposed in Gilmanton, are counterproductive. New Hampshire state regulations are some of the strictest in the nation and ensure safe use — and the state Department of Environmental Services inspects and enforces.

We urge Gilmanton voters — and every other citizen — to learn more about biosolids recycling. Visit http://www.nebiosolids.org/local-debate-gilmanton-nh for details. And raise your voice at the Gilmanton deliberative session on Saturday and on the ballot on March 8th. We're glad to provide further information, tours, and slide presentations.

Just give us a call: 323-7654.

Ned Beecher, Executive Director

North East Biosolids and Residuals Association


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