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Please write-in Craig Baker for Inter-Lakes School Board post

To The Daily Sun,

To those of you voting Tuesday, March 10, for Inter-Lakes School Board members, please consider a write-in vote for Craig Baker. As you know from his recent Letter to the Editor, Craig is hoping to be elected as a write-in candidate, so that he can bring his knowledge and level of commitment to the betterment of the Inter-Lakes School District.

I have known Craig and his family for a number of years and can vouch for his (and their) commitment to the community and his desire to see the standards of the district's programs and policies upheld, where they serve the best interests of the students, and improved where improvement is needed.

Craig is a ready and active participant in various community, school and church groups and programs. I know him best from his on-going participation and contribution to the local Boy Scout Troop in Meredith, as well as from various school parent groups. He is involved in Inter-Lakes athletics, and various school policy and extra-curricular activity parent groups and committees.

Craig is a dedicated father of three fine young sons (all good Inter-Lakes students and athletes), and a committed husband to his wife Kim (who is deeply involved in the community including being a member of the Center Harbor Fire Department). I know him to be a responsible, thoughtful, and insightful individual, who has the best interests of those around him always in mind. He is an intelligent, methodical and reflective problem-solver, and I feel that he will be an excellent addition to the Inter-Lakes School Board and a great advocate for the students of the district.

Please write in Craig Baker in the upcoming Inter-Lakes School Board elections.

Steven Sundius


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I'm confident Harry Bean will serve Gilford with great integrity

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to support and endorse Mr. Harry H. Bean for Gilford's Budget Committee.

Harry showed his dedication to the community when he and his family volunteered to help Faith Alive Christian Fellowship in the construction of our church, bringing his expertise to us at a critical time in our building project. His valuable insight brought cost-saving ideas to us, allowing the money saved to be reinvested into the lives of the people in the community. We are grateful to Harry and his family for not only helping us, but also caring for the people of this community.

I am confident that Harry will serve the Town of Gilford with integrity and ask that you join me and vote for Harry H. Bean on March 10.

Pastor John Sanborn
Faith Alive Christian Fellowship


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