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The benefits of coop ownership of Briarcrest are great; join us

To The Daily Sun,

Being a resident of Briarcrest since 1993, I believe I can speak with experience. After traveling around the state visiting manufactured home parks, I can truly say Briarcrest is the finest. It has been that way since I moved here, thanks to the Mooneys.

Soon it will belong to the community, and if we all work together it will continue to be the best. We have had our differences and now we should all participate as a united community.

Being a COOP it has it many advantages. You own it and make the rules, you do not have to worry about ownership ever again, loans that you were denied in the past will now be available to your through the COOP, your worries and complaints will be handled locally, not by someone 1,000 miles away. The benefits of ownership are great and I urge you to join so you too can help make it even better.

Angelo Castiglione

A Briarcrest Resident

and COOP member

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Let's join forces & talk to Gilford selectmen about MetroCast

To The Daily Sun,

Have you ever noticed either live or on tape, how vultures operate? They fly overhead, circling and when the time is right, they land for their prey.

When have you last checked your cable bill from Metrocast? Have you noticed that on this latest bill your service increased 7 to 8 percent. For what and why?

Metrocast has done what senators, the president and others have done in Washington. Without any notice to their customers, they have tried to slide their actions through. Enough is enough! A dollar or two might be acceptable, but not what MetroCast has done, that is totally not called for.

I am in what is supposedly my golden years, and like many others, working or retired, living on a limited fixed income, and there is no relief for us.

Last evening, I was watching a rerun of "Cops". During one break, I counted 11 commercials or program promos! At night, there are nothing but reruns or infomercials.

Isn't it time to join forces and let your town selectmen know about your feelings? Remember, the town selectman are the ones who renew the contracts for MetroCast to operate services in their town! One person cannot do it alone, it takes you, the subscribers, to send in writing, how you feel. Please help! The CEO and board of directors for MetroCast knows they have us by the groupers and are milking us for every penny they can get. Isn't it time to say no to MetroCast? Now they also want to charge for service calls on top of the already ridiculous prices. Service charge is roughly $90 per call!

I have 72 channels and Internet. The last bill was $124.29! Up from $116.11.

I might add one thing. Metrocast does not offer any relief for the elderly, disabled, or those living on limited income. Is this what you want?

Ken Slater


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Tax & spenders voted against 1¢ reduction in rooms & meals tax

To The Daily Sun,

Whoever said you can't fight city hall is probably the same guy who said there's no such thing as a temporary tax. This is borne out with the recent "down-in-flames" proposal to reduce the State Meals Tax by a paltry 1 percent, from 9 percent to 8 percent.

Supporters said the cut would not affect the budget because the rooms and meals tax receipts are running about 5 percent more than anticipated. Thus this proposal would be "revenue neutral."

However, the tax and spenders represented by Democrat Susan Almy, from the Lebanon area said when the rate of the Rooms and Meals Tax was raised from 8 to 9 percent, the state agreed to increase the money for out-of-state tourism advertising. That increase would likely be one of the first reductions if the (meals tax reduction) bill passes.

Hmmm, if receipts are running greater than planned why then would anything be cut from the budget? Sounds like Ms. Almy is using the same scare tactics her boss in D.C. used when he closed National Parks due to the sequester. Let's hit 'em where it hurts.

Of course New Hampshire profits from all the meals tourists consume here in New Hampshire. However, on closer inspection New Hampshire citizens bear the brunt of this tax. House Minority Leader Gene Chandler, lamented, "While some would like you to believe the meals tax is primarily paid by those who visit our state as tourists, the reality is that you and I pay (this tax) on our morning coffee or bagel, our grilled cheese at lunch, or our pizza dinner with the family," Chandler said. "Lowering taxes like the meals tax is something I hope we continue to discuss as ways to help families keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets."

Yes indeed. Discuss it with Grafton County Democrats, Mary Cooney, Suzanne Smith, and Sid Lovett who all voted to keep the tax. Elections have consequences. Vote for people who stand up for us, the taxpayers of New Hampshire. Vote conservative.

Omer C. Ahern Jr.


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Belly dancing will project a positive self image in Franklin

To The Daily Sun,

A few years ago, Mayor Ken Merrifield suggested that the Franklin School District sell bricks and develop a reality TV series to fund education. It seems the cast of characters has been hired. The director is still uncertain. It is the City Council or it is a School Board member?

Many districts have club and groups to help young people negotiate through the stress of school, family crisis, peer relationships. Faculty at Franklin High School thought it would be a good idea and put the proposal to the board for approval. In most districts the groups read, discuss, and listens to presentations to stimulate concrete methods of assistance and supports. In Franklin, in keeping with that reality TV theme, the board chair (a/k/a Department of Education employee, town moderator, and spouse of City Council member — remember, this is Franklin and you can be all those things without a "smidgeon" of conflict of interest) offered to teach the group how to belly dance. Yes, you did hear me right. Belly dance! In what world does belly dancing promote a positive self-image? Other than Franklin? But then again, this board was not elected to promote education.

You might want to attend the State Board of Education meeting on the 13th for more drama. Hill School District initiated a study last November on possibly withdrawing from Franklin Middle and High Schools. Franklin Board refused to attend and participate in the meetings but now they want to be heard. Hmmm, let's not participate when invited. Let's not be a "good" neighbor and hear the issues but let's wait till it's all over THEN cry foul. Is anyone surprised that Hill wants to leave this toxic bullying environment?

K. W. Sawyer


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Budget cuts have cost me my job at Belknap County Nursing Home

To The Daily Sun,

To the residents of the Belknap County Nursing Home and their families:

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter to you. After 39 years of employment at the BCNH, I have been notified that due to budget cuts my position at the nursing home has been eliminated. My last day of work will be April 1st.

I would appreciate it if you would all act casual of this very difficult situation, as I do not want to disrupt the workings of the home. I assume all of you that I will be at my desk everyday, doing my job for you, until the very end. I will leave you all with my head held high and no regrets, knowing I have served you well.

I want to thank you all for that honor and privilege. I will miss you all.

Debbie  White


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