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If Hillary wins I won't blame Democrats; they've given fair warning

To The Daily Sun,

It's amazing to me when I hear conservatives tell me they won't vote for Trump under any circumstances. "He isn't a true Conservative"; he's not good enough for them because they set the bar so darn high. I'm sorry but just how many times in your life time has any candidate met those standards you set for yourselves? They say they will stay home rather then vote for the imperfect Trump, even though they know by doing so Hillary Clinton likely will win the presidency. They don't care, it's their principals that are important to them, they tell me. It's great they have principals but where is their common sense? If Hillary gets the office you know she will stack the Supreme Court with far-left liberals and they will ignore the Constitution and strip us of free speech, religion, assembly; and gun rights for self defense will be null and void. But those principled conservatives can console themselves with their principals, I guess, for all the good it will do them or the rest of us.
I see them like hikers going down a trail and when the trail splits they have a choice. They can go right, the true way or detour to the left. Well being principled they go right but just a little way down the trail the hear the rattle of a rattlesnake and stop. Then thinking about it they decide they must continue on the "right" path and sure enough they get bit. Now who's at fault? Not the snake, it gave fair warning it just did what a rattlesnake do.
My analogy may be simplistic but the far left has told us exactly what they intend to do. They have given us fair warning, so to my mind if all those "true Conservatives" with the ultra high standards stay home and allow Hillary to become the president and Democrats ride her coat tails into control of Congress, I'm not going to blame the Democrats, they gave fair warning, I'm going to blame those all to pure conservatives who stayed home due to their "principals," or is it egos, allowing the totalitarian ambitions of the far left to win out. And yes the word totalitarian is the proper word here.

Steve Earle


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LHS band program deserves to be preserved in its present form

To The Daily Sun,

As proposed, the LHS Band would be reduced to an after-school club that will quickly lead to the end of a wonderful instrumental music program that has been built up over the past decades.

On Tuesday a large group of students, parents and educators met with the Laconia School Board to ask them to reconsider. Not only were they shown that there are many other no-cost options — but they heard the compelling personal stories of why this program is so important and why it must be preserved in its present form.

Young people pay much more attention to what we do than to what we say. We tell them that when confronted with difficult problems that a true leader brings together all those with a vested interest and that together they will develop new and creative solutions. Unfortunately what our students have seen has been those in authority taking unilateral action without looking to others for collaboration. This is the wrong lesson for them to learn.

It is my hope that the school board and the school administration demonstrate true leadership and invite students, parents and their professional staff together to develop better solutions.

My fear is that they will claim they do not have time and will resort to exercising authority in the form of command/control in a way that is anything but collaborative in nature. If they do they will not only lose a wonderful instrumental music program, but they will have missed an opportunity to demonstrate to our students and the community at large what real leadership looks like.

I hope that they choose to lead by example.

Howard Chandler
LHS Band Parent


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