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Show me the evidence that GYRL meeting was well publicized

To The Daily Sun,

"Take my advice, I'm not using it." This rather amusing play-on-words, which I once read, could not apply more than to a recent letter written in The Daily Sun by a certain Peter Mulcahy, a staunch supporter of town funding for the Gilmanton Year-Round Library (GYRL). The whole purpose of his letter, it would seem, was to demonstrate that, although I am personally entitled to my opinions, they need to be based on facts. He then proceeds to launch into a perfect example of a person who feels no need to follow his own advice.

In his letter, Mr. Mulcahy states, "This meeting was well publicized with notices in the paper." The meeting he was referring to was the GYRL Community Conversation held on Nov. 17, where the results of the GYRL's UNH survey were reviewed. I had previously written that the meeting had, in fact, not been publicized, and that I believed this was unfair to the many taxpayers outside of the library circle who would, in March, be asked to fund the library's operation. I had also concluded that given the GYRL's historically aggressive use of positive media, that they wanted to hide those results because they did not shine positively on the GYRL, which is still my contention.

On the day of Mr. Mulcahy's letter, then, just to be sure, I once again checked all the back issues of our local papers. I found nothing. I had others check. They found nothing. Yet, knowing that the "Mr. Mulcahys of the world" would not be satisfied with "me and others," I proceeded to write an email to each board member and officer of the GYRL. In that email, I offered to apologize for the statements I had made if they would produce either a hard copy or digital copy of a published press release, letter, or notice of that meeting. They could not. Still, I knew that the "Mr. Mulcahys of the world," who live so comfortably in their shells of denial, would still not be satisfied. So, focusing on The Daily Sun, the local paper most often used by the GYRL, my wife and I drove to their offices, spoke nearly an hour with the managing editor and one of the reporters, and once and for all put it to rest: There were absolutely no printed or published notices. None!

At this point, I think I know exactly how the "Mr. Mulcahys of the world" are feeling and what they are doing. They are all strutting about, bellowing, "Oh yeah, but ... Oh yeah, but." Well, I would suggest that before they articulate their "Oh yeah, buts" into a letter, they should first consider looking into matters for themselves, unlike what Mr. Mulcahy did. Or, they could simply contact me personally, and I would be more than happy to help them.

I could also show them the rather disturbingly evasive and misleading email exchange between myself and the GYRL board. I would even give them a copy. I could even accompany them to The Daily Sun. I'll even buy coffee for the trip. I might even throw in a doughnut or two. I'm always up for a doughnut. Then, while at The Sun, we could talk to the managing editor. They could hear the whole story for themselves — and that would be that.

Sadly though, I see no doughnuts in my future. I will also not be holding my breath for anyone to contact me. The reason for that is because, although the "Mulcahys of the world" will indeed be picking up their phones, they certainly will not be calling me. They will instead be calling one another. Each one, living inside their own shells of denial. These shells have prevented them from seeing that the GYRL, in fact, did promise they would be self-sustaining, and has proven countless times that it can be. These shells prevent them from seeing that it's not institutions that hold communities together; it is, in fact, values. You know ... I think I can hear their reply to all of this now: "Oh yeah, but ... Oh yeah, but ...Oh yeah, but."

There are however ... no buts about it.

Al Blake

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I didn't send Ms. Burke that letter; I've received some myself

To The Daily Sun,

I hope Denise Burke doesn't think that it was me who sent her that letter. I do have terrible handwriting. I am also a bad speller myself and would not correct someone on their spelling, I don't think.

Anyhow, spellcheck will let you down every time when it comes to homonyms. I use my dictionary to check for those and I still don't always catch them. Sometimes the editors at The Sun will bail me out if they notice.

Your letter doesn't sound that bad. I've had people send me really weird ones. I've had some complimentary ones as well. The weird ones really make you scratch your head.

Anyhow just wanted to let you know it wasn't me.

John Demakowski

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