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Hassan’s declaration of Clinton’s honesty makes one wonder

To The Daily Sun,

Gov. Hassan says Hillary is trustworthy and honest.

Well, we all know Hillary is not trustworthy or honest. In a New Hampshire poll only five percent said Hillary is trustworthy.

Maggie Hassan could not answer that question a few days ago. Wonder what has happened in the few days.

So the question is, "Is Maggie trustworthy and honest?"

I do not think so.

It is not nice to cross Hillary.

Linda Riley

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John Vorel has exact attributes we need in a state representative

To The Daily Sun,

I have known, and worked with, John Vorel for close to 10 years. During that time, I have found him to be an intelligent, hard working, caring person.

John has the work ethic that is so sought-after in today's world. His background will aid the Legislature in one of the state's most important industries (tourism).

John has also worked to build a business. Small-business growth is a critical component in improving New Hampshire's economy. Building a business, as you know, takes vision, planning,enthusiasm and energy.
John has built a business within our company that is centered around the people he serves. I have received numerous letters and phone calls commending John for delivering on the promises that he makes, as well as following through on the requests made of him.

These are the exact attributes we need in a state representative.

District 4, honor John with your vote. He will deliver.

Joe Veilleux

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