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Belknap Mill proud to have played at role in Pumpkin Festival

To The Daily Sun,

The 26th anniversary of the N.H. Pumpkin Festival was truly an amazing event.

Despite the inclement weathers visitors from around the state enjoyed all the wonderful festivities that the city had to offer.

The Belknap Mill Society was proud to have been able to take part in this event with our second annual haunted house, Mayhem at the Mill — a Russ Davis Production. Russ and Maria Davis, along with their extended family and friends, worked tirelessly to completely transform the third floor of the Belknap Mill into a frightful haunt for our visitors. The Davis crew volunteered their time and efforts in order to raise funds for the Mill that will help us sustain our mission to preserve and protect the Belknap Mill for all of the Lakes Region to enjoy.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Russ Davis' crew and look forward to working with them in the future. We'd also like to thank our generous sponsors, who put their faith in our event, and helped to make it possible: German Motorsports, Irwin Motors, Looney Bin, Wescott Law Firm PA, WEMJ, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Boy Scout Troop 68 Sea Base Group, T-Bones & Cactus Jack's and Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Co.

In addition to our sponsors, we want to extend special thanks to our volunteers Judi Taggart, Patti Clifford, Ronda Reimers, Barbara Brennan, Ann Brienza, Molly Holman, Claire Stintson, Erin Gatley, Mariah DeRoche, Sergio, Kayla, Mackenzie and the students of Laconia High School's Interact Club.

The N.H. Pumpkin Festival was a great reminder to all of us what can be accomplished when a community rallies together. We offer our sincerest gratitude to the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce organizers of this event, as well as Mayor Ed Engler, City Manager Scott Myers, our Laconia city councilors, the Public Works Department, the Laconia Police Department and Laconia Fire Department.

The Belknap Mill stands tall on the shoulders of our community, members, and all of our volunteers who not only helped us during Mayhem at the Mill but who also support all of our events throughout the year.

The Board of Directors

Belknap Mill Society

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Promoting jostling and roughing up is in fact the protestors' goal

To The Daily Sun,

The laughably biased Associated Press has apparently not learned much of anything this week. Certainly as noted in Thursday's article "Some minorities find "President-elect Trump" scary prospect."

To quote: "Black Lives Matter activist Mercutio Southall, 32, who was roughed up by Trump supporters a year ago after disrupting one of the candidate's rallies ..." (My emphasis).

Pardon me, but whether or not he was paid by Democratic National Committee dirty trick contractors (projectVeritasAction.com) or bused in by a George Soros-funded "civil action" group (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/ ), or conceivably just a plain vanilla Black Lives Matter activist, heading down to a private function to purposefully disrupt it does tend to promote jostling and roughing up, which is in fact the goal. Duh.

The issue here is with the AP writer/editor who is still dimwitted enough to try to pass this drivel off as news. People have had enough.

Stephen J. Conkling

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