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Oak tree isn’t the problem, it’s the design of the parking lot

To the Daily Sun,

In Meredith some years ago a very large healthy Elm tree in downtown on old Route 3 was apparently an obstruction and its life was ended. Meredith was still awarded Tree City Award (which doesn't require that it save a tree).

In Laconia not long ago in 2009 the Perley Oak was determined to be too old (400 years) and a hazard, people spoke up and the tree's life was saved. Sept. 16, 2009, the Conservation Commission recommended to the City Council the tree be allowed to live out the remainder of its life.

It is reported that Cafua Management intends to remove (not allow to live) what is termed "The Monumental Oak" on Union Avenue at their new construction site next to their Dunkin Donut franchise. Despite Laconia's Planning Board's stipulation on approval of their site plan that "the large oak tree near the northeast corner of the property is a monumental shade tree, and as such shall be protected and maintain(ed) during and after construction." Now wanting to remove it, they are suggesting that it's an obstruction to the exiting of vehicles as well as damaged and an 'professional' arborist should examine it.

As to it being an obstruction to vehicles exiting from their new construction and Dairy Queen, they are the one's that created the situation, with foresight, and lack thereof by the Planning Board. That solution is quite simple: Have vehicle exit on the other side (there is plenty of room (especially if they remove the beanpole sized tree they planted there.)

It will be interesting to learn of the Conservation Commissions concern and recommendation. I found a website which speaks so well of Mr. Mark Cafua. (https://www.bostonglobe.com/magazine/2014/09/17/the-secret-world-dunkin-donuts-franchise-kings/pb2UmxauJrZv08wcBig6CO/story.html) Perhaps it can be added that in the accumulation of his land holdings which are so dear to him he exhibited concern for more than (the) properties' commercial value and cared for and maintained the health of a tree.

One tree out of an estimated 3 trillion which now stand on Earth. With a loss of about 15 billion each year.

"Trees" by Joyce Kilmer, "I think I shall never see/ A poem lovely as a tree - - - . Perhaps in another 200 years, another professional arborist shall testify as did another and win, ending the "Monumental Oak" on Union Avenue.

G.W. Brooks


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Welfare for illegal immigrants takes away from citizens who need it

To the Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch needs to take her head out of the sand. Illegal immigrants do get welfare benefits and children of illegals get public educations as well as food plan assistance. It happens all the time and takes away valuable resources that could be used to help citizens in need of assistance.

The president's own Aunt Zeituni is an illegal immigrant having overstayed her visa. She lives in public housing in Boston and collects welfare. She even has the gall to be interviewed, saying the United States owed her and she deserved more welfare benefits. Enough said.

Alan Doyon


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