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Thanks for donating aluminum tabs to Shriner's Hospital/Boston

To The Daily Sun,
I want to thank the Laconia and Belmont schools, their students, and staff for making the aluminum tab recycling program so successful over the past several years: Holy Trinity, Elm Street School, Pleasant Street School, Woodland Heights School, Laconia Middle School, Laconia High School and Belmont Elementary School.
Each school has a container to deposit tabs into. When the container(s) get full, the school gives me a call and I go pick them up or they get drooped off to me. It's as easy as that. Last year these school collected more than 350 pounds of tabs during the school year!
Recently, through word of mouth, several community members have been stopping in to see me and to donate aluminum tabs. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to remove and recycle that small piece of aluminum! The tabs are the only pure aluminum part of the can, and once recycled, can help with the hospital's expenses.
The tabs I collect from the schools and community are donated to the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston, to help offset the cost of transportation, lodging, and/or equipment that is needed to keep this hospital available to those in need at no cost to the family.
Like Don Perrault in Somersworth, I see no personal gain from this endeavor except the knowledge that I have helped the hospital, patients, and the community with this easy-to-do program.
Please continue to collect aluminum tabs and thank you for all you do for those in need.
Mary Anne Ross

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Council can't 'contribute' $4k by transferring 'found' tax dollars

To the editor,
According to an article in The Laconia Daily Sun on May 30 by Michael Kitch, "City Council adds $4k to fund used to buy new U.S. flags for downtown".
The article states the council agreed to apply "found money" to make a contribution to dress up the downtown. Councilor Bob Hamel was correct when he, "suggested that between the assistance provided by the Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments the city had already contributed to the project and remarked that the council should have been informed of the project before the fact." But then he voted along with the rest of the council to "apply found money rather than draw from the TIF fund."
The City Charter is clear that an "appropriation" is for a specific purpose and amount, regarding an individual line item, the source of money is to be offset by comparable revenues. The sum of all the individual line items comprises the annual Grand Total Appropriation,.
The process for transfers are applicable for intra-department or inter-department but only after an encumbered appropriation is completed; unencumbered amounts are available for transfer to an existing line item.
When a "new purpose" that benefits the taxpayer funded municipal government; the charter is clear for such supplemental appropriations after the budget is adopted.
There is no specific appropriation line item listed in the FY2012/2013 annual budget regarding the Main Street Initiative, which is a private organization, for lining the streets with U.S flags and flowers. There cannot be a vote to "contribute" by transferring $4,000 to an unspecified line item "found" tax dollars. Just a month prior to the end of the fiscal year is unacceptable and is in violation of the City Charter.
"APPROPRIATIONS AFTER BUDGET IS ADOPTED. "No appropriation after the budget is adopted, shall be made for any purpose not included in the annual budget as adopted unless voted by a two-thirds majority of the council after a public hearing held to discuss said appropriation. The council shall by resolution designate the source of any money so appropriated" Emphasis added Section 5:06 (RSA 49-C:23) (Amended by referendum 11-2-2010, 3,334 yes, 1,235 no, effective 7-1-2011)
This City Council has been in office long enough to know and understand the Laconia City Charter and New Hampshire State Laws
David Gammon

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Food stamps, no. But money for rich, non-working farmers, yes

To the editor,
Congressman Stephan Fincher and his family of Tennessee loves the farm bill so much. They are the 7th generation of reciprients of this bill for working and non-working farmers. Some don't even have to grow crops. His family, which needs the money, has gotten over $3.5 million from 1999 to 2012. In 2012, they got a direct payment of $70,000, which might have been not to grow anything but that list is not public. But overall that is $738 per day in farm welfare for 13 years. But he wants more and to do that he will cut the food stamp program to cover costs. After all, the food stamp people get $133 per month and Fincher ($738 per DAY) says that there is no big printing machine in DC for money. It's others people's money DC gets to spend.
Also to help cover these costs, Congress will try to double college loan interest for our future leaders. This can still be stopped before going into effect July 1st.
On the immigration issue of which we all are right? Now we see Kelly Ayotte has signed on with the Gang of Eight. Of couse she has because both John McCain and Lindsey Graham are there. She wants that VP slot w/ Rubio. But Rubio doesn't even like his own immigration bill. Maybe he will filibuster it like Mitchie did his own bill. So now what to do Kelly?
Jon Hoyt

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Holy Trinity School Spring Auction raised astonishing $41,500

To The Daily Sun,
On April 13, Holy Trinity Catholic School hosted its Annual Spring Auction at Sacred Heart Parish Center. We welcomed local residents and businesses who joined us in support of the school on a spectacular spring evening. We are pleased to announce that this event raised an astonishing $41,500 to benefit HTS.
This is a highlighted fundraising and social event of the spring. Hosting over 200 guests, the Playground Themed event was gratefully presented by AutoServ of Tilton and Bank of New Hampshire. The evening presented over 200 silent auction items, 69 Live Auction items, a dinner buffet compliments of Fratello's Restaurant and Shaw's of Gilford, an unimaginable candy buffet, an ice carving sculpted by Ice Designs by Jeff Day presented the center piece of 200 cupcakes compliments of Oh La La Bakery, Tony Sarno and son, Aiden (1st grade), played a set of live songs during the Silent Auction, followed by DJ services compliments of Warren Bailey Entertainment; the event was more than a fun evening out to support a great cause but one great night out! In an effort to truly recognize the additional support we received, the HTS Auction Committee wish to extend our sincere appreciation to our many other sponsors and contributors.
A special thank you to Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region, Benson Auto, Rowley Agency, Kennell Orthodontics, Albin Randall & Bennett CPA's, Paradigm Plumbing & Heating, Barlo Signs, Irwin Motors, Watermark Marine Construction, Northway Bank, Propel Development, Cross Insurance, Eptam Plastics, Dion's Landscaping, Rowell's Sewer & Drain, and JMG Marketing. Thank you to the businesses that made donations to our silent and live auction program, we are excited to announce over 225 local and New England regional businesses donated more than 400 items valued at over $40,000 to be placed up on a Silent and Live Auction agenda.
Holy Trinity Catholic School is dedicated to providing a total Christian educational experience which engages students intellectually, promotes social and personal responsibility and inspires spiritual growth. Proceeds from this annual event will be used to fund scholarships and programs that continue to support our School's mission.
We feel extremely fortunate to live in a community that supports so many great programs and efforts like ours.
Our sincere thank you!
HTS Auction Committee
& Co-Chairs Jodie Gallant & Mandie Hagan

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Future of 'We the People' is bleak because of wolf in our house

To the editor,
Well another week of hearings in Washington and we now know that the organizer in chief has passed word down from on high to keep they traps shut. Lies and liers rule, no one knows, no one can remember. Well readers, are you really surprised? Here we see an example of complete contempt for law, government and Constitution. What is most troubling is it is not limited to a few individuals or a single agency it has been deeply implanted in every department and agency. The IRS has been co-opted into a political weapon for Obama to use against his critics and opponents, the FBI is used to investigate and "interview" thousands of them. Even OSHA, the Department of Agriculture, BATF, cripes is there even one law abiding agency head with the courage to say "no, that's not legal" anymore. Well silly me of course not Obama was reelected to a second term and has more "flexibility" now.
And what about all those wonderful things Obama promised people, you know, we little people the working class, the elderly and poor? Let's see, price of gas and heating oil doubled, cost of food up, rent up. What about jobs and job improvement possibility's? Not so good really; Walmart, paying minimum wage, is cutting employees to part time as are thousands of other companies due to coming Obamacare regs. Can anyone tell me one thing Obama has done for the people that has made our lives better or easier?
I see where there is near panic in DC among congressional aids and assistants because unless their demand for a special subsidy is granted they will have to live with Obamacare health insurance. That's what they get for passing it first so they could find out what was in it. Seems they just can't live with what they what they decided to shove down our throats so now they want "special treatment." They could repeal the whole thing as a bad idea and bad job in the first place and be done with it but that would leave Obama with near zero to show for his efforts of four plus years.
But for now the future continues to look bleak for "We the People" because we allowed a wolf to come into "our house". This wolf will continue to gnaw and claw away at our rights and liberties, undermine our Constitution and laws in his determination to fundamentally reduce our nation from that shining city on hill into a dismal slum surrounded by a dark bleak swamp of despair. Please America, open your eyes to what is really happening.
Steve Earle

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