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Why increase school programs in face of dwindling population

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to offer my views on the proposed recreation expansion in Moultonborough.

First off, $13 million, or even $8 million to $10 million projected by the town to be paid out over six years is outrageous. The Rec Department is out of touch with reality regarding what residents can afford to fund, or will use. Case in point: the under-used Meredith Rec Center.

The present gymnasium seems quite adequate for our dwindling birth rate and school attendance. What ever happened to the old New England philosophy of "Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without"? Our present gymnasium may not be "state of the art," but, then again, it definitely is not dangerous or unusable. In truth the school system actually has three gymnasiums already, even if one is being used as a cafeteria during the school year.

Regarding the pool idea, over 30 years ago, when Moultonborough Academy was being built, there was a philanthropic resident named Zeller who offered to pay all costs to have a pool added to that project so that it could be used as a recreation facility for the entire town.

The selectmen at that time had the good sense to turn down that generous offer because of the cost of upkeep, liability, increased insurance, personnel costs, etc. They realized that the initial cost of the pool was just the tip of the iceberg compared to the expenses the town would incur. That fact has not changed today. Trying to sell it to the townspeople by saying the pool would be for the whole community, not just the school children, doesn't address maintenance, lifeguards for use outside of school hours, extra janitorial or supervising costs to open and close the pool every day and on weekends, which would be the case if it truly is meant to be a community pool.

The YMCA in Laconia had to close for lack of use and little revenue. What makes you think a pool in Moultonborough would be used? With lakes all around us and good town beaches we can use, in the summer months it makes more sense to be outside at the beach. The argument that a pool and gym would provide places for our children year-round is ridiculous. Let them play outside. This is not a city environment with tenements and city streets, with no yards or other places for children to play safely.

In the winter, let the Rec Dept. sponsor cross country skiing, skating, and snowshoe programs. We have frozen lakes and ponds, and open areas where these activities could take place. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center would provide programs for a small fee and even provides the snowshoes, for example. Or, let the town invest in some plastic snowshoes and then see how much the kids, and the adults for that matter, use them.

When my children were in school, the Red Hill Ski Club was very active, but it later folded because parents weren't willing to put in time as volunteers to run the place. I've heard that it is going again. Why doesn't the Town Rec. Dept. join in that effort? I don't think government should pay to provide programs if people aren't interested enough to help out. We are the government. What happened to taking responsibility for our children and some of these programs ourselves?

Saying that the town must or needs to provide all these programs isn't realistic. We are the town, and our pocketbooks are not overflowing. As a Moultonborough resident and senior citizen, my income is limited. When I was younger, I was a Girl Scout leader, a Red Hill Ski Club volunteer, and a church fellowship leader, etc., and I worked two part-time jobs before my husband and I started our own business. It is now time for today's parents to take responsibility for providing leadership for youth activities so we don't force many of our elderly residents out of their homes because of high property and school taxes.

We have an aging population in Moultonborough, with the exception of summer residents. So why are we increasing school programs and facilities for a dwindling school population?

"It's in the Master Plan" is not a legitimate argument or reason, in my opinion, for doing things. There is no plan that can't be revised, especially when circumstances change or costs become excessive. If your personal or business plan or budget becomes financially prohibitive, you change that plan and cut back.

As a parent, I explained to my children that we had to live within our means, which meant that we couldn't always do everything that we wanted, or even had planned, to do. Are we now raising children with no sense of reality or responsibility, who feel they are entitled to have everything they want, no matter what the cost? It's nice to want the best for our children, but they and their parents have to learn to take some responsibility to earn those goods and services. But that gets me into an entirely different societal problem, so I'll stop right here.

Bottom line: I am against adding more recreation facilities and programs funded by town tax money.

Sydney B. Stewart



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Senator Hosmer is spending $130,000 for a job that pays nothing

To The Daily Sun,

Kathy Rago is running for the position of New Hampshire State Senator in District 7. She has previously served as a state representative for District 7 where she gained a strong reputation for clarity and accuracy dealing with people of both parties.

Her campaign has been clear and to the point. Kathy's mail-outs are tasteful and accurate.

Senator Hosmer is currently serving his first term in the office in District 7. He has also built a reputation of taking good care of his supporters.

The concern is that Sen. Hosmer indicated that he has approximately $130,000 for his second campaign. This is a very, very significant amount of money for a New Hampshire State Senator seat in District 7 that provides no income for the state senator. You have to wonder why a small number of companies have invested so much in trying to ensure Senator Hosmer remains in office.

Both candidates have released expensive, color endorsements. I live in District 7 and have received 16 full-color mailed endorsements from the Hosmer group. I have received two color endorsements for Kathy Rago. The ratio of money being spent between the two candidates is very significant. Why is that the case? What is going on?

One of the Hosmer mailings I received featured a color picture of a woman who looks like she had been beaten. It is beyond pale that Kathy would be considered responsible for this because she voted against a bill regarding domestic violence. The notion that Kathy is responsible for this situation in any way is beyond belief.

The position of a New Hampshire State Senator is very important. I hope it does not even appear to be for sale.

My vote: Kathy Rago.

Bill Grimm


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If re-elected, Shaheen & Shea-Porter will remain on Team Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Although they hide their records, Senator Shaheen and Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter fully back President Obama no matter how radical far-left-wing, destructive, and unpopular his policies, how false his claims, how incompetent his administration, how he weakens our military and economy, and how little he cares that his policies hurt most Americans.

President Obama's policies make the rich richer but most Americans poorer. His policies kill millions of good, middle-income jobs. The number of poor Americans has almost doubled. His enormous budget deficits will reduce the opportunities, prosperity, and perhaps freedom of our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Obamacare has thrown the lives of Americans with life-threatening diseases into turmoil because of increased costs and/or loss of insurance, doctors, and hospitals. Obamacare helps some Americans, but hurts many others. Most Americans that Obamacare hurts don't know it yet. President Obama postponed the Obamacare requirements that will hurt most Americans until after the November election.

President Obama's open borders policy hurts Americans economically (especially poorer Americans), creates more crime victims, and exposes Americans to rare diseases, especially threatening children. He even released thousands of illegal-alien convicted felons to roam our country. President Obama's handling of the Ebola threat has been incompetent, enormously costly, and has inconvenienced and threatened the lives of thousands of Americans.

President Obama's foreign policy has alienated our allies, emboldened our enemies, reduced worldwide respect for our country, and made the world a more dangerous place for all people, including Americans. And, despite ISIS threats against Americans at home, President Obama is cutting our military strength.

President Obama uses government agencies to harass and stymie his political opponents who have committed no crime, fights removing dead people from voter rolls, and wants to take guns from law-abiding Americans. President Obama tries to divide Americans in every way possible, e.g., race, sex, nationality, etc., not unite us.

If re-elected, Senator Shaheen and Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter will continue supporting President Obama's far-left radical policies and actions no matter how much they harm our country and the American people.

In November, vote Republican to oppose President Obama's assault on our jobs, our health, our liberties, and the unity of the American people. Vote Republican to show you want to return to proven policies that make our country strong and the American people free and prosperous.

Don Ewing


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Do we really want senator who is as deceitful as Jeanne Shaheen

To The Daily Sun,

The definition of a carpetbagger is any person, especially a politician, who takes up residence in a place for opportunistic reasons. Jeanne Shaheen was born Cynthia Jeanne Bowers in Saint Charles, Mo. The former Cynthia Bowers (now Senator Jeanne Shaheen) is from Missouri and she was educated in Mississippi, is the wife of Lebanese-American attorney and political operative, Bill Shaheen. Yet, somehow, she escapes being called a carpetbagger, while other politicians with actual New Hampshire roots are referred to as carpetbaggers?

Wonder how many people in New Hampshire confuse Lebanese Shaheen with Irish Sheehan? Also why does she change her first name from Cynthia to Jeanne? Maybe because there are more Irish and French in New Hampshire. Oh, the Democratic party would never stoop so low ... they're not the party of racial politics.

Jeanne Shaheen signed her name to Obamacare. Did she read the bill? She carried Obama's deceit, bold-faced lies and outcomes to the Citizens of New Hampshire ... you can keep your doctor and hospital, you can keep your insurance company. Jeanne Shaheen is destroying the family unit, and the middle class.

Look what is going on with the family. Working hours have been cut, loss of jobs, high insurance rates, and the fundamental taking of our rights and choices as American citizens. She cares little for the women in New Hampshire. Her war is against the female population in New Hampshire. Women carry the strength of the family unit, she has taken their hopes and dreams away without any empathy for the parents and children.

Recently Jeanne Shaheen stated "Obamacare benefits starting to be seen, but more work needs to be done." She states "I don't want to go back, and I think most people don't want to go back to a system that will deny all of those reforms."

I think she is out of touch with the people. Most people on Obamacare will get low-cost care and will be denied seeing specialists. Doctors are leaving because of diminished care, their professional decision and expertise has been removed. I would like Jeanne Shaheen to tell the truth just once, she has had six years to be truthful.

GAO confirms Obama and Shaheen misled the public, taxpayers are forced to fund abortions. Everything the Democrats told us was a bold-faced lie. Obamacare was deliberately designed to wreck the health care system and the family unit. IBD also cites studies confirming that Obamacare is now crippling the economic growth and raking workers over the coals. GAO (Government Accountability Office), IBD (Investors Business Daily).

Has anyone heard of the Gosnell Protection Act? It was co-sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. The name given to the bill is "Women's Health Protection Act" or S-1696. This bill will gut legislation now in place to regulate abortion. New Hampshire's parental notification law and partial-birth-abortion ban are two of the laws that would be lost if S-1696 were to pass. A companion bill in the House (Shaheen, Kuster co-sponsoring The Gosnell Taught Us Nothing Act). We need to vote these two people out of the Senate and House. A question for Sen. Sheehan and Rep. Kuster: Do you want to be "agents of death" like Nazi Germany? Do you have a conscience? This isn't about women's choice, it is about the government deciding for us what we can and can't do, disguised as pro-women talking points.

In 2011, Sen. Shaheen found a way to circumvent our Executive Council's decision to eliminate the government money for Planned Parenthood. What did the senator do? She contacted the HHS and they contacted Obama and they funneled money to Planned Parenthood! Do we really want a senator who is deceitful in her actions? Dishonesty and deceit is this senator's motto. Unconscionable actions are unacceptable.

Rosemary Landry


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Google Tim Carter & Glen Aldrich for a window into their ideology

To The Daily Sun,

This (letter in which I direct by comments especially to the citizens of Gilford and Meredith) is a response to a recent letter, by Mr. Tim Carter, co-founder of the Lakes Region Tea Party, about me.

After reading Mr. Carter's letter, I have to say, I took a deep breath and said to myself, "Why am I doing this," then reverting back to my roots in Brooklyn, I said a few other things, remembered why I was "in the game," and moved on to this response.

First, I'm not surprised at the tone, content and spin of the letter. Second, I must be doing something right to get this much attention from Mr. Carter and his friends. Third, I'm not surprised at his endorsement of his friend Mr. Glen Aldrich, with a platform, according to Mr. Carter, of basically no government and guns. Fourth, it's a good thing I wasn't counting on his vote. Oh, and I'm glad I made him laugh so hard.

Now, as far as the bills Mr. Carter mentions in his letter that I voted for, they are his own distorted labeling and spin of bills. For example, he indicates that I voted to, "direct tax dollars to fund abortions," (SB-194). SB-194 is actually Senate Bill 194, the prime sponsor of this bill was Republican Senator Bob Odell. This bill had both Democrat and Republican support and required the department of Health and Human Services to implement the Medicaid family planning and preventative health services expansion which did NOT include a provision to fund abortion. This is one example of Mr. Carter's distorting and spinning these bills and my record, and the list goes on.

If you would like to read the bills Mr. Carter spins in his letter, I recommend you go to the official N.H. General Court website at www.gencourt.state.nh.us , and not Mr. Carter's website.

On the official website, you can get accurate information about each bill and who sponsored and supported it, and also view my official voting record, and the record of all state representatives. I am also available to answer any questions and provide further information on any of these bills and my voting record, which I stand behind.

I also recommend you google search Tim Carter, Lakes Region Tea Party and Glen Aldrich, Free State Project. Now, this isn't to imply anything negative about their affiliations, but rather to provide a window into their ideology and where their heads and hearts are really at.

Once again, I respectfully ask for your support on Nov. 4. I know you are probably tired of hearing this by now, but I will continue to be a committed and sensible voice in Concord, and put people first before politics and ideology. Once again, thank you for your consideration and the privilege to serve you.

For further information, assistance, or to support my re-election, please visit www.lisadimartino4rep.com.

Lisa DiMartino


State Rep, Belknap 2, Gilford & Meredith

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