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When did we become 'Marist-leftists' & 'fascist-righists'?

To The Daily Sun,

As we approach this Christmas holy day in the midst of a very contentious presidential nominating process and polarized politics, I have to comment on some of the rhetoric increasingly being written in letters to the editor.

Nowadays, we are not simply Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals. We are "Marxist-leftists" or "fascist-rightist demagogists." As hard as it may be to convince the most hard-core writers to this paper, members of the other party (left or right) neither side is always right, just as neither side is always wrong.

Instead of all this energy spent going back and forth writing rebuttals, pointing out to the other side the error of their ways, calling them Marxists and fascists, it would be refreshing to see one single letter that seeks to actually solve problems and understands that the way to do it is to seek common ground and (heaven forbid) compromise.

Back in 1768, Founding Father John Dickinson said it best: "Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!"

A blessed and Merry Christmas to all. God Bless America and watch over those in our military that are in harm's way and not home with their loved ones. Thank you for your sacrifices.

Paul Punturieri

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'Swap Shop' & metal pile have saved taxpayers many thousands

To The Daily Sun,

Has the Sanbornton "Swap Shop" saved you money over the years? I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars it may have saved Sanbornton taxpayers since it inception. Maybe the Solid Waste Committee will ask the taxpayers to let them know, through a voluntary survey. I can say for sure that it has saved several people I know thousands of dollars over the years.

Recently, my husband, a builder by trade, saw some staging in the metal dumpster that was in excellent condition. It was a great disappointment that he could not get it to bring it home. It's value was a few hundred dollars. It would have been a significant financial help to us to have been able to reuse that.

The above-mentioned considerations are actual. These are not just possible scenarios.

However, the possible scenario that someone may sue the town due to his/her access to the metal pile or "Swap Shop" is just that, a possibility. It seems a very remote possibility to many. Requiring users to sign release forms could help to reduce that possibility.

But here's the question: is not the actual savings that Sanbornton taxpayers have been enjoying and hopefully will soon be again, far greater than the possible cost of a lawsuit? Even though there has never been the threat of a lawsuit regarding this, if there ever is, I believe the Sanbornton taxpayers would still come out on top, financially. If you think about these scenarios, I believe you'll conclude that the Sanbornton "Swap Shop" and metal pile treasures will continue to save most taxpayers much more money that any possible costs of having them.

Please let the selectmen know we want the "Swap Shop" back the way it was — with no unnecessary expenses to the taxpayers by putting it in a new building or changing how it was.

Andrea Burns













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