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Trump has opened that can of worms & public is responding

To The Daily Sun,

In spite of the liberal media trying to paint Donald Trump as a buffoon or a racist, it appears his message is resonating with millions of Americans. Their attempt to destroy him and his ideas before he ever got started failed tragically due to the senseless brutal murder of a young woman on the pier at San Francisco. Now the spotlight is shining down right on the sanctuary city issue.

This is an issue liberals never wanted to see the light of day, let alone a spotlight on it as it now is. That is because it is a sacred cow for the left. Flood the country with poor illegals, who they envision will at some time flood the voting booths and vote Democratic. If some murderers, thieves, rapists, what have you, come in, too, well that's just the cost of doing business. Except to the victims and families of the victims the cost is too high.

The injustice is too great no matter how it's spun as compassion or anything else. Trump has opened that can of worms and people are responding. It's time politicians on both sides come to recognize the cost is too high and close the boarder first. Then we can talk about those who are already here. We will then have time to weed out the bad ones from the good ones and make all our people's lives a little safer.

Moving on, it seems James Veverka doesn't want to talk about any of the left's questionable policies and plans. He would rather debate global warming theory and how many scientists agree or disagree. The operative word here folks is theory, and neither side can prove or disprove it. Besides, the U.S. is already far ahead of most developed countries, so I'd suggest to James that he sell his program to China and India and get off our backs.

Some of the subjects James wants no part of is the above sanctuary city questions. Also he has been quiet about Hillary Clinton's lies and misinformation campaigns such as she was subpoenaed to appear Congress as she denied. She did not turn over all her e-mails to State when she resigned. Her refusal to be interviewed by any reporters who will not throw up powder-puff questions for her. And then there is why did all that money from the Middle East come into her foundation (slush fund)? For a family that was dead broke after leaving the White House they sure made a big comeback. (Payoffs, influence peddling?)

Then there is this on going narrative about white privilege, white racism and the question of is it white people hunting black people? James doesn't want to speak to these issues because it's a losing hand for him and liberals. To many real fact to draw upon to disprove the false narratives of the left. Rather change the subjects and speak to unprovable theory then be caught in a net of leftist lies.

Steve Earle


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People used into from non-public to try & influence chief search

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter to clarify several recent articles in the Laconia papers regarding information leaks in the town of Gilmanton.

I would first like to say that I was never contacted by either reporter to get my side of the story. I was not at all upset about the news of my retirement being publicized as I have been considering retirement for over a year now and have discussed it with many people. In fact, the selectmen released an e-mail on July 1st announcing my retirement.

What I was upset about was people using the information learned in a non-public meeting to try and influence the chief search to advance a personal agenda.

There was another meeting on June 30th where all parties said their piece and everything was resolved. There is no lingering dissension among departments or the Board of Selectmen. I wanted to clear the air because the articles were written after things had been settled and everyone involved had already moved forward.

Thank you and have a safe summer!

Joe Collins
Gilmanton Police Chief

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