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We appreciate a thoughtful stranger picking up our lunch tab

To The Daily Sun,

Recently something very noteworthy happened that a group of us would like to share with The Laconia Daily Sun Readers. With so much negativity in our society today we thought it might be nice to share with you an extremely generous gesture that we experienced during our lunch at the Laconia Soda Shoppe on Friday.

"We", meaning nine of us who started eating lunch together at least 15 years ago after attending the water class at the Laconia Athletic and Swim Club. When the club closed its doors, we continued to meet at least once a month. Last Friday, without our knowledge, the waitress told us that the young man sitting behind us had just paid for the entire table. Wherever you are, whoever you are, we would love to say thank you, and want you to know how much it was appreciated.

The Out to Lunch Bunch

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Enough about walls, what about solving real-world problems?

To The Daily Sun,

The time for protesting has passed. Action on key issues is at hand. Will we let "the wall" come between us and orderly governance? Republicans are a bit full of themselves because they have achieved a majority. And yet, some of them remember government shut-downs in the not too distant past. One has to ask, how much do we need the Trump
wall? I say, about as much as the world needed the one in Berlin all those many years ago. Robert Frost, I recall, had something to say about walls.

Enough about walls! What about real-world problems? Can we depend on Donnie and Rex to guide us through the wild times ahead? Rumor has it that they will invite Democrats to the White House to offer advice. What a photo-op for The Donald! Now if he could get Kim to talk to him at his favorite Florida get away some weekend, wouldn't that be great?
Maybe he could invite Marie Le Pen over and they could go on a power trip together.

One has to wonder, is all this posturing against Kim another distraction to make us forget for a while the on-going investigations of the run-up to his election? Does he have some not so clean little secrets in reference to Putin and his hackers? Hopefully, he didn't make a deal with the devil to get Hilary painted as a really bad presidential choice.

Maybe it's time for Donald to get real. If he doesn't know how, he could always call in Bernie. At least Bernie could teach him how to get along with women. Obviously they could never agree on tax cuts and the relative merits of Wall Street. But Donald might actually begin to understand he has about 60 percent of the U.S. population either scared or
madder than hell. From what I've seen so far, he can kiss a second term goodbye. He might even have trouble getting through this one. He is going to have to make some really spectacular deals and soon!

William Dawson


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