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Every child deserves the chance to enter school ready to learn

To The Daily Sun,

Developmental screening of young children provides critical information on how children are doing as they grow. Like a yardstick for measuring height, developmental screening is a tool that helps families measure important areas of their children's development through the early years.

Early brain research confirms that brains are built over time, and "from the bottom up," with simple circuits and skills providing the foundation for learning more complex skills. As such, the sooner developmental concerns are identified; the sooner children and parents can get the supports they need to maximize their children's potential.

In New Hampshire, one out of every five children under the age of 5 are at risk of developmental or behavioral concerns. Unfortunately, most of New Hampshire's children do not receive standardized screening for developmental or behavioral concerns. As a result, some children with delays do not have access to the early identification and services that are so critical to their development.

Identifying and intervening early to address developmental delays in young children can help prevent additional problems. In some cases, this is as simple as helping a child with a speech problem that might otherwise keep him/her from playing with other children and/or succeeding in school. Intervening early can prevent or minimize the need for costly special education services.

The start of a new school year is a powerful reminder that every child deserves the chance to enter school ready to learn. Ensuring that all children are screened for developmental concerns and receive the services needed to promote their optimal development is an important part of ensuring success for the state's youngest students.

Family-Centered Early Supports and Services, New Hampshire's Early Intervention system, is a service provided to families and children until their third birthday who have a developmental delay, disability or an established condition. Services are provided in the home and community to assist families in providing the best evidence-based practices to enhance a child's growth and development.

For more information, please call 524-8811 and ask for the Intake Coordinator.
Erin Pettengill, Director

Family Resource Center of Central NH

Marti Ilg, Executive Director

Lakes Region Child Care Services

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A fetus doesn’t have the right to negatively impact a woman’s life

To The Daily Sun,

A fetus is not a separate individual. It is not a separate person, therefore the rights of a fetus do not override the rights of a women who decides to terminate her pregnancy for whatever reason she chooses. If a fetus were a separate life, it would be entitled to the rights we all enjoy. But it is part of another's biological system and the owner of that biological system has the right to decide that system's present and future state. It is not up to any other biological system (or set of ovaries) to decide for her.

A fetus does not have the right to negatively impact a women's health, her career, her family's economic status, or her life plan in any way. It is ironic that the majority of these forced-birth activists are the same crackpots who want to deprive a poor family of assistance after an unplanned pregnancy. At the same time they want to restrict access to contraception and health care. Some holier-than-thou lunatics even want to ban contraception. These are the crazed religious fools that will fight to the death for a fetus and then attack welfare and food stamps benefits for these mothers (or murder an abortion provider).

With fundamentalist crazies, it's okay for born children to go without food, shelter, a good education, and health care. And the self-righteous sociopaths vote that way, too. These are the same people that blame poor people for being poor when there are still fewer jobs than seekers. They are worthy of our deepest contempt.

While religious nuts scream "murder" like they are jacked up on the psychotic juices of a their pathologically jealous, violent, murderous biblical God with its horrid examples of genocide, cruel and unusual punishments, and of course, eternal torture, the U.S. Supreme Court sides with a women's choice. When these psychos accuse people of murder, they also incite and legitimize violence which since 1977 has included hundreds of crimes including murder, assault, bombings, vandalism, and arson. And don't forget the phony edited videos which led to the murderous shooting rampage in Colorado this year.

Forced-birth activists have lost huge and will likely never recover after 2016. The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down major TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider) laws as unconstitutional. TRAP laws are designed to ultimately infringe on the right of a woman to choose with sleazy underhanded get-around-the-law laws. And soon, there will be another choice-friendly justice on the court after Hillary is inaugurated. This year the court has dealt severe blows to the religious fanatics of 11 states who craft laws to make it nearly impossible for women to even make her legal and constitutional choice. The Texas TRAP law is now blocked and that sets precedent. Ten more states with TRAP laws are now on the chopping block after the Texas decision. Six have been challenged in court already. The religious ninnies have lost just as the anti-gay religious bigots have.

Oh, did I mention that five states have had their Voter ID laws blocked this year? Schadenfreude to you, democracy and liberty-loathing wing nuts.

James Veverka


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