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Overall, United Healthcare isn't exactly losing millions, is it?

To The Daily Sun,

How thoughtful of Tony Boutin to write a letter in support of United Healthcare and how they are losing millions. Well, that isn't exactly true, is it Tony?

The truth is United Healthcare is still making big profits. Yes, one section of their business may be losing money, but they more than make up for that.

Forgive me, Tony, for not shedding a tear that they didn't make many more millions.

K. Hammond

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Cruz has taken on the whole Senate in the name of what's right

To The Daily Sun,

My goodness, the GOP establishment of New Hampshire continues to show how mean they can be to the lower levels of the Republican Party. Why do we have two major political parties anyway? What is the difference between those groups?

I have seen two interviews with guest John H. Sununu this week. At the end of both John H. has quickly made his pitch for Jeb, Marco, Christie, and Kasich as the only four to consider. Gee, King John (he got that name back in the 1980s) didn't mention my candidate, the one who shows courage, super intelligence, Christian man, and principles — Ten Cruz.

Ted has taken on the whole U.S. Senate a couple of times in the name of what is right. I admire character, and courage. Ted Cruz is a walking example of that. Those who fear his election are concerned that a President Cruz will know what the GOP House and Senate is hiding from the taxpaying public.

If we truly cared, and I do, we would find how disgraceful the two bodies (House and Senate) and Obama treat the public. That is one reason they fear Cruz. Another is because we may know, too!
Niel Young


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