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It takes a strong, oppressive state to govern a multicultural society

To The Daily Sun,
I've read various commentaries comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. I have to take issue with these.

If you're doing an apt comparison and not just a smear campaign, you have to have some solid things to demonstrate that there is more than a superficial likeness to the things you are comparing. Donald Trump is a nationalist who has put his finger on the pulse of the things that are of concern to many Americans, and is addressing them in a compelling manner. Does that make him "Hitler"? Is nationalism really bad? I think the answer to these questions is a resounding no.
Multiculturalism has been the soup of the day in the U.S. for quite some time now. But it is not the tried an true process of immigration that made America great. That process was controlled legal immigration and assimilation. In fact as far as I know multiculturalism has never worked anywhere without a strong oppressive government to hold down the divisive elements that arise out of such arrangements.
Our leaders who champion multiculturalism would have to be blind and very ignorant not to know this. The problem they have with Donald Trump is that he would stand in the way of the world leader, whom they are looking for, who will institute a world government after the order of Hobbes' "Leviathan."

John Demakowski

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The Bill & Hillary Clinton Way: any means are justified by the ends

To The Daily Sun,

And the terrorist attacks continue, though not the last few on the massive scale of some recent attacks but deadly, cruel and heartless nevertheless. So where is the Cracrafts, Loesches and Veverkas screaming their outrage about these atrocities?

Have readers noticed their outrage is reserved for Christians and Tea Party folks? It's true, I cannot recall one sentence in one letter from even one of these prolific letter writers where they address their outrage at Muslim terrorists. (They are) too busy studiously ignoring what is politically embarrassing for the left.

It's much more fulfilling to attack political opponents who refuse to fall into line with their distorted world view that socialism is good and free market capitalism is bad. This in spite of the historical fact that capitalism raised more humans out of abject poverty and created the largest middle class and highest standard of living for more people then the world had ever seen. That's not something that can be said about socialism with a straight face.

Debby Wassermann-Schultz resigned as head of the DNC, was booed off the stage at the convention by Bernie Sanders supporters and possibly by some fellow Jews who recognized her silence as Obama and Clinton undercut Israeli, U.S. relations in favor of Muslim nations and organizations sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, as the act of religious treason it was. Another progressive Marxist socialist that turns her back on her culture, religion and people to purse the promise of personal power and privilege. Debby may not have created the knife that was stabbed into Bernie's back but she sure gave it a few twists sure to kill Sanders keep him from having a fair chance of the nomination. But then it's an "any means justifies the ends" which is the Clinton way.

Debby is sure to be on several short lists for some big shinny new desk in any Clinton administration.

Steve Earle


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