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I've always been impressed with Kathy Rago's fearlessness

To The Daily Sun,

I support Kathy Rago's campaign for the New Hampshire Senate, District 7, and ask you to do the same in this very important election.

Prior to being a representative for Franklin for two terms, Kathy was a local advocate for many non-profits in Franklin. She worked tirelessly as a board member on behalf of the Tiny Twisters, a preschool group housed in the Franklin High School. She worked as a board member and president for the Franklin Opera House during a time when few were willing to do the hard work needed to continue the development and sustainability of the organization. Kathy benefited both of these organizations by watching the bottom line and making sure these organizations stayed true to their mission and their bottom line.

She has also been an advocate for economic growth. Kathy supported the City of Franklin and Franklin Business & Industrial Development Corp., by educating herself and her constituents about what citizens could do to help. She spoke directly and respectfully in local forums bringing knowledge and leadership to other interested civic groups that informed local positive improvements.

While in Franklin, I worked closely with Kathy Rago on a number of issues. We did not always agree on how to deal with local issues, but I have always been proud of her work ethic, fearlessness, and genuine concern for families and children. She has been an advocate for education, especially for children with needs that go beyond what is able to be addressed in public schools. She knows that everyone needs the best opportunities available, and has pursued measures that improve our public schools while also providing alternatives such as public charter schools and tax credit funded scholarships for lower-income families.

Besides her education expertise, her previous work in the energy and health care professions are vitally needed in the Senate. Kathy Rago is one of the most compassionate and capable people I have seen run for the state Senate, and deserves your vote.

Denise Sharlow

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Keep Belknap Co. strong; vote Comtois, Howard, Sylvia & DeVoy

To The Daily Sun,

On next Tuesday, voters get to exercise an active role in our government. Local elections are so important. In Belknap, if you want to elect people who will work for you, the taxpayer, you will vote for Rep. Guy Comtois from Barnstead, Rep. Mike Sylvia from Belmont, Mr. Ray Howard from Alton Belknap 8, and Dave DeVoy from Sanbornton for county commissioner.

I have witnessed their resolve in support of lower taxation and small, accountable government. These folks will stand up and vote as promised. There may be other good candidates out there. Do your homework and vote accordingly. But, know these gentlemen can hold the line under fire. They are worthy of your support.

Keep Belknap strong. Vote Comtois, Howard, Sylvia, and DeVoy.

Jane Cormier

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Dumais will bring integrity & common sense with him to Concord

To The Daily Sun,

The recent letter in The Daily Sun by Carol Anderson spoke volumes beyond the discussion of the Hathaway House. Over many months the public has been polarized on whether to save the house. On one side has been concerned local citizens, on the other Cafua Management. Emotions dominated rationale thinking.
Carol presented a rational, well thought-out letter which explained the interests of both sides. It lacked emotional rants which cloud thinking. One needs to understand the perspective of all. Until rational thinking pervades, an acceptance of the needs from everyone will not happen. Participants need to come to the table, discuss all points of view and seek a win-win situation.

Wouldn't it be productive if dissenting groups used Carol's thinking to stop demonizing each other, listen to perspectives and come up with solutions that benefit all? Locally, the county delegation and county commissioners cannot agree, so the county jail and nursing home suffer. The national government is gridlocked in a dysfunctional state. Candidates attack each other demonizing each other resulting in an ineffectual process.

Until people can move beyond selfish interests to recognizing broader community needs, we remain stuck with dysfunctional systems.
Carol's approach to problem solutions would go a long way to finding new, positive ones.

Dick Smith

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Tony! Hospitals sterilize tons of 'stuff' every day; why panic?

To The Daily Sun,

The frequent flyer letter writers are at it again. Using scare tactics and gross misinformation, they portray themselves as experts on everything and write long-winded letters that ultimately blame all the worlds ills on President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Shoutin' Boutin's letter this past Saturday is a prime example. Such hyperbole as Obama's actions on the Ebola crisis "will leave a path of death and destruction this country will never forget" or "consequences that carry a gravity of death unimaginable." Tony and his compatriots avoid the flu vaccine because it is some sort of conspiracy or wrongly believe it will cause illness. The flu is far more contagious than Ebola and kills far more people every year. Remember the flu pandemic in 1918? Now that was a path of death and destruction at least some of us will never forget. Tony et. al. apparently have no such recollection despite their extensive medical knowledge. Did you get your shot Tony? Sure didn't get a distemper shot.
Tony goes on to prove his ignorance by stating the the 47 percent mortality rate can be extrapolated to care provided in the USA. The conditions in Africa are horrendous compared to the USA. To date, all the people in the USA that contracted Ebola here have done quite well. Yes, it takes a team of professionals to care for these patients, but Tony leaves out the fact that the unit Dr. Branley was treated in was set up for just such a patient.

Tony, how many highly trained professionals care for a patient with open heart surgery? Dozens, Tony, and they also do this in a highly specialized unit.

Now this one is my favorite as it takes ignorance to great new heights. Tony wrote, "In the end 3,200 pounds of stuff had to be autoclaved (heated to 350 degrees) to be sure the all virus was killed. Did it all get killed? Did some item or items get missed out of thousands? Do you think hospitals have the capacity to treat and sanitize tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds of stuff in a real outbreak? I don't. If they don't, they sure are not going to say so for fear of causing panic.

Tony, Tony, Tony. Hospitals sterilize tons of "stuff" every single day with many controls to assure that they are terminally clean. Modern healthcare also relies on disposable items which are disposed of and not reused. Didn't know that, did you?

In your efforts to continually belittle our president, you dear Tony are the one causing panic and fear. I am not surprised though, as fear-mongering is your specialty.

Carol Stappi

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Walt Havenstein will do what is right for N.H., not just what's popular

To The Daily Sun,

Simply put, if you want honesty, integrity, and a man who will do what is right, not just what is popular at the moment, Walt Havenstein deserves your vote.

"In questions of power ... let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." — Thomas Jefferson Nov. 10 1816

Roger E. Kohls Sr.



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