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TEA Parties have sprung up to hold politicians accoutable

To The Daily Sun,

The TEA Party is viciously attacked by Democrat and Republican politicians, the media, and other special interests who want to continue feeding at the public trough at the expense of other Americans.
The TEA Party challenges and strives to replace politicians who put their personal interests and those of their supporters ahead of the general welfare.
Politicians of both parties have condemned deficit spending, promised responsible spending, promised low taxes, promised to do good for all Americans, and they swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States...."
The low approval ratings of Congress and the president show that the American people know that politicians are hypocrites who repeatedly break their promises, disregard their oaths, and put their personal interests ahead of the American people.
The list of actions against the best interests of the American people is nearly endless, e.g., waste of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars annually, passing laws they exempt themselves from or don't even read, tolerance of government abuse of power (e.g., NSA spying on Americans and government persecution of political opponents), tolerance of failing public schools, and irresponsible management of government programs (e.g., Social Security and Medicare will soon be unable to provide promised benefits).
What explains the continued requirement for ethanol in our gasoline besides political payoffs? Ethanol increases the cost of gasoline and food, lowers gas mileage, damages engines, and doesn't help (and may hurt) the environment.
Other than political payoffs, what explains the crony capitalism, subsidies, special advantages, and bailouts (e.g., the big banks, insurance companies, unions, and GE) that help special interests at the expense of everyday Americans?
The taxpayers are even expected to bailout the insurance companies because too few people are buying Obamacare's expensive insurance policies!
The TEA Party is widely attacked for supporting, and demanding remedies for the same problems that Senator Obama spoke eloquently about in 2006 (and 2008) when opposing a debt ceiling increase, calling it a failure of leadership and describing how debt hurts the American people. (http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/debtlimit.asp)
Failure of politicians to govern responsibly hurts most Americans, e.g., by increasing taxes, reducing jobs and opportunities, reducing wages from unfair immigrant labor competition, increasing poverty, abusive public officials, infringing on our constitutional rights, and immorally passing enormous debt to future generations.
The politicians and the special interests that benefit from irresponsible spending and special favors don't want them to end. So they attack the TEA Parties that have sprung up all over the country to hold politicians accountable.
Join the fight for government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Help fix our country, join a TEA Party.
Don Ewing

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Focus we put on Bieber instead of Bergdahl speaks to our character

To The Daily Sun,

Bieber arrested . .  . Bergdahl, American POW. . . two names in the news. One very much grabbing headlines. The other for few hours. One well known by probably most Americans with an opinion of some kind. The other known by those with only an interest in service to country. One will continue to be in the news for days and weeks to come. The other had his "day" and we'll not hear again until another "proof of life tape" and word from his family that they still wait and pray for his safety, release and safe return home. One is an American ententainer, young, wealthy, with hopefully a future with an abundance of rights and privileges. The other young, an American Soldier being held POW in Afghanistan going on five years, with an unknown future who has sacrificed and suffered for the freedom and rights of the other.

The focus we place on these two young men may well speak to the character of our country... image and story speaks to our values, faith, trust, responsibility and accountability ... the soul of who we are as a people?

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American POW, captured June 2009. "If your son, would you care"?

Just a thought.

Bob Jones

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Republican should be appointed to fill out Burton's commission term

To The Daily sun,

The Grafton County Delegation, which is currently controlled by Democrats, will soon vote on selecting someone to serve out the remainder of Ray Burton's term as a Grafton County Commissioner.

Ray Burton was elected as a Republican and died in office while carrying that party designation. It seems to me that the right thing would be to allow a Republican to complete his unexpired term.

Furthermore, it seems that members of the delegation, who do not represent constituents in Ray Burton's old district, should recuse themselves from choosing his replacement. After all, they already have a county commissioner representing their districts.

If the accolades that many of the Democrats in the delegation have lavished on Ray Burton are anything but lip service, they will honor him by choosing a member of his own party to complete his unexpired term.

Russell T. Cumbee


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As an 'old fart', I have appointed myself as a restaurant critic

To The Daily Sun,

This is not a political letter. I am writing in a snowstorm where the flakes are huge.

This brings up the question, how will we know when Spring has arrived? When the Dairy Queen (DQ) in Tilton opens. As we drive by the DQ, we hope for an early Spring.

With no DQ in Tilton, there is a great restaurant to visit. There is a restaurant called "Onions' located in the Tilton Hilton. Stop in and visit Sarah, Kathy and Allen. Highly recommend the brushetta and the daily specials.

One of our favorite places to dine is the Homestead in Bristol. The chefs Nick and Tim are the best. To my surprise, venison started to be on the menu as a special. I consider myself an expert on venison. Being born in Vermont and being an "old fart", I have appointed myself as a restaurant critic.

The venison at the Homestead is the best I have ever eaten. The reason for this is it is cooked correctly. Love it

Snow is letting up and the DQ could be opening soon. See you!

Jim Mayotte

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Urge state lawmakers to move quickly to accept Mediciad funds

To The Daily Sun,
If you've ever been in a situation where you struggled to pay a medical bill or wondered whether you could afford to see a doctor, you know how stressful it can be. The rest of us can only imagine.
That's why I'm asking our state Legislature to help Lakes Region families and many other New Hampshire families by utilizing the federal funds available to our state to extend health coverage to more Granite Staters.
The federal government will pay 100 percent of the costs for the first three years and gradually phase down to 90 percent over seven years. If the federal contribution ever changes after that, New Hampshire can withdraw — we have that in writing from federal officials.
Many of our day care teachers, store clerks, landscapers and home health aides cannot afford health insurance. We now have the opportunity to provide them with affordable care so they can stay healthy without bankrupting their families.
In addition, the state will benefit from the estimated $2.4 billion in federal funds over the next seven years that would flow to clinics and hospitals — and lead to new jobs and more family dollars to spend at local businesses. Improved access to critically needed services like mental health and substance abuse treatment will create new savings for state and local budgets.
Please join me urging our lawmakers in Concord to move quickly to accept the federal funds and get more people covered now.

Susan E Smith

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