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Anyone really believe all those Dem celebs will really move to Canada?

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you America for voting for Donald Trump. Politics is like sports; the party that has the strongest team wins. Team Deplorable beat the Democrat Elites. Team Deplorable was made up with factory workers, restaurant workers, veterans, police, farmers, truck drivers, forgotten rural people, and people that love the United States.

FYI: 16 countries have a female president. All we need to do in the United States is find a person that relates to all people, not just the elite.

Things that we can look forward to are:

— Conservative Supreme Court for years.
— Repeal of Obamacare.
— Repeal of all of President Obama' executive orders.
— An immigration policy that rewards legal immigration.
— An economy with good-paying jobs.
— Support for our police officers.
— A strong military.
— A VA that helps veterans.
— Education without Common Core.

There are others but this list will do for the first 100 days.

Here is a list of Democrats that said they would leave the United States if Trump were elected. I hope they did not lie and are packing their bags. Anyone of you readers want to guess how many will leave? How many of you care if they all leave? FYI: Barbra Streisand threatens to leave every time a Republican is elected president.

On a happy note, Trump has eliminated the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

Jim Mayotte

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Trump never had a trust issue taht he was not an American first

To The Daily Sun,

I once had the responsibility to control nuclear bombs — from handling them to dropping them, when I was 29 years old. I have to reflect on this, when I see the most historic surprise, some say nuclear, election.

An election from those and which footings, foundation, and all strong houses depends on in cement — the blue collar worker, constitutionalists, middle-class checkbook balancers, and "United Americans" under that which should unite us, hard workers looking for a fair shake — have spoken.

They are individuals who are non central progressively controlling or promoting penned in, but freedom lovers and once a percentage voted in Obama on hope. A peaceful revolution foundation of people has spoken. They have shaken the house they built to their, and the country's, foundation.

Hoping for no more of the same, no more lost middle class, and a final review on what Democrat Richard Gephardt fought against in the 1990s, Bill Clinton's NAFTA's unfair trade deal. And of which there was meant to be a handshake on U.S. labor displacement considerations. It never came, Clinton money backers denied it once the deal was closed.

Yes the race was very similar with Ross Perot, Mitt Romney, Steve Forbes, etc., the other businessmen vilified who dared to run against the insiders on common sense and the "America First" platform, but winning today on our collective need to trust a candidate's commitment to country over self-interest.

The perceived typical president and politician, a least trusted entity recently, who said you can keep your doctor and pay less — $2,500 less — lost in trying to convince us Hillary's best self-interest was not first on the agenda.

We did not want an untrustworthy socialist mother feeding us just enough to survive and claiming parent of the year. That claim fell and crumbled with the USSR.

Trump, flawed, untraditional, and crass, never had a trust issue that he was not all American first and historically and publicly centered with his life recorded statements for love of country.

Trump is not a socialist but a Milton Friedman American opportunist, understanding that hope for the masses having the equal footing to achieve the right to succeed under fair and equal capitalism for families in equal competition, having education and unbiased ability to fight for success is America.

There were no private emails about Trump's lifelong desire to bring a personal dictate, central failed secret planning agenda.

"Progressive controlling" Marxist leaning socialist government, anti-constitutional rules and regulations pushed, executive orders, and Supreme Court picks and fear of rubber stamps all rightfully, or wrong, played into the equation.

Fear of the Supreme Court picks coming of an unelected lifelong appointments issue I felt was most important in this election. Second was the European, almost USSR type socialism "progressive controlling" agenda to centralize all our choices in Washington except, inalienable and rightfully uncontrollable, a woman's womb.

Life and liberty have the most personal importance to human beings. Control of their bodies and their health care for long life are things, as most choices, government should not force a decision.

Historically inalienable rights are easily whittled away by governments and we have been no different as the Supreme Court has been acquiescence for too long in rolling over for government control and power over our individual liberties.

Trump, like our former well healed and brave Founding Fathers, risks all to fight for our most perfect union, and already this morning people are lining up his demise.

Trump was right and understood stealing into this nation by first abusing its first premise — the rule of equal law and fairness to all U.S. citizens — was an affront as illegals cross over into our nation while cheating others in the system they so want to benefit from.

Yet abused by elitists in government willing to put being elected over equal enforcement of law, immigration was one of many, many, uncompromising and undermining examples of self interest and nothing got done with these many issues but lip service.

Equal justice and the shots of voting revolution ballots, not bullets, in a peaceful outcome have been directly levied toward Washington.

We must hope, and vigilantly pursue, the best nature of our country's women and men.

With the U.S. Supreme Court picks we can reaffirm what we are united under equal justice toward all, fairly, constitutionally, and most of all, promoted blindly, without a special class of individuals, across the nation.

All American lives do matter, but only if so judged under the intended equal justice of our uniting Constitution, and fair common sense unity under it will make it so.

Jeff Frost


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