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Is Obamacare the biggest gov’t boondoggle we’ve ever seen?

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Obamacare, is this the biggest government boondoggle we've ever seen or what?

Five years ago when they started talking it up they made so many promises it sounded too good to be true and guess what, it was. First Obama looked the American people in the eye and flat out lied to us. "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance," he said.

Democrats shut the Republicans out writing the thing behind closed doors then gave Congress 48 hours to pass it. "We'll know what is in it after we pass it," said Nancy P. But who could read a couple thousand pages of complex legislation in such a short time? They didn't, the Democrats just passed it unread. Not one Republican voted for it. So Democrats reacted in standard form calling all Republicans and conservatives racist.

Five years later and we have seen that the critics were right. A hint might have been that Congress exempted themselves from it. The unions were the first to realize they had been hoodwinked and demanded Obama fix it. So Obama gave them an exemption. Then big business constituents of Obama realized it was going to hurt them and demanded Obama's fix it. So Obama gave them an extended extension. The roll-out was a case study in incompetence poor planning and more spin. Then sign-ups which they still can't or won't tell us how many people actually are covered. They keep reporting inflated numbers of people visiting the sign-up pages and how many people have applied. But can anyone tell us how many are really covered?

After all this, the spin continues. Now you can keep your doctor if you can pay for your doctor. Isn't that what health insurance is supposed to be for? You still can't keep your old insurance because it wasn't good enough, except for tens of millions of American families it was. It was supposed to save most families a couple thousand dollars a year. Instead, it costs several thousands more for most plus the deductibles are thousands more and co-pays are much higher. Now Obama's constituents are complaining telling him to fix it. So Obama said if it causes them a hardship they can get an exemption.

What a president. What a leader. Who the heck does he think is going to be left to pay for this fiasco? Probably the Chinese from where we have been borrowing trillions of dollars. Right. China violates the human rights of its people, while it builds up a huge military machine, pays slave wages and we're supposed to trust these guys. What a president.

Steve Earle


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Safety net is necessary because job creators aren’t doing their job

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing, exactly what world do you live in? The conservative views held in the good old USA aren't even close to the ones you have described last Friday. I am glad to know you do feel everyone deserves a chance to be happy, financially secure and leading the good life for one and all, etc., etc. But I'm really surprised out of the billions of people in world Bono was the best you could find as a leading humanitarian example.

You say conservatives encourage investment. Progressives do, too. But in today's financial environment few people have that extra money to invest. Food on the table comes first along with the other usual monthly bills. Still awaiting for the job creators to do the creating. And forget about Keystone, as those 35 jobs won't make much difference in the long run. I think the people who live out there might have an opinion about that anyway.

Your policies are good for children too? Your paragraph implies you might as well retire before having kids. Delaying parenthood until after marriage, education and employment so you say. I am glad you believe in the Constitution. Do I have the same choice?

Conservatives want to help the truly needy? Interesting, and again where are the jobs and all that extra help? I agree that welfare is not a hammock. But it is a safety net that, at times, is difficult to get out of. But since your job creators are not doing their job, those that need help should get it.

By the way Don, the $17 trillion debt didn't come from failed attempts to buy votes, reward supporters or obtain personal benefits by any conservatives, but largely two wars on credit cards, auto bailouts and help for our needy, done by both parties, started by Bush and continued by Obama to stop a crashing Bush economy before our country fell apart.

So now we have a slowly recovering economy, wars that are winding down, but still many people in need of help. Conservatives are still refusing to help them by voting down food programs or any program that promises extra help.

Women's health isn't an issue for you. So try reading the book about women you all got. Making minority voting an issue is. Wasting millions of dollars re­arranging the voting laws, repealing the ACA, having Darryl Izza play Joseph McCarthy, closing the government down, giving tax breaks to the top 1 percent money makers along with other major government perks all seem to be justified to your side.

At least now you have Scott Brown coming to help. Just another carpetbagger trying to cash in. We don't need him, we already have Bob Smith, so another one who puts a salary before his constituents, whose priorities are all out of whack is not needed. Anyway, Ayotte along with Shaheen is enough.

Jon Hoyt

­ Plymouth

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Right-wingers feel the need to get in every dog fight in the world

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to give thumbs-up to the cartoon printed with letters to editor on March 14. It turned out to be a fact on the negative attitude many had for a very factual letter written by Ms. Loesch on March 11, 2014. I commend her for writing a letter pointing out the fact that the same right-wingers write the same letters week after week. I quit responding when, as Ms. Loesh pointed out, that they pick out talking points from right-wing-funded Fox News. Try for yourself to find anywhere the facts as they put it anywhere that they write about every week.

The one thing a right winger loves is to criticize but hate to be criticized. Tough, I say. I will write part of a two-part letter today to write my criticism to the remarks made of Ms. Loesch's fact-filled letter written by Mr. Meade on March 14. I would like to first point out to Mr. Meade that he opened the door and so I'm going to walk in. I would like Mr. Meade to pick up his copy of the Constitution and give reference to page, section and paragraph that gave President Bush the right to invade a sovereign nation without provocation, having shown no aggression or threat to this country. I need to once again to point out a fact that as a veteran who has never been in a war zone, they have no idea what it's like to zip up a body bag and being the one to unzip the bag and prepare the body for shipment home. I mention this as every day the right-wingers feel that we need to get in every dog fight in the world.

The fact is that most of the writers to the Daily Sun are old right-wingers like myself, except they contributed their "talking points" with no on-the-job training. I will give Mr. Meade advance notice on a article he has read before. The Laconia Daily Sun printed a half page dated March 27, 2013, written by Pat Buchanan, a two-time GOP presidential candidate titled "Death by (LARGELY) Self inflicted Wounds." I quote his fourth point which reads, " ... rather than bringing the troops home after our cold war triumph and telling our allies the free rides were over, Bush 1 & 2 went crusading for a new world order to end the tyranny in our world. After three wars and a half dozen interventions, we are bankrupt at home and hated abroad. Americans, sick of seeing their best and bravest brought home to Dover or being fitted with prosthetic arms and legs have twice voted for an anti-interventionist president."

I will have more quotes from Mr.Buchanan in part two of my letter. As a reminder Mr.Buchanan won the New Hampshire Primary in 1996. I would recommend that those interested to look this article up and read it for your self.

Mr. Meade continues to mention 13 countries in peril plus more he doesn't mention, and states the mightiest nation the world has ever known, the nation others look to as their protector, offers little more than finger shaking and stern condemnation. I would ask Mr.Meade to get back up on his stump, stare down at the crowd of parents, ask how many are willing to send their children to be the next to come home in a body bag. Since I doubt anyone raised their hand Mr. Meade, what does it say in your Constitution on how to raise an army when no one wants to go?

I will close for today by saying that Mr. Meade reminds me of Paul Harvey (I listened to every night on my trips cross country). And now hear you will hear the rest of the story. The draft ended in 1973. Military today are all volunteers.

Henry Osmer


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Our priority remains the safety of all residents of Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the members of the Gilmanton Fire Department, I want to thank Gilmanton residents for their overwhelming support at the polls on Tuesday.

Our priority remains their safety. I would like to take a moment and share our mission statement. This mission statement is the very backbone of our organization. We stand ready to serve our residents.

The Gilmanton Fire Department was organized in Jan. 3, 1990, following the merger of the Gilmanton Corners Fire Department and Gilmanton Iron Works Fire Department. The merger was completed to ensure that the citizens of Gilmanton are provided the very best in emergency service. To that end, the mission of the Gilmanton shall be:

We will prevent the impact of fire in our community. We will limit the extent of death, injury, and property loss from fires that do occur.

We will preserve human life from the effects of injury, sudden illness, man-made or natural disasters. We will provide emergency assistance with no regard to race, color, creed or financial status.

We will educate the community and provide them the knowledge necessary to reduce the risks associated with fire and emergency medical events, man-made and natural disasters.

We will ensure our members are trained according to the latest standards.

We will provide a safe work environment and offer opportunities for advancement within our department.

We will provide our members with the opportunities to gain new skills that will enhance the service we provide; we will continually strive to be better providers.

We will offer a supportive environment for the families of our members.

We will be held accountable to the taxpayers of the town of Gilmanton; we will complete our mission in the most cost-effective manner possible, while providing the best service we can.

We will provide professional, courteous and compassionate care to all that call us into service.

Revised and adopted April 15, 2011

Fire Chief Paul J. Hempel III


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General political trend is overwhelming: liberals always win

To The Daily Sun,

I have a new Hero of the Month. His name is Jerry Springer, the former democratic mayor of Cincinnati and now talk show host of the infamous Jerry Springer Show, which I don't watch and neither does he. It would be interesting to know the composition of his audience. Oh the irony of it all if we found out that the majority of his audience was mostly conservative? I'll let the fringe do that research.
Here's a couple of quotes from this Democratic progressive: "the general trend is, overwhelmingly, liberals ALWAYS win. Every major issue you can think of that Americans are now proud of started out with conservatives fighting it and liberals winning". And again: "I'm not saying we don't elect conservatives a lot, but it doesn't much matter because ultimately those conservatives have to become more liberal to survive".
Let me apologize for the capital letters above. I want to make sure that the viewers of Fox News, who are mostly elderly, can see the point of Springer's message. Well, in the words of another fringe contributor to this forum: "You have to die sometime"! I believe he was referring to the Medicaid expansion bill that is probably going to pass the N.H. House soon.
Coming back from voting last week I reflected on why I mostly vote for liberal candidates. Well, okay, I always vote for liberal candidates. Sometimes the plain truth hits you right square between the eyes and it's hard to deny Springer's comments. Youth will not be denied. The next generation will not be denied — especially if it has great needs. It doesn't appear that Washington is in a position to rectify the social ills that plague us but as soon as they become a potent minority they will go to Washington and do it themselves. That's the way society works. We move forward. Humanity moves forward. In spite of Libertarian attempts to establish a plutocracy, democracy will prevail in these here United States.
Conservatives can put up as many road blocks as they want but in the end Liberals will ALWAYS win. I have never been a believer in absolute truth but in this case I'll make an exception.

George Maloof


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