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Pearl will bring good old-fashioned common sense to Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

Howard Pearl is running for state representative for Merrimack District 26, which includes Northfield, Boscawen, Franklin-Ward 3, Canterbury, and Loudon.

As a sixth-generation farmer he will bring good, old-fashioned common sense to the Statehouse. He has first-hand knowledge of what over regulations and government interference can do to a small business in this state. He will work to reduce government waste and rein in reckless spending.

Please join me in supporting Howard Pearl with your vote on Nov. 8.

Kathy Rago

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E. Scott Cracraft - Obnoxious drunks also say what they think

This writer has been trying to understand why Donald Trump has gotten as far as he has and why so many people are going to vote for him (and why some who dislike him will not at least effectively vote against him).

Trump is a sociopathic, narcissistic, populist demagogue who is only concerned with Trump. He will lie if benefits him. Respected members of the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations (normally, pretty apolitical) are warning us about Trump! Will we listen?

Of course, many like Trump because he "says what he thinks." True. However, there are obnoxious drunks who say what they think too but this does not make them "presidential material!" Unhinged individuals have no business having access to the "red button."
Trump and Bernie supporters have one thing in common: both are tired of the political "establishment." However, even Republicans who do not like Trump are going to vote for him. Unfortunately, many Bernie supporters feel too "pure" to vote for Mrs. Clinton, thus improving Trump's chances.
But, the question remains: who would vote for Trump? It is hard to believe anyone who loves America and cares about her future would vote for him. He has made us the laughing stock of the world. No one can believe we let a clown like Trump get this far!

He denies climate change. He incites violence and has even threatened riots if he loses. And, look at his supporters: Putin, David Duke, the KKK, and the North Korean leadership!
It is difficult to believe that disabled people, minorities and others regularly attacked by Trump would vote for him. Of course, there are exceptions. Semi-fascist socio-political movements like the Trump campaign and the Tea Party before it always have a few "token" minorities or women to hide their racist and sexist agendas.
Why would any veteran vote for him? A rich kid who wiggled out of Vietnam, Trump now tells us he has more military training than real soldiers because he went to an expensive military boarding school! He has publically said Senator McCain was not a war hero and that PTSD is "weakness." His stated "policies" would certainly cut veterans' benefits.
And, what about Trump's "Christian" supporters? "What would Jesus do?" Would He vote for someone like Trump?
It is especially difficult to understand why any woman would vote for Trump. It is easy to understand why a feminist wouldn't but why would even "traditional" women like him? He speaks of women in vulgar terms that should outrage even traditional homemakers. Forget "PC." Trump is not even a gentleman!
Five years ago, a person who said or did the outrageous things Trump has said or done would have been immediately marginalized by either party. Is it now okay to insult anyone as long as it is what is "on your mind?"
On a pure policy level, Trump has little in the way of a "plan." He says he will make America "great again." He is long on outrageous rhetoric and platitudes but short on real plans. When he does articulate a plan, he leads his followers to believe that as president, he can do it alone. That is scary.
This writer knows conservatives with way too much class to "like" a boor like Trump but who will vote for him, hoping his rhetoric is only "hot air." One hopes they are right. Many Germans were hoping for the same in 1933.
This writer dislikes the cliché that "history always repeats itself." But often, it does RHYME with itself. In the 20s and the 30s there was a sociopathic, narcissistic politician who played strongly on hate and fear and said out loud what, supposedly, "everyone else was thinking." But he articulated no real plan except "I am smart. Vote for me and I will make Germany great again."
This writer hopes many conservatives, too, will see the man for what he is and vote for Mrs. Clinton. If Trump wins in November, it will actually say less about Trump himself and more about us as a people. Are we really that hateful, mean-spirited, and gullible?
(Scott Cracraft is a citizen, a taxpayer, a veteran, a resident of Gilford, and a gentleman.)

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