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Three-ring election circus shows America is on the decline

To the Daily Sun,

Nothing reveals the depths of America's depression than recognizing the front-runner for president in the Democratic party in New Hampshire is a devout socialist. After seven years of Obama's failure to lift the nation's prosperity, an envy-promoting socialist, a snake-oil-selling, bullying, celebrity billionaire, and a certified, flip-flopping, full-time liar, under investigation by the FBI, married to one of the most celebrated womanizers of all time, are now leading the pack. The world is having one belly laugh watching our "three stooges" for president marathon. Obama lowered the stature of America in the eyes of the world. These people will do the same.

What's the difference between a socialist and a Democrat? Today, nothing. A metamorphosis has happened in the Democratic Party. Since its founding, Democrats did all they could to keep plenty of daylight between themselves and the word socialist. Socialist was seen as a poison word, most often identified with the ruinous economic failure of the Soviet Union and other countries. Democrats have turned on a dime, embracing devout socialist Bernie Sanders whose candidacy wraps itself in the thinking of German intellect, Karl Marx.

The implications of this change are monumental. Especially as it relates to past voting allegiances. Democrats are betting they can win elections with the ever growing "underclass" made up primarily of blacks, Hispanics and other fragments who self identify as left out. The Democrats are putting minorities at the front of their bus, pushing the majority, "working class," which is predominantly white families to the back. It's political racism in reverse. For the last century the "working class" has formed the backbone of the Democratic Party. Not anymore! The candidacy of Bernie Sanders vaporizes that history in an instant.

In fact, Donald Trump's stunning success has one source: Democrats' new socialism paradigm. Trump's supporters are almost all working-class citizens who lean conservative in the Democratic Party. They now see their best interests with a Republican, not a socialist Democrat where the underclass will realize almost all the gains paid for out of the hides of the middle-class, white, working family. It can not be any other way. Tax collection follows a bell curve. For everyone one rich, there are 10,000 in the middle paying taxes that in total dwarf what the rich pay.

The unhappy conservative Democrat and the unhappy liberal leaning republican have joined to create a huge voting block for Trump. Voters totally disenchanted, disgusted with Democrats, President Obama and everything Washington, D.C., stand for. The current three ring election circus is yet another reality check America's best days are indeed behind it.

Tony Boutin

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Wall St. and Republicans want to throw old people to the wolves

To the Daily Sun,

I am writing to support Hillary Clinton in the Feb. 9 primary. While I agree with much of Mr. Sanders' programs, I do not believe he can win in November. It is very important that the Democratic Party nominate someone who can beat the morons of the Republican Party and protect and improve on programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act, which can and must be improved and not repealed.

At one time, programs in place to protect the elderly were the third rail of politics. Now, with these gangsters from Wall Street and the Republicans are looking to throw "old people" to the wolves and send the so-called savings to the millionaires and billionaires and the hell with everybody else.

Please don't be fooled by the lies of Cruz, "blow his own trumpet" Donald Trump, Bushie 3 (who), Rubio, Fiorina and others. They have it in their small minds to "take care of their friends."

We must not forget 2008, when this country was on the threshold of a "depression." The Republican Party is proposing the same policies. We cannot afford that to happen again.

Bill Knightly


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