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State legislature elections affect you more than national races

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire state primary is on Sept. 13, Tuesday of the week after Labor Day. I'm running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives again, and I would sincerely appreciate your vote.

There are five of us running in the Democratic Primary for the four seats in Laconia, which comprises Belknap County District 3. This primary gives you a chance to choose four of us to run in the November election.

All registered Democrats and Independents are eligible to vote in the Democratic primary and I urge everyone to make the effort to get out and vote in the primary. Independents who vote in the Democratic primary will thereafter be listed as Democrats until they change their affiliation back to independent with the City Clerk.

State House and Senate seats don't get a lot of attention, but you are much more affected by and have a lot more influence on local issues, like the opioid situation and school funding, than on grand national issues, to mention only two.

Your vote is important. I hope to see you at the polls on Sept. 13.

David Huot

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Gilmanton’s bullies kicked Jean out as chair of selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Who are the bullies in Gilmanton?

Who let the town's electrician go for no apparent reason? The electrician who helped us through the rebuilding process at the Academy. Wait. Did I see him campaigning for an opposing selectman? That is a good reason, see you later.

Who, after the election, told the selectmen"s longtime administrative assistant she was no longer needed to take the minutes. Reduced her full-time job to part-time, causing her to lose her benefits. Did I hear the words "Clean the Slate," Steve?

Who put the freeze on the raises for the road agent, the fire chief and police chief? Which two selectmen voted, in an illegal meeting, to fire the longtime caretaker of the Academy? This happened after he spoke at public input. I know it was not Chairman Jean, because he said he did not vote. What happened to the planning administrator?

Which two selectmen, after requesting input about their meeting room about a possible change to meeting upstairs, ignored the negative feedback and voted to give it to the Town Clerk/Tax collector. Wasn't Selectman Jean.

Which two selectmen voted to change the chairman of the Board of Selectmen? Shouldn't the chairman be experienced? Chairman Jean was by far the most experienced. The two bullies, I mean selectmen, decided that the chairman wasn't strong enough, so they kicked him out and put the other bully in his place.

So let us all rally in support of the bullies.

Don Guarino


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