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General political trend is overwhelming: liberals always win

To The Daily Sun,

I have a new Hero of the Month. His name is Jerry Springer, the former democratic mayor of Cincinnati and now talk show host of the infamous Jerry Springer Show, which I don't watch and neither does he. It would be interesting to know the composition of his audience. Oh the irony of it all if we found out that the majority of his audience was mostly conservative? I'll let the fringe do that research.
Here's a couple of quotes from this Democratic progressive: "the general trend is, overwhelmingly, liberals ALWAYS win. Every major issue you can think of that Americans are now proud of started out with conservatives fighting it and liberals winning". And again: "I'm not saying we don't elect conservatives a lot, but it doesn't much matter because ultimately those conservatives have to become more liberal to survive".
Let me apologize for the capital letters above. I want to make sure that the viewers of Fox News, who are mostly elderly, can see the point of Springer's message. Well, in the words of another fringe contributor to this forum: "You have to die sometime"! I believe he was referring to the Medicaid expansion bill that is probably going to pass the N.H. House soon.
Coming back from voting last week I reflected on why I mostly vote for liberal candidates. Well, okay, I always vote for liberal candidates. Sometimes the plain truth hits you right square between the eyes and it's hard to deny Springer's comments. Youth will not be denied. The next generation will not be denied — especially if it has great needs. It doesn't appear that Washington is in a position to rectify the social ills that plague us but as soon as they become a potent minority they will go to Washington and do it themselves. That's the way society works. We move forward. Humanity moves forward. In spite of Libertarian attempts to establish a plutocracy, democracy will prevail in these here United States.
Conservatives can put up as many road blocks as they want but in the end Liberals will ALWAYS win. I have never been a believer in absolute truth but in this case I'll make an exception.

George Maloof


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On health care, Obama went with poorly thought out GOP plan

To The Daily Sun,

First I would like to thank Mr. Meade for his reasonable and intelligent response to my request for someone on the right to give an example of our president's constitutional improprieties.

Before I give my response to that let me just say this: If the president had asked me prior to attempting to enact a Republican health care plan, I would have advised against it. But, unfortunately, that ship has sailed, and we are left with a poorly thought-out Republican plan.

We can make it work if we work together. Again a huge "but" stands in the way. I know Republicans have been claiming that our president is a divisive leader, even when it was the Republicans leadership who met on inauguration day in 2009 to make a pact to make this a one-term presidency. Of course they failed at that miserably. I believe our president made the mistake of believing if he went with a Republican plan for health care that those on the right might try to work with him.

And to Mr. Meade, I agree that time will tell. The only monkey-wrench I can see that would swing this in the president's direction is that he is a Harvard-trained constitutional Lawyer. He might have found quite-legal ways to change this poorly thought-out plan to make it work for everyone. And as far as any legacy for this president goes, at the very least he is trying to help as many Americans as he can.

Now we all may learn a lesson here, electing a constitutional lawyer to the presidency can be a dangerous thing, or it could be the best thing we could have done with the House of Representatives we are stuck with at this time.

I would like to add my two cents to the Ukrainian debacle. The German chancellor said after speaking to Putin that he was "not in touch with reality". The Republicans were quick to put Putin on a pedestal, and call the president "weak." Given Putin's mental state, this president has had extensive experience dealing with folks who are certainly "not in touch" with reality. What better leadership could we ask for in this crisis.

Marty Valengavich


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The unseen enemies of education are games and sports events

To The Daily Sun,

Our economy, for the most part, depends on the availability of trained and dedicated workers to fuel the fires of commerce. Today, more than ever, there must be a talented workforce, ready and able to fill vacancies and increase production in needed industries across the country. Sadly, there isn't. And this economy will stagnate and lag behind the rest of the industrial world and we will all suffer because of it.

Why are our percentile grades in essential subjects (math and science) so far behind other less affluent nations. It is because our students, especially in high school lack the motivational skills to succeed. Frankly, they don't try hard enough — and there are too many distractions that get a lot more attention and acclaim than good grades.

The unseen enemy are games and sports events that are always the biggest, loudest, and most celebrated events in the school year. We, as a people, do not have the respect and honor and recognition that classroom studies should garner. The newspapers in every city and town will daily present three pages of games and scores, and very little if nothing, of academic achievements. We are a nation enthralled in the ongoing test of sports excellence.

Consider also the fact most students know little of state government or world history. The percentile grade in math across the state is somewhere around 24 percent. Other Asian nations are boxing our ears off. They'll get the higher-paying jobs. They are smarter than we are, and we are to blame for our misplaced priorities. We are lazy and complacent, giving little concern to a problem of immense importance — to the prosperity and welfare of ourselves and our neighbors. Games are transient. Education is permanent and irreplaceable. Insist that education will always be the foremost issue in every school and games somewhere in the distant background.

Leon R. Albushies

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Recent election results suggest United States is waking up

To The Daily Sun,

In January, I asked 14 questions of Sen. Shaheen, Reps. Shea-Porter and Kuster. As of March 14, my questions have gone unanswered. Allow me to answer my questions.

1. How many people have paid the premium? No one knows. Why not ask the insurance companies?

2. Who is buying Obamacare,e.g. old, young, etc.? No one knows. Why not ask the insurance companies?

3. What is the cost of the healthcare.gov website including repairs? HHS does not know.

4. When will the website work, front and back? No one knows.

5. In 2009-10, Rep. Shea-Porter and Sen. Shaheen told us we could keep our insurance. Why haven't they apologized for lying to us? They refuse to apologize for this.

6. Senator Landrieu of Louisiana stated was misled when she voted for Obamacare. Were Rep. Shea-Porter and Sen. Shaheen misled? No, they knew everything about the ACA and were proud of it.

7. Rep. Shea-Porter told us that "Obamacare will reduce the deficit." Please explain how? Rep. Shea-Porter has never explained how this would happen.

8. Why are Dems running for the hills because of Obamacare? Because they are tied to Obamacare and it is hurting their re-election chances.

9. Will Reps. Shea-Porter, Kuster and Sen. Shaheen run on Obamacare? No, they will run as far away from Obamacare as they can.

10. Why was the D.C. Insurance Commissioner fired for criticizing Obamacare? Because this is the way the Dems work. Why was Doctor Ben Carson audited by the IRS after criticizing President Obama?

11. Why did Sen. Shaheen want to delay the Medical Device Tax until after the 2014 election? Because, she want to be re-elected.

12. Why is Sen. Shaheen joining other Democrats to delay Obamacare? Because, she want to be re-elected.

13. Why does Obamacare allow for children to stay on their parent's policy until the age of 26 and military (our veterans) to age 21? Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen knew this when they voted for Obamacare. I cannot answer this question.

14. Why does the media, newspapers, politicians say that the tax for not having Obamacare is $95? Lately, the media has been stating that the tax is progressive based on your income.

The Florida election of Rep. Jolly and the election of Colonel Kenney in New Hampshire are signs that the United States is waking up to the liberal policies of the Democrat party. God bless America.

Jim Mayotte


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Rosemary wouldn't make up a conversatoin with Herb Vadney

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Belmont Heritage Commission and Belmont Historical Society we thank the community for interest, participation and support on March 11 and throughout the year. Generous approvals for the Heritage Fund and John M. Sargent Fund requests, will help match a bandstand restoration grant from the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, and establish a long-term project to "Preserve Belmont History" with digital archives of vintage photographs.

Despite disappointment that a proposal for Historic Demolition Review will not be implemented this year, we believe a community conversation about demolition decisions is needed. Much Belmont history has been lost, including the Badger and Fellows dams, Railroad Station, Village School House, Baptist Church Parsonage and significant barns and residences throughout our town.

Citizens and others have been resourceful protecting local treasures, like the re-purposed Belmont Mill, architecturally distinctive library, 1792 Province Road Meeting House and the landmark Victorian-era Bandstand. We salute them, and appreciate the privilege of serving the community's future, in part, by celebrating its past.

Linda Frawley

Heritage Commission Chairman 2012-2014

Wallace Rhodes, Founding Member & Historical Society President

Heritage Commission Chairman 2004-2012

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