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At least Forrester is trying to do something about opiod problem

To the Daily Sun;

Wow, lookee here at the letter from Eric T. Rottenecker in Friday's, Aug. 19 Laconia Sun. He sure doesn't mince words. He apparently doesn't care for Senator Jeannie Forrester's idea to curb the smuggling of illegal drugs into New Hampshire which has reached epidemic proportions.

He first equates legal medicinal drugs, i.e. those prescribed by doctors and sold legally by Rite Aid and other drug chains, with those sneaked across our borders. He then takes umbrage with the notion that utilizing the National Guard to safeguard New Hampshire citizens is "absurd and insane." Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that was was the mission of the New Hampshire National Guard.

He ends with the statement that he "has much more realistic candidates to choose from." But, instead of him being severely critical of someone else's idea, it sounds like as if he does not really care about a problem affecting many of our New Hampshire neighbors.

Mr. Rottenecker, wouldn't it be better to offer your own well thought-out plan. Just saying that you have more "realistic candidates" to vote for, smacks of pure politics. Tell me about one of your "realistic" candidate's better plan to alleviate a serious problem. Tell me you really want to do something about the illegal drug problem, just don't tell me you just don't want to have Senator Forrester as governor. At least she is trying to do something about a very grave problem.

Elliot Finn

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After working with Taylor, I hope to see him win his election

To The Daily Sun,

As a member of the Belknap County Union Negotiating Team, it has been a pleasure to serve along side County Commissioner Hunter Taylor these past 18 months. Commissioner Taylor, as the leader of our team, provided the guidance necessary to overcome the many obstacles we faced in securing signed labor agreements.

Our negotiating team faced a situation where union employees had not had a pay raise or signed labor contract since 2012. We had to negotiate with two different unions and four different bargaining units each with unique concerns and objectives. We had to craft a different contract for each bargaining unit while making sure that all final contracts were equal in cost to the county taxpayer.

In two different negotiations we reached an impasse and it was Commissioner Taylor who suggested a solution that made it possible to move forward. The final result of this year's negotiations was three signed labor contracts, two of which were approved unanimously by union members and the County Convention.

In addition to his negotiating skills, Commissioner Taylor has demonstrated a dogged attention to detail and ability to "think outside the box." These skills helped significantly in the final design of the new Belknap County Correctional Facility ultimately saving Belknap County taxpayers approximately $34 million.

For the above reasons, I support Hunter Taylor for County Commissioner. I don't live in District 3 so can't vote for him, but as a county resident I have an interest in his winning the seat.

Roger Grey

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