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I was for Rand Paul but Gov. Kasich is the best of remaining candidates

To The Daily Sun,

As a believer in the liberty message and smaller government, I am disappointed that Senator Rand Paul dropped out of the race. A number of good candidates remain. Of these, Governor John Kasich is the very best.

He is a man of character, good judgment and excellent experience. We need to change the direction of our great nation and I believe John Kasich is a proven leader, who can get our country on the right course. He has my enthusiastic support and will get my vote on Tuesday."

David DeVoy, Chairman

Belknap County Commission



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The one candidate who can beat the Clinton machine is Carly Fiorina

To The Daily Sun,

As the end of a long presidential primary season draws to a close, I would like to urge all to vote for Carly Fiorina. Like many readers, I made a point to thoroughly vet all candidates earlier this year, and have determined after careful consideration that Carly Fiorina is our best choice.
Carly's commitment to the conservative, independent tradition of self-sufficiency upon which our country was founded make her first among equals in a field clearly intimidated by her ability to clearly state conservative policies designed to remedy what ails our great nation.
Please join me on Tuesday in voting for the only candidate capable of defeating the Clinton machine and all of the sordidness it entails this November. Once again, New Hampshire stands poised to shock the world.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos


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