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Be sure to write Brett Currier in for selectman on Tuesday

To The Daily Sun,

I urge Gilmanton voters to vote "No" on Article 22. A "Yes" vote would mean an increase in taxes.

Brett Currier is your best candidate for selectman. Brett is a longtime resident of Gilmanton. Brett has experience. He is fair, and most of all, he cares about how your tax dollar is spent. Brett Currier is a write-in for selectman, so be sure to write Brett in Tuesday, March 10.

Don Guarino


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CDC reports 96 deaths from MMR vaccinations since 2004

To The Daily Sun,

Dr. Julie Gerberding headed the Centers for Disease Control in 2008 when the Poling case came to court. Hannah Poling was one of thousands of cases filed in the National Vaccine Injury Program. Hannah developed autism after multiple vaccinations. The landmark case amounted to $1.5 million for the first year and $500,000 each year after. Following the court case, Gerberding left the CDC and went to work for Merck as vice president of vaccines. Then was promoted to vice president of global public policy and public health at Merck.

Eileen O'Connor, a CNN and ABC reporter who downplayed the Poling settlement became a PR official for one of the pharmaceuticals. She's now at the Obama State Department.

"There is a great deal of evidence to prove the immunization of children does more harm than good." - Dr. J. Anthony Morris (former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at U.S. Federal Drug Administration).

"Measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B and a whole panoply of childhood diseases are a far less serious threat than having a large fraction of a generation afflicted with learning disability ... because of of an impassioned crusade for universal vaccination." - Association of American Physicians & Surgeons.

Dr. Buchwald worked at the oldest lung illness center in Germany. The epidemic of smallpox hit Germany in 1947. He looked at the files and verified that all those who had fallen ill had been vaccinated.

"There is just overwhelming data that there's an association between the pertussis vaccine and seizures. I know it has influenced many pediatric neurologists not to have their own children immunized with pertussis." - Dr. Jerome Murphy, former head of Pediatric Neurology at Milwaukee Children's Hospital.

"Whooping cough infections are common in an immunized population." - Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998. An outbreak in Vermont showed most had received whooping cough vaccinations.

"The vaccination lobby shamelessness takes all the children of this world as hostages to instill their greed for money and power. They relentlessly abuse our compassion for the weaker and our concern about health to promote the giga-business. No matter how many more vaccine victims will suffer death or side effects. No matter how many financial resources this strategy devours at the expenses of essential social investments like housing and employment. No matter what. Shocking! There is no excuse for this crime. Just as shocking is the observation that health policy is no longer under local, democratic control. Everything is set up and organized with scrutiny at the highest, international level by those who profit from it: the pharmaceutical industry, the financial world, the politicians." - Dr. Kris Gaublomme, M.D. Vaccine Injury Compensation, hearing before the subcommittee on Health and the Environment, 99th Congress, 2nd session, (July 25, 1986) page 214.

"It is impossible to identify all rare adverse events or to identify the safest vaccine combination prior to licensure." - Robert Chen, chief of Vaccine Safety and Development activity at USA National Immunization Program of Center for Disease Control.

"In the United States during the period 1980-85, 55 cases of paralytic polio were reported. Of these cases, 51 were caused by the oral vaccine and four occurred in people returning from developing countries." - United States Center for Disease Control.

"A vast number of children who were injected with a killed measles vaccine between 1963 and 68 in the United States are now subject, as young adults to what is called "atypical measles," a very severe form of the disease in which it appears that because of the vaccination, there is an increased susceptibility to measles viruses, resulting from a damaged immune system." - Journal of American Medical Association, volume 1244 No. 8.

"Measles vaccination produces immune suppression which contributes to an increased susceptibility to other diseases." - Clinical Immunopathology May 1996.

"... the apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles become a disease of immunized persons." - Dept. of Internal medicine, Mayo Clinic. Mayo Vaccine Research Group. August 1994.

CDC reports 96 deaths from MMR vaccinations since 2004. How many might have died and not attributed to the vaccine is not known. If someone is killed or injured by a vaccine, they would have to sue the U.S. Government in a special "vaccine court."

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a nephrologist (kidney physician) says the vaccine industry isn't giving the people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or death. "Most doctors were never taught in school how to take care of the immune system."

Information and disinformation can move at the speed of light. Often research and scientific findings that disprove common orthodoxy are suppressed in order that the masses are kept in the dark and manipulated by fear. The truth is out there, it is waiting to be rescued from obscurity.

I trusted a school nurse who informed me some years ago that a hepatitis B shot was mandatory. Afterwards, it put the family through a serious ordeal. Incidentally, the school nurse misinformed me, either intentionally or mistakenly.

Gene F. Danforth


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