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Must to hard to lift all that greatness off the pillow in the morning

To The Daily Sun,

To my Grammar Ghost Admirer:

Thank you AGAIN for your attention and concern. I can assure you the police were contacted again. If you continue they will investigate and I will press charges. This letter was on white paper, with child like writing, and sent out of Boston Mass this time, so sneaky.

Still not signed because as THEY stated that is irrelevant? I say cowardly little person. This letter was far longer than the last one. Seems they had a lot to correct! And did so most arrogantly. Stating how perfect they are in the field(s) of grammar, letter writing, and that I should take English classes!

After I was done with all this precious information — how awesome they are, how the legal system works, how to form sentences, how they have a life, etc.. the list could go on I tell you. Honestly, I don't know how they can lift their heads up in the morning with all that conceded weigh of greatness and power (lol). But have no fear when I was done laughing at you, I let my puppy use your letter as a pee pad! I made sure I put your smile up.

Denise C. Burke

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'Bishop' should concentrate of housing & feeding the homeless

To The Daily Sun,

"Bishop" Blake: who died and left you in charge? I abhor your taking delight in a business failure. You seem to think you provided some divine retribution, sorry you had nothing to do with it. Parking had a big part of it, not you and your lightening strikes.

Should another business take up space there I hope they leave the cross front and center, it's part of the structure and history of our city. I implore you to take up some other issues, maybe how to house and feed the homeless, that's a tad more up your "Bishop" type alley, don't you think?

Judi Leavitt

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