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9/11 was justified because we had it coming? Outrageous!

To The Daily Sun,

In Tuesday's Daily Sun, Professor Cracraft seems to posit that the 9/11 attack on the United States was justified . . . we had it coming . . . because of what this country did in Chile in the 1980s.

First, "He did it, too" is not an argument, it's an alibi. Next, for the professor to draw a moral equivalence between the two is outrageous.

Is the professor attempting to justify the terrorism and horrors that radical Muslims have inflicted on innocents?

Bob Meade



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Beverly Heyduk & Barbara Brann (9-11) 300 THX

To The Daily Sun,

The Friends of the Meredith Library's third annual "Book-It!" race was a wonderful success due to the efforts of the following: our volunteers - Tom Allen, Erin Apostolos, Ann Butler, Pam Coburn, Cliff Dickinson, Micci Freyenhagen, Christopher Leland, Linda Matson, Joyce Messer, Carol Moritz, Ray Moritz, Elizabeth Rohdenburg, Cathy Turgeon, Av Brann, Dan Heyduk, Rhetta Colon, Dan Keith, John Kreitler, Lorraine Martin, Joe Quimby, Liz and Bev Lapham, Ginny Lovett, Duncan and Deb McNeish, Anne and Tim Whiting, Heather Quin, Boy Scout Troop 55, Stuart's Ambulance Service, and Lakes Region Community Emergency Response Team.

We are also very grateful to the following generous sponsors: Gold Sponsor - The Fitness Edge; Silver Sponsors - Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors, Overhead Door Options Inc., and an anonymous donor of our new race timing clock; Bronze Sponsors - E.M. Heath Inc., Chippers, Phu Jee Chinese Cuisine, DES Home Repair & Remodeling, Middleton Building Supply, Inc. and Duncan and Deb McNeish.

The following donors ensured that we had wonderful food and prizes to give to our participants:. C.G. Roxane Company, Stonyfield, Cider Bellies Doughnuts, Moulton Farm, Adornments Unique Jewelry & Apparel, American Police Motorcycle Museum, Aubuchon Hardware-Meredith, BarnZ's Cinemas, Ben & Jerry's, Clark's Trading Post, Country Carriage, Del's Kitchen, Ekal, Family Affair Salon, Funspot, Giuseppe's Restaurant, Gunstock, Hannaford Market, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Hermit Woods Winery, Innisfree Bookshop, Kara's Café and Cakery, Kellerhaus, Lakes Region Nutrition Center, Lakeside Deli and Grille, Lee's Candy Kitchen, Micci Freyenhagen, New England Runner, Ooo La La Cakes, Patricia's Ladies Apparel, Patrick's Pub and Eatery, Premier Nail Salon, So Little Thyme, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Sweet Summertime, Threads, and Voila!

We were delighted to have runners from many states join our local participants. All proceeds go toward supporting our Meredith Library.

Beverly Heyduk & Barbara Brann

Co-Chairs, Race Committee


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Check your wood stove for leaks. . . and quit smoking

To The Daily Sun,

The shocking video of a professional football player violently and viciously assaulting his fiancé has brought the issue of domestic violence to the nation's attention again. The callous indifference of the NFL compounds the problem and is emblematic of the challenges faced by victims. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has estimated that 42 million women have experienced some form of domestic violence or stalking during their lifetime. It's an epidemic. Yet domestic violence programs still struggle to receive funding and victims face many legal and professional barriers to either getting help or establishing economic independence.

Our state Senator Andrew Hosmer has been a leader in combating domestic violence. He has worked to secure funding for essential programs. He has sponsored and co-sponsored bills that establish the crime of domestic violence and prohibit discrimination against victims. His strong bi-partisan leadership on this issue stands in stark contrast to his opponent's record. While serving in the N.H. House of Representatives, Kathy Rago voted to defund domestic violence programs not once, but twice!

I want to thank Senator Hosmer for his bi-partisan leadership on this issue. He has earned my support in November and I would encourage you to support him as well.

Victoria Bunk


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Check your wood stove for leaks. . . and quit smoking

To The Daily Sun,

To those of you who still smoke and/or heat with a wood stove. I smoked for over 50 years and heated with a 100-year-old smoky wood stove. My family kept after me to quit smoking, but like all smokers I never listened because I was invincible. But in February 2011 during a short heat spell I decided to clear off the ice build­up on my roof. Around 9 or so that night I started to have problems breathing and but had enough strength to call 9-1-1. That began a 2­ 1/2-year odyssey of 9-1-1 calls, hospital stays and a long nursing home stay. After the 9-1-1 call and unable to breath I was intubated and spent 86 days at Speare and Concord Hospital recovering.

My family was rushing around making plans of what to do with me when it was all over. My sister traveled back and forth from Oregon at least three times, cousin from Virginia and niece from Maryland and one from Maine. Somehow I recovered enough to be discharged from Concord and get back home, oxygen-free. That didn't last long, and by the beginning of 2012 I ended up at Mountain Ridge Nursing home in Franklin. But I was able to leave in May 2013, but by that time I was oxygen-dependent 24/7. Also, due to my numerous medications I am unable to drive (it's still a DUI even if it's not alcohol), so I had to depend on the generosity of my neighbors for everything.

Anyway, this wasn't how I had planned it and wasn't fair to my friends or family either. But they didn't complain. However, I did qualify for low-income housing so moved into one, again with the help and blessings of my neighbors. Luckily there is a local senior center, along with other organizations, which are my lifelines to the rest of the world and extra help. Think of them when it comes to donation time.

So now am attached to a oxygen tube, not driving, taking enough pills to make Cheech & Chong jealous. But, luckily, I did qualify for Medicaid and have my retirement funds to live on since I had to use all my personal savings for the previous hospital bills. So, the bottom line message here is to check your wood stove for leaks and fix them. And quit smoking. Take it from someone who's been there and came back. It was a strange trip, but there must be a reason I'm still here outside of just irritating the GOP.

Jon Hoyt

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Without government work, where would Frank Guinta be in life?

To The Daily Sun,

Former Congressman Frank Guinta is always talking about his small business experience, implying an extensive career. I looked into it and found that he has mischaracterized his career — which he has spent mainly working for government at various levels, on the taxpayer dime.

Initially, Mr. Guinta worked as a claims manager for Travelers Insurance, and then in hardware at Home Depot, and as a bouncer at a South Boston bar. The only small business experience I could find for Mr. Guinta was an insurance consulting business in 1996.

After that, he turned to government for a job. In 1998 he was a legal clerk for the New Hampshire Department of Insurance, then became a state representative and Manchester alderman, after which he worked for former Congressman Jeb Bradley's congressional office (2003-2005). Then he was elected mayor of Manchester in 2006, and in 2010 congressman from the First District.

It's ironic that Mr. Guinta claims such expertise in small business when he mainly held government jobs, with a few stints at big businesses like Home Depot and Travelers Insurance.

Mr. Guinta constantly advocates for smaller government. But without government work, where would he be?
Gail Morrison


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