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Is Rumney doing right thing by moving Old Home Day stand?

To The Daily Sun,
Does doing the right thing still matter?
The issue: Rumney’s 250th anniversary and its associated gazebo project.
The Old Home Town Committee’s proposed gazebo location came from years of event celebrations. A temporary grandstand was always located on Main Street. But suddenly, for this anniversary project, a Rumney resident suggested Water Street as an alternate, more aesthetic, location.
Citizen input was undertaken. The poll: Main Street 147 and Water Street 133 votes. Despite 10 percent more for Main Street, the Board of Selectmen ruled it “fairly evenly divided.”
The selectmen ruling in favor of Water Street with the lower vote was questioned. Their defense: safety was primary concern. Their source was the chief of police.
A more authoritative opinion from the Department of Transportation was requested. A DOT site visit occurred, accompanied by the chief of police. The DOT official relayed to the chief of police that both Main Street and Water Street complied with Right-of-Way, and neither had safety issues.
This information dispelling safety concerns against Main Street gazebo location was NOT relayed by the police chief to the Board of Selectmen. The townspeople, especially those favoring the Main Street location, were completely in the dark.
Despite this new information, dispelling safety concerns as the principal reason for negating citizen input, the selectmen finalized their earlier decision to proceed with the gazebo placement on Water Street. What is at play here? What other interest is involved?
We citizens of Rumney, who clearly stated our preference for Main Street gazebo placement, demand that our voices be heard and that the selectmen rescind their now defenseless decision. Their choice will otherwise go down in Rumney’s history, as a glaring example of “what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive” — an odd way to celebrate Rumney’s 250 years.
We, and hopefully the Board of Selectmen, would prefer the alternative — a toast to Rumney town officials — responsive, worthy of trust, just and fair.
Marcosa J. Santiago, MD

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New Hampshire is better than the conduct shown by Rep. Fisher and Rep. Frost

To The Daily Sun,
Recently, Rep. Robert Fisher from Laconia was exposed for his link and creation of a Reddit site called “the Red Pill” a reference to The Matrix movie. The site is a self-purported online forum to fight a “feminist culture.” The entire site is filled with posts about sexual strategy, degrading comments about women and references to sexual activity. This site is an online forum that validates and gives permission to a culture of abusive, violent and degrading behavior against women.
Today another post was added to the site which says, “Every woman wants to be attractive enough to be raped. It’s like the pinnacle of male desire, when he can’t stop no matter what.”
Gov. Sununu and House Speaker Shawn Jasper called for Fisher’s resignation. In a tit-for-tat move, House Rep. Victoria Sullivan from Manchester moved to review Rep. Sherry Frost, a Democrat Party woman representative from Dover. Rep. Frost came under fire in recent months for swearing on social media and reference to “homicidal” feelings because of repression and minimization of her feelings about votes on matters that are important to most Democrats in the House such as transgender rights.
House representatives had to sit and watch representative after representative come to The Well to defend their “right” to marry a 13-year-old girl to derail passage of House Bill 499. This bill was originated by a Girl Scout who sat in the gallery and observed the shameful and twisted display on the House floor.
Rep. Frost’s comments do not rise to the level of an entire website filled with suggestions and instructions for men which include violent and degrading references to how to treat women. Further, drawing an equivalency between the two highlights further the widespread desensitization relating to women’s issues. This is a symptom of a larger problem which is promoted by our current president and is part of systematic desensitization to disrespect, degradation and violence against women.
New Hampshire is better than this. Please stand up and voice your opposition to actions relating to this matter.
State Rep. Mindi Messmer

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