I embrace my disability as notion that I can be productive & of service

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to comment on the Department of Education's Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

I became involved in this program as a client in October. It is to the say the least a magnificent instrumental organization for people with disabilities.

This program offers hope and helps disabled people who, in spite of disabilities, wish to remain active and productive in the community.

As in my case, I have worked physically hard my entire life. I tried to maintain a good work ethic, even when work was being a physical challenge for me. The worst insult a person could tell me is, "You are not capable of doing anything." If that is not a ludicrous statement, I don't know what is.

Vocational Rehabilitation offers a rainbow of hope for a person with a disability, such as myself. It works. The staff and counselors are incomparable.

With age comes changes. I embrace my disability as a notion that I can be productive and be of service to community and help others.

Vocational Rehabilitation inspired this philosophical ingenuity to me. I am better for seeking the services of Voc Rehab.

Remember, in this free society we have control over our own destiny. No individual has the right to control it for you, or to even mention it. Arrogance for sure.

I greatly encourage any disabled person to seek out the services of Voc Rehab. They are located at Employment Secuirty and they are there for you, as they were for me.

Matthew Tetreault


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Town officials, please make commitment to our Year-Round Library

To The Daily Sun,

A library is one of the cornerstones of a healthy community, together with schools and churches. Those in the Gilmanton community who are familiar with the resources and programs that the Year-Round Library provides are more than likely to say that our library is important. It reflects the diversity, character and the needs of our wonderful town, while at the same time building community and supporting local culture in exciting ways.

Most know where the library is located, a gem hidden in plain sight. Those who have visited and have used the library, describe it as a positive experience, and observe that it is "a welcoming, friendly place," a "nice, pleasant space to be." People often go to the library looking mainly for information, but there they connect with neighbors or make a new friend.

Our library's most important asset is the wonderful staff of Tasha, Pam and Jean. They go out of their way to answer questions, assist, and help those exploring the library to have a comfortable, pleasant experience. The library is open to the community; the only entrance requirement is your interest.

As a community, we are fortunate that the Gilmanton Year-Round Library has become a dynamic place which actively seeks to engage all segments of our diverse town. Each year it injects a healthy dose of vitality by expanding its mission with the introduction of new programs. These activities span the gambit from Lego Club and Story Time for the youngest, after-school programs for elementary school students, to adult evening speakers discussing topics ranging from Field & Stream, to our own infamous resident, Herman Mudgett.

Although the Year-Round Library collects a percentage of its operating revenue from fundraising activities, private sources, and grants, these revenue streams can never fully support the many functions the library performs. I ask the Budget Committee, selectmen, and most importantly the voters of Gilmanton, to please make a commitment to our library and to the many services it provides for all.

Our Year-Round Library communicates to the public our underlying values: that strong community connections, information, education, and shared community space matter.

Jack Schaffnit


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Inference is that government is giving Meredith free roundabouts

To The Daily Sun,

We learned the consultant for the proposed Meredith roundabouts had designed enough width for emergency vehicles to pass in the event of a traffic accident in the area. We learned there are planned emergency vehicle turns through the median barriers. What if a pedestrian is inside the barrier?

We learned the dividers mean that the entire area will allow right turns only. We learned that no one knew what impact having people from the bank, the shopping center and other businesses in the area, having to travel to the next available roundabout in order to reverse their direction of travel would add to the traffic burden.

We learned that it was assumed that the business in the area will not be impacted by the change in the traffic pattern. We learned that Manchester, Vt., has two roundabout systems, which the presenter stated they love. We learned the local administration in Manchester, Vt., would not talk with the Meredith town manager about it.

We learned that the project will cost $5 million for construction only. We learned that there will be additional land acquisition costs. We learned we do not know what those costs are? We learned the "town will not be contributing to these costs."

We learned the committee believes the money will all come from the federal and state governments and apparently we don't pay taxes to those organizations. We learned that the committee believes local property taxes will not go up as a result of the project?

I recommend that everyone do your homework on this project. The presenters stated: road project construction is scheduled to take place in 2017 and 2018, the project will not solve the congestion issue, the proposal will beautify the area, and there will be over $5 million spent, but it will not cost you anything. The inference is government is giving free money which we can either take or reject. Kind of makes you wonder where they get their money, doesn't it?

You are encouraged to go to the public hearing on Jan. 26 and find out what's going to happen to you, the taxpayer. It would be better if you did a little homework and can lend an informed voice to the discussion.

The video of the Dec.15 presentation can be viewed at granitegrok.com.  Information about the project site is available at Meredith 3-25.com.

Rosemary Landry


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From uninhabitable to warm New Hampton home in 2 weeks

To The Daily Sun,

Walking into our home and seeing it now was a dream come true. I am one who says great creations come after disasters. The thousands of emotions that ran through this family as we watched the fire in disbelief. We never could have imagined the blessings and miracle that would come after.

From the bottom of our heart we want to thank Steve Hanser for getting all the volunteers together, coordinating everything to bring this house back to a home. Also, Alex Ray from the Common Man. He helped raise money, donated food, painted, etc. There were many people who came and worked day and night so we could move back in. It really shows there are great, exceptional people out there.

We were able to go from a home that they called uninhabitable to a warm and complete makeover in two weeks. This would never had been possible without the help from every person and business that came here. They did not get paid, but by only from the kindness of their hearts. We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who made this possible for our family.

The Batchelder Family

New Hampton

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Odds against creation of the universe are heartstoppingly astronomical

To The Daily Sun,

Biotech scientists have suggested human DNA is so complicated it is nearly impossible to conclude it was creased by accident. The more science learns about humans and the universe the possibility of God increases.

Science has been skeptical of the god theory since the dawning of time. Scientists have begun to change their tune. The existence of God has yet to be proven. But as science digs ever deeper the God possibility has increased, not decreased. In 1996 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God dead? The cultural narrative at the time suggested he was at best obsolete. The theory was as science progressed there was less need for the existence of "God" to explain the universe. It seems those rumors of his premature death were a bit premature. About the same time renowned astronomer Carl Sagan postulated there were only two basic requirements for a planet to support life. The right kind of star and a planet the right distance from that star. Given the roughly octillion planets (the number 1 followed by 24 zeroes) in the universe there should have been at least a septillion (the number 1 followed by 21 zeroes) that were possible of supporting life.

The odds of finding other life in the universe were considered to be all but assured with those huge numbers. Since the 1960s, The United states both publicly and privately invested millions in countless projects in the quest to discover life elsewhere. SETI was one of the largest projects focusing monster radio telescopes around the universe. Years later without success SETI was defunded by Congress. The search has continued with private money. The most notable fact of all this effort "deafening silence." As of 2014 searchers have discovered nothing, zero, nada. You got it precisely — bupkis.

What the hell happened, if as Sagan suggested there were only two basic elements needed to create the possibility of life? The answer: One heck of a lot. His two parameters grew to 10, then 20 and then 50 as science became smarter. The number of possible planets capable of supporting life shrunk faster than Obama's job approval rating. As new factors fundamental to the existence elf life expanded it has become more than clear there is no other planet likely able to support life as we know it. The number of critical factors now has risen to more than 200.

Yet we are talking about existing. Can every one of these critical factors here be so perfect by accident? At some point science is going to suggest we could not have happened by accidental forces. It is getting ever closer to that pronouncement. We have reached the point it takes less" faith" to assume some "intelligence" created the conditions to support life as it does to believe the earth overcame octillion odds by accident.

Lastly, consider the "fine tuning" for the universe to exist at all. Top astrophysicists are well aware the four fundamental forces, gravity, electromagnetic force, and the strong and weak nuclear forces were created in one millionth of a second after the big bang. If the ratio between the nuclear forces were off the tiniest fraction-by even one part per 100,000,000,000,000,000 then no stars would have formed at all, including ours... When you multiply that number by all the other factors required to be perfect the odds against the creation of the universe are heart-stoppingly astronomical. The notion that it just happened, defies all odds.

If your still having trouble grasping my point. What are the odds of flipping that quarter in your pocket, having it come up heads 100 million times in a row. Can that happen by luck? Science seems to think not.......neither do I.

Tony Boutin


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