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Plasma generation is far from a fraud - take a look for yourself

To The Daily Sun,

Once again James Veverka is exposing his kneejerk reactions to anything any conservative might say or write. In Wednesday's paper, James challenges not me but the scientific community, though his target was, of course, me He said I am a perfect example of Dunning-Kruger. For those unfamiliar with it, Dunning and Kruger wrote a dissertation years ago explaining that no one knows what we don't know. It applies equally to all people so James has used the attempt slur inappropriately in the first place; in the second he's wrong. Plasma generation if far from a fraud as he incorrectly claims so let me help James make himself foolish once again. I refer readers to https://www.wired./2012/01/ff_trashblaster/ or if one prefers, Plasma gasification - Wikipedia and one more with a video,https:www.youtube.com/watch?vzpTLyB1tjY
Why don't you try those James and learn something before making a fool of yourself once again?
Steve Earle


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Yes, abortion kills a human and in America it is still permissible

To The Daily Sun,
A big thank you to George Brunstad for his informative letter in the December 8 issue of The Daily Sun on the issue of Hillary Clinton and abortion. Yes, abortion kills a human, and with the current situation in the courts it is still permissible. But, a woman has the choice. So, don't kill your own baby. Choose Life. Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell


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