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I'm not a politician, just an ordinary citizen trying to do what's right

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the people of Belknap County District 8 — from Alton Barnstead and Gilmanton — for your support during my first term as your state representative. It has been gratifying to help some of you with issues related to the state or county government; some issues with resolution and some I'm still working on.

Yes, I have been attacked by the liberal Democrats on my voting record but, I'm a conservative Republican and my votes are in line with the Republican platform. That is why I have been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business, New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance, American Conservative Union Foundation, New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, Nation Rifle Association, and I have a 97.4 percent score with the House Republican Alliance.

It's easy to attack some one through a letter to the editor, like Ruth Larson's recent letter attacking me for my votes.

Did you know, as a member of the Gunstock Area Commissioners, Ruth voted to not reimburse the county taxpayers the millions of tax dollars that were used in 2001 to bail out Gunstock when it was insolvent? I promise to negotiate for the taxpayers to get a share of the annual profits of Gunstock, which is owned by the residents of Belknap County.

In government I've learned that some tax dollars are well spent and some are not. For example, look at the war on drugs. Did you know that even with the increased spending, New Hampshire is on track to set a new record for overdose deaths this year? Is this money well spent? You decide.

I'm not a politician, just a citizen like you trying to do what is right for everyone. I ask for your support on November 8th, for a second term to represent you in our citizen Legislature. Thank you for your support and please call me if you have any concerns on county or state related issues.

Raymond Howard, Jr.



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Okay to lie a little to make sure people know how bad Trump is?

To The Daily Sun,

John Stossel had a good piece in the Union Leader (Friday) on how the media have distorted Trump's image.

They said Trump supported the war in Iraq when the record shows he was undecided about it. They said he hovered menacingly over Hillary during the first debate when it was Hillary who physically approached him. Stossel said, rightly, that the left in its various centers of control — media, education, Hollywood — goes on the assumption their opinions are correct, and if you don't agree with them it's just because you haven't been enlightened yet.

So since they "know" that Donald Trump is a bumbling neanderthal, it's okay to tweak things a little bit to get the masses to understand that, even if what you report is not exactly true.

Today I saw an anti-Trump ad on TV which featured Judy Shepard, the mother of the young gay man murdered in Colorado several years ago. Judy Shepard was saying she could not vote for Trump because of his hateful rhetoric and demeanor. We are supposed to understand that because Mrs. Shepard is the mother of a young man who was murdered ostensibly because he was gay, she is an expert on parsing out hate.

The ad was a lie on two levels. Firstly, the truth that emerged about the Matthew Shepard case after the publicity died down, is that he was murdered as part of a drug deal gone wrong, not as the result of an anti-gay hate crime. Secondly, the place in the world right now that is most dangerous to homosexuals is radical Islamic countries that practice Sharia law. In such countries homosexuals are hanged from cranes and tossed off buildings.

Hillary Clinton wants to admit 65,000 more Syrian Muslims, to add to the 10,000 Barack Obama just let in. If even a tiny percentage of that number are militant radicals, there may likely be more Muslim attacks on gays as there was recently at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Trump wants to keep people who don't love America and Americans out of our country. If Mrs. Shepard was really concerned about the safety and well-being of gays, and not just interested in promoting the left's agenda, she would be supporting Trump.

Donald Trump is not a hater. He has made no hateful statements about gays. The media has tried to portray him as hating Mexicans, which he doesn't. He simply said a large proportion of Mexican illegals are of the criminal class, which is true. One-third of our prison population is made up of these people. The proportion is far above their percentage in the population. So when he said we are not getting their best people, he was right.

The mainstream media is going on the assumption that the American people are too stupid to see through their lies and distortions. Please don't satisfy their expectations. Vote Trump. To preserve and protect America.

Hillarie Goldstein

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