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Scare tactics working in Sanbornton, people don't want to be sued

To The Daily Sun,

Why did the Sanbornton Planning Board use scare tactics supplied by the Regional Planning Commission in a handout by Gerald Coogan, LRPC, at the Sanbornton Planning Board informational meeting Thursday night? The theme of the meeting, after the clarification of the amendments, was a steady drumbeat of being sued. The town counsel quoted almost verbatim from the handout which listed a history from decades ago of three other bizarre N.H. cases. Scare tactics are working, and the people are worried about being sued. He also said that anyone can sue anyone at any time for any reason. So no matter what we do, that could still happen. Some think that we are still opening ourselves to future litigation.

The residents of Sanbornton, according to that meeting, want controlled development, but they don't want to be sued. They want the town to stay the way it is — a rural community. But unlimited cluster development, IF it happens, would create an undue burden on the town.

According to a Daily Sun article April 10, Plymouth State University made an analysis that shows Belknap County has a shrinking workforce and an aging population most likely due to the depressed economic conditions. Therefore, the future does not show an increased need for workforce housing in Belknap County.

According to the newspaper, the meeting was advertised as a public meeting, therefore anyone is entitled to come and speak. However, a statement was made at the beginning of the meeting that it was a Planning Board meeting, which limits input from the public. Disrespect at the meeting was shown by a few of the townspeople towards Representative Jane Cormier because she was a non-resident. That embarrassed us as we thought it was a public meeting open to all and the loud comments made town appear to be unfriendly. The handout said "municipalities do not exist solely to serve their own residents, and their regulations should promote the general welfare, within and without their boundaries".

After the meeting, talking with Rep. Cormier, she said her reasons were to help us understand the ramifications of accepting workforce housing and its negative aspects in other towns. What is wrong with that? Information was the reason for the meeting. The more the better.

The irony of the whole evening was when the question was asked, "Do we already comply?" The Planning Board didn't know, and they won't know until the time comes to prove it.

Hal & Peggy Graham

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As your Sanbornton selectman, I will never forget that I work for you

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Jeff Jenkins.
I wish to put my many years of management experience to use as Sanbornton's next selectman. I have a back ground in many types of work. I spent 25 years with a volunteer fire department, rising to the rank of fire chief. I served 22 years in the Army Engineers, with the last five years as a first sergeant. I worked 35 years for N.H. Department of Transportation, the first 28 years of which I worked for the Bureau of Traffic (pavement marking, highway signs and traffic lights) where I became the maintenance supervisor responsible for 15 crews. The last seven years with NHDOT before retiring I worked in the field for the Bureau of Construction as a contract administrator performing quality, quantity, and compliance inspection of road and bridge projects. My duties included inspecting contractors work, keeping project records, serving as liaison between the state and contractors, resolving conflicting design problems, releasing funds for monthly payments to contractors for progress made, and resolving issues with abutters. After retiring I have spent the last eight years working as a consultant (self employed) for cities and towns doing this same work as a contract administrator.

Those who know me know that I like to keep busy and have served on many of Sanbornton's committees. At this point I have served on the town Budget Committee for 12 years, the CIP Committee for seven years, and before that two years on the Town Government Study Committee, six years on the Town Building Committee, and currently on the Road Privatization Study Committee.
In 1998 I graduated from a 2-year course, sponsored by the State of N.H. as a "Certified Public Manager".
I feel that I am a true Yankee both by my heritage and by my approach to life.
I am happily married to my wife, Joyce and we have 4 sons and 6 grandchildren.
I am asking for your vote to elect me as your next selectman so I can serve the Town of Sanbornton at another level. As a leader working for you I will not forget that I work for you and my job is to keep the town's best interest at heart.

Jeff Jenkins


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Every time I write the governor I get the same form-letter back

To The Daily Sun,

Several times since the proposed Wild Meadows industrial wind turbine complex was first revealed to our unsuspecting towns I've written to Governor Hassan. Each time I get a version of a form letter in response signed by Robert Dittman from her office. The same lines appear in them all; we must "strengthen our system for evaluating energy projects, while recognizing and respecting the time, energy, and investment that many businesses have already made in submitting proposals for new energy projects in our state."

A $5,000,000 investment by a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company is a pittance compared to what we, the people, have invested here. We've invested a much larger portion of what we have in the past, present and future of this state. We've invested a larger portion of our income in our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, roads, industries, farms, everything! Our hearts and souls are here and will remain here for generations to come. Do not make the mistake of believing that the dollar value of a corporate investment is worth more than the dollars, blood, sweat and tears of the people! We deserve recognition and respect for our time, energy and investments that have been made to live, work, play and enjoy our homes, yards, parks, mountains, streams and lakes.

Why would the governor give the most consideration to businesses wishing to destroy our natural resources because of an "investment" rather than the residents, taxpayers and voters of New Hampshire? Article 1 of the New Hampshire state Constitution states that "all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good." Therefore I'd like to remind the governor and the rest of the lawmakers that you are all required to protect our constitutional rights as Article 8 points out that "all power resid(es) originally in, and derive(s) from, the people" you are "at all times accountable to (us)."

If Governor Hassan and the rest of the folks in Concord believe that rapacious energy corporations deserve to have a stable business environment, but don't care about the small business owners that are already here and don't care to create a stable living environment for the existing homeowners, residents, taxpayers and voters, rest assured we can and will replace them. I encourage everyone to write to the governor as well as our senators and representatives and let them know we expect them to serve us, the living, breathing Granite Staters and not the corporate entities that only exist on paper. And please remember their responses the next time you vote.

Cindy Kudlik

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Come out on Friday night and get informed about Sanbornton candidates

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton residents/voters have a chance to hear their candidates for town offices, this Friday night, May 2, at 7 p.m. in Town Hall, in the square. Candidates' Night will show that we have several races. So time spent on Friday night, with good questions asked, may help voters make their decisions.

Credit goes to all candidates. Serving one's community is part of our democracy's need.

Voting is Tuesday, May 13. Town Meeting is Wednesday night, May 14, at the elementary school.

Sanbornton voters, come out on Friday night and get informed on where the candidates stand.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Obama has chosen to preoccupy nation with lessons of division

To The Daily Sun,

To Bernadette Loesch:
The conservative mind finds itself in quite a compromised position. A position that seems beyond your comprehension. If it were not for folks like yourself and Obama, the honest mind could, as you suggest, could spend a lot more time resting and relaxing. You will not allow us that luxury.

The lies, BS, slight of hand, political illusions, social engineering and mind numbing propaganda of the Democratic Party never ends. Republicans find themselves continually having to correct the record. Millions of people believe what they hear if it crosses the lips of the president of the United States. They cant believe some one at that level of government would so boldly lie to them. There is not a word Obama says anyone can believe with certainty because he has been caught lying so often. You're his admirer, that immediately eliminates you as an objective source of analysis. Obama's nose rivals a giant redwood. "You want to keep your doctor, you can", "don't cross my red line, or your in trouble", " if we raise the minimum wage, poverty will disappear", "elect me, I will unite the country". This is just an appetizer of the BS and misinformation spewed by Obama. By the way, businesses and people that make money are BAD FOLKS.

Barack Obama, simply stated, is the most incapable, incompetent president this country has ever endured — and we have had some real jerks. This country is DEEP in the toilet and Obama has only flushed us further down.
The typical American family today says "it feels like the recession has never ended". It hasn't for tens of millions of them because they are worse off.
The average American family has LESS spendable income today that the day Obama was elected.
Student loan DEFAULTS are up 100 percent since the day Obama was elected and headed even higher.
We have more people with HIGH-PRICED, college degrees doing menial, low wage work in retail and restaurants today that the day Obama was elected.
We have more people dependent on GOVERNMENT to eat TODAY than the day Obama was elected.
We have fewer of working age people actually WORKING today than the day Obama was elected.
We have far more income INEQUALITY today that the day Obama was elected. Obama has made the rich INCREDIBLY RICH and he put millions more in POVERTY.
We have more companies looking to RELOCATE more of their business to some other country today that the day Obama was elected. Taking the jobs with them.
We have more earnings of more Americans largest companies coming from OUTSIDE AMERICA, than inside since Obama was elected.
WE have millions of people who have slipped from the MIDDLE CLASS to the lower class since Obama was elected.
We have millions more people working PART TIME today because they can't find full-time work since the the day Obama was elected.
Entitlements, Social Security, Medicare and Disability are more under water since Obama's election. Screams to means test programs turns makes them into WELFARE.
We have lost millions of jobs in the HIGHEST pay quintile (above $ 50 an hour ) while adding millions to the LOWEST quintile (under $10) since Obama was elected.
I could go on and on and on. You get my message. Barack Obama and Democrats who have controlled TWO of the three levers of government for six years. They have failed as miserably as any party ever has in the past century in turning the decline of this country around. China will be the NUMBER ONE ECONOMY in the world by the end of 2014. A feat held by the U.S. for the past ONE HUNDRED AND 50 YEARS. Our star is rapidly falling. Everything Barack Obama has done has increased the speed of that decline. America now finds itself TODAY more deeply divided carrying more hate, resentment and envy that it has ever felt in decades. Obama has chosen to preoccupy the country with warfare of one type or another — DIVIDING and pitting one American against another for political purposes. Men vs. women, (the alleged war on women never stops because the majority of men vote Republican. Democrats cannot win any election, any place, without WOMEN, so the fictional war on women NEVER ENDS), government vs. private business, fossil fuel vs. renewable energy, racial minorities vs. racial majorities, the haves vs. the have nots, therich vs. the poor, the states vs. the federal government, unions vs. non unions and the gunslingers vs. the abolitionists.

With Barack Obama it is always someone DEMONIZING, DEMEANING and DEMORALIZING someone else.
Tony Boutin

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