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I promise to do my best to meet expectations that've been set for me

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank every Meredith voter who participated in Tuesday's election, your vote truly does count. I especially want to thank the people that supported me and helped with my candidacy. My being elected was largely due to the high regard our community has for you and their respect for your opinions.

As your new selectman I promise to do my best to live up to the expectations you have set for me.

Ray Moritz


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When Israel is gone, Obama will be safe & sound & blaming others

To The Daily Sun,

I watched/listened to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before Congress last week. He gave a great speech and I felt debunked Obama's and Kerry"s opinions that it's their version of a treaty or war. Pointing out that conceding to Iran's demands will most assuredly lead to a nuke-armed Iran, a far more aggressive Iran and a nuke arms race in the Middle East makes perfect sense in my opinion.

Iran has not been a trustworthy regime to deal with. It's the leading exporter of terror in the world, and clearly states it's intention to destroy Israel and has been our enemy ever sense they overthrew the shah. The answer is not a bad deal that gives a clear path to nukes, but stronger and stronger sanctions for failure to comply with civilized behavior. Their threats to walk away from the negotiation table are a bluff because they need this treaty far more then we do.

It's Obama, who feels he needs this treaty to try to salvage any semblance of a legacy in history, who is willing to risk the entire nation of Israel and its people to a nuclear holocaust for his own place in that history. When Israel is wiped off the face of the globe and a nuke war spreads across the Middle East and surely to our own shores Obama will be safe and sound and blaming others as usual.

Oh yes, Kerry and Obama want us to trust them, but that train left the station long ago. Lie after lie, stonewalling after stonewalling, and a record of deceit and failures mark his administration in shame and dishonor forever.

Steve Earle


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