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Trump family not to be admired but don't assume Clinton vote

To The Daily Sun,

Ms. Fecteau (whose letter appeared in Thursday, July 28's Sun) accuses me of not addressing the Clinton family in my latest response to another letter. That other letter dealt solely with the how the writer had viewed the Trump family and how impressed he was. I urged him to research a bit more. His letter never mentioned the Clintons.

These are children of privilege that, unlike the Bush family, never served in the military or performed public service. They've never struggled. These are people of privilege who flaunt that privilege. Young men who go to Africa in order to simply kill animals to be able to say they did it. A family descended from a brothel owner who sired a slumlord in New York City who in turn sired an egotistical misogynistic racist who now wants to be our president. All employed by their father.

Melania is 24 years younger than Mr. Trump and was 7 years old the first time he got married. She has lied about her education, he has lied about his business dealings, and he is the only modern presidential candidate to refuse to release his tax returns. Now we also know her as a plagiarist, and him as treasonous after encouraging foreign intelligence agencies to hack into American servers. And he would be the oldest president ever elected if it happens.

The Clintons? Bill Clinton was indeed a womanizer, but far less so than John F. Kennedy. Eisenhower had a mistress. So did FDR, Harding, Cleveland, and who knows who else? But for good, bad, or indifferent Hillary Clinton has been in public service since the 1970s while Trump only serviced himself. Hillary has worked for children and minorities since the 1970s. She has a great resume. Do I trust her? Nope. But does she and Tim Kaine care about my family? Yes.

They care about my daughters, unlike Trump and Pence. She has experience with the military,  unlike Trump and Pence. She has worked across both sides of the aisle while in the Senate and has been praised by major Republicans from her work as a senator and secretary of state. But does it really matter since you've proven yourself to be a Hillary Hater with all of the items on your Facebook page. Condoms with Hillary on them? So I'd submit that you are biased completely.

Not that I really care, because I like the Libertarians. I said that in my letter. Did you even read that part? Two moderate Republican governors who probably represent much of what you are concerned about. But don't put words in my mouth, ma'am. I have plenty of my own.

Alan Vervaeke


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Democratic Party has been consumed by the far left, with its divisive agenda

To The Daily Sun,

I am stunned by the rhetoric of the DNC speakers. There is little or no mention of our nation's most serious problems. Our country is in very bad shape. Our country is under direct threat from ISIS and Iran. Our national debt is staggering. Our borders are being overrun. Our middle class is struggling to stay ahead of inflation.

Under Obama and Secretary Clinton ISIS was born and has evolved into such a threat only the French have actually stated that it is war.

Under Obama and Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry Iran has openly called for death to Israel and death to America. That is no surprise because Iran is the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world. And with the blessing of Obama and Secretary Clinton Iran now has an unrestricted pathway to developing nuclear weapons and are routinely testing missile delivery systems with the help of the $180 billion this administration has released to the Iranian government.

Why? This failure of this administration to protect us and our allies makes British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's capitulation to Hitler look petty.

The Democrats in their Philadelphia convention seem ignorant to these threats. It is much more of a priority to the Democrats to focus on attacking our own citizens with all the hype about more restrictive and prohibitive gun laws that will never stop violent crime but only punish law abiding citizens that exercise their constitutional rights. Remember, "Being necessary to the security of a Free State" is the reason for our Second Amendment. Now more than ever do I recognize the importance of this part of the Second Amendment. A Free State.

In 2008 Candidate Obama criticized President Bush because our national debt reached $9 trillion, even calling that a criminal act. By the time he exits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. our debt will be more than $20 trillion. Again, no talk about how this real national security threat, will be addressed. Instead, we are promised free college tuition and a $15-an-hour minimum wage and are being told that small business will do better. My big question is, where is all this money coming from, Wall Street? Don't count on it. It is more likely that a Democratically controlled White House will be begging Wall Street to bail them out. Beware of Democrats bearing gifts.

A big concern of Secretary Clinton seems to be getting votes by pandering and begging for the support of Black Lives Matter. I might not have a concern about this except for the anti-police rhetoric. I won't use the disgusting chants I have seen in their protest marches to explain this. I never heard anything like that from the National Rifle Association and in the first Democratic debate Secretary Clinton, when asked if she had any enemies, she said "yes, the NRA and the Republicans."
And on immigration? Secretary Clinton promises to expand Obama's executive orders granting amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants and admit thousands of Syrian immigrants.
We cant afford to support them, and the Syrians cannot be properly vetted. Germany and France have suffered because of their open border policies and are rethinking this. Many lives have been lost.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Congress refuse to support Kate's Law, which would jail illegals that come here, are convicted of violent crimes, deported and return illegally again only to commit more violent crimes. They think it is better to support sanctuary cities that let the illegal immigrant violent criminals roam the streets.

Our nation has veterans who are not entitled to the benefits handed out to illegal immigrants. This is disgraceful.

The Democrat Party is not what it used to be. It has turned into a party that has been consumed by the far left. A far left with an agenda that will destroy this nation and turn us against each other with divisiveness.

Our freedom of speech, religious freedom and the freedom which guarantees our security are under attack by this new far-left Democrat Party.

So, when you hear the campaign promises, beware of Democrats bearing gifts.

When you see and hear the nasty personal attacks hurled at the Republicans, remember what the DNC was really saying during this campaign in the email leaks that were more hateful and far from being what the Democrat leadership wants you to know about. The mainstream media is ignoring this, protecting Clinton. Thank goodness for Fox.

What I see is a Democratic nominee who is more renowned for deceit, using her influence to enrich herself, not America, and using the DNC machine to spin away her dishonesty and lack of accomplishment so she may become president of the United States. Clinton is far more dangerous to America than any presidential candidate because of her dishonesty and dismissiveness and divisiveness.

I hope God will bless America. Now more than ever.

And God bless Donald Trump. At least he has been honestly successful and loves this nation, as I do. I think a Trump presidency would be far superior to a Clinton one. He will surround himself with people who can solve problems. Clinton would have a following of loyal-as-lemmings special interest people with no idea of what Americans really want. To be free and secure. I'm sure top government posts will be handed out to incapable alliances based on political loyalty alone.

I trust Republican candidates will be the best hope for keeping America free and making her great for us and generations to follow. I hope traditional Democrats will someday get their once-respected party back someday. It is not the party I once knew.

J.F. McCarthy

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