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We can't take a chance on industries that could pollute our aquifer

To The Daily Sun,

It is Saturday, Jan. 2, and I am writing this letter to wish you all a Happy New Year. It is a new year so let's start it with protecting our aquifer. A number of people including myself, submitted a petition to the Town of Belmont to disallow additional industrial development above our water supply.

We the people of Belmont are fortunate to have a stratified drift aquifer created thousands of years ago by the glaciers. This aquifer is shallow to the surface of the ground and travels very slowly through a thick layer of sand and gravel flowing toward the Winnipesauke River (shallow means +/­- 20 feet).

The towns of Tilton and Northfield also benefit from this natural resource.

The fact that the aquifer is shallow to the surface makes our water supply vulnerable to pollution.

The Belmont Planning Board has approved a garbage transfer station which has been given the authority to haul a maximum of 3,000 tons of garbage a week or approximately 150,000 tons a year. My concern is that since the aquifer is shallow to the ground surface it would not take much to contaminate our water supply.

Since we are pumping an average 800,000 gallons per day for all three towns, where are we going to find another equivalent source of water supply? Belmont would have the financial responsibility to correct the problem it created, of course that has not happened yet but it will happen in the future.

The financial ramifications of polluting the aquifer would be devastating to the town of Belmont. It would require the immediate expenditure of millions of dollars to correct the problem which could force the town of Belmont into bankruptcy. We, the taxpayers, would all be subject to the consequences.

The primary solution to this very serious problem is not to allow any type of industry that has potential to pollute the aquifer. That is why the people of this town submitted a petition not to allow any future industrial development on top of our aquifer. The future growth of our town and its people will depend on a healthy source of clean water.

On Jan. 6, at 5 p.m. at the Belmont Corner Meeting House, the Planning Board will hold a public meeting to discuss the petition to protect the aquifer I implore all of you to be there, do not let someone else speak in your behalf. I am at the sunset of my life and I want to share with you my experience of a life time this is my home and I want to protect what is best for my family and my fellow townspeople.

George Condometraky



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Please consider running for a seat on Gilford's Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

Are you happy or unhappy with your property taxes in Gilford? Are you a believer is sound management of the finances of the Town of Gilford and its School District? In either or both cases, you should strongly consider running for a position on the Gilford Budget Committee. There may be as many as three vacancies this year.

The Budget Committee is the eyes and ears of the taxpayers of Gilford. It reviews, questions and, in many instances, adjusts proposed budget dollars for each town department and each segment of the Gilford School District and its schools. The budgets submitted for review by the Budget Committee are generally initially prepared by each town department and school segment, revised by the town administrator and the School Administrative Unit, and finalized by the Board of Selectmen and the School Board before submission. But the Budget Committee often ultimately recommends changes, usually in the form of reductions of expenditures.

The elected members of the Budget Committee, together with a representative of the Selectboard, the School Board, and the Gunstock Acres Village Water District, recommend to the town's voters each year's proposed budgets that are thereafter considered at public hearings, town deliberative sessions, and ultimately voted on by the voters at the Town Meeting.

This year the town vote will be on March 8, at which time any vacancies on the Budget Committee will also be filled.

A member of the Budget Committee does not have to have any special financial or accounting background to be a productive member. The only requirements are: (1) be a registered voter in Gilford; and (2) have good common sense about finances.

If you have ever successfully run a business and/or prepared a budget for your family or any organization, you are more than amply qualified.

The deadline to file to run as a candidate for the Budget Committee is Friday, Jan. 29, at the Town Clerk's Office. You must fill out the candidate form in person, but do not need any signatures other than your own.

Help out your own finances and those of your neighbors. We need you to run for and serve on the Gilford Budget Committee.

Norman J. Silber

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