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Readers can judge for themselves what Dems were saying about Saddam

To the Laconia Sun,

Once again Hill's favorite liberal and revisionist historian has presented readers with a favorite Democratic talking point that just isn't so.

Henry Osmer tells readers in Thursday's paper that President Bush got us into war with Iraq on false grounds. So once again I will correct the record. Democrats, long before G.H. Bush became president, were on the nightly news telling America that Saddam Hessian had weapons of mass destruction. Those Democrats included both Clintons, Polosi, Reid, Albright, Berger, Rockefeller, Edwards, Dean, Bayh, Gore, Biden, on and on.

Readers can watch and listen by going to www.youtube.con/

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My effort for you in Concord will be full-time; please send me back

To The Daily Sun,

Sincere thanks to my friends in New Hampton and Center Harbor for asking me to serve in Concord as your representative. The learning curve, the amazing cast of characters and the time demand were all greater than I could have imagined. It has been exciting and rewarding.

A happy aspect of the adventure has been the communication you and I shared. I'm convinced that the smartest people in New Hampshire reside in Belknap District 1. Moreover, even when our views didn't jibe, the conversation was always civil, if not gracious. Thank you for that.

I ask that you re-elect me. (You saw that coming.) Despite reasonable progress in the well-being of our citizens, businesses and environment, there is much left to do.

Don't you agree that if Northern Pass comes to pass, that the lines are buried? The burial would preserve the beauty of our state and bring it some income at the same time! Further, among other things, our children require protections yet to be enacted. My efforts for you will be full-time; and my responsiveness to you, paramount. Please send me back to Concord.

Ruth Gulick

New Hampton

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Liberals today should be hanging their heads in shame

To The Daily Sun,

Just moved here permanently from Massachusetts. Must say I'm very surprised and disappointed at the amount liberal politics being spewed out here. Not to say I wasn't warned. Must be the Cambridge/Brookline transplants. What a shame.

I have read the letters and I'm quite sure Mr. Valengavich and others like him fear Mr. Earle for many reasons. Not the least of which is because most of it, if not all of what Mr. Earle says has a hint, if not a lot, of truth to it. Liberals hate that. They feel they're smarter than most conservatives. That's their narcissism you see.

Oh well, I feel comfortable with the fact that I can correctly redirect misguided Democrats. How is this so? Because, most of them (if not all) have thought mentalities that are so hollow, so self-serving that it's easy to throw a dose of reality at them. They can't handle that.

Who am I you ask? Well, just a well educated conservative professional tired of liberals blabbing their progressive big mouths off. How do I really feel? actually, I'm puzzled why liberals today aren't hanging their heads in shame given what their policies have done to our country. You have nothing to blow your horn about when looking back at the past six years. Shame on the president for racially polarizing our country. Shame on the president for not once mentioning the murder of a two-star general recently. Shame on the president for conducting himself in a very un-presidential manner. Shame.

Suffice it to say, to all the Mr.Valengavich's out there, please be careful what you say and get printed, I'm here now and always reading.

Terry Payton


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9/11 was justified because we had it coming? Outrageous!

To The Daily Sun,

In Tuesday's Daily Sun, Professor Cracraft seems to posit that the 9/11 attack on the United States was justified . . . we had it coming . . . because of what this country did in Chile in the 1980s.

First, "He did it, too" is not an argument, it's an alibi. Next, for the professor to draw a moral equivalence between the two is outrageous.

Is the professor attempting to justify the terrorism and horrors that radical Muslims have inflicted on innocents?

Bob Meade



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Beverly Heyduk & Barbara Brann (9-11) 300 THX

To The Daily Sun,

The Friends of the Meredith Library's third annual "Book-It!" race was a wonderful success due to the efforts of the following: our volunteers - Tom Allen, Erin Apostolos, Ann Butler, Pam Coburn, Cliff Dickinson, Micci Freyenhagen, Christopher Leland, Linda Matson, Joyce Messer, Carol Moritz, Ray Moritz, Elizabeth Rohdenburg, Cathy Turgeon, Av Brann, Dan Heyduk, Rhetta Colon, Dan Keith, John Kreitler, Lorraine Martin, Joe Quimby, Liz and Bev Lapham, Ginny Lovett, Duncan and Deb McNeish, Anne and Tim Whiting, Heather Quin, Boy Scout Troop 55, Stuart's Ambulance Service, and Lakes Region Community Emergency Response Team.

We are also very grateful to the following generous sponsors: Gold Sponsor - The Fitness Edge; Silver Sponsors - Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors, Overhead Door Options Inc., and an anonymous donor of our new race timing clock; Bronze Sponsors - E.M. Heath Inc., Chippers, Phu Jee Chinese Cuisine, DES Home Repair & Remodeling, Middleton Building Supply, Inc. and Duncan and Deb McNeish.

The following donors ensured that we had wonderful food and prizes to give to our participants:. C.G. Roxane Company, Stonyfield, Cider Bellies Doughnuts, Moulton Farm, Adornments Unique Jewelry & Apparel, American Police Motorcycle Museum, Aubuchon Hardware-Meredith, BarnZ's Cinemas, Ben & Jerry's, Clark's Trading Post, Country Carriage, Del's Kitchen, Ekal, Family Affair Salon, Funspot, Giuseppe's Restaurant, Gunstock, Hannaford Market, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Hermit Woods Winery, Innisfree Bookshop, Kara's Café and Cakery, Kellerhaus, Lakes Region Nutrition Center, Lakeside Deli and Grille, Lee's Candy Kitchen, Micci Freyenhagen, New England Runner, Ooo La La Cakes, Patricia's Ladies Apparel, Patrick's Pub and Eatery, Premier Nail Salon, So Little Thyme, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Sweet Summertime, Threads, and Voila!

We were delighted to have runners from many states join our local participants. All proceeds go toward supporting our Meredith Library.

Beverly Heyduk & Barbara Brann

Co-Chairs, Race Committee


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