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Left just cannot accept that we were & are an exceptional nation

To The Daily Sun,

I just heard that President Obama will be visiting Japan during the G-7 Summit in May. You don't suppose our Apologist-in-Chief will give a speech at Hiroshima or Nagasaki to apologize for the United States dropping the atomic bombs on them which led to the end of World War II?

I heard that though John Kerry was there, he did not give an apology, but rather offered a compassionate overture for the suffering, while hoping for a world free from nuclear weapons. So why then, dear secretary, did you make an Iranian deal with the devil?

According to many revisionist leftists, the debate is settled and we should be shunned for our dirty deed. That conclusion goes against most clear-eyed assessments which affirmed that President Truman's gut-wrenching decision was the correct one.

Most objective, historical analysis has come to believe that this act shortened the war and save millions of Japanese and American lives. Especially, if one understands the psyche of the Japanese power structure during that time.

To quote Bruce Thornton, "Imperial Japan slaughtered millions and viciously brutalized millions more in a conflict it started based on a lust for empire and a racist ideology."

Do you suppose that our president knows about the Japanese attack on Nanking in 1937 where some 200,000 to 300,000 people, mostly civilians, were murdered and millions more were raped and slaughtered? Or the Bataan Death March in 1942, where forced labor, torture, starvation and beheadings of our soldiers occurred, with a resultant death of 21,000 American and Philippine soldiers? And of course the battle of Okinawa, which took place a mere six weeks before Hiroshima. It was a battle entitled, "a typhoon of steel," where hundreds of kamikaze, suicide bombers attacked American ships, killing 20,000 American soldiers before the island was finally taken.

The fanaticism of the Japanese at that time is probably unknown to President Obama. Japanese boys as young as 14 fought for their country. Seventeen Japanese died for every one wounded, while one American died for every two wounded. If he knew, then perhaps our president would understand why the Japanese kept on fighting in Okinawa for a cause they already knew was lost.

Truman and his advisers understood the mindset of the imperial enemy, and that is why they knew invading the homeland, where soldiers and civilian militias would never give in, would have been far more costly with regards to the destruction of people and property, when compared with the dropping of those two bombs.

Sadly, I have little doubt that our president will go to Japan and bemoan the evil done to that country by the country he represents and pretends to believe in. Yes, he no doubt will blame America once again. He will espouse the progressive philosophy of the left that believes America has done far more harm than good.

Why? Because the left just cannot believe that we were and are an exceptional nation that has done more good than all others, despite our awful mistakes and moral failings.

I think Bruce Thornton sums up the destructive irrationality of the left clearly and succinctly when it comes to this chapter in our history: "What should be settled debate is the ideological prejudices and moral incoherence of those who continue to want the U.S. to express regret for swiftly ending a war it didn't start, and paid for with nearly 112,000 lives." However, such is the self-abasement of the progressive, socialist, modern-day liberal left.

When one combines this mental derangement of national self-loathing with magical thinking about peace through pacifism, we become sitting ducks in this age of ever expanding jihadist terrorism, especially with their apocalyptic nuclear ambitions. Not to mention the growing nuclear threats from Russia and China. Let's hope the next administration is actually able to identify our enemies and end the dismantling of our military while simultaneously using it as some laboratory for social experimentation. A hat tip to Bruce Thornton for helping me sort through fact from fiction.

Russ Wiles

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Climate change is just a figment of 175 countries imaginations?

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the article on Saturday, April 23 about 175 nations signing the Paris Climate Agreement and then just a few pages later was Mr. Ewing telling me that all these countries had got it wrong.

Climate change was just a figment of all 175 countries imaginations. The entire world was being duped, and had they been able to read Mr. Ewing's letter before they signed they would have saved themselves enormous time and money. The information from their own scientist and governmental departments was all a mass world conspiracy aimed at costing Americans 5-10 percent of their hard earned paychecks.

If only they could have had an advanced copy of The Laconia Daily Sun.

Winston Douglas



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