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I want to assure my 'secret admirer' that I will take legal action

To The Daily Sun,

On Feb. 3 I came home from work to a letter that had no return address. It was in a long, white, cheap envelope with what looked like a child's "block style" writing. It was post marked from Manchester. It had a teal old fashion truck stamp on it. I could see through the envelope a long yellow, lined piece of paper. It must have been licked to death because it was sealed tight! I opened it and of course it was not signed by the coward who wrote it — shocking. It was in regards to a letter I sent in on Jan. 31 to John Demokowski. It was, and I kid you not, a letter in proper grammar usage written in atrocious handwriting. It seems my computer spell check missed my usage of the word YOUR, and I guess the "old" grammar Nazi disapproved. It was completely childish, yet unnerving. This individual went out of their way to get my HOME address, hand-write a letter, stamp it, and mail it. That is a level of "crazy" oddness in my book. I am guessing they must be angry, bored and miserable with their own existence to go through all that for spellchecking my letter. I suppose I should be flattered in a "stalking" kind of way. And please let me not leave out how I feel this was a "personnel attack" against me for my letter(s) to John Demokoski. You know him? The one who says he prays for my soul because I took the Lords name in vain, ya that guy.

I called the editor at The Sun and spoke with her and I sent her copies of the letter and envelope as well. She gave me a few suggestions on how to handle this.I chose the last one and went right to my local police. They as well gave me some suggestions and if it continues what I can do legally with their assistance. And I can assure you my "secret admirer," I will take legal action. Do not ever take it upon yourself to send mail to MY home again. If you thought you were going to "teach" me a lesson, you failed. If you thought you would embarrassed me, you failed. If you ever thought that would intimidate me, you truly failed. If you thought for one second it would stop me from writing in, well you're reading my letter are you not? So that as well failed. So writers beware, the "teacher" is watching and reading . . .  (snickering sound)

Denise C. Burke

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Does church believe we'll let that beautiful building be razed?

To The Daily Sun,

I was very upset when I heard that St. Joseph's Church, the rectory and Holy Trinity School were up for sale with deed restrictions and probably were going to be torn down if a sale did not occur within six months to an acceptable owner.

I don't understand how the diocese has the right to put restrictions on the sale of the church and to determine who is a suitable buyer. Does the church think that the people of Laconia will let such a beautiful historical building be torn down? I think not.

I understand that the church is experiencing financial problems. However, perhaps if the diocese didn't move all the pedophile priests from parish to parish and pay millions of dollars to their victims they wouldn't be in trouble financially. Example: Boston. They got rid of Bernard Cardinal Law for moving pedophile priests to different parishes — 550 victims abused by parish priests and court judgments that eventually topped $85 million. Then he was rewarded by the pope, moved to Rome and given a job for life. Is this justice?

In my opinion, when you are selling a piece of property, regardless of its religious affiliation, there are no discriminations and deed restrictions. Once you sell it, the property is no longer yours and the owner has the right to introduce a new business that meets all of the local regulations. In addition, I'm sure that any other business that goes into the church is better suited than why you really had to sell in the first place.

Al Beliveau

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