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If you want to expand Medicaid, feel free to move to Conn

To The Daily Sun,

As I have stated in a previous letter, I am originally from Connecticut. I moved to the great state of New Hampshire in 2012 for many reasons: The mountains, the lakes, the clean air. . .  The main reason however is that in 2010, the uninformed in CT decided to elect Dannel P. Malloy for governor. To give you just a bit of information on what this piece of excrement did in his first year, I go to Wikipedia :

"The first task facing Malloy upon taking office was addressing a multi-billion-dollar deficit as a result of the prior state budget enacted by the Democratic super-majority-controlled legislature which Rell chose to accept without signing. Malloy adopted what he called an agenda of 'shared sacrifice' which was dependent on increases in various taxes, including the income tax, the gas tax, the sales tax, and the estate tax, as well as $1 billion each year in union concessions. Malloy chose not to reduce aid to municipalities as part of his budget agenda, although such aid would have been jeopardized if labor concessions were not reached. Many of Malloy's proposed tax increases were unpopular, despite a statewide 'listening tour' to promote the budget."

I left my family and friends behind because I was not willing to pay more of my already sorry wage so Malloy could continue with his "social issue" agenda.

On Thursday, November 21st, our Democrat-controlled Legislature, along with our Democrat governor, is going to vote on expanding Medicaid. Now the federal government has promised to pay for this expansion for the first three years, but when in recent years has the federal government kept their promises? "If you like you plan, you can keep your plan" comes to mind. So when the Feds fall through on yet another promise, who is going to be left with the bill? You and I, that's who. You can expect what happened in CT to happen here, all because the uninformed decided to elect excrement. You need to wake up.

It's time to stand up to your elected officials and tell them that they have to stop putting the screws to us. If they don't, they will all be looking for work after the next election cycle. I implore you to call you state reps, state senators, and the governor and tell them to vote no to the expansion of Medicaid. It's an expense that we don't need. Of course if you believe that we should pay more in taxes than we already do, feel free to move to CT. With the flood of people and businesses leaving there, Malloy could sure use a boost to his tax base.

Scott Schoonmaker

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Obama's grade point average at Columbia was impressive 3.7

To The Daily Sun,

Hate will often blind us to reason and truth. In Mr. Earle's latest submission to this forum, he makes a travesty of our Constitution and democratic ideals. While our Constitution provides for an accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Earle establishes guilt of the president for defrauding Columbia and Harvard without any proof, just the highly suspect claims he has read from e-mails and conservative blogs he purports to be sites he "trusts." To further exacerbate his scorn for the rights of individuals, rather than prove guilt, Earle would have me prove the president's innocence.

The concept of the presumption of innocence is one of our most basic rights and this concept is embodied in several provisions of the Constitution.

I don't expect an apology from Earle, but in response to his paranoid nonsense referencing Obama's academic achievement, I would like to highlight the facts that Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, considered the most prestigious law review in the country, as the first black president in its 104-year history. The position is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School. The president graduated magna cum laude (With High Honor) in 1991. Despite what Earle contends, this honor cannot happen with poor grades.

In his book, "Barack Obama: The Story", Obama is quoted as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7, not the average "pot smoking, class skipping, poor student" Earle would like to portray him as. I'm sure if Earle wants to continue with this contention he will provide us the appropriate resources to explore these claims.

L. J. Siden

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A narcicsistic, incompetent witch with delusions of grandeur

To The Daily Sun,

I read here on Friday that Henry Osmer is critical of the Republican potential presidential candidates. Henry should expand his sources of information because MSNBC and the Huffington Report are about as low as, what was that term Henry used, oh yea, whale waste. I'm sure he is so very proud of the Democratic front runner, Mrs. Clinton.
You know I remember in 2008 she and her campaign promoted the idea that if that 3 a.m. call came she was the one the nation could trust to answer it. Well that call did eventually come. What happened was that our ambassador was butchered along with three other brave Americans by radical Muslim extremists. How did Mrs. Clinton handle this? She embarked on an extended two week lie, telling the world it was a demonstration which got out of hand. A demonstration fueled by a YouTube video no one had ever heard of. We know now they knew almost at once it was a terrorist attack. Finally when questioned by Congress as to the details her response was, "What does it really matter?"
The pride must just swell in your breast, Henry. And yes she indeed could be the next President of the United States. For my part I intend to write my opinions of this narcissistic, incompetent witch with delusions of grandeur. Let all the unthinking drones of socialism say what they will I will speak the truth as I see the truth to be. Up to this point in history Mrs. Clinton, President Obama and company have proven my words to be true far better then I ever could.

Steve Earle


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Cafua Management, do the right thing; honor your commitment

To The Daily Sun,

OK, OK, I'll admit it. I have a mild addiction to Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee (medium, one Splenda and milk, please). I'm pretty sure my habit of swinging in to the Union Avenue drive-through has supported at least replacement windows in the beautiful Hathaway House — first across the street and then next door. I've also frequented the Dunkin' Donuts shops on the South Side of Laconia and the ones dotting the Gilford, Belmont and Alton landscapes. However, because I feared for the Hathaway House, the last few months, I have taken my trip for coffee down the Avenue to #644 and into Aroma Joe's. I have found their coffee has a fuller, more robust flavor than Dunkin's (I never thought I would say that)! Yes, unfortunately, my iced habit there is more expensive and Aroma Joe's does not offer senior discounts, of which I have become a great fan! However, I feel it is important to support those businesses that support Laconia.

The folks who purchased the property for Dunkin's promised us, the City on the Lakes, that they would preserve and protect one of our gems of treasure here. That promise stated that Cafua Management would preserve the Hathaway House. Cafua's representative Greg Nolan assured the city that this lovely structure would be preserved, promising that the building would be additionally protected by a fire alarm and a fire suppression system.

Recently, Laconia lost another beautiful structure when Cantin's Chevrolet dealership decided it needed space for another six cars. Was that really necessary?

It's time for Laconia to come together and preserve what is left of our structural heritage. Last night, I attended a presentation held at The Belknap Mill featuring New Hampshire's own Rebecca Rule. I was seated next to a gentleman from the Tilton Veteran's Home who sat in his wheelchair marveling at the brick and mortar of The Mill. Thanks to a handful of devoted Laconia citizens and business owners, this building was saved from the wrecking ball more than 40 years ago and this year celebrates its 190th birthday. Countless school children have toured the mill, learning of their ancestor's work history and learning to operate the hosiery machinery as their great, great's did so many generations ago. Many celebrations, exhibits, and concerts are held at The Belknap Mill throughout the year. I am grateful for those who fought to protect this incredible mill. Back in the 70s our family restored a stagecoach inn originally built in 1785 on Parade Road called The Davenport Tavern (owned at one time by Isaac Currier). It wasn't easy but knowing that we saved this fine historical building for Laconia is greatly satisfying. We've left a little piece of history here that is unique only to Laconia.

So, dear Heritage Committee, yes, I will continue to boycott Dunkin' Donuts, I'll sign your petition, I'll march in protest of this demolition and, although I said I was finished being on boards and committees, sign me up for yours! And to Cafua Management, do the right thing. Honor your word. Thank you.

Catherine M. Tokarz

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Regional planning commissions don't want you to know

To The Daily Sun,

What follows is a true New Hampshire story. It's relevant if you live up north in Pittsburg, down south in Hollis, west in Claremont or east in Rye.

Last night the Selectmen of Loudon, N.H. asked me to come to one of their regular meetings. I don't live in Loudon.

Months ago I authored a pamphlet titled Granite State Future — The Real Facts. It was given to the Loudon Selectmen a month ago and they wanted to know more about the topic. You can read the pamphlet here: http://go.timcarter.com/GSF.

I walked into the meeting room and just three men were sitting at a standard folding cafeteria table passing letters to one another and then depositing them into a large plastic bin. It was a bureaucratic conveyor belt.

No one else was there, even though there were 40 soft chairs to sit in. No one. Not one Loudon citizen was in the room watching decisions being made. Not one citizen was there participating. Are you one of these people in your town?

After 15 minutes, Mr. Krieger cordially asked me to approach the folding table and introduce myself for the record. They asked me to tell them about the Granite State Future. I did.

"Are you telling me you've not been contacted by Michael Tardiff, the executive director of the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission about the Granite State Future," I said.

"No we haven't. We have NO CLUE what the Granite State Future is about."

"Well, for starters you should go to GraniteStateFutures.org," I suggested.

Wow. I almost fell over I was so shocked. I shouldn't have been, because this is the same thing I'm encountering all over the state. Selectmen in countless N.H. towns have not heard about the Granite State Future, even though it's been in motion since February, 2012.

On that dark day the nine N.H. regional planning commissions signed a legally binding contract with the federal government mandating N.H. zoning and planning mirror what the Federal government wants, not what you or your selectmen want.

Why didn't Mr. Tardiff come to Loudon months ago — before I showed up last night? That's easy. The nine N.H. regional planning commissions don't want you or your selectmen to know what's going on. They don't want you to know they control every aspect of your life here in N.H. They don't want to remind any elected officials that they, the RPCs, are filled with unelected bureaucrats making critical decisions about every aspect of your life. It's time for you to wake up.

Tim Carter


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