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‘Rules for Radicals’ are showing up in Belknap County politics

To The Daily Sun,

We have been watching the attacks on two important members of the County Convention, Colette Worsman and Jane Cormier. Both ladies have conducted themselves with grace and decorum in the face of a bastion of childish hysteria.

The "officials" attacking them are using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, the mentor of Hillary Clinton. In his "Rules for Radicals" he teaches the following ways to destroy an opponent, Pick the Targets, Freeze the Targets, Personalize the Targets and Polarize the Targets. When progressives don't get their way, they often turn to the courts as most of their shenanigans would never be approved by the voters.

Colette and Jane are simply doing what is best for the taxpayers and the county employees. Any other approach is simply unsustainable. We applaud them for their courage and steadfastness.

In the matter of the untruths being hurled at Rosemary Landry in Meredith, Rosemary is a close personal friend of ours. She has integrity and is not the kind of person to make things up to make a point. The voters in Meredith were denied by time constraints the opportunity to decide for themselves who should be elected to the Selectboard. Because Rosemary pointed this out she has been Picked Out, Frozen, Personalized and Polarized.

Progressives always do this to their opponents because they think like children, not responsible adults.

Phil & Chris Wittmann


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Nebraska looks at Keystone pipeline like N.H. sees Northern Pass

To The Daily Sun,

I recently read that lack of oxygen can cause brain damage. I became a long-haul trucker after my Army career. It was easy to drive long distance. However, it became necessary to stop, walk around and clear my head. I soon remembered telling a friend that worked in a office atmosphere that sitting on your brains all day, wasn't work, it made it hard for his brain to get oxygen.

I have determined that some of the letters to the editor are written by senior citizens whose working career consisted of sitting down all day. I have seen some great letters past couple days. Great job by Mr. Valengavich and Mr. Maloof. I have asked Mr. Meade what he would say if the Keystone pipeline passed by his house on the way to a refinery as it does homes in Nebraska. No response. The folks in Nebraska don't want it any more than the folks in New Hampshire want Northern Pass or wind generators.

The Fox News "contributors" in the Lakes Region, mostly senior citizens, use this as a talking point as it's not in their back yard. The response by Mr. Meade is, and I quote: "Instead of adding to pipeline that already exists, creating thousands and thousands of new jobs, not cooperating with closest neighbor with who we share coast-to-coast border, instead of reducing our cost of fuel, we get played by our president in favor of his environmentalist friends. The politics, Ms. Loesch, of it all stinks, and we the people have to pay for it."

The crude oil from Canada is headed for Port Arthur, Texas, to be refined and exported. (Read article printed in Daily Sun, Dec.20 2013.) Ms. Loesch writes the stock market has over-doubled. It has, and every American who has money in stock market, 401(k), savings, including myself, and Mr. Meade have benefited by it. Mr. Meade says because the feds pumped a trillion dollars of free money a year banks and financial interests a year. What Mr. Meade and other wing-nuts on the top end of the money don't tell you is how much they benefited by it.

I have read for years how the rich create jobs. I ask you again, Mr. Meade, how many jobs have the rich created with all those federal dollars the past five years? Mr. Meade again chastises Ms. Loesch for stating that the unemployment rate has dropped. Mr. Meade fires back saying we now have the "lowest labor participation rate in over 35 years. I will write another quote by Pat Buchanan in Daily Sun dated March 27, 2013: "3rd point, to accommodate its K street bundlers, the GOP embraced globalism, empowering corporate America to shed its U.S. labor force, move its plants to Mexico, Asia and China, bring its foreign-made goods back to the USA free of charge and pocket the difference.Profits, stocks, dividends soared. But the Reagan Democrats of industrial America who paid the price in lost jobs and shuttered plants from the $10 trillion in trade deficits America has run since George H.W. Bush have now gone home to the party of their fathers, and they are not coming back."

It is one thing to write your letters to editor using your "talking points and and opinions." But to use them to criticize someone else as if your word is gospel with no proof of information is shameful. I have more to come. But to the "Fox News contributors," I say summer is coming, along with crows. Fire up your barbecue pits. Oh, don't need moonbats, Kool-Aid, rose-colored glasses, or any tea.

Henry Osmer


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Even without subsidies, Obamacare is saving us $6,000 per year

To The Daily Sun,

Your front-page headline on March 22 screamed, "Local Man Snared by Obamacare" and the first paragraph "dared anyone . . . to question how the act jeopardized his (Tom Garrity's) health and finances." But only readers who persevered to the last paragraph of the story on Page 9 learned that Mr. Garrity found a private policy with "costs comparable to his original policy."

Like Mr. Garrity, my wife and I were covered by a plan in the small group individual market. But, under the Affordable Care Act, we were eligible to sign up for a new Anthem policy which could save us $9,000 in annual premium and out-of-pocket costs (without any taxpayer subsidy). To keep my continuity of care at Massachusetts General Hospital, I stayed with my old policy, while my wife (whose doctors practice at Dartmouth-Hitchcock) purchased an Anthem policy on the Exchange. Our annual savings still total about $6,000.

The anti-Obamacare television ads being run by the Republican PACs are misleading, but no one expects them to be honest. But The Sun should hold itself to a higher standard. Coverage of important public issues should not be sensationalized.

Stanley Wallerstein


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MetroCast’s program lineup is 99% garbage and commercials

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to Robert Richard for his rant on MetroCast in last Wednesday's Sun. I have tried repeatedly to ask MetroCast to include the World and Explore channels of PBS, or in addition or in the alternative, at least Channel 44 Boston.

It is extremely frustrating to see the promos for interesting PBS programs and be unable to access them. Now they have even taken away the Bloomberg channel (Charlie Rose's interviews were often fascinating). Except for occasionally interesting programs on C-Span (i.e. the recent series on First Ladies) we are left with 99 percent garbage/commercials. Even the History and Discovery channels are not available.

Internet access is good, but over $100 a month seems a lot to pay for that. MetroCast has a monopoly. Thus apparently they don't need to be responsive to their subscribers.

Carolyn Baldwin

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Bush’s desire to disarm Hussein was shared by many Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

In his Wednesday letter, Mr. Osmer asks me to look in my Constitution to see where President Bush 41 and President Bush 43, got their authority to invade another country without provocation. I will assume that Mr. Osmer does, in fact, want an answer and, to that end, I will provide him with the information he asked for.

As background, Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, among a host of other duties, gives the Congress the right . . . "To declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water."

The last Declaration of War by Congress was made against Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania in June 1942, after the start of World War II. Since that time, the United States has been involved in a number of other armed conflicts, some of them authorized by a United Nations Resolution and funded by Congress, and a number Congress believed to be necessary and they funded them but did not make an official Declaration of War. Those "undeclared wars" took place under both Democrat and Republican presidents.

I would like to suggest that Mr. Osmer, who served his country faithfully during the Vietnam War and for about 30 years, read David Halberstam's excellent account of the Vietnam conflict, entitled "The Best and the Brightest." He might find the contrast between Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson to be quite enlightening.

To Mr. Osmer's comment about President Bush invading a sovereign nation without provocation, I will offer him this youtube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhZ2ZvS2t_E

This link is only one of many that show prominent Democrats speaking forcefully about the need to disarm Saddam Hussein, and rid him of his weapons of mass destruction. Speakers include President and Senator Clinton, Clinton's Secretary of State, a number of Democrat senators who were in key positions at the time, and others. Not to be lost in the maze of speakers is the fact that the head of the CIA who was appointed by Clinton and retained in that position by President Bush, assured all who would listen that the WMD issue was a "Slam dunk!".

As to Mr. Osmer's inference which basically demeans veterans who have not been in a war zone, as a long-time veteran, he knows that military people rarely get to choose their assignment. They go where they're told, and they do what they're told. As to our services being staffed by all volunteers, I and countless others honor those who serve. I believe it was George Washington said something like, the willingness of future generations to serve in the military will be judged by how we treat our veterans. And, I don't know what the ratio is today, but years ago we were told it took something like 13 or 14 people behind the lines to support everyone on the front line.

Finally, Mr. Osmer cites Pat Buchanan. I think Buchanan is a fine writer and often brings solid research into his articles. However, over the years, two things have become evident. The first is that he really has isolationist leanings. Particularly in today's world, I don't think that's a good position as it becomes an all-or-nothing situation. We should be grown up enough to deal rationally and effectively with others. The second point is that over the years, Mr. Buchanan has often been critical of the Bush family men. I think that is partly because the Bush family is descended from a wealthy former governor and senator from Connecticut, and secondly, because Bush the elder was the opposite of an isolationist.

Bob Meade


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