Let 'The Glorious Cause' be final word on beliefs of our founders

To The Daily Sun,

In hopes of ending the long, boring and fruitless debate about whether our country was founded as a Christian nation, I would suggest the theory of Robert Middlekauff, author of "The Glorious Cause," a history of the Revolution through 1789.

He believes that the founders were not all explicitly Christian — indeed, their beliefs probably varied widely — but they all believed in Providence. That is, that things happened according to some (perhaps divine) plan for progress. Many of the founders were indeed Christians, quite a few were Unitarians (close to Christian, but not quite), and many were deists, for whom the ends were not so different, even if they did not share the means.

Can we give this a rest now?

Johan Andersen


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I, for one, am not better off than my parents; I am unemployed

To The Daily Sun,

Our president recently did an executive order for amnesty and work permits for some illegal aliens. Unfortunately, he did not see an urgency to get Americans back to work. No executive order for anything that would ease the burden on companies to hire American citizens.

We all noticed the gas prices are down. Great for us at the moment, but has anybody read the news about its effect.

Russia is in a financial crisis — inflation and a recession. Interest is at 17 percent and the value of the ruble has dropped dramatically. Russia may not be able to support Syria's Bashar al-Assad. Russia citizens will no longer have the cash to spend money to travel or buy foreign imports.

Financial problems are also facing Venezuela and Iran. Thee are not exactly our friends, but this will affect other countries as well.

Perhaps Iran may agree to a nuclear deal. This would be good. Venezuela does not have the funds now to finish its social projects and may default on loans.

America wins and loses. We are the biggest producer of oil and the biggest user. Shale oil extractors will lose in profit.

Lower oil prices are great for farming. Cheaper oil to power aquifers and pump water from far away. Oil is also used in making fertilizers.

China and India are big oil importers, so this is great for them. It is cleaner air in China to move from diesel, and more money for India for less energy subsidizing.

Last but not least, we saw two of our finest gunned down for no reason other than they are our finest. What does this say to America to other countries?

The majority of our police serve the public. They go in harm's way to protect us. Yes, there are a few bad apples, but only a few. And there are a few bad apples in all professions. I am grateful we have our police and their service for a country without law is anarchy.

Our president and others like Al Sharpton have been anti-police and are race baiters. They do not bring up the black-on-black crime. That is the sad thing.

We need jobs. Jobs (not just) for white Americans (or) black Americans, but for all Americans. With good jobs we have health benefits and can live the American dream.

I am not better off than my parents. I am unemployed. The American dream is not working for me. I hope it works for my son.

We must change the ways of our country before it is too late. We must do better in 2015. Our federal and state representatives must do better. We must look at the long range effects of our actions. We as citizens must do better.

Linda Riley


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When Tea Party members get a bone, they all chew on it for awhile

To The Daily Sun,

I will respond to letter written Mr. Earle Jan. 6 in The Daily Sun, why I don't know.

I'm looking at The Daily Sun dated Dec. 20, on Page 13 at the picture Mr. Earle feels I missed. What I see Steve, is Mr. Meade on one side, you in the middle and Mr. Wiles on the end. Both who have written letters in the past in defense of your line of BS. What a circle you all have going.

I would advise Mr. Earle to have someone read to him the letter I wrote in The Daily Sun, dated Dec. 24, describing the picture. Mr. Earle was perfectly described in a letter written by Ms. Stampi in The Daily Sun of Jan. 3.

I notice when the Tea Party members get a bone they all chew on it. Lately it's Al Sharpton. A bone chewed on I agree should be eaten.

Henry Osmer


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Thanks for your support of 'Aladdin' & for laughing along with me

To The Daily Sun,

Over the holiday period, more than 1,300 of you tried something new. You took a risk and came out in full-force to see "Aladdin," the Winnipesaukee Playhouse's traditional English panto. This is a 100-plus year old tradition from my culture, which I have been sharing with my daughter for the past 10 years and I was thrilled to bring to the Lakes Region this year.

I know that most of you had never seen a panto before, and probably never even heard of one. And yet, there you were, laughing, "squishy-squashy-ing," and clapping and singing along with us. You made our quirky English tradition the biggest-attended production at the Playhouse in 2014, and I thank you for laughing along with me.

Neil Pankhurst

Artistic Director

The Winnipesaukee Playhouse

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Fil those blank pages with insight, reflection and wise choices

To The Daily Sun,

This is a letter to the young man who caused an accident on the Bypass in Gilford on the afternoon of Monday, Jan. 5.

First, you almost killed a dear friend of mine. Thankfully, she saw you careening down her lane and swerved to avoid you, resulting in the head-on collision striking the passenger side, not the driver's side. She is the mother of identical twin toddlers and a baby who, luckily, were not in the car with her.

Second, I am incredibly appreciative for the swift action of our public safety and law enforcement personnel that work hard daily to keep us all safe.

Third, I'm relieved for your family and friends that you and your passenger are okay. I hope you know how lucky you are, even in the face of what will most likely be tough times ahead.

Finally, it is a New Year and your book of life is filled with many empty pages. I sincerely hope that you humbly and remorsefully fill those pages with insight, reflection, and wise choices.

Jennifer Anderson


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