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Rep. Fisher cannot remain in office, shaping our state's future

To The Daily Sun,

Why is Robert Fisher still in office? He admitted to creating the sexist 'Red Pill' forum, yet he's still a representative. Governor Sununu and Republican Party Chairman Forrester need to do more than just release statements saying he should resign. They need to proactively seek his resignation from office.

Already, various Republican representatives are working to rehabilitate Fisher's character. Rep. Dan Hynes said, "it would be nice if those people who asked for him to resign issue an apology." Rep. Herb Vadney said, "he's a thoughtful guy" and, he's "never seen any sign of him being antagonistic towards women." Hynes, Vadney, and others are trying to make us forget that Fisher actually said, "rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot."

It doesn't matter if some Republicans like him personally or think he's a thoughtful guy. What matters is that Fisher founded and participated in an outlet for woman-hating men to connect and exchange ideas.

Every day that Fisher remains in office voting on issues like underage solicitation and child marriage, he is shaping New Hampshire's future. When Republican men put out statements condemning these actions but don't do everything in their power to force Fisher to resign, they're signaling to female Granite Staters that our safety isn't a priority. They're saying it's acceptable for someone who claimed: "it is literally the (female) body that makes enduring these things worth it," to hold office. They're saying we don't matter.

Alexandra Twomey


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Espousing crisis at every turn is just part of a ploy to destroy

To The Daily Sun,

Eight years of silence from Obama's supporters after accepting emolument and title from foreign nations, the same on the far left loudly cry foul on President Trump. President Obama actually took money from Norway after accepting title of Nobel Laurate, not a peep from Congress or his supporters. President Obama accepted title of chair of the U.N. Security Council twice (the U.N. has its own governing body and army) without consent of the U.S. Congress, a clear violation of the "Emoluments Clause," actually it is emolument — singular and is better known as Article I. Section 9. Clause 8 — Title of Nobility Clause.

Yet, those Henny Penny followers seek to espouse crisis as that is their ploy to destroy. As Rahm Emanuel put it: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." What he may have had in mind was not to let the opportunity for a crisis go to waste. What ever; it is kin to "fake news" and will never hold up in court.

Ref: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/445053/no-trumps-business-doesnt-violate-emoluments-clause

Earlier this year a letter to The Daily Sun gave an example of rewriting history, saying that, "the war for independence began as a rebellion against taxes ...". The colonists thought of themselves as English citizens.

The king and Parliament decided they were not, denying them representation, their rights and privileges as citizens. Rather than accept that, they had sent the king a letter asking for reconsiderations. The King declared them to be in revolt and brought war on the citizens. N.H. had become an independent state in January 1776, before the Declaration of Independence, and was governing itself without a war. Read our constitutions first 10 articles.

G.W. Brooks


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