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Obama is 'thinking' because he has no idea how to handle ISIS

To The Daily Sun,

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 13, our president made a statement that we have ISIS under control. That same night in London, 130 people, including a college student from the USA, were killed by the same group that he said we had under control.

Does he have such a bad memory that he can't remember a Russian plane was brought down by a ISIS bomb. All 224 people on board were killed.
Just this week in Mali, 170 hostages were held in a Radisson Hotel where French troops are stationed. Over 20 people killed including one American.
Now doesn't this make you much safer. On top of all that, our president wants to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2016.

In last week's Democratic debate Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, said we should increase that number to 65,000. She said this should be done if we have a carefully screening and vetting process as we can imagine.

My question is, how do we find a way that is 100 percent accurate? Look what happened in London, one of the terrorist came to their country posing as a refugee. It takes only one person to do the same thing in our country. Do we want to take that chance?

Just this week of people polled on accepting these refugees, only 38 percent were in favor.

From the start our president had no idea how to handle this important problem, and he still doesn't. He expects all of our allies to do the job of ridding the world of ISIS and other terrorist groups, and then he can take all the credit. To make things even better we can feel that much safer knowing we had Hillary Clinton as our secretary of state at this period of time.

It is good to know that our Congress knows that now is not the time to accept this plan for accepting these refugees. This past week they passed a bill that wouldn't let this happen. It must be really hard for our president to know that more than 40 Democrats supported this bill.

Of all the letters in the past few weeks by people that support the president was one by Kent Warner of Center Harbor., "Obama has been criticized for doing more in Syria, he is thinking out how to deal with ISIS." The reason he is thinking is because he has no idea how to handle this situation and he hasn't since the first day.

I can only pray we can only survive another year under this so-called leader.

Michael Hatch

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Thousands of our wildlife species will be affected by climate change

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Audubon met in November to explore how climate change is affecting the Granite State wildlife population, and the potential mitigation that could be done.

New Hampshire's sea level is expected to rise an expected 3 to 4 feet over the next 100 years, fundamentally changing our coastline. Thousands of wildlife species will be affected above and below the waterline. And many agree the New Hampshire moose can't survive it.

Though climate change is inevitable, there are ways to prevent further, unknown consequences. Advocacy for causes such as President Obama's carbon emission-cutting Clean Power Plan, talking with local, state and national political officials, and conservation efforts like creating wildlife migration corridors are all ways to start.

So, it seems we need to change the environment for our wildlife and I agree. My only suggestion would be: Don't create these wildlife migration corridors in the paths of industrial wind turbines or you'll have a very different outcome.

Ray Cunningham

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