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Colleg education 'layers over' what families & community's believe

To The Daily Sun,

First,thank you to the Citizen's work and its staff, for years and years, and now after the Citizen folded, as many print sources are doing, thank you to The Laconia Daily Sun for picking up the Years-Ago local news bits that the Citizen used to provide us. I always read those in my Citizen. Large and small gains, changes in the past — we need to know them and appreciate them.
Then, because it crops up in the letters, my take on college education and college teachers. Education broadens what often (not always) has been a narrow point of view. Last night I saw my 13-year-old grandson's school concert that combined formal orchestra, 7th grade band, 8th grade band, and a jazz band. From the audience I saw that the cutting-edge jazz band has for members students from the other bands. They've each learned to work with two kinds of music at least. It gives them satisfaction to learn that flexibility.
In any education, new things are learned and after a bit become, themselves, the old things, the known. But the human brain is excited by learning. Watch any baby, toddler, pre-school child and then school child. Any craftsman loves to learn; any tinkerer, any farmer, any baker, any engineer, any writer loves to learn. So the trend in letters to the paper to dump on education — let those writers take into consideration what has happened in their own lives when they've been learners and liked it.
So, it is a depressed point of view that our college teachers or any school teachers have negatively changed students. The young adults that they are, college students have signed up for a higher level of reading, exposure to ideas and practices, and more demanding use of this education. They do become changed, and what their family believes and their hometown generally believes may become layered over with the new learning. This is good, for it's about greater understanding.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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First meeting of delegation doesn't have to be noticed as to purpose

To The Daily Sun,

"Tom Tardif has a letter in the Friday edition of The Laconia Daily Sun concerning the meeting of the Belknap County Convention on Monday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. Mr. Tardif claims the reception of the commissioners' budget and hearing thereon is illegal because the same is not included in the purpose of the meeting. In fact, no purpose is set forth in the meeting notice contained in the House Calendar.

I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Tardif. RSA 24:9-a requires only the time and place of the first meeting of the convention and does not specify that it is an organizational meeting. Thus, any business which may lawfully come before the county convention is in order at the first meeting, including the reception of the commissioners' budget and a hearing thereon. The public hearing is informational only because the convention must hold a formal public hearing on the county budget before adopting it.

Only meetings held subsequent to the first meeting must be noticed as to purpose. Publishing a notice in addition to the one required by law does not vitiate the authority of the convention to take action at its first meeting. The convention certainly has the authority to give public notice of items to be considered in any manner it chooses.

David O. Houot
Representative, Belknap, Dist. 3

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