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UC Berkeley staffer boasted on Facebook of beating up conservatives

To The Daily Sun,

Using bricks, sticks and firebombs to take down what is left of this country is the madness and method of the progressive left. Karin McQuillan points that out in today's American Thinker. Sean Mathews notes that, "much of the populace had become no more than a reactionary mob." Doris O'Brien notes that leftist professors perhaps should not bemoan solidarity with the little guy while they are pulling in $200,000 salaries.

Google is now defining "fascism" as a right-wing movement. Now how could they think that as they watch the progressive left destroy private property and beat up people wearing hats with "Make America Great Again" lettering? Perhaps they got their twisted definition from Robert Reich who says the rioters and anarchists at the University of California at Berkeley were from the right. Now, there's leftist logic for you.

Dabney Miller, a UC Berkeley staff member boasted about beating up conservatives on Facebook. Milo Yiannopoulos vows to return to the campus and be allowed to utilize his free speech rights on a campus that used to be a proud beacon of free speech. Perhaps college President Janet Napolitano will provide the proper protection this time as it appears she purposely did not provide the necessary security the first time. Perhaps the college did not have enough money to rent some water cannons in order to stop the rioters before they became so emboldened.

Can you imagine the audacity of Milo, a handsome, gay person, who happens to be Jewish, in daring to speak on the UC Berkeley campus when he has views different from their leftist orthodoxy. An orthodoxy that permeates this college and many other universities that are no longer inclusive of free speech and opposing viewpoints.

At least 150 of the rioters were breaking windows, setting things on fire and creating all sorts of destructive chaos. So why were only a handful of them even arrested? How can these college students act in such dangerous ways while simultaneously crying about the trauma of opposing viewpoints. So traumatic are these diverse viewpoints that the snowflakes and delicate flowers have to take the day off from school and head to the nearest safe place to suck on lollipops and play with Play-Doh.

The civil war is on folks, for the very soul of this country. Let's hope there are plenty of sheepdogs out there who will fight the battle to retain our culture and national identity.

Russ Wiles

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Defend SB-2 for Shaker Regional District; they're tryingto overturn it

To The Daily Sun,

Attention voters in both Belmont and Canterbury. SB-2 is the best way to protect you from the outrageous tax increases each year proposed by the Shaker Regional School Board. Please support SB-2 as they are trying to get it overturned. SB-2 is the best way to protect all taxpayers.

Don Irvin

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