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The Gilford Old Home Day fireworks were spectacular this year

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Board of Selectmen would like to offer a hearty congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of this year's Old Home Day.

During the planning for this year's event, the selectmen made it very clear they were unhappy with the fireworks in recent years, fireworks that seemed to suffer from a variety of technical glitches. This year the board sent a representative to the Old Home Day Committee with a message that things needed to improve or changes would be made.

We are now pleased to report to the citizens of Gilford that our call to action was answered with resounding positivity. The weather was simply beautiful on Saturday, Aug. 27. The parade turnout was outstanding (as usual). The activities on the Village Field were well-planned, fun and safe. And the fireworks were spectacular — thank you Atlas Fireworks of Belmont.

We are truly appreciative of all the efforts by the volunteers and staff who contributed, starting with the members of the Old Home Day Committee: Angela Pouliot, Michelle Blake, Bob And Charlene Pelland, Chris Bowler, Diane Maher, Ardy Eaton, Ethie Ritson, Grace Hebert, John Hall, Helen Murphy, Kelley Parker, Sue King, Mary Chesebrough, Kathie
Merriam, Pattu Smith, Pete Bowler, Ronda Reimers and Karen Thurston.

We would also like to thank some supporting cast members to include: Dave Reimers, Jerry Maher, Jerry Murphy, Rich Parker, Bruce Thurston and Bob Blake.

Members of the Gilford High School Football team helped with set-up and clean-up. The Gilford High School Class of
2017 served as the bucket brigade. We also want to thank the folks who served as parade judges. Additional praise is
due to the members of the Thompson-Ames Historical Society, the Gunstock Nordic Association, Gilford Rotary Club, and Friends of Gilford Library for partnering with the town on this memorable day.

The Town of Gilford is fortunate to be able to count on many employees as well who contributed to the success of Old
Home Day, including Katherine Dormody, Kristin Jarvi and the members of the Police and Fire Honor Guards. Many
DPW employees gave of their spare time in preparations for the parade while police and fire employees worked to ensure the safety of the public. Thanks to Bob Pomeroy for serving as master of ceremonies. A special thanks is conveyed to Parks & Recreation Director Herb Greene who works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things organized. We apologize in advance to anyone we may have inadvertently failed to recognize.

Lastly, we were proud that Old Home Day 2016 was honored by the presence of Merrill Fay, who served as Parade
Grand Marshal and the entire day was dedicated to Phil Merriam, a long-term member of the Old Home Day Committee
who sadly passed away in 2015. We can only hope that everyone who took part in Old Home Day came away with as
much joy and satisfaction as we did.

The Gilford Board of Selectmen:
Richard Grenier, Chair
Dale Channing Eddy, Vice-Chair
Gus Benavides, Clerk

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So many volunteers made Got Literacy's third year a great one

To The Daily Sun,

The school buses have started rolling – a visual sign that summer has ended – and with that came the end of Got Literacy's third year. It was wonderful to have the assistance of many volunteers this year as well as the support of community organizations and businesses.

Through the Got Lunch grocery bag delivery system, Got Literacy! Laconia sent out about 6,300 literacy sheets - everything from crossword puzzles, to brainteasers, to directions for making paper helicopters. The Laconia Public Library generously provided the copying of those handouts. Several volunteers helped with this effort by collecting the printed pages from the library, collating them, counting them into stacks for the 12 delivery routes, and bringing them to Got Lunch on Mondays.

In July, 89 kids and 29 parents attended a storytelling event and book give-away at the Laconia Library, which was sponsored jointly by the Laconia Library and the Children's Literacy Foundation (CLiF). Got Literacy volunteers helped by putting up advertising fliers around town and by chaperoning at the event.

Got Literacy distributed almost 1,000 books to Laconia kids this summer. Some of these were new books purchased through a grant from Altrusa. All were stored until delivered in space provided by the Congregational Church. Many folks assisted in the distribution by sorting the books into age categories and then bagging them (in sturdy bags provided by Market Basket) for the families on the 12 delivery routes. A couple of individuals assisted in delivering those books to homes around town. Some recipient families shared that they continued the good will by subsequently handing the books on to other readers.

We gave away about 350 boxes of crayons along with coloring pages one week, and volunteers helped by bagging them and counting them out for the routes.

None of this would have happened without the structure of the Got Lunch! Laconia program and the support of their board and volunteers. What a fabulous program that provides summertime food to the children of Laconia. We thank them for the space to provide sustenance to minds as well as bellies!

So thanks again to all of our supporters!

With a great deal of gratitude,

Jan Streifer
Kay Anderson
Jane Hewitt
Directors of Got Literacy! Laconia

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