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Price of wind & solar already on a par in many parts of the world

To The Daily Sun,

The Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed by 175 nations last week. More are expected. Nobody but nobody is taking the science deniers seriously anymore.

Recently, Russ Wiles and Tony Boutin paraded a statistic like it's the only statistic that counts regarding warming. That statistic is that more people die due to cold weather than hot weather. That is now, not the warmer future. But these gents from the local Chemtrail Writers Chapter don't mention that the World Health Organization studies show that up to 7 million people die each year prematurely due to pollution in the air. A million alone from coal burning.

Don Ewing submitted his usual market fundamentalist sermon about how much adjusting to climate change costs us. But Don doesn't mention the IMF global study that found that the hidden costs of fossil fuel burning is $5.3 trillion a year. That's trillions, Don, trillions! This is on top of $492 billion in direct government subsidies worldwide. We pay that.

Mr. Ewing also claims that addressing climate change has hurt jobs. More jobs were created in renewables than lost in the fossil fuel industry in both the EU and the USA. Solar Nation employs more people than the coal industry does in the U.S. now. Jobs always change as the world changes.

Tony Boutin also claimed wrongly that renewables make energy more expensive.

Bloomberg reported last April: "The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. And there's no going back. The shift occurred in 2013, when the world added 143 gigawatts of renewable electricity capacity, compared with 141 gigawatts in new plants that burn fossil fuels, according to an analysis presented Tuesday at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance annual summit in New York. The shift will continue to accelerate, and by 2030 more than four times as much renewable capacity will be added. "The electricity system is shifting to clean,'' Michael Liebreich, founder of BNEF, said in his keynote address. "Despite the change in oil and gas prices there is going to be a substantial buildout of renewable energy that is likely to be an order of magnitude larger than the buildout of coal and gas."

"The Beginning of the End:"

"The price of wind and solar power continues to plummet, and is now on par or cheaper than grid electricity in many areas of the world. Solar, the newest major source of energy in the mix, makes up less than 1 percent of the electricity market today but could be the world's biggest single source by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency." (See http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-14/fossil-fuels-just-lost-the-race-against-renewables)

James Veverka

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Fascism & communism have more in common than differences

To The Daily Sun,

I'm in a foul mood today because yesterday a bunch of judges reinstated a four-game suspension on Tom Brady (the New England Patriots quarterback, for those who may not know). The whole thing was a crooked frame-up. Anyway, I'm in a bad mood and I've decided to take it out on someone I really try hard to ignore.

Most of what James Veverka writes here in this paper is just dumb or made-up nonsense. Well, his last letter where I read as far down as to where he asserted the Tea Party was clearly fascist-like, or something to that effect. Well, how the heck would he know? He's never been to a Tea Party rally or meeting — of that I'm sure. Either that or he has no idea. That's zero understanding of what fascism is because the Tea Party is the diametric opposite of fascism.

Perhaps James is confused because he knows that the fascists in Italy and Germany and Spain fought against the communists for power in those three nations in the 1930s and won. Thus, he associates any group that opposes his views as fascist.

Thing is both fascism and communism have more in common than they differ. Both are big-government, top-down authoritarian regimes where the people are subjects required to serve the government. They are the antipathy of a democracy where the individual has the rights and power to control the government which is what the Tea Party supports and advocates for.

Of course we can't expect James to know that he's at the mercy of the elite, big-government, top-down, authoritarian thinkers. He's one of those useful idiots Lenin (no not the Beatles) Vladimir Lenin spoke of. Gets all his information from his Marxist socialist comrades in the media who only tell him what they want him to know and he buys into it as dutiful socialists do. So that brings me to Bernie and Hillary.

Have readers noticed how those two are awash in the politically correct, never dare criticize those leftist mobs like Black Lives Matter and the occupy Wall Street thugs? Groups on the left like that are the most fascist like with their threatening, bullying, shout-downs and takeovers.

We have never seen those tactics from any Tea Party group. Yet Bernie, Hillary and James want to tell people that there lies the threat to the nation. These lies, these slanders are designed to fool those who pay little or no attention to the news and never, ever check the facts. They are just content to go along to get along and will only know when everything falls in on them when the country is brought down in ruins by these socialists.

The United States is not to big to fail.

One last thing, no one has yet told me what Islam and liberalism have as common values?

Steve Earle


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