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Brian Gallagher will vote in best interests of San'ton & Tilton

To The Daily Sun,

I recommend, without reservation, that Sanbornton and Tilton citizens vote Brian Gallagher for state representative. I have known Brian since the 1980s, when our children became friends, and we later served together on Sanbornton Budget Committee. His work and community experiences more than qualify him as the state representative for Sanbornton and Tilton. His resume reads like a job description for state representative.

1. He is educated with a BA in political science, an MBA in management, and an AOS in accounting.

2. He is experienced with 12 years in the NH State Budget Office, eight years in New Hampshire Supreme Court Administrative Office, and six years as business administrator for several local school districts.

3. Involvement at Town level, in elected positions: he served on Town Budget Committee, Library Trustee, and Trustee of The Trust Funds. He currently represents Sanbornton on the Winnisquam Regional School District Budget Committee.

4. As a community volunteer he served as a soccer coach through the Sanbornton Rec Commission. He currently serves as an active volunteer in several positions at his church.

In these times when government officials tend to overspend budgets, choose which laws to enforce, overstep or bypass the Constitution and thereby threaten not only our form of government, but threaten our constitutional rights, we need to start the fix at the local level. We need Brian Gallagher to represent Sanbornton and Tilton in Concord. He will vote in the best interest of our towns. He has the experience and knowledge in state and municipal levels of governance, laws, budgets, and planning.

Vote Brian Gallagher for state representative on Sept. 9.

July Burlingame Rich


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Having no plan is really the only plan at Obama's White House

To The Daily Sun,

The media is all abuzz regarding the statements made by Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr. Cameron stood before his countrymen and stated, "We will use all our resources to root out Islamic extremists." He also indicated that military force may be used. He offered up a comprehensive plan to combat terrorism. His action was not only a proactive strategy, it was a definitive notification to the terror group ISIS that the UK stands ready, willing and able to take the initiative in confronting the growing threat to the civilized world.

The media was quick to point out that Mr. Obama has no strategy and doesn't know what to do. In the face of adversity and true to form, Mr. Obama blamed the Pentagon for not presenting him with a number of plans of action so as to pick the one that best fulfilled his political agenda. He has no foreign policy, only a deep desire to fundamentally change this nation. But into what?

To answer that question we must first examine his ideology and his motivation for his actions or lack thereof.

Obama's grade school records indicate that he was a practicing Muslim. This speaks volumes as to why his support lies with the Muslim's and his alienation of Israel and the Christian community.

Later on in college he was a devout believer in the teachings of Sol Alinsky (Rules for Radicals).

Obama's plan is brilliant and simplistic: Having no plan or strategy is the plan and the strategy. The White House has always preferred to be reactive as opposed to proactive. As always Obama waits to be informed by the media of a crisis before reacting.

Make no mistake, this country will be attacked by ISIS, and when that day comes the first priority of the people of the United States will be to insist that their representatives in Washington impeach Obama for failing to fulfill his oath of office.

George Dengel


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Is this fatal accident still under investigation or just swept away?

To The Daily Sun,

I feel compelled to write this as a concerned citizen. We had a 82-year-old man by the name of John Giuffrida in a wheelchair, who was struck by a car while crossing South Main Street in front of Vista Foods on Saturday, June 7. I was there when this happened.

Usually I don't pay attention to people in wheel chairs to see where they are going, but something told me to watch this person to see if they were crossing on the crosswalk, and sure enough he was. I turned around and got into my car, all of a sudden there was this horrific crash. A customer said to me, "What was that?" I said, "I hope its not what I think it is. I think a man in a wheelchair just got hit." I got out of my car to have a look and sure enough this man was laying in the road groaning. I knew it had to be bad from the sound of the crash. Unfortunately a day later, this man passed away from his injuries. The police asked for eyewitness accounts and I went down to the Laconia Police Dept and filled out a statement.

Now this happened in June, and we are now into September. Is this accident still under investigation or has it been swept under the table? Anyone else wondering the same thing? I do believe the State of New Hampshire has a law that states stop for pedestrians on crosswalks. Why isn't the media on top of this one?

June DeHart


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Sen. Forrester combies service ideals with volunteer spirit

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to support and recognize state Sen. Jeanie Forrester.

Senator Forrester, in our opinion, is a terrific blend of community service ideals and the volunteer spirit. Additionally, she has the pragmatic skills needed to ensure that she is highly effective in Concord. Her legislative record certainly confirms that she is highly effective representing us in Concord.

Jeanie's long and distinguished record of government service is matched by her lifelong commitment to volunteering and community service across the Lakes Region and the state. Highly visible and always listening to and interacting with her constituents throughout all the towns she represents, Jeanie is always accessible, open and caring.

Jeanie Forrester serves as a Senate Committee member on the Finance, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee where her MBA from Whittemore and her extensive executive and managerial background in both the business and non-profit worlds comes in very handy. Jeanie has the knowledge, the skills and the educational and career background to be an effective steward of our Lakes Region and state economy.

Importantly, Jeanie understands and respects the unique natural resources that make her district so special for residents and tourists alike. Jeanie is committed to sustainable, affordable and reliable energy policies that grow and protect our local economies while preserving our state's natural resources for future generations.

In an era where many people are skeptical about the motives of politicians, Sen. Forrester stands out as a beacon of integrity and principles, principles that represent the best interests and core values of her constituents across our district.

Please join us in supporting state Sen. Forrester by voting for Jeanie on Sept. 9. She is committed to us.

Art & Sylvia Cote


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Know who your friends were, Market Basket employees

To The Daily Sun,

Glad that the Market Basket situation has been resolved. I for one will now go there and buy anything they have on the shelf to help get them back on their feet.

However, I am disappointed in our elected officials. Not one of the congressional candidates stopped by to offer the workers a box of doughnuts or a jug of coffee. They all yap on their TV ads about how they help small businesses. I guess to them 20 some thousand workers out of work is not small enough for them.

Where was Kuster, Guinta, Shaheen? At least our governor dipped her toe in it. The governor friend from the south of us was too busy. His wife, I understand, works for the law firm that represents Arthur S. So I guess the family pay check meant more to him than his concern for his state's citizens.

Channel 9 needs a wake up call as well. Until the settlement, it was never the lead story, yet the Boston stations often lead with it. BBC reported that Arthur S got married at Castle in the Clouds a week ago and was honeymooning in Italy. Evidently he has a house up here in the lake area. Channel 9 never picked up on it.

Market Basket provides good wages and fair pricing. They have also provided our young teenagers with pocket money for many years. I don't know how many kids cycled through their stores, but it must be in the thousands. The white shirts and the black ties worn by the baggers always impressed me.

Know who your friends are. That gang we last sent to Washington and the retread trying to get his old job back should all go. We need new faces.

Len Economou


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