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I-L Community Caregivers looking for committed volunteers

To The Daily Sun,

As one neighbor said to me, "volunteers are wonderful". Volunteers are the backbone of many organizations. Today, Interlakes Community Caregivers, Inc. needs more volunteers.
If you have one day or even half a day per month that you can give to Interlakes Community Caregivers (ICCI), many more people will be given the services they need to remain independent in their homes.
Right now, ICCI is looking for committed volunteers willing to drive neighbors to medical appointments either locally or as far away as Concord, Manchester, Boston, and Lebanon. ICCI volunteers provide transportation for companionship visits, shopping, hair care appointments, rehab or exercise classes, as well as other essential trips. ICCI has neighbors who would like a friendly volunteer, once in awhile, to just chat or read or just be there for them.
If you think you can help ICCI fulfill its mission by becoming a volunteer, please call 603-253-9275. I believe you won't regret it. Call today.

Connie Cunningham,
ICCI Volunteer

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Left will have won the war when we lose national sovereignty

To The Daily Sun,

Hey Todd Welch of Tilton, be careful what you wish for, and perhaps take a closer look at what you want our country to become – If for no other reason than because it would appear you have clearly not thought through your recent reply to Dave Schwotzer. Do you really want to take in hordes of Syrian refugees? Would that be compassionate and fiscally feasible for our communities? Does that matter to you?

Todd, have you checked out what is happening in Europe as we speak? Apparently, you are not concerned about the monstrous, migration disaster happening on that continent. Apparently, you are not concerned about the notion that there is no way to properly vet such an onslaught of humanity. Or that there is the likelihood of the embedded terrorist element reaching our shores.

How are these communities supposed to find the huge amount of funds needed to house, clothe, feed and medically care for these people? If you, Bernadette Loesch, Dick Devens and Jack Landow have such big hearts and open minds, then why stop at Syria? What about all the other countries' peoples who would love to escape their miserable existence and immigrate to America? Let's bring 'em all in, right Todd? Have you heard that the majority of these refugees from Syria are young men rather than women and children? Do you think they desire to assimilate into our unique culture Todd? At an alarming rate, immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa are not assimilating and are now pushing for Sharia Law in their communities. Most of the immigrants from Latin American countries have grown up indoctrinated with Marxist, socialist ideologies and will mostly vote for Democrats.

And by the way, just whose fault is this Syrian mess? Why the progressive "left" of course. Obama and Clinton took out Qaddafi when he was no bother to us, and then sacrificed Ambassador Stevens in order to smuggle arms to Syrian rebels from Libya. I'm sure you are probably not aware of the surreptitiousness of our Democratic global justice schemers. The left is so stuck in self-righteous, feel-good notions that they continue to ignore the destructive results of their policies and push for more tax funded feel-good programs. The complicit mainstream media hide those results as best they can because those Fourth Estate guardian scribes have morphed into feckless "lambs of the left".

If this country ends up losing its heritage and its very sovereignty through open borders and mass migration, then the left will have won the war, will they not? The vast majority of these foreign folks will vote for Democrats. The majority of Hispanics and Muslims, many of them hard working by the way, will nevertheless be drawn to the free stuff as sold to them by the Democratic Party. Our culture is changing day by day. Some of the change is good, but most of it is very bad. One example is that our public schools are increasingly teaching our children that this country is bad and must be transformed into a utopian, social justice, fairness doctrinaire, autocratic society, which sounds pretty nice to our naive youth. They are not taught that history is replete with examples of why this really means tyranny and wealth by and for the elites and misery plus poverty for the rest.

Everyone in this country who believes that our Constitution is still the ultimate authority, rather than some international governing body, had better speak up and defend it now. An increasing number of immigrants, legal and illegal, living in this country, believe that international law rather than our Constitution should be the ultimate arbiter of how our lives are governed, according to a Pew research survey. Have I got your attention now? Do you care? Will you stand up for our country's survival? Your children and grandchildren will be looking into your eyes and wondering what kind of a country will be left to them. Marxism and Islamism are both oozing into every nook and cranny of our society, while President Obama continues to dismantle and weaken our military might. Folks, this will not end well.

Russ Wiles

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