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Sorry, Bernie, Hillary's got this one locked up

To the Daily Sun,

Celebration time for all Hillary supporters, she eked out a win over Bernie in Iowa, with the help of a few coin flips. Then there was that video clip with a packed auditorium full of Bernie supporters chanting "She's a liar, she's a liar." That couldn't have been good for her ego. More importantly, does that suggest that many Bernie supporters may stay home in November rather then vote for her? I don't know. But neither does she, so just another worry. Oh, did you see where Bernie supporters at the Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa, had asked for a recount but it was refused by the District 43 chairman? They were told it wouldn't make a difference in the state delegation. (Aren't politics wonderful?)

C-Span had a headline "Clinton voter fraud in Polk County Iowa caucus." What was that all about? Short-lived story, denied by the party, smoothed over, now forgotten, except we are talking about the Clinton (any means justifies the ends) political machine here. Me, no idea just naturally suspicious? Six more days until we all go cast our own votes. Wonder how Hillary will do here? I read Bernie has a big lead in the polls and wonder about these polls? Well not to worry Hillary supporters, you know she's got it all locked up. Oops, sorry I shouldn't have said "locked up" don't want to create any anxiety issues with her local supporters.

To be fare I should probably say a few words about Bernie Sanders. He has a snowball's chance in July after New Hampshire. Bernie is telling all his under-35-year-old supporters that he is going to raise business taxes and personal taxes on the rich. He'd like a 90-percent tax rate because all the multinationals are keeping millions in offshore banks. Thing is he doesn't say why. The why is because they are already saddled with the highest tax rate in the world. Question for supporters, if these businesses are keeping millions offshore now with the current rate, what will they do if the rate is raised to 90 percent?

Another thing, given that capitalism and the free enterprise system created more jobs, industry and raised more people out of abject poverty than any system in the history of the world, just what is wrong with that and why has socialism failed to even approach it? Hey, just asking, did all those socialists professors forget to mention that to all the liberals out there?

Enough said about and to the Sanders socialists because poor ol' Bernie isn't going to get the nomination even if Hillary does get indicted, the fix is in and Bernie is out.

Steve Earle


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Last I checked, Indiana was in U.S. & subject to all federal laws

To The Daily Sun,

Can any real Democrat, not of Marxist-socialist ideology, please explain to me why you still support Hillary Clinton and respect Obama, after everyone has seen the never-ending catalog of deception and lies perpetrated by these people for years now? No intelligent person who has payed even minimal attention can deny this truth. Let me address just one of the multitude of lies.

Recently, on national TV, Obama held a "town hall meeting." It was by invitation only, which pretty much belies its town hall description, and when the moderator asked why he, the president, wouldn't meet with the NRA to discuss his gun control agenda, the president said he would but only if the discussion was based on "real facts."

Now that begs the question of who's facts because just moments later Obama asserted that Chicago, "a city he is very proud of," was being flooded with guns purchased across the boarder in Indiana because there were lax gun controls in that state. No background checks were necessary there, automatic weapons were easily attained there at gun shows and from dealers. Okay, let's be clear here, Indiana is subject to the same federal law on background checks as is every other of the 49 other states. Additionally, there is absolutely no exception for any gun show in Indiana or anywhere else in the U.S. What's more, automatic weapons (machine guns) are covered by a federal law passed in 1934, so very few people can even have one without a very special license give out by the BATF after an intensive (means more then normal) background check.

I now challenge anyone to dispute these facts with documentary evidence that Obama wasn't flat out lying. In other words, show me the federal law that exempts Indiana or any other state, or business or venue from following federal background check requirements.

Please note. Hillary Clinton is spreading the same kind of deceitful, misleading information. She has not presented one new idea, thought, or proposal that would have or could have prevented any mass shooting in the past twenty years. Her entire rhetoric involves a generalized "tighten gun controls and close loopholes" (which do not exist). Fact is we have an abundance of gun laws that the federal government chooses not to enforce.

I believe it was MIT PhD Professor Gruber, designer of the ACA, who on the subject of Obamacare said if the American people were not as stupid and lazy as they are, we could never have gotten the ACA passed. I think this description also explains why leftist politicians are able to convince so many people that "gun control" is actually a real need instead of vast distraction from real national needs and concerns.

Steve Earle


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