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Many Ashland residents see the value in our vision for library

To The Daily Sun,

The Ashland Town Library Trustees would like to thank the Ashland citizens that voted for the bond issue to purchase the old school (Article 4). Although we were not successful (162-271), we appreciate the support we did receive.

Through our open houses and at the polls, we were able to meet many people new to Ashland and many long-time residents who see the value in our vision of a new home for the library. We will be looking into other funding opportunities. We welcome donations at Ashland Town Library, PO Bx. 660, Ashland NH 03217, or at www.ashlandtownlibrary.org

If you would like to join The Friends of Ashland Town Library, the next meeting will be on April 7 at the library, 41 Main St. All are welcome to attend and join.

Ashland Town Library Trustees

Alice Staples

David Ruell

Mardean Badger

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Ayotte's been working on stemming heroin crisis for several years

To The Daily Sun,

With important issues being overshadowed by the presidential elections and all the negative news surrounding politics these days, I wanted to write and make sure people heard some good news that recently happened — especially because it is a big deal for the residents of New Hampshire, Belknap County and Laconia.

The heroin crisis has been steadily growing for years, claiming more and more lives and impacting people from all over our state. This "Grim Reaper" does not care if you're rich or poor, young or old, or anything else — this heroin crisis does not discriminate. And unfortunately, help has been slow in coming.

But not from our US Senator Kelly Ayotte. Perhaps it is her background as attorney general, but Kelly's been in conversations and working on ways to combat the heroin crisis for several years now. She's been bringing awareness to it, and now, she's got the entire U.S. Senate to take major action. She helped introduce a bill that just recently passed – a bill that is clearly based in a lot of research and discussion, because it's got something for just about every angle of this crisis. I think this is a huge step forward in attacking this issue, and I'm so glad to see that something is finally getting done. Thank you Senator Ayotte.

Chris Cost

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