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Obama is very wrong; liberty, not racism, is is America's DNA

To The Daily Sun,

I have alluded in past letters to the false narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement who scream about "white racism." And about how the left continues to paint a picture of how racist this country remains to this day. Plus, reminding folks about how they discard the progress we have made in overcoming the Democrats and their Jim Crow and segregation measures while putting a stake through the heart of the Democrats and their racist KKK organizations.

I was aghast when President Obama exclaimed that racism is in America's DNA. A brief history, if you will indulge me for just a moment, will paint a vastly different picture. Black Africans have enslaved blacks for centuries and unimaginably, still do in some parts of Africa. It was white Christian males in England and America who came to the conclusion that slavery was wrong.

The United States was founded on the principle that men and women of all races had the right to liberty, granted by God within our Judeo-Christian values, and no government could remove those rights. Many hundreds of thousands died in this country to end slavery, thus securing that principle through enormous blood and treasure. It was England and the United States who were the leading role models for ending slavery throughout the western hemisphere and in parts of Africa.

David Horowitz pointed that out during a recent interview with an Indianapolis talk-radio host while claiming that it was the Black Lives Matter movement that was acting in a racist manner. Well, the leftist organization, the Right Wing Watch (RWW) went ballistic. They claimed that Horowitz was racist and beneath contempt for his comments.

RWW then did what the left is famous for doing when they are confronted with the truth. Mark Tapson reports that they offered absolutely no response, nor any rebuttal whatsoever. After being rendered feckless and without having benefit of a reasonable response, the left had to resort once again to baseless name-calling. They get away with it because the right quivers in fear at the mere thought of being labeled as racist. That is why so many of our youth believe that it is Republicans who have been the past promoters of racism in this country.

That lack of a backbone by the right explains why academia, Hollywood and the mainstream media have been able to paint Christians, conservatives, the Tea Party and the right in general, as the ones who lack compassion for minorities in this country. Apparently, crying racist, like crying wolf, has had the effect of numbing our psyche to the truth, while rendering the GOP incapable of action.

And crying Islamophobic is apparently how the left gets away with giving cover to radical Islamist groups who seek to enslave women and minorities. Why they continue do it remains one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century. Our president is so wrong when he implies that this country has racism in its DNA. What it has in its DNA is liberty. But then perhaps that is what we should expect from a man who embraces the Muslim Brotherhood and ignores the massive slaughter of blacks by other blacks in his community organizing hometown of Chicago.

Russ Wiles

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We can't elect Trump or Cruise, but the worse of the two is Cruise

To The Daily Sun,

In recent weeks, it appears that both Republicans as well as Democrats are stooping to new lows in campaigning strategy. We have the Trumps, Cruzes, and the Clintons. The one standout that offers the most hope for this country is Bernie Sanders. This is a formal endorsement of Bernie.

While Senator Sanders appears to offer a "socialist platform," in reality it is not. The idea that education and health care be provided by the U.S. government is not new. The sources of funding would comes from those ultra rich billionaires (of which Donald Trump is one of them) as well as "increased taxes" (which really should be called premiums). In the long term, should this be successfully set up, this will improve the national economy overnight, as the excess money saved from the differences between private sector insurance companies and the government programs of health care will be substantial, which will ultimately be returned into the economy, by means of spending this "surplus."

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are dangerous politicians as well as crybabies. Rather than discuss the issues affecting United States citizens, these men chose to act like two aggressive siblings, offering accusations that are not founded on hard evidence. We do not have time to hear these two children. Their behaviors are deplorable. The negativism related to their obvious bigotry is unacceptable. Both of these men display dangerous overtones that could well impact on the health, safety, and welfare of our country.

Bigotry as a matter of constitutional law is unacceptable, illegal, and unconstitutional. To threaten war over the littlest event is tantamount to bringing the U.S. into another war which we do not need. In short, by voting for either Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz is to seriously threaten our country's existence. This supporters of these two men do not understand the depth of the danger these two men present.

Having already shared thoughts regarding Mr. Trump, this note turns to Mr. Cruz. Mr. Cruz is another bigot. He must not be elected. Bigotry is unacceptable and unconstitutional and the president of the USA must represent all peoples in this country. This includes all races, religions, nationality, sexual identification, and disabled people. We must all work together to promote harmony among all of us.

Mr. Cruz works the opposite way, promoting hatred and discord for this ever-growing group of minorities. Christianity is not mentioned in either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution for a reason. Mr. Cruz has chosen to ignore this. Even Muslims, by religion, are also a part of our national landscape, and to even think anything different is unconstitutional.

The Muslim community is actually a strength by which we can hope to resolve the Mideast turmoil (caused by George Bush, Jr.) as they can provide answers on how we can resolve this current World War III. Mr. Cruz wants to carpet-bomb them, have special law enforcement staff to monitor the Muslim community, both of which must not be. Thus Mr. Cruz is a most dangerous individual and a poor example of one who aspires to be our next president.

This writer has offered this point several times. This election is the most critical election in this country's history. We the people can elect the winner of the Democratic primary and enable us to move forward and set a healthy example for the rest of the world, or we can destroy our own heritage and country by electing either Trump or Cruz. The worse of the two is Ted Cruz. These two men will destroy the country that is truly the hope of mankind and the human race. This country's future rests in you, the voters and people of this country's hands.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton.

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