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Trump may stir things up but history suggests Council on Foreign Relations will prevail

To The Daily Sun,

Well, here we go again. Another red flag emerges. "Donald Trump meets with Henry Kissinger." It was only a matter of time before an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations approached Trump. The council was not effective until 1927, when (John D.) Rockefeller began pouring tax-free money from his foundation into its coffers. Money from the Ford and Carnegie foundations increased funding.

In 1929 the Harold Pratt House at 58 East 68th St., New York City was acquired. Becoming the council's headquarters.

In 1939 the council began to gradually infiltrate the State Department. Hamilton Fish Armstrong (CFR) and Walter H. Mallory ( CFR) offered assistance to the State Department. They then began to make recommendations. Four fields were researched: political problems, territorial problems, economic and financial problems, and security and armament problems.

In February 1941 Leo Pasvolsky (CFR) was appointed director of the State Department's Division of Special Research, that was divided into Political, Security, Economic, and Territorial sections. By 1942 the council began systematically taking over the State Department.

1945 became the fork in the road for this nation. Forty members of the United States Delegation to the Organization of the United Nations in San Francisco were agents of the Council on Foreign Relations. Some, like Alger Hiss and Lauchlin Currie were also Soviet agents.

Following the council's influence in getting us involved in World War II, they instituted several dominant forces into play. Building up other nations' industrial capacity, eliminating our capacity. Decreasing our domestic and foreign markets, combining American social, educational, cultural, political and education with other nations, destroying our traditional foreign policies and taking away our independence in the private economic system.

Dr. Bella Dodd, top Communist Party USA official testified following World War II, "The Kremlin told the leadership of the CPUSA that if they were unable to contact Moscow, they could obtain emergency orders directly from any one of three wealthy and powerful Americans living in the towers of a famous mid-town Manhattan hotel." She refused to give their names. When asked, "Who is the hidden power, the real leader, behind the entire worldwide communist conspiracy?" her response was, "If the final authority for atheistic communist conspiracy could be unmasked, it would be Satan." Interesting.

Rockefeller and Carnegie tax-free foundation money were responsible for the Foreign Policy Association and the Institute of Pacific Relations, a tax-exempt educational organization. In 1951, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee lead by Pat McCarren (D-Nevada) found the organizations contained many soviet agents.

1961. New York lawyer (CFR) Theodore Tannenwad Jr. wrote President Kennedy's Foreign Assistance Act. Vice President Richard Nixon (CFR) was pleased. He also wrote foreign aid bills for Harry Truman and became assistant director of Mutual Security Program for President Eisenhower. As the American economy was suffering from industry moving to foreign lands the 1961 bill Public Law 87-195 offered $10 billion in foreign aid. Subsidies were given to firms moving overseas. Foreign aid helps finance socialism and strengthens dictators in undeveloped nations. CFR at work.

In 1961 the New York Times reported, "of the 82 names on a list prepared to help President Kennedy staff his State Department, 63 were council (CFR) members. Kennedy once complained, "I'd like to have some new faces here, but all I get is the same old names."

Former Ambassador Earl T. Smith acknowledged that Castro was was given help in his climb to power. A Kennedy election helper stated, "Foreign policy was with the Council on Foreign relations." CFR at work.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag when she spoke in New York City: "Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the 'mother ship' in New York City, but it's good to have an outpost of the council right here down the the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the council, so this will mean I won't have as far to go to be told what we should be doing." What?

Now we read former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (CFR) and former vice president Dick Cheney (CFR) have endorsed Trump.

During an interview on Fox News on March 4 Newt brought up Mitt Romney and his statement about Trump that elaborated "the panic of the establishment wing of the Republican party" now they're faced with the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the leader of the party and that absolutely drives them crazy."

"Why?" asked Bill O'Reilly.

"Well because he's an outsider," Newt said. "He's not them, he's not part of the club, he's uncontrollable, you know, he hasn't been through the initiation rites, he didn't belong to the secret society."

Trump has lobbed a few shots over the bow of the council and stirred them up a bit. His opposition to all the council holds dear could be shaken. Not to worry. They will simply send their agents over. Always worked in the past.

Gene F. Danforth

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Thanks for helping Aavid employees' 'Amazing Race' downtown

To The Daily Sun,

On Friday, May 20, Aavid Thermalloy hosted our first team-building "Amazing Race" activity in Laconia's fabulous downtown area. The teams began their adventure with a coffee treat at Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, where they were presented with their first clue. This first of 15 picture clues led the teams to local businesses, where they had to perform tasks like walking a dog, sweeping hair, playing a kazoo, singing a song, getting a (temporary) tattoo, dressing up in costumes, trying on funny face coasters, and possibly walking away with a diamond.

The teams raced to the finish to Hector's Fine Food & Spirits, which hosted our team-building wrap-up celebration. I want to express Aavid's appreciation to the locally-owned businesses which supported our event. It was a huge success and we hope to have many more like this in the future.

Our sincere thanks go out to All My Life Jewelers, Bead Divine, Bubba's Blues, Burrito Me, Greenlaw's Music and Audio, Hector's Fine Food & Spirits, Holy Grail of the Lakes, New England Porch Rockers, Polished & Proper Barbershop & Shave Parlor, Prescott's Florist, Some Funky Skills Tat2ing, Sunday's Salon & Spa, The Studio, U-Frame We Frame and Wayfarer Coffee Roasters for their participation in our event.

Julie Westcott
Aavid Thermalloy

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