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This is indeed the year that we should all 'just vote Republican'

To The Daily Sun,

A Democrat candidate recently wrote that "Grafton District 9 voters should be informed on the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues."
Indeed they should. That is why informed voters can be expected to cast their ballots for Republicans on Nov. 4. The problems we have today, particularly those which force single mothers to work three jobs to support their families, are the result of harmful policies favored by Democrats.

For instance, Obamacare has destroyed jobs and forced employers to limit the hours that remaining employees can work. Similarly, high property taxes are the result of enthusiastic overspending by past Democrat majorities.

Yes, the voters of Grafton County District 9 should be informed. The Democrats are hiding from their record of overspending and raising taxes, and want to fool the voters again. That is why I am asking for your vote for Bob Hull on Nov. 4. In fact, I suggest that this year, we all should "just vote Republican."

Thank you for your support and responsible voting.

Robert "Bob" Hull
Candidate for State Representative, Grafton District 9

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Tom Dawson will vote as he sees the issues, not follow party line

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Dawson does not need a win on Nov. 4. He already has a most satisfying life. He has been happily married to Cathy for 46 years. They have a daughter and son who are both doing well personally and professionally. He has an earned doctorate in education. He has been the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal. He has served on the Laconia Board of Education for nine years, and has recently retired as professor of Fire Technology at the Lakes Region Community College.

It is likely that a firefighter taught by Tom has helped save some of you readers from harm.

I have known Tom and his family for 40 years, as pastor and, then, friend. When Tom runs for state representative it is not an ego trip. Tom is running simply in order to serve. We need a person like Tom as a state representative and a member of the Belknap County Convention.

I nearly forgot: Tom is not running because he has an ideological ax to grind. He has indicated to me that he will vote the issues and not the party line.

The Rev. John S. Allen


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Frank Guinta's words don't match with his dismal record

To The Daily Sun,

Surprisingly, former Congressman Frank Guinta says he regards providing more money to fund a higher level of mental health services in New Hampshire as an important responsibility for a member of Congress.

I say surprisingly because Mr. Guinta is a Tea-Partier who was adamantly opposed to federal funding for state and local programs and projects. He voted to terminate the TIGER grant program used to replace the Memorial Bridge between Portsmouth and Maine. So how would Guinta add funding to increase services? Maybe, as he said about autism research, towns could hold fundraisers?

Fortunately we already have an able and caring U.S. Representative, Carol Shea-Porter, who has consistently supported improved mental health services. Congresswoman Shea-Porter voted for the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (now law), mandating insurers cover mental health services as they cover physical health services. Recently, she also got research funded for a promising therapeutic service-dog training program to address PTSD.

Wondering what Frank Guinta did to improve mental health care while in Congress? Not a thing.

Guinta's words don't match his dismal record. I'll be voting for Carol Shea-Porter on Nov. 4 because we need an honest, caring representative.

Gail Morrison


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I don't think we can afford a conservative like Ray Howard

To The Daily Sun,

Recently an Alton citizen told me that they were going to vote for Ray Howard because he was a conservative and had saved "us" money as a cemetery trustee.

I was taken aback by that comment, but then realized that most Alton taxpayers are probably unaware of the details of the budgets during his tenure.

Elected in March 2010, Ray was one of the trustees, and supported the 2011-2013 budget requests for the cemetery.

That first year (2011) the proposed cemetery's budget was $101,656 — a 4.6 percent increase over the previous year. The overall town budget increase was 3.1 percent, which included the new position of police prosecutor. Even with the new position, Ray's proposal was almost one and a half times the town's percent increase.

In 2012 this "conservative" proposed a 9.5 percent increase, from $101,656 to $111,340 for our town. This was the same year the selectmen and Budget Committee agreed to remove the full-time cemetery employee and return the position to a part-time one as had been the practice for 50-plus years, and a budget of $50,732. Ray Howard vehemently fought this change.

So, how can Ray Howard say that he is conservative when as a cemetery trustee, he supported a 4.2 percent increase and a 9.5 percent increase in these budgets? In my mind, actions speak louder than words.

The ironic part is that Peter Bolster (who is be labeled as "a spender") was selectman at this time and fully supported changing the cemetery budget to save taxpayers money.

Can we afford this "conservative" as a state representative with his past history ....?

Robert Loring Carr


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Lisa MiMartino is the right candidate for Meredith & Gilford

To The Daily Sun,

I have known Lisa DiMartino for almost 15 years, first meeting her at the Gilford Public Library as the children's librarian, and later working with her on local fundraising events. She was always kind and compassionate, and sincerely cared about the families she worked with.

Lisa is running for re-election as a state representative to continue serving Gilford and Meredith with the same compassion and common sense she has always shown as a representative, as well as an involved resident of Gilford. She is a candidate with integrity, intelligence, and experience making the right choices for the people she represents.

Please look at Lisa's voting record. Please read Lisa's letters in the local papers. Lisa is running for re-election for the right reasons. She is the right candidate for Gilford and Meredith, and I trust Lisa DiMartino to make the right choices for my family.

Missi Perkins


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