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The liberal, socialist minset has caused misery around world

To The Daily Sun,

"Open up your heart and mind: it's not good to close either one".

Right on Bernadette Loesch, I agree with you. Unfortunately, then the socialist virus flows from her pen onto the pages of The Sun. "Lest we forget, the 1 percent of the uber wealthy want to keep all that they have without caring about or feeling any brotherly concern or responsibility for others who are less fortunate than them." Her broad brush then paints a picture of patronizing contempt for letter writers who disagree with her view of how the world works. "The examples we hear from people with narrowed minds try to make us believe that only the ones who have made it are entitled to what they earn (and all of it)".

The questions abound. "One per cent of the uber wealthy" includes exactly what minuscule percentage of the population? How does she know that all those folks have no "brotherly concern" for others and hence give nothing to charity of their personal wealth? And heaven forbid that people who bust their tails every day should feel entitled to what they earn. Who are these narrow-minded people that she speaks of and how does she know what they do or do not contribute to their fellow man? I wonder if she knows that Republicans contribute more of their personal wealth to charity than do Democrats and by a wide margin.

I wonder why Bernadette offers no proof whatsoever and offers no names to back up her allegations of these supposed narrow minded letter writers. No, no, she just blasts away with accusations of folks stereotyping and condemning all the poor and needy as not deserving of our help. I haven't read of anyone saying that. How about one example. Who anointed you the arbiter of who is and isn't a responsible person?

Bernadette, I am not angry with you. I used to believe as you do until I opened up my mind and rid myself of the socialist virus that had afflicted me for so long. I am angry with liberal teachers and professors who filled me with this socialist, redistributionist nonsense. I am angry with the media who perpetuate lies about capitalism and conservatism. I am angry with most Republicans who continually cave in to the Democrats. And I am angry with myself for taking so long to wake up.

Now that I am awake and have an open mind, I will in my letters, continue to correct the misrepresentations made about conservatives by modern day liberals. The liberal, socialist mindset has caused untold misery around the world as history has borne out. Unfortunately, like a tenacious virus, it keeps rearing it's ugly head by those who remain convinced that socialism is the best model for taking care of citizens despite not one single, solitary example of a success in the history of mankind.

Yes, I am angry, but not at you Bernadette. I actually feel sad for you since you apparently still feel as I once did. "I am a liberal, I am a Democrat and therefore I am in the party that has cornered the market on the care and compassion for others". That, is pure rubbish and I will continue to call you and others out on all the lies, hypocritical name calling, generalizations and arrogance that flows from the progressive, modern day liberal mind.

Russ Wiles

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State took slots away from casino & Belmont is now surprised?

To The Daily Sun,

Suppose its a coincidence that Lakes Region Casino isn't paying real estate taxes since the state closed down its burgeoning slot operation? Everyone knew that the charity gaming aspect also would suffer when that happened. If Belmont wants its money, have them go to the idiots in Concord and tell them to open up LRC to genuine casino gambling and stop driving our gaming money to ME,CT, RI and soon, MA!
Leo Paradis


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Hillary would not get us out of this; we need a Pres. Barry Sanders

To The Daily Sun,

While criticism of our drones use in Pakistan makes the news, I'm sending postcards to both Obamas: "Our USA in perpetual war and thus 'preferring' drones-murder in other countries is suffering illness. We drag others into our illness. It's ill to support war-machinery industry over all other kinds of production. Hillary would not get us out of this, nor would Kerry or Biden. We need a Pres. Bernie Sanders or a Pres. Dennis Kucinich. Each has integrity, cause-and-effect awareness, kindness. Not happening in D.C. at this time."

When Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks to N.H. Peace Action audience on Nov. 9th evening in Concord, I hope we hear support for our USA getting past and surviving its illness that makes warring our dominant, outreach lifestyle.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Democrats & Republicans don't have the answer; turn to God

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka insults good fellow Americans and if you read his poppycock (rubbish-nonsense) letters, you will see how nasty a person he is at this time in his life. He is very offensive, never able to point us in the right direction. I feel sorry for him; he stands for what is wrong and upholds everything that has brought our nation to the brink of destruction. It's terrible to insult so many people James, but worse still insulting that which is holy. 90 of Americans are people of faith and declare "In God we Trust".

James, it's not Obamacare we need, our want, it's Gods care we trust in and all people of faith from the Pope, to Billy Graham, preach Jesus Christ as our savior. Don't insult them, you or I could not stand in their shadow. I am going to tell you James, except we repent of our national sins, America will fall, just like the old Roman empire did.

A national revival can restore us, and save our nation. The Democrats and Republicans don't have the answers, God does, our nation was always at its greatest when we turned to God and repented, try it James, it works.

By the way James, its not so-called holy water that makes us clean, but the precious blood of Jesus Christ. James, get a new life, ask Jesus to save you and then your letters will be love letters, to a loving God. Read 1 John 1:7. You will be a new man, and the people of Tilton will rejoice with you.

William (Liam) McCoy


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Thanks for community involvement in Laconia High homecoming

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Community of Laconia:

The Laconia High School Community wishes to thank you for your support and involvement throughout the recent Homecoming Weekend. We could not be more happy and appreciative of the many community members and agencies that chose to participate with us in celebrating our school, our alumni and our great city! It was wonderful to see so many people come out for the parade, our open house, our athletic events and the outstanding alumni activities set up by Ms. Brough. The Homecoming weekend truly demonstrates so many of the positives that this community has for those who have grown up here.

We would like to thank Warren Mitchell and the many alumni who drove or rode along in the antique cars in the parade. We also thank those who provided us with convertibles for our Homecoming Court and those who were willing to allow us the usage of trailers for the class floats. Your efforts helped make our parade a big hit this year!!!

We would also like to thank the folks at CBH Landscaping, our local Vista and Petal Pushers for providing us with the beautiful fall themed flowers and plants. They certainly made our entrances look spectacular and welcoming to parents, alumni, students and staff throughout the entire weekend! Finally, thanks to our local Lakes Regions Party and Gifts for the balloons, Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation for their support and Lakes Region Floral Studio for the beautiful floral arrangement in the cafe. These all contributed to create a festive environment for the alumni celebration. Once again, our community excels whenever it comes together to celebrate its history and legacy and that is represented by the people who have grown up in the great city of Laconia!

Jim McCollum, Principal
Laconia High School

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