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Will you give Friday's National March for Life equal coverage

To The Daily Sun,

America watched extensive news coverage of the past weekends "women's" march with numerous personal story interviews. While it was a first, there is another march that will occur Friday in D.C. A march that goes on every year in numbers of hundreds of thousands. This march usually gets at best, a ho-hum casual short mention in the media, if at all. I speak of the National March for Life, extensively attended by young people.

I challenge you to give as much coverage to the Life March. It too is also associated with additional marches all across America in the week leading up to the D.C. March. This is held in conjunction with the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Bear in mind the March for Life has hundreds of thousands for one issue only. The Women's March included a litany of environmentalists, race issues, women's issues, immigration, civil liberties and on and on. Although I must admit it was co-opted by the vagina brigade that overtook the very serious issues many women intended to march for.

I will be there for the March Friday, will you? Will you give it parity in coverage?

Fran Wendelboe


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Laconis is standing up and fighting back against substance abuse

To The Daily Sun,

Stand Up Laconia needs you to get involved in kicking off our Lock it Up Campaign! Join us at our first monthly meeting of the year on Jan. 26 at the Huot Technical Center (next to Laconia High School).

So, exactly what is the Lock It Up Campaign ? The Lock It Up Campaign (LIUC) was developed by the Partners in Community Wellness (PICW) Regional Network to raise awareness of the issues of prescription drug abuse and underage drinking. SUL will be focusing initially on prescription drug abuse component of the campaign.

The LIUC addresses two important components of the problem: Social access and availability.

The majority of people who abuse prescription drugs obtain them from family or friends, most often times "helping themselves" from the medicine cabinet. When prescription medication is locked up, it is unavailable to those who do not need it for medical reasons.

Stand Up Laconia thinks that the LIUC is one more way to decrease drug use in our community. How did SUL come to this conclusion? Statistics show us that approximately 70 percent of heroin users began with prescription drug use and, from Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data, it is evident there is prescription misuse with some high school students, In fact, in the most recent YRBS, approximately one-third (34.3 percent) of our Laconia High School (LHS) youth said it is easy to access prescription (Rx) drugs.

The most recent YRBS data from LHS also shows that:

7.4 percent of students who currently use Rx drugs without a doctor's Rx order.

— 14.1 percent of students have taken Rx drugs without a doctor's Rx order.

— 10.9 percent of students don't perceive that there is a moderate to great risk from taking Rx drug without a doctor's Rx order.

— 18.1 percent of student's don't perceive that their peers believe that taking Rx drugs without a doctor's Rx is wrong.

— 5.4 percent of students don't perceive that their parents believe that taking Rx drugs without a doctor's Rx order is wrong.

— 54.8 percent of students did not talk about the dangers of substance misuse with parents.

SUL has been a presence in our city for six years and is made up of dedicated coalition members who come from all sectors of our community — neighbors, students, parents, school, police, faith groups, media, businesses, youth group and civic groups. SUL has attempted to be consistently out there in our community educating, increasing awareness of the issues, decreasing stigma, and being a voice for advocacy for all four parts of the continuum of care; prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.

SUL has listened and recognizes that our community has felt the devastation of the substance misuse crisis. Almost everyone knows of someone who has been personally affected and our small community of 16,000 has needed to attend too many funerals. However, Laconia is resilient and is determined to not let this disease of addiction have the upper hand!

Laconia is standing up and fighting back ... but we need you! Please come and learn more about the Lock it Up Campaign and other ways you can help SUL ... it will take all of our community to effectively fight this disease.

To learn more about SUL please see our website www.standuplaconia.com or face book page: Stand Up Laconia. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Clare Persson


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