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Trump isn't ignorant, he'd personally benefit from those tax cuts

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump says that if elected he will promote a large tax cut. He says that the economy will improve so much that the deficit will not be dramatically altered by the cut.

President Bush promoted the Bush tax cuts which involved a huge cut in taxes for the wealthy. At the time of the cuts the deficit was in check. Following the cuts the deficit increased at an accelerated rate and the growth in the economy did not make up for it.

By the end of President Bush's term, the unemployment rate was approaching 10 percent. The stock market had dropped to about 6000.

Promoting the same thing but expecting different results is called ignorance. I don't think that Donald Trump is ignorant. He is wealthy and will benefit greatly from the cuts.

Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)

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Public invited to college's celebration of Constitution Day on Wed.

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Lakes Region Community College, I would like to invite the public to our celebration of Constitution Day on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at noon in the college's Academic Commons.

We will be discussing the history of that immortal document and what led up to its adoption by our founders. Refreshments will be served, including a birthday cake for our Constitution.
We hope to see everyone there.

Scott Cracraft, Professor

History and Social Sciences
Lakes Region Community College

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