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Prescott Park has been allowed to deteriorate to despicable level

To The Daily Sun,

As a lifelong resident of Meredith, it is with no pleasure that I say that I am absolutely ashamed of our park department. Honestly, visiting Prescott Park in Meredith is an enraging experience. From the despicable condition of the baseball fields, the basketball court (that has never been maintained for as long as I can remember), the "playground" that seems to be nothing more than a splinter trap, the rundown skate park, the condemned building that has served absolutely no purpose in years, and the entirely inexcusable racial symbols spray-painted on the back of the concrete backstop by the basketball court; there is really nothing to look forward to when visiting the park.

All of this leads me to ask one question: With the entire park in such disrepair, why are we paying somebody a salary with taxpayer dollars who is clearly not doing their job? Would we compensate a teacher who neglected to teach their students? I don't think so.

I would think that in a day and age where our communities are having such difficulties battling a drug issue, that there would be more of an effort to provide positive alternatives for our youth to go spend time enjoying the outdoors. It seems instead that this is just another case of a government body dropping the ball when it comes to doing anything productive for the community that they are supposed to serve. Collecting a salary that is paid with taxpayer dollars and in no way intending to serve the community that supplies your livelihood is nothing short of theft.

I am also puzzled to find that the town Community Center is essentially open around 30 hours per week (I found this by calling and asking their staff directly) for the public to come in and use the facilities as they wish (including only 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, closed Sundays).

It seems that much of the time the building is open is dedicated to private events making it seem to me that it is actually more of a profit center than a community center. Even more puzzling is the fact that most of these hours are during school hours, which leads me to ask again, what are our youth supposed to do outside of school as positive alternatives to getting caught up in bad decisions?

I know everyone may not share my beliefs, but I think in a time when we are losing so many loved ones to the drug epidemic, we should be providing the children light in such dark times. It is time to hold those in charge responsible for their complete and utter neglect of our community and its needs.

Kenny Hill

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Were Obama voters stupid? Let's just say they were uninformed

To The Daily Sun,

What an interesting letter from Todd Welch on Oct. 2. Todd says he just "doesn't get Russ Wiles." My, my, strange because I have no trouble at all "getting" Russ. Let me see if I can clear up a couple points Todd brings up.

Saying Obama won by landslides in his elections and asking if the millions who voted for him were stupid. Well I'd say uninformed more accurately describes American voters in many instances.The lore of electing the first black president was just too much of an attraction to pass up for many, in my opinion. Given Obama's record of the past eight years I think I'm on firm ground here.

Todd's second question, what would you do, addressed to Russ. I'll not speak for Russ, but I suspect the answer would be something like this. The government should be bound strictly by the Constitution. It should faithfully execute our laws. If a law is wrong there is a process for changing that law and that is not by executive order (as has been the Obama way).

I expect Russ Wiles can expand on this himself. But I put in my two cents just because I find Todd's letter so foolish. Every one of us conservative letter writers has over and over expounded about all the abuses, lies, deceptions, and misdeeds of the current administration.They are no secret as they have been reported in every newspaper, radio and TV stations in America. Conservatives have endlessly given voice to means of correcting these failures, so what's not to get?

The point is that socialism, (the Democrats' plans) has never worked anywhere any time it has been tried. It all sounds good, but like I said doesn't work. Look at all the socialist countries and all their problems, all their failings. Compare it to free market capitalism which created more wealth and raised more people up out of abject poverty and created a larger middle class then any time in human history, ever.

I do suspect Mr. Welch is someone who has been seduced by the glitter of the socialist promise but has failed to investigate its practicality. There is no free ride, Todd, no free collage, no free homes, cars, vacations; and to cap things off, there are not enough rich people who will fund all this free stuff.

If Hillary and her kind get elected in November the sucking sound you will hear will be all the capital, businesses and jobs going out of the country. In short order both the First and Second amendments to the Constitution will be history and equal justice under the law a quaint old idea lost to the expediency of socialist needs. Just how long do folks think peace and domestic tranquility can survive under those conditions?
Steve Earle


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