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Military 'Juggernaut' influences every activity in this country

To The Daily Sun,

There never has been, nor shall there be, a post 9/11 threat (of any significant size) coming out of these sectarian and terrorists organizations in Middle-Eastern countries. That should be the consensus of anyone who has even the modicum of knowledge concerning these long, bloody, and costly wars. The plain truth tells us we could have stayed out of this human catastrophe in the first place, saved human lives, resources, and rid ourselves of those who spread false reports designed to keep the public afraid.

Whomever the terror groups are, whatever their name (they have been several), they are, collectively or singly, foot soldiers with automatic weapons. They do not have mechanized armies, sizable navies, an air force with fighter planes, nor do they have nuclear missiles. They terrorize countries that have been warring for years, in a part of the world in total chaos and constant violent upheaval. They never have been a legitimate threat to this country for the lack of internal strength and modern weaponry. We have been bombing these several countries for years. Why?

If you haven't realized it by now, the missing the equation is: war is a very profitable business. Without this dubious factor it wouldn't make any sense at all. Have you heard any officeholder or candidate criticize the continuing warfare, or dress down the president for his aggressive strategy? Why? Because the wars have widespread support in both houses of Congress. The profits flowing out of the defense industry is huge affecting every level of government, bar none. It is too lucrative to dissent — so they (war profiteers) simply ignore it, and bombing raids continue on a daily occurrence, and many people (innocent or not) die by the hundreds.

The United States military has created a "Juggernaut."

It is of immense power and destruction force influencing every phase of activity, in this country and beyond. It also has unlimited funds, no questions asked. We spent over four and a half trillion dollars (of your money) to defeat Iraq and it solved nothing. We killed over 500,000 civilians and soldiers in a war most people would like to forget.

This extravagant expenditure was borrowed from federal funds, paid back over many, many years, including interest. If elected, incoming national leaders might very continue our assault on suspected radical groups in the Middle East. Isn't it time the American people said, "Enough." God help us to aware of destabilizing elements here in our own country. Too may in high places want these destructive wars to continue.

Leon R. Albushies

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Until the Swim Club reopens, we are offering a bridge program

To The Daily Sun,

We at the Gunstock Inn & GI Fitness & Swim are truly sorry to hear about the difficulties that Laconia Athletic & Swim Club finds itself in ... both for the members and the owners. We know how much work and dedication that it takes from the owners and staff to meet the needs of their customers each day and feel for the members who now find themselves without the facility, programs and familiar faces that they know and look forward to going to on a regular basis.

In order to ease the difficulty of the club closing we are offering a new program to LASC members at GI Fitness & Swim. Until the club reopens, we would like to offer an option for members to join our club, one month at a time ... no long term commitment or initiation fee. In this way if LASC is able to reopen, their members can return without concerns of being locked into more than one contract. LASC members will also have the option at anytime to sign up for longer term commitments, at our club, at our current rates, and we will waive the normal initiation fee. We hope this helps those that are impacted by this unfortunate event.

Les & Linda Schuster, owners
Al Rozzi and Pamela Koontz, managers
GI Fitness & Swim
Located at the Gunstock Inn


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