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Jim Thompson will brief TEA Party on refugee resettlement program

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region TEA Party's December meeting will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at the Moultonborough Library at 7 p.m.

Jim Thompson will introduce us to the refugee resettlement program, the organizations that support it, some relevant history, the law which governs the program, and the plans for resettlement of refugees in New Hampshire in 2017. Jim has been investigating this subject for well over a year, meeting with various agencies and organizations that run the refugee resettlement program and coordinate and assist refugees. Many of our members have indicated interest in this topic and Jim's presentation promises to be a very informative. After his presentation, Jim will address audience questions.

Marc Abear will present and demonstrate for us how to find bills being considered by the New Hampshire Legislature. As you know the recently elected state senators and representatives have taken office and many new bills have been submitted. TEA Party members have indicated interest in legislation on a variety of topics, and Marc's presentation will help people find and read bills, determine their status, and follow the process as they are considered by the Legislature.

The Lakes Region TEA Party meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Moultonborough Library (4 Holland St.). The public is invited to attend to listen, learn, and participate in our discussions.

Don Ewing

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Show ohter people some respect & you might be taken seriously

To The Daily Sun,

Hee haw! It's so great to hear all of the donkey losers wailing uncontrollably with their hateful tantrums directed at any one who had the gall to vote against their superior intelligence. Anyone who would reject their progressive ideology, why they are nothing more than stupid, backward racists, bigots and deplorable human beings over and over.

Did you losers ever stop to think that maybe a lot of us are fed up with your baseless insults? Your side has been in control of government for a very long time, while our country is going to hell in any number of ways, and you hate Donald Trump? He's going to be the president for a very long time, so you had best get used to it if only to save your own sanity.

Have you seen the map of how many U.S. counties went red or blue? They are 90 percent Republican. Thirty states have Republican legislatures. You liberals have had your chance and you have been thrown out on your keisters! (a little Ronald Reagan lingo there). Your failed policies have been rejected.

Remember the old saying about doing the same thing over and over and somehow expecting a different result as being the textbook definition of insanity? You losers put all of your collective brainpower together and keep giving us the same old tired ideas. Your representatives re-elect Nancy Pelosi as their leader, same old thing. More taxes, more regulations, more gun control and calling the rest of us every dirty name you can think of. You losers should really take a deep breath, and focus your frustration in more productive directions. You are going to be in the minority for a very long time. Now some of you are feeling disrespected by us Trumpers, oh you poor thing.

Hey here's an idea. Try showing other people some respect and just maybe the rest of us could take you seriously. That goes for the editor of this paper too, for all of the insipid and tasteless anti-Trump cartoons that you print every day. Or else just keep those tears coming, because they are so delicious.

Alan Moon


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