Thanks for helping Alton Community Services assist the less fortunate

To The Daily Sun,

Alton Community Services wishes to thank all who have contributed to our success in maintaining our goal in assisting the less fortunate in our area. Our mission statement comes from Matthew 16.

If you have not applied for fuel assistance I urge you to do so by calling Community Action Program at 524-552 for an application.

If you or a family members need warm weather attire ,St. Katherine Drexel's has opened its coat roam. The hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or by appointment.

Hannaford is again selling the gift boxes for the holidays. These are divided with Barnstead, Gilmanton Iron Works, New Durham, Wolfeboro and the Alton Community Service. The Boy Scouts will be having their food drive within the coming weeks. Their leader should be commended in doing a great job with the Scouts. They certainly are a troop to be proud of.

We continue to be sponsored by the local churches: The Be Free Church, Community Church, and St. Katherine Drexel. You may continue to leave non-perishables at the Town Hall, Profile Bank, Maxfield's Reality, and Alton Home and Lumber (aka Reubens').

As we are entering the giving season you may send your donations to P.O. Box 43, Alton, 03809. 

You may want to consider giving a monetary gift in honor or in memory of a loved one. We are recognized as a 501 organization by the IRS and all gifts are tax deductive.

Dorothy Wentworth


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Seniors get low income housing but can’t afford the cable bills

To The Daily Sun,

It used to be that seniors got a discount on some things. Not anymore! If they are in a wheelchair and have to sit in the house all day they have to pay big money in order to have cable TV. So they have choice TV or food, and if they live in low income housing they have no choice of a cheaper package you have to have what everyone else has or none at all! And you can't call another cable company because there aren't any other companies to call. And if you ask why they are going up the answer is, "I can't tell you."

Its great that seniors get low income housing. Its all the extras that they have to pay out of their once a month check that is so hard. In the summers its air conditioning; year round there's TV and phone, and bus fair, and medication and doctors and car care if they are lucky enough to have one.

Stay in your homes as long as you can because once you get into housing or the nursing home your wont have much money in your pocket. Getting old is no fun. (No TV isn't either.)

Diana Field


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Imagine how awful your life would be like without Jesus

To The Daily Sun,

First, I would like to take a moment to say I have known Bishop Paul Blake for a long time. Some of his letters might seem harsh (to some readers), or even a little bold, and to some a different language. But I know in Paul's heart he wants them to search and find the Lord Jesus. Paul is a very anointed man and truly cares about people greatly.

With that said, I would like you to think about this for a minute. Sadness, pain, despair, loneliness, sickness, and the list goes on. Imagine if you would that as your eternity. That's what it will be without the Lord Jesus — awful. For those of you on the fence about Jesus, that think he exists, but are not 100 percent sure, just what percent is it you think it will take. Just imagine for a minute you are on a airplane, and just before takeoff, the pilot said to everyone there is a 10 percent chance the plane could crash. If you would like to change your mind and get off, it would be okay. Then how many do you think would stay on? So, if there is only a 10 percent chance in your mind that Jesus is real, my hope is that is enough for you to seek and find him. Remember what Lord said, "Seek and you shall find."

Peter Bissonnette

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Obamacare is an attack on the living standards of middle class

To The Daily Sun,

What does $400,000 buy? For Democrats, that sizable sum bought the consulting services of one, very bright economist named Jonathan Gruber who helped design Obamacare using his impact models. Academics like Gruber often have trouble stopping themselves from telling others just how smart they are. Mr. Gruber simply can't keep his mouth shut, describing in detail the more than clever deception involved in getting Obamacare passed. I ask the readers of The Daily Sun: how does that make you feel? Democrats shoved down our throats legislation the majority of Americans screamed they did not want. Now they have the hubris to brag about it.

Gruber's speeches offer personal insights into how and why Obamacare was designed the way it was. It was a bet, specifically, the American electorate were for the most part idiots. He used the word stupid. Anyone recalling The Daily Sun letters from the left during the debate makes it is easy to understand why Obama and Gruber bet on stupid. Now, an Obama insider exposes and confirms the stupid truth.

Obamacare creates more than 20 new taxes. The legislation was disguised exclusively as a tax on business. But the truth is (as Gruber so correctly points out) it was in reality a new tax on you; yes, you the taxpayer and consumer. Every single dollar of new, higher taxes on businesses are passed through directly to consumers. All higher taxes on business are paid for with either higher prices directly for medical care and products, higher prices for insurance, or lower equivalent, wages created by higher employer costs.

For illustration, consider just one of the new taxes. The so-called Cadillac Tax on high-end, health plans costing more than $10,200. Employers are never going to pay the hundreds of millions involved in the new tax penalty. Millions of employees are going to watch their health coverage diluted as employers adjust to the tax cap. This is especially true for union people who often have these expensive plans. To make the dilution of benefits acceptable, employers will likely increase wages as a partial offset. What do higher wages create? Higher income taxes on middle-class wages that replaced benefits that were received previously tax free.

Let me sum up the true intent of Obamacare so even the stupid idiots Gruber described can grasp it. Obamacare's sole focus was always about one thing, and only one thing. That was the redistribution of money from the middle class to the lower class through higher taxes on everything, passed on to them directly by business, including higher taxes on personal incomes. It was done by Democrats using smoke, mirrors, deception and the dependable gullibility of their base.

Obamacare is surely not a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor. How could it be? The rich represent 1 percent or less of the population. Obamacare was, and is, simply another stealth attack on the living standards of the middle class by the Democrats accomplished with intentional deceit.
The middle class voted solidly with Republicans on Nov 4. There is no question why.

Tony Boutin

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Bring your cheer to downtown Laconia this holiday season

To The Daily Sun,

I recently overheard some negative remarks about downtown Laconia made in a casual conversation. This rankled me, but I did not really take the time to think why ... until now.

I realize our city has many challenges, but nothing different from what many cities face today. Those of us who love Laconia watch with pleasure every positive step and change for the better downtown or in Lakeport and all through our city.

As a community Laconia still has a very strong beating heart. We have many positive initiatives that help our community in all sorts of ways. We have volunteer efforts (and I could name many, but fear I will leave something out) that bridge many of the gaps of poverty and need that hurt children or suffering families in our town. We have agencies and public servants that put their shoulder to the wheel daily and do their job to their utmost to make a difference. We have individuals who give and have given their time, money and energy to untold efforts to better our community.

We have downtown merchants and local businesses that time and time again support every drive and cause that comes along.

Let's resolve that this holiday season will be a time of "good will" to our city. If we saw someone fall to their knees, we wouldn't jump in and kick them in the shins. We all know what to do. Lend a hand to pull them to their feet. How? Go downtown or to any local merchant and spend a bit. Go out to eat, or meet for coffee, shop, get a service or just smile. Lend a hand in one of the many civic efforts that go all out to turn the tide for the less fortunate during the holiday season. If this is not possible, thank someone who does. Cheer them on. Be a booster of Laconia this holiday season, and all of 2015.

Patty Thibeault


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