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North Korea tortured & killed a young American over a poster

To The Daily Sun,

Monday night as I sat on my couch, I read tragic news about the death of a young man named Otto Warmbier. I cannot imagine the anguish and pain his family and friends are feeling right now. He was an American student who was imprisoned by the regime in North Korea in February 2016 and convicted for "hostile acts" against the country. He was a 21-year-old young man on a tour and he supposedly stole a political propaganda poster ... and was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. This past week he was released to his family, after 18 months, with severe head trauma! North Korea claims it was a result of botulism and sleeping pills. Are any of you buying this?

He was tortured, terrorized, and brutalized. That's how he died! North Korea killed this young man over a poster. As a mom it breaks my heart to look at the pictures of him online — happy, smiling, full of life, and alive. I cannot think without shedding tears of what hell he went through while in captivity. He died on June 19, 2017, at the age of 22. He was not a spy. He was a young man who made a mistake. He tried to say he was sorry to a room full of deaf ears. He begged and pleaded and no one cared. His family had him only for a few precious days and then he passed — finally at peace, I pray. He never woke to see his mother's face or feel his father's touch.

And who is the leader of this place, Kim Jong Un? And what does our president say about this leader: “He is a smart cookie,” he “would be honored to meet him,” and he stated, “Not many 27-year-old men could go in and take over a regime.”This “smart cookie” thinks Dennis Rodman is a genius. He also ordered the execution of his uncle and is believed to have ordered the assassination of his brother. I guess now he lives in fear of assassination by a “Western decapitation team." Well, a girl can hope right?

I hope our president does more than just say he and his wife are sorry for this young man's death. I want to see if he can put his money where his mouth is. Otto deserves justice, not pretty words.

Denise C. Burke


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POW/MIA awareness is American issue, not a vet or biker issue

To The Daily Sun,

I missed the coverage of the 29th year of the Pow/Mia Awareness Vigil and 24th year of the Freedom Ride in the Sun but I'm sure it must have been there.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to again thank all the police, both local and state, who took part and always give this effort a feeling of honor. Also, thanks to the local fire companies for their efforts, never overlooked. To ALL the biker groups galvanized by this issue and next year by bringing one friend, we double the size. This is an American issue, not a veteran or biker issue.

Thanks to the state's Blue and Gold Star families, who have taken this issue on as their own because who better understands what the Pow/Mia Families must go through. To General Reddel and the National Guard, who continue to serve. What a gentlemen and leader he is. And to those men and women who continue to "Stand The Vigil" every Thursday evening. We all salute you! Semper Fi.

Bob Jones

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