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Gilmanton selectmen: please fix your minutes & pay better attention

To The Daily Sun,

Would someone please tell me what's going on in Gilmanton? I mean, honestly, I consider myself a fairly observant and relatively intelligent person but I have no clue.

At the April 13 selectmen's meeting, the posted minutes read: "On a motion by Selectman McWhinnie and seconded by Selectman Bishop it was voted unanimously to freeze Fire Department chief, Police Department chief and Road Agent pay, including COLAs, for two years, for the years 2016 and 2017. (3-0 Voice Vote – Chairman Jean -ye s, Selectman McWhinnie - yes, Selectman Bishop – yes)." Okay, so then there's a footnote added that states: "These motions were made on this date and rescinded on the following selectmen's meeting on April 18, 2016 which will be reflected on the minutes of that meeting." So, I thought it would be informative to read those minutes to, you know, just get an idea of why they were rescinded. Well, wouldn't you know, there are no on-line posted minutes for April 18. This is May 4. Three weeks, and no minutes? I suppose I could complain and remind the selectman of their responsibility under RSA Section 91-A:2 "Minutes" . . . but why bother. After the poorly handled "Gilmantongate" minutes debacle of the April 4th selectman's meeting, who knows how they would respond.

While I'm on the subject, though, I wanted to share that I'm relieved that I will never have to vote again. Why bother! I voted for those COLA wage increases and the selectman rescinded my vote. Mine and 640 others. Of course they eventually rescinded what they rescinded but is it wrong for me to point out that even a 4th grader knows enough about the democratic process that you just can't take away the public's vote? Honestly, I understand that two of the selectman have absolutely no experience in governing a town, but to go against a legal vote? There's no excuse for that.

The big question though, is: Was this really just a mistake, or was this board and town manager maybe publicly flexing a little political muscle and testing the waters for, let's say, other pursuits? What I'm asking is, what other issues that were legally voted for, or against, does this board intend on undermining? When a warrant is drawn up and is voted on . . .  that's it! If the majority of the voters say no . . . it's no. If yes . . . it's yes. Just as an example, there was a particular warrant article this year that required a super-majority vote. It lost. Are we in Gilmanton to expect then, that when the majority (super-majority, in this case) vote no on something four people have the right to push it through irregardless, without giving it to the voters again? I'm sure the selectmen and town administrator wouldn't be foolish enough to do that, but really, who knows after this COLA flip-flop and the April 4 mess.

So, I'm asking the Gilmanton selectmen and town manager: Please fix your minutes, and pay better attention to the not-so-complicated rights that embody a democratic vote.

Al Blake

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Obama has used inept reasoning to ignore the military's advice

To The Daily Sun,

Remember how Democrats rejoiced on the night of President Obama's first election win, when he proclaimed, while standing under the glistening white Roman columns, "A new dawn of American leadership is at hand"? Yes indeed, now was his chance to show the world how America should be acting as the leader of the Free World.

Let's not forget that while in Cairo, Egypt in 2009, he proclaimed that there would be a "new beginning in the Muslim world." He then proceeded to ignore the Green Revolution in Iran. He ousted Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi. Obama also ordered the capture of Gadafi in Libya. The mob killed him and then-Secretary Clinton gleefully declared, "we came, we saw, he died." Now we know about the Libyan disaster that resulted, including four unnecessary American deaths.

Of course at this point, what difference does it make to Hillary. She is primed to be our next president. As our first female president, don't be surprised if her next exclamation turns out to be, I ran, I won and I will be the first female president to guide our nation under a shiny new leftist message: gender neutrality is here and progressive equality is near.

Anyway, Obama dared Syrian leader, Bashar Assad to use chemical weapons on the country's citizens lest he incur the wrath of American military might. In August 2013, Assad used them to kill hundreds of men, women and children. Obama cowardly ordered our military to stand down.

Though his advisers pleaded with him to work with Iraqi leadership to keep a stay behind force in that country, Obama declined, and the last convoy pulled out of Iraq in Dec. 18, 2011. Our troops were once again demoralized for having bravely fought and died to maintain stability in that war-torn country, after the success of the Unites States surge. Immediate descent into chaos ensued, and now we have begun to tip-toe back in.

The Middle East is on fire. To our allies, he has drawn their ire. Our enemies are again emboldened, believing that America has once again become a paper tiger. Did Obama and Kerry demand of Iran that they accept drastic limitations to their nuclear program and grant full International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) oversight or face military consequences? Why no, we have lifted sanctions and are giving them billions with which to expand their terror network. Meanwhile, they have already ignored parts of the agreement while this administration frowns and says tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty.

You know, it's almost as though we are giving them jizya while they give us taqiyya. Yes, we the infidels, give them gobs of money so they will like us and behave, while they lie and deceive us and continue their plan to eradicate Israel and the West.

Noman Benotman, a former top leader for the Libyan Islamist Fighter Group, who left the organization after 9/11, provides us with a painful reminder of why the radical Islamist world thought we were a paper tiger before 9/11. The Iranian hostage crisis, Beirut Marine Barracks bombing, Beirut Embassy bombing, 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Black Hawk Down terror attack in Somalia, Khobar Towers attack, and the attack on the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen. Our feckless response to all these Islamist terror attacks is why those terror leaders laughed at Noman when he warned them of a nasty response from the United States.

After eight years of Obama's disastrous foreign policy, can you dare imagine how this country will fare under President Hillary, America's other favorite Alinskyite. Yes I know, she disagreed with old Saul's anti-establishment tactics, preferring to make changes from within. Given the depth of the Clinton's scandals and corruption, you don't suppose she is using some of those "Rules for Radicals" methods while inside the establishment for lo these many decades, do you?

Given the pre-9/11 history and the massive military strategy failures of our president, one might think Obama would reflect unfavorably on the inept reasoning he used to decide to ignore the advice of his top military commanders. Those would be the ones he did not force to retire. Well actually, what I have heard is that he thinks his military policy has been a resounding success in no small part because he chose to ignore conventional wisdom and do it his way. "I've got a plane and a drone and I'll go it alone." Such is the madness of the narcissistic, radical, progressive left leadership in this country.

Russ Wiles

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