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Democrats are the ones to be trusted with our N.H. environment

To The Daily Sun,

My husband and I live in New Hampshire because we treasure its clean air and water, as well as its beautiful scenery. In November, I will vote to send champions for the environment to represent me in Washington.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has endorsed Carol Shea-Porter for representative to Congress, New Hampshire District 1.... "a proven champion for the environment and protecting our air, land, water and wildlife." During her three terms in the U.S. House, Shea-Porter earned a 96 percent lifetime score from the LCV in contrast to the 10 percent score for her opponent, Frank Guinta.

Neither Guinta nor Donald Trump acknowledges the reality of climate change. LCV's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president points out her environmental leadership both in the U.S. Senate and as secretary of state.

Similarly here in the Granite State, Maggie Hassan has a long record of working for the environment including the establishment of a New Hampshire energy strategy that focuses on clean, renewable energy and combating climate change. Hassan has promised to work in the U. S. Senate to achieve a cleaner environment and stronger energy future for all citizens and businesses.

Please join me in protecting our environment by voting for Carol Shea-Porter, Maggie Hassan, and Hilary Clinton in November.

Margaret Merritt
Center Sandwich

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I;m going to vote for my dog for president; he's happy & he doesn't judge

To The Daily Sun,

I am as I have stated before, (I'm) not political. Passionate about my beliefs/views, as many (others are). I cannot believe every morning I get up to this papers letter section. Over the past few months it has been filled with such negative, spiteful, cruel, arrogant, and mocking letters. It is enough to make you want to weep. Some days it is getting harder to ignore.

I read/see the news around the globe daily and I worry. I worry about myself, my kids, family, neighbors, our futures. We live in such a cold, resentful, angry, entitled society. It is nice to read some happy news when/where you can find it. Sadly, the bad news always makes the headlines and the blood boil, and the words/actions spill out so carelessly. What has happened to simple respect, decency, and kindness? I know ... the internet. The faceless ruler.

I don't care about statics, laws, or numerous quotes you know. I don't care who is right, left, or wrong. I don't care if you like Hillary or Trump. Obama is not the devil either. No one is perfect, including you and the person you want most to win. Even our own local politics were vicious. It's enough, please.

Does anyone else have something to share? Anything. There is so much more going on in our lives and around us. Yet this is what seems to be the major concern: Who is the most politically correct know-it-all of the day, and a list waiting to get the Laconia Sun's gold star stuck on their forehead. People have the ability to read, yet most read only what they want to hear, see, and believe. And that seems to be the majority. Yeah, I know freedom of speech.

Honestly, I am going to write in my dog's name, Gozer, for next president. He is always happy. He doesn't judge or label. He knows nothing about religion or color. He does not care if you're gay or rich. If you give him bone, he is busy for hours. And best of all no matter what he is loyal and true. He has all the best qualities for a candidate I want. So that is who will get my vote.

Please tone it down. We are suppose to be adults. The example for our kids and generations to follow. (Monkey see, monkey do) Think of that the next time you write in for yourself or against someone. I know I have been lately. Your name is out there. The internet can be a blessing and a curse. How I miss human contact, faces, voices, laughter ... how I miss people.

Is it November yet?

Denise C. Burke

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