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Bob Giuda will be holding Town Hall meetings all over District 2

To The Daily Sun,

I support Bob Giuda for state Senate. He has served our country, our state, his community, and his family. He is committed to improving the lives of the people of New Hampshire.

Bob supports responsible economic growth to bring good jobs back to our state and our district. He is committed to improving education to better prepare young people and displaced workers for successful futures, and to defeating the drug epidemic destroying the lives of too many of our citizens and families.

Bob graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served our country as a carrier-based Marine pilot and an FBI agent. He owned several small businesses, and is retiring after 30 years as an international airline captain.

He spent his life in positions of responsibility for the lives of others, and cares deeply about the less fortunate, visiting home-bound church members, and residents of the Veterans Home in Tilton and the VA hospital in White River Junction. These quiet acts of kindness tell much about a person's character.

As a state representative, he was prime sponsor of a constitutional amendment protecting our property rights, and supported fully funding the developmentally disabled wait list, protecting our Second Amendment, and repealing New Hampshire's "death tax." He opposes new taxes.

Bob was appointed deputy majority leader by then House Speaker Gene Chandler because he brings people together to solve difficult problems.

Bob will be holding Town Hall meetings in Haverhill, Bristol, Sanbornton, Meredith and Plymouth (details at www.bobgiuda.org). Come and see for yourself why I'm supporting him. He is straightforward, clearly understands the issues, and gets things done in Concord.

Please vote for Bob Giuda for State Senate on Nov. 8.

Don Ewing

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Valarie Fraser is always approachable and extremely attentive

To The Daily Sun,

I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor but I feel compelled to urge voters of New Hampton and Center Harbor to re-elect Valerie Fraser as our state representative.

In today's world of disappointing candidates seeking public office, Valerie is a breath of fresh air. I have gotten to know her, initially as a New Hampton selectman, where I found her to be thoughtful, fair and always looking out for the best interests of the town and all of its residents. Having attended numerous New Hampshire House legislative meetings, I have watched her in action. Intelligent and well educated, Valerie brings a strong bipartisan, "can-do" work ethic to her role as our state representative. She is extremely active in the state House of Representatives, working diligently to make our communities and N.H. a better place in which to live and work.

A sampling of Valerie Fraser's work during her first term as our state representative includes being a co-sponsor of numerous bills relative to improving the lives of New Hampshire's residents, protecting their rights and the rights of those who do business within our state. Many of these bills have been signed into law.

Valerie was selected to be an alternate member of the governor's drug task force to investigate ways to fix New Hampshire's drug crisis. As a member of the task force, she educated herself by riding along with Manchester police, spoke with drug addicts and counselors, investigated treatment options, identified what was lacking, and made recommendations to address the issue. She was the prime sponsor of HB-1698 which addressed using an integrative approach and included alternative therapies to assist in the treatment of substance abuse disorders.

Valerie is a member of the state House of Representatives' bustling Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee, which hears all bills related to insurance, liquor and banking. She was promoted to clerk and also became the chair of the Commerce sub-committee to investigate the pros and cons of establishing a state bank. She is a strong advocate of the state Constitution, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and has visited local elementary and high schools to educate children on our system of government.

At the local level, when New Hampton and Center Harbor residents asked for her assistance in preserving a beloved and locally historic rural bridge that straddled both towns and was slated to be dismantled and replaced by NHDOT, Valerie answered the call without hesitation. Over the course of almost two years, she has consistently attended pertinent selectmen's meetings, public meetings, NHDOT meetings, site visits, and has corresponded with state officials, making her unwavering position in support of concerned townspeople and preservation of the bridge very clear. She has been a strong advocate for her constituents in New Hampton and Center Harbor on this issue.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Valerie Fraser as our state representative have seen firsthand that it doesn't matter to her if your political persuasion is Democrat, Republican or independent. She is always approachable, accessible and extremely attentive to all of her constituents and their concerns. Valerie's record proves that she is the best person to represent the towns of New Hampton and Center Harbor in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

I urge the voters of New Hampton and Center Harbor to return her to the N.H. House of Representatives so she may continue her work on our behalf. Please cast your vote to re-elect Valerie Fraser as our state representative.

Janan Hays
New Hampton

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