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Ideally, any source of pollution needs to be identified & eliminated

To The Daily Sun,

Most of our citizens haven't a clue as to what the Department of Energy does. They would be hard pressed to answer either of those questions. Rick Perry lacks the needed background to give a comprehensive answer himself, but he will soon try to take charge and lead it into the future.

Under the previous administration a great deal of progress was made in improving environmental considerations. The air is purer, our streams are cleaner and nations around the world are addressing the CO2 problem. The question now is where do we go from here; backward or forward?

Let's examine some of the much maligned regulations. The Clean Water Act, with all its restrictions and tests for purity, has not been without it detractors. Lots of water-polluting businesses had to clean up their act (no pun intended). In New England, the leather, textile and paper industries found EPA regulations particularly onerous. Instead of complying with the regulations, the textile mills fled to the South first and eventually overseas where they began manufacturing for import to the United States. Most of the products were cheaper and of lesser quality. Leather manufacturing followed a similar pattern. Because of the nature of the raw material the men who cut the trees have been able to convert to wood pellet and biomass production or continuing to furnish lumber for the building trades.

Clean air regulations are the bane of the smokestack industries. Everyone likes clean air. What's not to like. Unfortunately the steel, copper, lead and fuel refiners failed to keep up with available technology. The regulations were designed to allow a phase-in period. Instead, as with the others described, they fled overseas. Although coal is a fuel, it is a category by itself. I'll save that hot potato for another letter.

The last topic in this energy discussion is what the department has done to, with and for automobile emission standards. Fuel refining for cars and trucks was affected on both ends of the process. Refining is a dirty process with lots of byproducts and the waste stream needs to be monitored closely. Once refined, the final product must be of a specific quality. A continuous improvement in quality is expected because the car and truck makers must meet an efficiency target set by the EPA.

In closing, the one environment that we have is the only we've got. There are no borders on it. Any source of pollution needs to be evaluated and eliminated if possible. We are part of the big, international environment and cannot simply turn our back on it because it surrounds us. It may also choke or poison us if we don't care enough to clean it up properly.

Bill Dawson


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Excuses, excuses: Hillary lost because she was a bad candidate

To The Daily Sun,

The list of excuses for Hillary Clinton's election loss is long and growing, but completely avoiding the real reasons. Interestingly, among their excuses were charges of voter fraud, voting machine manipulation, and election irregularities; acknowledging what reasonable people believe and Democrats denied.

The election irregularities excuse went nowhere, the Michigan recount discovered that most election irregularities were in Democrat-controlled areas where Hillary dominated. And, President Obama and Intelligence Director Clapper indicated that no foreign actors (no Russian hacking) changed the votes: http://tinyurl.com/ztbs7tt

FBI Director Comey was blamed despite his announcements that no charges would be made against Hillary, who agreed it was a mistake to use her own private server for government business which appeared to jeopardize national security.

Hillary supporters alleged that the Russians released Democrat emails to support Trump. Obama's intelligence departments' report supports those allegations but fails to provide proof. Computer security expert John McAfee ridicules the idea that the source of the leaked emails was the Russian government, see: http://tinyurl.com/hdrl9xg

(Does it make sense that Russia would prefer Trump, who promises to rebuild our military and influence in the world, to Hillary who promises to follow Obama's policies which enabled Russia to increase its strength and influence, and achieve other objectives? No.)

WikiLeaks head Julian Assange consistently denies that the Russian government was his source for the Democrat emails, claiming instead that the information came from a disgruntled insider. Hackers Guccifer and Guccifer 2 also released Democrat emails and deny any relationship with the Russian government.

The outrage about the source of the email leaks is an attempt by Hillary supporters to deflect people's attention from the emails' content which confirmed many suspicions and revealed un-American and seemingly illegal activities.

Suggesting another excuse, President Obama claimed not enough people understood the wonderfulness of his presidency despite his seven years of preaching about his wonderfulness. He also told Blacks that it would be a personal insult if they didn't vote for Hillary.

The media, talk radio and the tabloids were blamed; maybe that's partly true. Perhaps Hillary's campaign believed their own propaganda and was swayed into complacency by the media's overwhelming support for Hillary and false reporting about Trump.

But mostly Hillary lost because she was a bad candidate. She is a known habitual liar. She has disdain for most Americans, even those that protect her and us. As secretary of state she harmed our allies and strengthened and emboldened our enemies harming millions of people. She promised to continue President Obama's policies that harmed millions of Americans and created a much more dangerous world; and she is just not a likeable person.

Don Ewing

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