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Ayotte & co. are blocking Obama from his constitutional duty

To The Daily Sun,

Kelly Ayotte ran for the Senate as a supposed moderate. Now, we can see that she is anything but. She is a lawyer who is supposed to know and understand the U.S. Constitution. Yet, she has meekly lined up with the radical Republicans in the Senate stating that the Senate will not even hold a hearing on any Supreme Court nominee that President Obama sends to them for consideration.

It is the president's duty to nominate someone to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court when one occurs. It is the Senate's duty to receive that nomination, hold hearings on the nominee's qualifications to hold that office, and to vote on that nomination. To do otherwise is to shirk their responsibilities, something this Senate has shown a remarkable penchant for doing.

Senator Ayotte, for a change stand up for what is constitutionally required and demand of your leadership that they receive President Obama's nominee, hold hearings on that person's qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice, and vote on those qualifications. If you cannot do that, you have no business holding one of our two Senate seats from New Hampshire.

Dick de Seve

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Citizens United was brought about by progressive laws

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday I had a great time carrying a sign at the polls greeting folks coming to vote and asking them "to consider my candidate." A fellow sign carrier, but for Bernie Sanders, and I chatted all day making for a pleasant and fun day. She did mention how she was against the Citizens United [decision]. OK, I wasn't up to speed on that one I must admit so I did some homework. Then I saw Hillary speaking after it was over and she herself was blaming Citizens United and vowing to have that overturned.

About the homework now. Turns out it all came about because progressives (aka Marxist socialists) controlling Congress some years back passed laws/restrictions on who could exercise their free speech. Mostly right-wing groups were targeted, such as the NRA, big corporations, banks and such. I find this ironic that Hillary Clinton has such a problem here after all she and the Democratic Party enjoy huge financial support from many of these same groups along with all those George Soros-funded groups.

I would also mention the Clinton Foundation which receives millions in overseas contributions many from otherwise-hostile Middle Eastern elites. Must be a case of who's ox is being gored.

Over the years I have noticed a trend among left-leaning letter writers here in this paper to occasionally call for those of us writing from the right to be censored because they don't agree with our views. Not at all that uncommon from the left, just look at colleges and universities that book a conservative speaker to come on campus to talk. Always there are demonstrations from the left, threats and disruptions. They justify this by claiming "hate speech, racism" or any other convenient excuse to shut off competing thoughts or ideas.

The very reason for universities is to explore ideas, not shut them down. (I might mention it is also an unconstitutional act.) The remedy for all this it seems to me is to immediately expel students who engage in these acts as being uneducatable. They are ideologues with closed minds and hostile intents.

On an unrelated subject I read that MSNBC and CNN are having a spitting fight of sorts. Seems CNN reporter tweeted that MSNBC reporters spent Tuesday evening in Trump's room watching the returns come in. The CNN people say "not so." It was a five-minute interview with Trump. Otherwise they were downstairs talking to Trump staff. And so the nasty tweets, emails and names are being flung about.

Couldn't happen to two more deserving left-wing supporting, well can't really call them news agencies.

Steve Earle


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