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People see how billionaires bend the system to their self interests

To The Daily Sun,

Even as the world recovers from a deep recession, the number of billionaires around the world has dramatically increased. This statistic comes from research done by Ruchir Sharma. His new book "The Rise and Fall of Nations" indicates that there has been an 80 percent rise in billionaires all over the world since 2009, based on figures released by Morgan Stanley Management.

Sharma tells us how billionaires invest and spend their wealth can tell us about the strength of our economy. Billionaires are able to make more money by investing in real estate and the stock market, illustrating the old saying that the more you have the more you get. In fact the United States has more billionaires than all other countries in the world.

Why should we care or be concerned? Isn't it part of the American way to celebrate those who do so well (or in this case "weller than well")?

The problem it seems is that when nations have that much concentrated wealth at the very top, these billionaires will use their wealth and access to influence policies in the country where they live, as well as in any country where they have one of their multiple homes or business interests. The drawback is that this concentrated wealth is used to bolster their own narrow interests at the expense of not the 99 percent, but the 99.9 percent.

The domination by the uber-wealthy few also creates a backlash. People aren't blind. They see how the billionaires bend the system to their narrow self-interests, and how everyone else is left out or ignored. Neither their wealth nor their power is shared in any way. There is no sense of proportion or responsibility.

Hostilities develop naturally. People won't put up with this forever. Those in the middle or poorer classes won't be content to suffer because the billionaires want to continually take more and more. They are the real "takers," not those who work and struggle every day to get ahead, or to at least keep their heads above water.

The growing inequality of jobs, wages, housing, education, and buying power, among other things, cannot be sustained indefinitely. In the end the plutocrats will reap what they sow.

Bernadette Loesch

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Rep. Gallagher stands for Band-Aid legislation for morality issues

To The Daily Sun,

I have been reading the letters from and endorsements of Sanbornton State Representative, Brian Gallagher. I see that Brian is an all-around good citizen, volunteer and credentialed conservative. In his bid for state Senate, Brian has touted his accomplishments in helping to create new laws and stiffer penalties dealing with prostitution and other morality legislation.

I wonder if "more penalty" actually has any real effect on these issues. Aren't there underlying problems with addiction, family stability, abuse and neglect that are far more substantive in effect than putting people in jail longer and putting more people in jail at taxpayer expense?

I wonder if all of this incarceration legislation is just a flag-waving sleight of hand to create the appearance of having done something to solve problems without ever really doing anything substantive. What kind of root-cause solution is incarceration for a john? One that ignores all of the myriad issues of why a woman would sell herself and the corruption surrounding that situation.

The New Hampshire Senate needs problem solvers. This kind of Band-Aid legislation for morality issues that we have seen in Mr. Gallagher's legislative history does not indicate the type of leadership that Belknap County should send to the Statehouse. With all of the economic, tax equity, education, and employment problems that New Hampshire faces, a fixation with blue laws and incarceration as an easy solution is not an indicator of prudent thinking or legislative leadership.

Andrew Sanborn

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