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There is not a successful market-based health care system on Earth & never will be

To The Daily Sun,

A dark stormy cloud surrounds the White House. President Crazypants' approval rating is the lowest for the first 60 days in the 72 years Gallup has done it. A paltry 37 percent approve of his performance while 58 percent disapprove. And this was before we found out he is being investigated by the FBI for collusion with the Russians during the campaign. Not only that, the FBI is investigating right-wing sites like Breitbart and Infowars regarding their possible involvements with Russian hackers. Having been beaten by Clinton by three million votes has always lent a hand to an aura of illegitimacy to the current president and now an AP/GenForward poll shows that 57 percent of Americans between 18 and 30 consider him illegitimate. They despise him. Of that age group, 22 percent approve and 62 percent disapprove of his job. And get this! "The assistant U.S. Attorney who led public-corruption prosecutions under now-fired Preet Bharara is taking on a new gig probing the Trump administration, reports The Wall Street Journal. Howard Master, who helped lead the CityTime payroll and Sheldon Silver cases, will now work for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as senior enforcement counsel, focusing on issues relating to the Trump White House and public corruption in general" (Daily Intelligencer). Isn't this fun, Donnie?

He says one stupid thing after another. His tweets are mocked wildly on Twitter. He tweets like a 3rd grader. I mock him on Twitter. Last week he pulled another dandy out of his backside. Obama wiretapped him! No, he didn't and like Steve Earle's claim that Europe under-reports its crime statistics, it just more truckloads of manure. No evidence has been presented with such claims. These people manufacture fake facts because they are desperate to stem the tide against them. Do you remember the Trumpenfuhrer promising that everyone is going to get insured? He lied. That Mexico was paying for the wall? He lied. A Muslim ban? he lied. Now we are seeing an attack on the health care of millions of people. The CBO has issued a scalding report that by 2018, 14 million will lose their insurance and premiums will go up. And ironic as it gets, the people who will suffer the most will be the people who voted for him; rural states and southern states. Poor and uneducated people. But he loves the uneducated! As former Governor Jan Brewer said the other day, the new health care plan will "devastate millions" of people's lives. But they couldn't care less about you. The Freedom Caucus doesn't like it either because it is not totally market based. There is not a successful market based health care system on Earth and never will be because people are not the bottom line. Politifact says that premiums rose more under Bush than under Obama and that only 3 percent of the insured face the big increases the right wing media wants you to think is happening everywhere. Thousands of people will die prematurely if "Don'tCare" passes. He is gonna insure everybody! Let the protests continue! It will be one big beautiful picture, he tweeted. He is the death panel.

And how about Judge Neopolitano's blatant lie that the UK did Obama's spying for him! Its just one lie after another from the #Fakepresident and right wing media. Now Fox has benched Neopolitano, who has been crazy-talking for a very long time, anyway. Take Breitbart. While the world saw how bad it was for the #Fakepresident in the Comey/Clapper hearing, Breitbart ran an article that said Comey's testimony raised suspicions about Obama. No, it did not. More delusions. There is no evidence to raise suspicions with. I go to right wing sites every day and the garbage is very deep. If you are interested in keeping track of these crackpots and their alternate universe, go to top 100 conservative news sites: http://thenewrevere.com/2017/03/top-100-conservative-websites-in-march-2017/

James Veverka

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Thanks to all who helped me get elected selectman in Belmont

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Belmont voters:

As your new selectman, I would like to thank my angels, who are Ruth Mooney and Donna Cilley, and good friend Jon Pike. The worked real hard on this campaign. I could not have done it without them.

Also, thanks to the Police Department and the Fire Department, which I support. Thanks to long-time friend Al Mitchell for allowing me to post signs on his property along Rte. 106. And I can't forget the girls in Town Hall. Thanks.

Sonny Patten


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