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Join me in advocating support for Laconia's kids & educators

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia schools, teachers and students need our support. Laconia teachers have one of the lowest pay scales for teachers in years 3-15. The low salary results in teacher turnover rather than retention.

As evidence, nine teachers are leaving the school system this year. Many are leaving due to the low salaries and seeking jobs with other area school systems. In addition, Laconia cut $1.6 million in last year's budget and $850,000 in this year's budget. Budget uncertainty just adds to the pressure of working for the Laconia School District.

The proposed teacher contract is fair and not excessive. It doesn't exceed other area schools; it just becomes competitive. The increases are spread over five years to minimize the economic impact on the taxpayer. Additionally, the contract includes a health care contribution that steps up to 10 percent by year five which is in alignment other New Hampshire school systems.

I want the Laconia School District to have a stellar educational reputation rather than the reputation of a district of budget cuts and turnover. Join me in advocating support for our children and our educators by attending the City Council Meeting on Monday, May 22, at 7 p.m. in City Hall on Beacon Street East.

Dick Dunnell

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Saturday's March Against Monsanto will start in Concord at 11

To The Daily Sun,

Growing up in New Hampshire I remember seeing many bees and monarchs as I played outside. It was incredible to see them and be aware of their importance in our food system. The past few years I began to notice a sharp decline with them. Have you noticed that our bee and monarch population is declining? This is of great concern to myself. Many species of bees have been listed on the endangered species list. We need bees! Our food supply and environment is being compromised. We need monarchs, too.

Many of us are concerned about the use of glysophate, which has been determined by the World Health Organization as a probable carcinogen. If you are interested in learning about saving the bees and monarchs, promoting organic solutions, organic gardening ideas, raising awareness of the harm of pesticides and neonicotinoids, promoting food and seed sovereignty, protecting our biodiversity for our future seven generations to come, please come to the New Hampshire March Against Monsanto on Saturday, May 20, at 11 a.m. at the City Plaza in Concord, right next to the Farmer's Market.

We will have an educational rally and peaceful walk though downtown Concord. We start out the rally with the great band, Tyler Road. We will have a New Hampshire beekeeper, Amy Antonucci, state Rep. Jim McConnell, Marty Mitchener, Ph.D., ecologist, Laura Wolfner, M.A. Molecular Biologist & M.A. Archaeologist, and Bonnie Wright, from Non-Toxic NH, NH Right to Know GMO. We will have an organic seed swap table featuring high mowing organic seeds and an organic non-GMO food drive collecting non-perishable foods which we will donate to the Mckenna House.

This is part of a worldwide event where millions will march in solidarity. Please join this fun family event and bring your friends.
Fawn Gaudet


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