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First area-school Class of 1960 reunion to be held on August 12

To The Daily Sun,

Attention all local high school graduates from the Class of 1960. There are many of you out that have seen "See You at The Fair" Art Hariman.

Art has been the master of ceremony at the Sandwich Fair for more than 30 years. Art plays at the Common Man in Ashland every other Wednesday night. Art and I have been friends our whole lives. He is a lot older than I am. He was born in January and I was born in May. I try to attend every time he plays. His first date was July 15.

A lot of the Class of "60" from Concord, where Art graduated from always show up. Also that night friends he started school with in Ashland had some Class of "60" present. I was the lone Class of "60" from Meredith (Inter-Lakes).

On Art's next date at the Common Man Aug. 12th I am trying to organize a Class of "60" night. Everyone is invited, classes from Concord, Ashland, Meredith, Plymouth, Bristol, Belmont and any other class that would like to come.

Don't worry about looking old, I invited a couple of friends from the Class of "55" to use as decoys.

A lot of you played sports against each other. Just remember don't get bitter, only one team could win. Of course I always suspected the other team cheated when we lost ... and that would have taken a lot of cheating.

This should be a lot of fun, 55 years of memories and hopefully seeing old friends from yesteryear. See how many classmates you can round up and attend the first annual area class of "60" reunion. Maybe we can make this a yearly event.

I will round up some name tags with names and high school. As Art would say, "see you at the good old Common Man."

Give me a call 603-279-4930.

L. Michael Hatch

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We see callous, irresonsible & immoral things happen every day

To The Daily Sun,

We regret the killing of Cecil, a majestic lion. The law-breakers should be prosecuted. But the outrage and viciousness of the attacks on those involved is puzzling.

Some of the outrage is simply because the pictures show Cecil as a benign and magnificent animal, not as the bully and killer that he was. But mostly we react because, as civilized humans, we believe in the rule of law, have a sense of morality, and respect for majestic animals.

Seeing the outrage over a lion's killing, one has to wonder, where is the outrage at much worse offenses against American citizens?

Americans should be outraged at Republican and Democrat politicians who, for their own benefit, allow and even encourage the illegal alien invasion which harms (including more than 25,000 killings) millions of Americans. We should be outraged at the officials of more than 250 "sanctuary" cities that refuse to cooperate with federal officials attempting to enforce our immigration laws. We should be outraged at President Obama who promises to veto any law that tries to make sanctuary cities cooperate with federal officials enforcing our immigration laws.

We should be outraged at the irresponsible behavior that results in more than 1 million abortions a year. The Clintons said, "Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare." The current rate of abortions makes them common, not rare, and unacceptable.

Have we become so callous that we ignore harm to humans? Or have we become so cowed by political correctness that we are afraid to complain about the millions of crimes done by illegal aliens against American citizens, the annual slaughter of more than 1 million American babies, and the butchering of babies to sell baby parts?

Perhaps protesting the killing of a lion is the only way people have to express their outrage at the callous, irresponsible, and immoral things they see every day without being ridiculed and criticized by the politically correct crowd which tries to control our thoughts and speech.

It's time for Americans to ignore political correctness and demand protection for what really matters, human life.

Don Ewing

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