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We just don't want our neighborhood destroyed by this project

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the Laconia Planning Board/Department and the Zoning Board of Adjustment:

Before moving to our 3212 Parade Road address, we were previous renters in Weirs Beach. We enjoyed our time there, but when we began our search for our first home, we decided that we wanted to be close to town, but far enough away to have acres of land, more peace and quiet and privacy. When we found our house, we were happy with the residential location and the eight acres of land. We were also not close to our neighbors and it was the seclusion we wanted.

The buyer of the land in question's 95 acres abuts our land and is our whole backyard. We in no way approve any land in our neighborhood becoming commercial. Making that land commercial is an extreme measure and not needed. The main reason why we live here is because it is residential and we don't want to be surrounded by a business whatsoever.

I understand that the buyer would like to start a new life in New Hampshire, but so does my family. We chose to start our life here and it is unfair for this woman to come and disrupt the quiet and secluded neighborhood we live in and always wanted. What about us? What about our start? Why does this woman have any sort of say in the neighborhood we all picked to live in? We were all here first and our idea of the perfect life is extremely different than the buyers. She doesn't want our neighborhood. She wants to change it and we don't want change. This is clearly not the right neighborhood for all her ideas.

The buyer has shared her intentions of what she would like her property to become. Although it may sound okay on paper, giving her the requested variances would be a disaster for our entire neighborhood. It would open up so many devastating possibilities down the road that we just don't want. The buyer might change her mind about what she wants the establishment to become and might even sell the property in the future. And then what's possibly next? A hotel, an industrial park, a Home Depot, a Target, a grocery store? Even with just a campground, I still don't want anyone in my back yard and potentially jeopardize the safety of my family.

Parade Road also a scenic gateway road connecting Meredith and Laconia. Not just the neighborhood enjoys the views, but both towns and tourists traveling through. Parade Road is a fairly quiet road the entire stretch. So many people own many acres of land and we don't want an increase in traffic, loudness and commotion.

The immediate area the property is on is already notorious for accidents. Since moving here in 2014, we have lost a dog, deer, bears and turkeys have been killed, a motorcyclist severely injured, a truck crashed in front of our neighbor's house, a car lost control and crashed into our rock wall and countless accidents at the Rollercoaster Road intersection. This all happened in less than three years and within 0.25 miles of the property. There was even an accident just last week (March 14) at the Rollercoaster Road intersection. This is already a dangerous driving area and bringing in the type of traffic for this possible establishment is a terrible idea.

My husband and I currently do not have plans to sell our home. If this land becomes commercial, it would severely lower the selling price of our house. So now we have to suffer our peaceful life and possibly lose thousands of dollars because of this horrible idea? In what world is this even fair?

Bottom line, we just don't want our lives to change and we surely do not want our neighborhood destroyed by this proposal. This is residential property for a reason and it should stay that way. Why establish zoning if you are just going to change it and ruin the neighborhood? Some random person from Massachusetts should not have a say in all of our lives. We are hard-working taxpayers of Laconia and our voice should matter the most. Do not take what we have away from us.

Onaliese Petrini

Brian Petrini



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I truly believe our community needs Up With People right now

To The Daily Sun,

I am a recent alumnus of the international non-profit organization Up with People (UWP). Following my graduation from Laconia High School in June of 2015 I headed to Denver, Colorado to begin my journey in Up with People. Arriving in
Denver I was taken into an incredible family's home, and I had the opportunity to meet 100passionate individuals from around the globe who wanted to change the world just as much as I did.

Throughout my year with UWP I was able to travel all around the United States, Mexico, and Europe, and I can truly say that each place I visited left a profound impact on my life. Further, I believe that the impact we had on the communities we visited was also lasting and positive. As a cast we were able partner with Habitat for Humanity to build homes, work at food banks, paint inspirational murals, spend time in prisons empowering inmates to be better citizens when they were released, did various beautification projects, worked in homeless shelters and hospitals, did numerous workshops in schools that empowered youth to take a stand for what is right, and numerous other projects. Our visits were filled with hard-work, eye-opening experiences, and unbreakable bonds with the community members. The Lakes Region can have
an opportunity to experience this again too next Fall if we choose to invest in this incredible opportunity.

I truly believe that our community needs Up with People right now — the world needs Up with People right now. In a world with so much fear, hate, and animosity, UWP would be able to bring a counter perspective to the negativity that is all too often saturating life. If a cast was sponsored by the Lakes Region they would be able to work within the community to help benefit non-profit's, work in schools, and bring a global perspective into people's homes. There are so
many organizations such as Stand Up Laconia!, Got Lunch, the Boy's and Girl's Club, and many others that would not only benefit from the cast members participation, but the financially from the Up with People show.

Up with People came to Laconia in Fall 2014 and changed my life. During their visit I was given hope in humanity, my eyes were opened to perspectives I had never been exposed to before, and I wanted to be part of spreading love and hope too. Following my year I now have connections to families all over the world, best friends, and a determination to keep making a difference in the world. I ask all community members to consider investing some money into this
opportunity, as it has the potential to change your life and the lives of others for the better.

If you are interested in helping us sponsoring part of or all of the $5,000 down payment for this opportunity or in learning more about what the cast of Up with People is all about, please reach out to me at 603-581-5517 or my mother, Clare Persson at 603-387-4270. We are running out of time to help secure this payment, but I have faith that our community will chose to rally around such an incredible cause. Thank you for your consideration in this opportunity!

Alana Persson

Washington, D.C.

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