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'Hating people because of their color is wrong,' no matter who does it

To The Daily Sun,

In Saturday's publication, two letters drew special attention. Astute positioning by The Sun's staff placed these letters next to one another. The first, by Carol Hart, was a thoughtful analysis of the deep divisions in this country. She laments the intolerance, the racism and sexism which pervade our society. She calls for both individual and national examinations of conscience to somehow initiate the healing process.

The second letter was written by Rosemary Mellon. Ms. Mellon takes her "stand up for Trump" very seriously. She considers herself a "savvy woman on political issues." You may remember her submission praising Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad. This particular letter deals with Trump's character, Hillary's marriage, the partisanship of the press and women who choose to remain silent concerning workplace abuse because they fear losing their job. She also has thrown Kelly Ayotte under the bus for disavowing Trump. All of this is pretty typical stuff, but check out the following:

"MSNBC's Chris Hayes is pro-Hillary along with the two black woman news readers and maybe the whole network." She then mentions Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Kelly (Megyn?) And Shawn (Sean?). Please note that none of these individuals is identified as "white." Also note that the names of the "two black news readers "are apparently insignificant. I had to just guess as to whom she meant, so I came up with three possibilities.

Joy Reid — Harvard graduate, journalist and political commentator.

Kristen Welker — Harvard graduate, journalist, former white house correspondent and political commentator.

Tamron Hall — Temple University graduate, reporter, news anchor for two networks and journalist.

These women are clearly not "news readers."

It concerns me that many readers will see nothing offensive in Ms. Mellon's letter. This country is at a crossroads. We all need to understand that Americans are simply that — Americans. In an attempt to express this adequately, I searched for a quote to represent my views.

I found this: Muhammad Ali was an Olympic gold medalist, a heavyweight champion, civil rights activist, humanitarian and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. These are his words: "Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong."

June M. Huot

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If you think fascism can't be repeated here you'd better think again

To The Daily Sun,

If the pen is mightier than the sword, consider this my Lexington Green on this election year:

There is a strong fascist undercurrent that runs just below the surface of this election. Corporations and bankers, in collusion with their congressional patsies, get away with "legally" stashing away billions in lost tax revenue. They single-handedly created the 2008 recession. They have manipulated bank rates worldwide. They have fearlessly opened new accounts illegally — well, you read the papers.

Congressmen routinely work for these, and other, institutions to fill their re-election coffers — all at the cost of diluting your vote. And now, it is apparently okay to simply ignore vacancies in the Supreme Court. But what really scares me is the number of people in the electorate who sanction these behaviors, either through their lack of participation, or, their tacit support.

I hear loud and clear the herd's ubiquitous trash talk, probably not unlike the conversations coming out of a 1938 Berlin beer hall. Everywhere you go, canned vitriol full of gross misinformation is spread by people who never listen to or read about or try to nuance or evaluate complicated issues.

There's an old saying: If you have to tell a lie, make it a whopper. Say it loudly and rinse and repeat and repeat. To appreciate the cancerous nature of this behavior, just watch (any) one episode of the old Morton Downey trash talk TV show. Morton's old audience members are the unemployed, uneducated, down-and-out people who now populate vast areas of the electorate.

Everywhere you look there are pickup trucks flying Confederate flags. This is done, of course, for the benefit of anyone who has misunderstood the real American way. Believe me, for these people, that is the real American way. And many of them are just itching for you to finally understand it.

Now when the rare political argument occurs, you've seen how it turns into a childlike series of finger-pointing rebukes. Following this revelation, it's easy to see how our esteemed, adult legislators have come to behave. The finger-pointing circus is now fully embedded in the never-ending, politically motivated congressional hearings and judicial cases.

Over the last several decades, millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on bogus congressional hearings. Going further, almost all of this wasted effort and money has resulted in an astonishing amount of nothing, especially legislation. Gasbags in Congress spend their time (and they don't even work a full year) in forming and conducting investigations. This results in nothing but free 'news' coverage as the memory of it drifts away and is finally forgotten.

But meanwhile, the hurt runs deep. For starters, America has been frozen in time. Regardless of your desire to expedite important issues, nothing in this country gets accomplished. And we have suffered an abysmal loss of esteem abroad. How often has a foreign country dared to disrespect a visiting American president? Well, for example, it just happened in China and in the Philippines. In this void, you'll find no road maps to the future, no modernization efforts, no new law — zilch. And all the while, other countries take up the slack in the quest for global leadership.

So much for the do-nothing Congress. That brings us to the November election: if you've read this far, you know who you are, and what this article is about.
So —
If you loathe politicians who, given the chance, do not denounce or rebuke David Duke, and
If you secretly fear gangs of para-military types roaming the streets to protect real Americans, and,
If you secretly fear that after two or three state of emergency/martial law episodes, your basic American way of life will be devastated, and
If you think European history of a scant 70 years ago can't happen here, you'd better start to review your vote in this death spiral...
...real fast, pal.

Paul B. Utiger

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