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Time for America to accept a new kind of candidate: Carly Fiorina

To The Daily Sun,

We believe that people of faith make strong leaders. That's why we've decided to back Carly Fiorina for president of the United States.

Watch Carly. It's easy to see her faith shine thought her deeds. She's humble. She pays close, personal attention to every person she meets on the campaign trail. She listens to voters.

She has a fresh, honest take on key issues. Her integrity is on display every day in the way she handles questions from voters and media. She speaks after careful deliberation, coming from a place of true conviction and strength.

How did Carly Fiorina become the strong woman we observe today?

In part, by enjoying a long career in a high-pressure environment as a tech CEO. In part, by beating breast cancer. In part, by grieving the sudden loss of a daughter. And in part, by spending a decade in organizations and initiatives designed to give back and empower the disadvantaged and those who are in need.

It's time now for America to accept a new type of candidate. Not a career politician, but a real citizen of this nation. Carly has a strong vision for Americans and for our future. She believes we can achieve, we can get better, we can and will unlock our potential. She will make that possible through examining government structure and eliminating (once and for all) waste everywhere it's necessary.

She will simplify the tax code and level the playing filed between small and big business.

Carly has a proven career of accomplishments and achievements. We know she'll continue to the same in the Oval Office for "we the people."

State Rep. Brian & Karen Gallagher



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Training will teach you best form of gun control in using both hands

To The Daily Sun,

The recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, has brought forth the usual cries for more "gun control" from the usual suspects from the left, President Barack Hussein Obama, Senators Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer, American's liar-in-chief Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the usual gaggle of celebrities.

None have actually proposed specific new gun legislation that would have stopped the terrorist assault on our fellow-Americans.

But the seldom spoken message that they all have in common is that their version of "gun control" is actually confiscation of all guns from private individuals. Some U.S. Senators have actually let that proposal slip out in speaking a few years ago but admitted that they did not propose confiscation because it would never pass.

Gun confiscation from private hands has been tried without success in Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. But it was very successful in Hitler's Third Reich. In the UK today, even the police are seldom armed and private citizens' rights of self-defense have been severely abrogated. There are very strict gun control laws in France and in virtually every foreign country in which mass shootings have occurred. Same for Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., etc.

But there have still been mass shootings as well as terrorist attacks using knives and cars. Everyone knows that knives and cars are inherently deadly weapons and must be strictly controlled.

Declared "gun free zones" in schools and colleges have done nothing to prevent violent attacks in those venues except to produce "free-fire killing zones" for terrorists or deranged individuals because they know that no one in those areas is armed or trained for self-defense.

One of the college teachers in the Virginia Tech massacre, who died trying to protect his students, was a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces — had he been allowed to be armed, is there any doubt that he could have stropped the killer before he did more damage?

Fortunately for America, unlike other places that have such strict but useless gun controls, we have a Second Amendment to our Constitution that protects the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and use firearms.

If only one or two people who were in the line of fire in the recent terrorist attacks had been a trained and licensed concealed weapons carrier, the killing and injuries might have been averted or lessened.

The violent crime rate in New Hampshire and other states that make gun ownership and concealed carry fairly easy for law abiding citizens is lower than places like Chicago and Washington and New York because in large measure the criminals and terrorists know that most households in our state house gun owners who know how to use their weapons

If you do not have a weapon in your home, think about how long it would take for police to respond to a 9-1-1- call from you to the effect that someone is trying to break into your house. In most places, if you have to wait for the police, as good as they may be, to protect and defend you, by the time they arrive you will be dead.

Do not be misled by calls for more control. The more helpful calls would be for more people to purchase guns and get trained to use them properly. And when you are properly trained, you will learn that the best form of gun control is using both hands.

Norman J. Silber



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