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As Ava's grandparents, we say thanks from bottom of our hearts

To The Daily Sun,

We the grandparents of Ava Rose Doris would like to acknowledge the residents of Gilford and Laconia for the compassion and response to the untimely passing of our granddaughter.

We commend the Gilford Police Department in its entirety for their empathy and benevolence. The Gilford community is blessed to have these officers and command staff.

In all sincerity, we are profoundly grateful for all of the first responders — Lakes Region General Hospital, Laconia Police and Fire as well as other surrounding town police and fire who supported us in our time of grief.

From the bottom of our hearts, may God bless you all.

Skip & Linda Hunter


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Anonymous bloggers won't write letters over their own names

To The Daily Sun,

Here are just a couple of samples of the kind of drivel that the Moultonborough blog has to offer. The blogger may have made them up himself. There's no way of knowing.

Most of the posts he allows, or makes up, are from the townies who will not send a letter to the editor that requires them to reveal themselves. Moultonborough wonders why it cannot attract folks to the town other than vacationers or renters.

Moultonborough is ruled by about 200-250 residents, from a voter base of around 4,000.

The "female counterpart" mentioned in one of the following posts is my wife, who hasn't said "boo." The only time she has ever said anything at a meeting was to second my motion at this past Town Meeting, because a "second" is required, and I asked her to do this for me. I can take the heat, and give it back. This is an example of the "ruling" Moultonborough culture, and the blogger's mentality.

These cowards hide behind the blog, anonymously, and the blogger posts it. What does that make him! He complained in a recent piece, I'm told, that someone called him out and he told them to show their name. That's a joke.

I've no problem someone confronting me. I would prefer debate, however. The 20 months I spent with the 189th Assault Helicopter Co. at Pleiku, Vietnam (May 1967 to Feb. 1969), including three months working TDY (temporary duty) with the 5th Special Forces Group (Green Berets at FOB-2 , Kontum for covert missions into Cambodia and Laos) are "cupcake" to putting up with the morons in Moultonborough. Bring it on!

Anonymous said ...
Unfortunately, he and a few other cuckoos give the entire town a bad reputation. His female counterpart is no better. They are both masters of spreading misinformation to get their own way all while pretending they are the saviors of others. One seems certifiable, the other seems just plain mean.
March 22, 2017 at 12:17 p.m.

Anonymous said...
Mr. Cormier would have readers believe that you were not re-elected due to incompetence on your part. Even he knows better than that. That is yet another example of misinformation being published as truth. The truth is that you were beaten by two longtime residents with better name recognition than you. That's the reality of small-town politics. If people think that democracy always gets it right, they are wrong. History has shown that democracy has its flaws, especially modern history. Ignorant voters make bad decisions. Look at D.C. if you need proof. Our country is now the laughingstock of the world.
March 22, 2017 at 1:06 p.m.

Joe Cormier



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