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I will be voting for the fiscally conservative candidates on Tues.

To The Daily Sun,

A spike in the price of gasoline is making drivers and business operators sweat. The New Hampshire Legislature raised the gasoline tax at a time when gas prices in the state were skyrocketing.

State budgets are growing by hundreds of millions. Taxes are going up and families are hurting. Not only do families have to worry about taxes in Obamacare, food prices are unbelievable, the increase in electric rates is astounding. These taxes are added to the burden of family living. What is the outcome on family life? How will Granite Staters survive?

The gas tax was introduced in the Senate Jan. 8, 2014, and later in the House. I attended a hearing in Concord last winter about the 4.2 cent tax increase to every gallon of gas — regular, high test and diesel. The tax was diminished from the first tax presented, which was a double digit increase by the Democrats. The hearing was open to the reps and the public.

As I sat in the audience, many small-business associates rose to speak against this increase. Their costs would skyrocket and decrease their profit. Most of business people voicing their concerns were from trucking firms — logging is a big example. The significance of this is trucks deliver most of our everyday goods — groceries and many of the goods families use every day. So what happens with the gas increase? It is passed to the consumer because the companies cannot afford the tax. One of the speakers was Bill O'Brien, he spoke about this being another tax on Granite Staters. Whenever I went to a hearing, I could always depend on his Truth & Consequences statements, he stands up for the taxpayers.

The state reps were in and out of the hearing, because of their schedule. All the reps who spoke, were against the tax. I know a lot of reps, I did not see Lisa DiMartino come in to find out how the tax would affect the people of Meredith and Gilford. I wonder if she really investigates the whole situation when she votes for a bill, and does she ask her Meredith and Gilford residents how they feel about the issues? I don't remember being asked.

Lisa says a 4.2-cent tax was reasonable legislation. What does that mean to the family unit? Families are struggling to make ends meet.

I will be voting for fiscal conservatives candidates in the Nov. 4 election. My choice is always for people who follow the U.S. Constitution and the New Hampshire Constitution. Yes, I will be voting for people regardless of their affiliations (Tea Party and Free Staters). My one condition is their adherence to the Constitution. I think it is unconscionable to label people, this is a form of discrimination.

I want a person who is for less government intrusion into our lives, who favors less taxation for Granite Staters, someone who stands up for our rights and choice as American citizens, someone who fights for the economic future of our families.

Please join me in voting for Glen Aldrich, George Hurt, Russ Dumais and Herb Vadney. They will be the voice for the people in Gilford and Meredith. A voice for we the people. I will also be voting for Joe Kenney for Executive Council, a true patriot.

Rosemary Landry


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Public banking is a solution that I'm promoting; please vote on Tues.

To The Daily Sun,

If you are not tracking these flyers you won't know they are out there. I am writing this rebuttal because I saw this 5 1/2 inch by 11 inch glossy flyer from the N.H. Democratic Party and Ruth Gulick that made several misleading and false statements about me. It was inaccurate, negative, and undeserved.

Their first false claim: Next to a picture of an attractive young woman who is glaring over at the text, was: "Valerie Fraser and Bill O'Brien's Koch Brother Agenda will turn the clock back on women's rights in New Hampshire." I don't know the Koches, and I don't know their "agenda." I have met Bill O'Brien, but we certainly did not sit down together and plan an agenda, and I don't want to "turn the clock back on women's rights in N.H."

I worked as a registered nurse for over 20 years and as a licensed veterinarian, owned an animal hospital for 11 years. Our current medical system does not easily allow for alternative health care which in general is superior in managing chronic care diseases, is less toxic, and not cost-prohibitive. It should be a priority to require insurance providers to cover all licensed medical providers including homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, midwifery and chiropractic. Women must be allowed to choose whom they want for their care and for the care of their children.

The second false claim was: "House Republicans and their extremist friends want another chance to: "(it listed various bills as examples, none of which I could vote on because I was not a member of the General Court). Just who are these "extremist friends"?

As of this writing I am not a member of the House Republicans and none of my friends meet the definition of "extremists."

So let's compare right-wing extremists to left-wing extremists. According to author David Horowitz "the left have become the richest and most powerful political machine in American history, backed by a near trillion-dollar treasury in America's oldest and largest tax-exempt foundations. Conservatives are out-spent 7 to 1."

I have been endorsed by the N.H. Liberty Alliance and the N.H. Job Creation Alliance. I am for right to work, Second Amendment rights, lower taxes, local school board control, human rights which includes women, reducing health care insurance costs, the Constitution, responsible individual liberty, smaller government and public banking which will help small businesses create jobs and grow our communities.

In my current role as chairman of the New Hampton Board of Selectmen, fiscal responsibility is very important.

Public banking is a solution that I am promoting and I hope you will give me the chance to succeed by voting for me on Nov. 4. Public banking is banking in the public interest and not the private interests. It places taxpayer deposits into public control, for public benefit. In part, our Revolutionary War was fought over the right of public banking. Private banks are the cause of the growing disparity between the rich and the poor and income inequality in the United States is the highest it's been since 1928. Would you choose poverty given a choice? We must stop the continual fleecing of the American people. Asking for another $2 billion is not a solution.

Our goals should be to remove the death grip Wall Street has on our economy, our government and our lives. Vote for Valerie Fraser on Nov. 4, Belknap 1, New Hampton and Center Harbor.

Valerie Fraser

New Hampton

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Lakes Region Porcupines meet in Belmont on 3rd Sat. of every month

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Tony Jankowski, I'm a longtime member of the Lakes Region Porcupines and I am writing to give our first annual report on our happenings, and we also have an announcement. I figured in the midst of all the mudslinging and political back and forth I could insert something fresh and different.

For the last four years, the Lakes Region Porcupines have been meeting locally at the New Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont on the third Saturday of every month at noon. The LRP is a fraternal organization of people who are lovers of liberty. Common conversations include ham radio, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, cooking and baking, gardening, and even politics. We all sort of come from a somewhat libertarian perspective, but there certainly are members I would consider both hard left and hard right on the political spectrum.

I was certainly surprised to see us labeled recently as a "radical right-wing organization" as many of us, including yours truly, consider many of our perspectives to be left leaning. To set the record straight, the LRP welcomes any member of the community looking to share the company of people who have a live-and-let-live attitude.

The LRP made strides in the last few years by welcoming hundreds of guests from all over the state to join in our monthly meet-up. These people are looking to take in all the Lakes Region has to offer. We've had guests from across the nation and even international visitors chose us to visit. Many of these guests in our state have chosen to set down roots here, become part of local commerce, and become involved in politics. People are choosing to make New Hampshire their home because, like you, they have fallen in love with it.

I am honored to report that our group has completed our yearly maintenance of garbage along Route 3 in Belmont from the Laconia city limits to the Mosquito Bridge. I would like to thank the businesses for another year in which they kept their plots beautiful as a New Hampshire roadway deserves to be. Shooter's Tavern is our typical breakfast spot pre-pickup and they have wonderful food and have been great hosts to us.

In closing, I wish the best of luck to three of our best litter pickers in particular who are running for state representative, Michael Sylvia in Belmont, Glen Aldrich in Gilford/Meredith, and Ed Comeau for Brookfield/Wakefield/Ossipee/Effingham. Good luck fellas!

Tony Jankowski

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If you don't have a clue what's going, please don't vote

To The Daily Sun,

We're not far away from Election Day and there's one topic I must discuss that can have an effect on us all: voting.

I am not going to harangue you to exercise your constitutional right and vote. Nope. Not me.

Instead I am going to ask you to think about the upcoming elections in your town/city/state, about the candidates running for office, and to ponder any ballot initiatives that may also be on the ballot. Then after taking all of those things into account I want you to consider a drastic action: Don't vote.

"But....but, but why?" you may ask.

It's simple, really. It's not that I think you should boycott Election Day. I don't.

It's not that I think it's a waste of time. It isn't.

It's not that I think you don't have the right to vote. I believe you do.

It's that far too many voters don't have a clue about who or what they're voting for or against. They don't know the candidates running, particularly for town, city, county, or state offices. They don't know anything about the various ballot initiatives that may be on the ballot. A few moments pondering them in the voting booth can't possibly impart any knowledge about the pluses or minuses about them or any of the unintended consequences of such initiatives. These voters go in blind, vote, and feel better about themselves for a few minutes before moving on with their lives. They have little idea what or who they've voted for and then they're surprised when the candidate they elected hoses the electorate or the initiative they voted on has consequences that cause problems far beyond its intentions.

What it comes down to is ignorant voters cause havoc far beyond anything anyone could possibly imagine. People we wouldn't otherwise trust end up in office and then screw things up. Ballot initiatives cause problems or costs money that wasn't allocated or boosts taxes in unexpected ways.

It comes down to this: If you don't know who to vote for, then don't vote for anyone. If you don't know how you should vote on a ballot initiative because you don't know about the issue, then don't vote on it either way. If there's only one race you're interested in or you know who you want to vote for, and more importantly why, then vote for that person. Otherwise leave the rest of the ballot blank. There's no law that says you have to cast a vote for every office or ballot initiative.

When Election Day arrives and you haven't followed the campaigns of anyone running for office or don't have a clue about any of the ballot initiatives, then I must make this appeal to you: Please don't vote. You're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors and you'll just screw it up for everyone else.

Dale Channing Eddy

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I'm student of history & know a weak, ineffective leader when I see one

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Patrick Wood's letter in the Oct. 23 edition of The Sun.

I find it interesting that you list all of President Obama's successes while failing to also tell us just how these successes were anything but. Since you didn't feel the need to do so, I figured I would address a few of your points.

— He saved our automobile industry from collapse: No, he did not. He unconstitutionally interfered in the bankruptcy process of both GM and Chrysler. Both companies would have survived Chapter 11 and come out it in a better position to thrive. But by his interference he cost taxpayers billions of dollars we will never get back. He handed over large portion of GM to the UAW, stiffing the bondholders in the process. It was the over-the-top union contracts that helped drive GM into bankruptcy and Obama rewarded them by ripping off the bondholders — mostly mutual funds owned by retirement and pension funds.

— He has practically eliminated our dependence on foreign oil: I'm sorry Patrick, but this happened in spite of Obama. He's tried everything to quash development of our expanding oil and natural gas reserves. He closed federal lands to oil and gas exploration. He's also made it more expensive to move that oil by using every delaying tactic to prevent construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

— He has helped to bring our unemployment down from over 10 percent to under 6 percent: Umm, no. The actual unemployment rate — the so-called U6 rate — is still above 12 percent. The unemployment figures you're touting as a success merely signify that the number of people collecting unemployment has dropped. That doesn't mean they're employed. It means their unemployment benefits have been exhausted, and when that happens they drop off the unemployment roles. We now have a labor participation rate that hasn't been this low in over four decades.

— He has established a system to provide health insurance for millions: Wrong again. Obamacare doesn't provide one more bit of health care to anyone. You've made the mistake so many others have that somehow access to health insurance automatically equates to access to health care. It does not. It has also stripped millions of Americans of health insurance they already had, already liked, and could already afford and replaced it with something that is more expensive, provides less coverage, and in many cases means they can no longer see doctors they've had for years. How can that be considered a success?

— He has reduced the unfettered increases in our national debt: Really? This president who created more debt than all of the other presidents combined? He wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on a stimulus plan that did nothing more than fill the pockets of cronies and political supporters while doing nothing to help the economy. If you think that over $500 billion in deficit spending this past fiscal year is a reduction, then you've forgotten the trillion dollar deficits he created year after year after year. If a trillion dollar deficit is a problem, then a $500 billion deficit is not the solution.

And one last one — He has built an international coalition to confront ISIL: As compared to the coalitions both George H.W Bush and George W. Bush put together, Obama's is a loose gathering of parties that do not trust each other and have little or no trust in Obama. The president's response to ISIL wouldn't even have been necessary if he hadn't prematurely cut and run from Iraq.

I could go on and on, but frankly I don't see the point. I have no doubt you will see my take on your list of Obama's successes as nothing but political sour grapes. But I am a student of history, and I know a weak and ineffective leader when I see one, and Obama is that kind of leader. He's not successful by any measure.

Dale Channing Eddy


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