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Democrats don't provide the guidance to actually improve lives

To The Daily Sun,

Before September, I'd never imagined that a president might ask for votes to protect his legacy (http://tinyurl.com/zaflebz). President Obama even said it would be a "personal insult" if black Americans didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

President Obama deserves to be insulted by black Americans. He broke his promises and betrayed their trust. Obama's policies, actions, and influence have harmed black Americans even more than other Americans. Only the rich are richer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that black unemployment (http://tinyurl.com/chruen) and Black youth unemployment (http://tinyurl.com/y8tdtnp) are significantly worse than white unemployment, 8.3 percent vs 4.4 percent and 20.6 vs 11.5 percent. Black unemployment is even worse in Democratic-controlled cities that drive away jobs and welcome illegal aliens.

Sadly, many children are condemned to poor and dangerous schools, depriving them of the preparation needed for successful lives. School choice programs, like the one in Washington, DC that President Obama stopped, allow children to transfer to better, safe schools.

Unfortunately Democratic politicians, like Obama and Hillary, fight against school choice programs. They care more about teachers' union support than about the children.

Many law-abiding people live in fear, in neighborhoods plagued with drugs, gangs, and criminals. Democrat politicians make America increasingly dangerous; they're soft on criminals, reduce sentences, open borders allow drugs and criminals into our neighborhoods, and criminal illegal aliens are released into our communities (not deported), etc.

Mayor Giuliani showed that crime ridden cities can be made safe, but Democratic politicians don't seem to want safe neighborhoods for everyone.

Democratic leaders don't provide guidance that actually helps people improve their lives. Rather than excusing bad behavior, they should explain the benefits of obeying the law, not using drugs, getting educated, getting a job, delaying parenthood until marriage, and obeying law enforcement.

One-hundred years ago Booker T. Washington knew people like Obama and Hillary, he said, "These people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs." Uneducated, unemployed, and fearful people provide what Democrat politicians want: their votes.

President Obama wants President Hillary to protect his legacy and continue his policies that helped almost no one, except the rich. Donald Trump supports school choice, policies that create safe neighborhoods and create jobs, exemplifies the results of hard work and law-abiding behavior, and more importantly, Trump wants every American to succeed.

If Obama's legacy and Hillary's dream are more important to you than your own dreams, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want help achieving your dreams, vote for Donald Trump.

Don Ewing

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To repeal & replace Obamacare is the only sensible option

To The Daily Sun,

We all know by now that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was nothing more than a pack of lies. Does everyone remember, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan," "If you like your doctor (or hospital) you can keep your doctor (or hospital)," "You'll save $2,500 a month on your insurance premium,"?

These were just some of the lies that the Democrats sold us in their scheme to push this on America. The rest they hid from us such that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told us, "We have to pass the bill so that you can you can find out what's in it." This is not how we pass laws in the free and open society that is America. Not one Republican voted for this abomination. We have only Democrats to thank for this.

We now know why they lied. If we were told the truth about this plan, the Democrats who voted for it would never have been re-elected. In fact, Majority Leader Harry Reid broke the Senate rules to get this passed. So complete was the deception, that Jonathan Gruber, an architect of the plan, was seen on camera, afterward, stating the American people were too stupid to figure this out.

Well we're smart enough to know when we've been sold a pack of lies. Everyone's premiums are now skyrocketing, even those not on Obamacare. Our deductibles have gone through the roof too, but by design. This program was designed to fail so that single-payer insurance, run by the government, will be the only option, for everyone.

Ask yourself this, how's that working for our veterans? Do you think the VA delivers quality health care right now? How's the Indian Health Service doing? When the government is the only health care insurer you can turn to, you'll get DMV-quality service. No one wants that.

Hillary Clinton has tried to convince us "it needs to be fixed." But will you allow those who lied to us about this to begin with, fix it? We can do better. It's time to scrap this failure and start over, in the light of day.

Please join me in re-electing Frank Guinta and other dedicated Republicans to restore faith and trust in our health care system. Repeal and replace is the only sensible option.

David Strang, MD

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