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Let's put a great listener, John Sellers, on our Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

I write this letter to show my support of John Sellers for the Bristol Selectboard.

John and his family have lived in Bristol since 2010. He is employed, for more than 16 years, at SAS Institute as a business/industry consultant. He and his family have been very involved in our community. Currently, John is a member of the Bristol Budget Committee, where he has been a voice of moderation. He has made many cost-saving recommendations to our budget and has provided a comprehensive analysis of our ambulance service, which would add essential revenue to the Town of Bristol.

John is a great listener with the temperament necessary to work with various voter groups and individual voter needs. I am confident of his skills to oversee our town's management and I believe he will compliment the existing Board of Selectmen.

If you would like more information on John Sellers he is holding a Meet and Greet at Kathleen's Cottage (across from the Bristol Fire Department) this Thursday, Feb. 23, starting at 6 p.m. Come meet John and ask questions.

Please join me in voting for John Sellers on March 14 at the Old Town Hall and come out to Town Meeting on March 18 at the Newfound Memorial High School.

Betsy Schneider

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We should be doing all we can to strengthen the right to vote

To The Daily Sun,

Voting provides me with a sense of participation in the democratic process and a bond to my community. The current efforts around the country, including here in the Granite State, to make voting more difficult will weaken our democracy.

In November 2016, the seven states, including New Hampshire, with the highest voter turnout allow registration on election day. I applaud efforts to improve rather than restrict voting access, such as automatic voter registration, AVT.

Six states and the District of Columbia have AVT, with 22 states — but not New Hampshire — now considering bills to implement or expand automatic registration. Under this plan, when citizens interact with a government agency — for example, gets a driver's license — they are automatically registered to vote unless they declines. These agencies transfer the voter registration information electronically to election officials. AVT creates a process that is more convenient and less error-prone for both voters and government officials. AVT also boosts registration rates while reducing the potential for voter fraud and lowering costs.

Right now the New Hampshire House and Senate are considering nearly 40 bills dealing with voter registration and elections, most of which will make voting more difficult. These include SB-106, that adds a 13-day residency requirement for voters — a change not likely to increase the percentage of citizens voting. The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy, and we should be doing all we can to strengthen this right, not weaken it.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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