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I and the other Democratic candidates will be 'putting Laconia first'

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Tom Dawson. I am running for state representative of Laconia. The people of Laconia need state representatives that represent the "people of Laconia." Every decision and vote on every bill in the House needs to be evaluated for what is best for Laconians and the people of the state of New Hampshire. In fact the Laconia Democrats logo this election is "Putting Laconia First."

One of my chief criticisms of the Republican Party is they act in lockstep with a national party line — even if that party line is bad for our community and our workers.

Over the past few decades power and wealth have been transferred from the middle class and poor to the 1 percent — the very rich and large powerful corporations and political entities. This gap has become more and more pronounced during the last few years. This phenomenon is dangerous for the health of our country. We as a society can "feel" the effects today! We are no longer have a democracy but a plutocracy (run by the very rich, not the people).

The political group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a right-wing extreme group supporting the very wealthy 1 percent. AFP supports the Republicans. The multibillionaire Koch brothers are major contributors. The AFP's mission and values are not helpful to the working middle class. If someone is voting for AFP ideals they are not looking after the average Laconia citizen. Our current Republican state reps receive high grades from the AFP.

My interest is you and the City of Laconia; also, the well-being of the entire state. Don't forget to vote in the primary on Sept. 13.

Tom Dawson

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This dog was a true gentle giant; he was so loved & he wil be missed

To The Daily Sun,

I had to put to sleep my beloved Great Dane named George. He would have been 11 in December. Sadly his back legs were getting weak and he continued to fall.

This dog was truly a gentle giant and so loved. He had the sweetest face and the most beautiful brown eyes. And boy, could he drool!

I want to say thank you to MacDonald vet staff and Dr. Montminy for all their kindness and support today. It helped to know they truly care.

He will be missed and he was so very loved.

Denise C. Burke

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