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Thanks to those who helped BHS Summer Fun Calendar Raffle

To The Daily Sun,

The Summer Fun Calendar Raffle offered by the Belmont High School Class of 2019 will fund school activities such as the prom. We would like to thank the following businesses for sponsoring us. Your patronage for our community businesses helps support our schools.

Generous contributors: DBU Construction, Smitty's, Merrill Fay Arena, Gunstock, Chuckster's Family Fun Park, Goodale's Bike Shop, Concord Sports Center, Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Petals in the Pines, MS Mount Washington, Fox Smoke House, Amish Country Barn, Shooter's, Lowe's, Fratello's, JJ Yolks, Funspot, Monkey Trunks, Gilford Cinema 8, OSG, Hector's, El Jimador, and Pirates Cove.

Skylar Ruelke
Sophomore Class Secretary

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Thank you to Laconia’s excellent firefighters and EMTs

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in regard to our fantastic firefighters that hold paramedic certifications and EMT certifications.

We moved to Laconia in December 2014. The following August, my husband, Carl, suffered a stroke and 911 was called. The response time was only minutes and the men were efficient and knew exactly what needed to be done. He returned home from a rehab center on Sept. 25, 2015, and we had to call 911 twice the early hours of the next day. He again went to another rehab facility and returned home October 2015. He recovered further due to surgery that caused the stroke and was able to "get on with his life."

He had to make a decision to have further surgery to prevent another stroke and that was done in March of this year. He was home, doing well for two weeks when he suffered what was believed to be a seizure and we had to call 911 at 3 a.m. on April 7. It took four of our great firefighters with training to get him back to LRGH. He remained there for a few days and then went to Laconia Rehab Center, where remained for a short time, when it was necessary to return to LRGH. After another three-day stay, he then again returned to the Rehab Center. This past week, on May 11, again the Laconia paramedics were summoned and he was sent to the ER at LRGH. Unfortunately, we were unaware of just how severe my husband's condition was, and he passed away in the early hours of May 12.

I want people to know and understand how badly this Laconia team is needed. They are professional and know exactly what needs to be done in severe situations, as what we experienced.

My thanks go out to all of the Laconia firefighters, especially for the training they receive to perform their jobs. Never doubt their capabilities, and they deserve all our support for increases in salaries that they receive, and more.

Thank you!

Carol Nordquist


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