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Hassan has trustworthiness & credibility questions of her very own

To The Daily Sun,

Governor Maggie Hassan has been saturating the airwaves recently on radio and TV with political ads touting her leadership skills in improving the business climate in this state by balancing the state budget without raising taxes, creating jobs and helping small businesses expand.

What a hypocrite! In actuality, Maggie Hassan proposed a bloated budget with increased spending and taxes. It was the Republican Legislature with superb leadership by Sen. Jeanie Forrester as chair of the Senate Finance Committee that cut the waste and proposed taxes and actually lowered business taxes while significantly expanding funds for caregivers and services in the substance abuse area.

Maggie Hassan called the budget disastrous and irresponsible. She then vetoed it, thereby delaying the increased aid for the substance abuse crises and other reimbursements by three months until her veto was overridden. Now she is trying to take credit for the improved economic climate in the state from increased business tax revenues and for the increased state substance abuse aid that her actions tried the utmost to prevent. It seems like Maggie Hassan is having the same trustworthiness and credibility questions that she had such difficulty explaining about Hillary Clinton.

Richard R. Gerken

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So many people contributed to the success of our 5th Book-It! 5k

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 3, the Friends of the Meredith Public Library hosted the fifth annual Book-It! 5K road race to benefit the Meredith Library. Included in this fun family event was the 5K race for runners and walkers, the Bookworm race, a 1.2 mile race and the Inchworm race for 5 years and under. Each year the event has been wonderfully successful due to the support from many sponsors, donors, volunteers, runners and walkers.

Our very generous sponsors include: Gold Sponsor: The Fitness Edge; Silver Sponsors: Ippolito's Furniture Store, Tuckernuck Inn B & B, Meredith Dental, and Meredith Village Savings Bank; Bronze Sponsors: Melcher & Prescott Insurance, E. M. Heath Inc., Overhead Door Options, Christopher P. Williams, Architects, PLLC, New Hampshire Electric Coop, Chippers, Hermit Woods Winery, Crucon Cruise and Four Seasons Self Storage, LLC. These sponsors make it possible to continue to host this race in Meredith, a race that attracts over 100 participants each year on a course that provides beautiful views.

We are also very fortunate to have many local and New Hampshire merchants donating gift certificates for winners. They include: Adornments Unique Jewelry and Apparel, Annalee, Aubuchon Hardware, BarnZ's Cinemas , BJ's, Bootleggers, Case & Keg, C.G. Roxane Water, Cider Bellies Doughnuts, Clark's Trading Post, Common Man, Del's Dogs, Family Affair Salon, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Hannaford, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Hermit Woods Winery, Highland House B&B, Innisfree Bookshop, Jon's Roast Beef and Deli, Kellerhaus, Laconia Paintball, Lakes Region Nutrition Center, Lee's Candy Kitchen, Moulton Farm, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Premier Nail Salon, Refresh Salon, Runner's Alley, So Little Thyme, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, T-Bones Restaurant, The Country Carriage, and Voila Salon.

To our many volunteers, we owe our gratitude: the Race Committee includes Tom Allen, Erin Apostolos, Ann Butler, Pam Coburn, Micci Freyenhagen, Johanna Halperin, Margie Kreitler, Linda Matson, Joyce Messer, Deb McNeish, Liz Rohdenburg and Cliff Dickinson. We also thank, Avard Brann, Ed Freyenhagen, Joe Quimby, Lorraine Martin, Carol and Ray Moritz, Anne and Tim Whiting, Marian Tucker, Ginny Lovett, Kirk Meloney, Dan Heyduk, Tony Sabutis, Jon Pounds, Jean Dougan, Jaydie Halperin, Chris Meeken of Anything Goes Athletics, Bob Gibb. Jr. of Star Systems and the boys and parents of Boy Scout Troop 55. We also thank the CERT Team and Lakes Region Ham Radio Operators, Stewart's Ambulance Service and the Meredith Police Department for their service in ensuring the safety of the racers.

Beverly Heyduk & Barbara Brann


Book-It! 5K Road Race


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