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Do we no longer teach people how not to act when they lose?

To The Daily Sun,

Robert T. Joseph makes an impassioned plea for more tolerance by writers to The Sun. Expecting his comments to fall on fertile ground is like expecting a blizzard in July. Not impossible, but not likely either. America has only two parties. All Americans must have just one of only two opinions at voting time. The possibility of adding an official third choice would be nice. Unfortunately, that is the rare instance where both parties join forces to kill it.

It's frustrating enough to divide the spoils between two entities. A third dilutes the jackpot.
Both parties see government as a bottomless money pit to ply votes with. Voters have wised up. That's why our debt keeps setting new records. They cleverly pit the two against each other in a bidding war. Do I hear an offer of a buck? Do I hear two bucks? Do I hear a chicken in every pot? Do I hear two chickens.? Do I hear two chickens and a free car? The bigger the jackpot, the louder, vindictive, acrimonious and accusatory the letters become. Every dollar increase in the size and generosity of government increases the partisanship and division on an incremental basis.

American government is the largest gold mine on the planet. That much money assures an endless line of hucksters, smooth talkers ( like Obama) , gifted rain makers, and plain old con artists.

Democrats are now filled with outrage, hate and fury. Yes hate, not anger. There is a huge difference. They lost an election every pundit promised was theirs. It's bad enough to lose a closely contested race. Far more psychologically devastating to lose one that you are sure is " in the bag." More humiliating, they lost to a man of Trump's irritating, bragging demeanor and verbosity.

We are now witnessing a lack of unity around a newly elected president unseen in American history. Trump has been more brutally assailed and assaulted in five days by Democrats than Obama was in eight years. No matter that Obama's economy never left first gear. Democrats were silent. The only path that now satisfies and quenches Democrats loss is a tsunami of scorched earth hate and incivility toward Trump.

It is disgusting as an American to witness. Democrats made every decision that cost them the election, including Hillary, and not Bernie. They just can't accept their loss is their fault. It is exactly what every high school athletic coach in America spends a lifetime teaching athletes exactly how not to act when you lose.

Government just moved from total dysfunction under Obama's Democratic presidential leadership to full-blown hate with Democrats out of presidential leadership. The letters to The Sun will become ever more scary, even threatening. Democrats have declared all-out war on Trump, destroying 200 years of traditional ethics and political decorum in America. The same party that invented and taught "political correctness" now rants, raves and lashes out like unhinged lunatics.

It seems now one election loss is excuse and justification to become an American jefk. Looking and acting as politically incorrect as any people ever have.

Tony Boutin

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Would you feel better if Esteban Santiago had used gasoline?

To The Daily Sun,

While I can appreciate the passion in Alan Vervaeke's column of Jan. 24, "Someone to blame for Ft. Lauderdale," he identified the culprit in the fifth paragraph: Esteban Santiago. He is the one who pulled the trigger.

The rest of the piece blames the object that Santiago used. Would Mr. Vervaeke have felt better if Esteban had murdered people with gasoline like at the Bronx nightclub in 1990?

While I don't want to take the space to refute his column point by point, there were two significant pieces missing from his column.

First, what do the massacres at Fort Lauderdale, Aurora, and Newtown have in common? They were gun-free zones that were chosen because there was little to no chance that potential victims could fight back. The murderers were the only ones with guns until the authorities (with guns) arrived.

Second, the FBI has testified that Santiago murdered those people on behalf of ISIS. That would suggest that he would have found a way to murder with or without his own pistol.

In closing, what if it was suggested that a right cherished by the left, say the right to free press, was to be infringed in such a manner? I think we know the answer to that.

Rick Notkin

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