No donation to Gilmanton Food Pantry & Thrift Shop is too small

To The Daily Sun,

During 2014, the Gilmanton Food Pantry and Thrift Shop has been successful in our efforts to provide supplemental assistance to members of the Gilmanton community to ensure that every person's basic needs are met. We would not have been able to do so without the help and support of the greater community.

The number of persons, businesses and organizations are too numerous to list individually. However, the volunteers at the Gilmanton Food Pantry & Thrift Shop want to extend their sincere appreciation and thanks to one and all for your donations of food, money, toys, clothing and time. No donation is too small, whether it be a single can of food or extra change when purchasing clothing. Everything helps and is appreciated by those of us who help to manage the pantry and thrift shop as well as the families and children who we are able to help.

Through your support, the Gilmanton Food Pantry was able to provide generous holiday baskets to make an otherwise simple holiday meal something special, as well as school kits, gifts for children at Christmas and winter clothing for children in need. This is in addition to monthly allotments of food throughout the year. The sales from our thrift shop go to support these wonderful programs as well.

We thank you all for giving so generously and making everything we do at the food pantry possible.

Our next event to benefit the Food Pantry is coming up on Feb. 14. There will be music and many luscious desserts. Admission is free, donations are welcome. This will take place at the Gilmanton Community Church in Gilmanton Iron Works. Watch for further details and save the date.

The Gilmanton Food Pantry Committee extends wishes for a peaceful, joyful, healthful and Happy New Year.

Visit us on Facebook at:

Winter Hours: Wednesday, 3-7 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Telephone: 603-364-0114.

Location: Route 140, Gilmanton Iron Works.

Parking & Entrance: Gilmanton Community Church Parking Lot.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 16, Gilmanton, N.H. 03237

Gilmanton Food Pantry Committee

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Mr. President, you gave me nothing & I resent you saying you did

To The Daily Sun,

Last night our president gave the mandated State of the Union address. I did not watch. Personally I do not have the patience to listen to a few sentences and then people jumping up and clapping for a minute or two. Boring. I read it online in a short period of time.

No surprise, the president wants to raise taxes. He says on the rich. I just wish we would spend less.

He stated that our unemployment rate is lower than when the financial crisis started. Funny, I am still out of work and I know of no one who is better off than five years or one year ago. I see four new consignment shops in our area alone and they are doing very well. I do not think people have the money to spend that they used to have. The median salary has decreased — yes, decreased — in the past 15 years and some of that was with a Republican president. Middle America is getting poorer and poorer.

He said our job is done in Afghanistan. Troops are home from Iraq. Well, we all know how that worked out. Isis has control of a large part of Iraq and there are militants in many countries all over the Middle East. Libya which was controlled by a miserable dictator is now controlled by terrorists.

He said our economy is growing. Yes, we have lower gas prices, which are not a result of the president's energy policies. We are drilling more and we are not the No. 1 producer of oil and natural gas. He would not mention the Keystone Pipeline. My electric bill went up along with yours because the president put such restrictions on coal plants that many were shut down as it was not fiscally feasible for them to operate.

Green energy just does not cut it yet. Cape Wind in Massachusetts: the companies that were going to buy the electricity have declined now as the project has gone on too long with no results.

The president said that the warmest in the past 14 years. Yes the planet temperature is warmer. But it has plateaued. The earth's temperature has gone through many changes — warming and then cooling. We may be in one of those changes. The polar bear population is growing. The arctic surface ice grew 6 percent last winter. Do we hear about this? Let's compost. That is an easy fix to the problem and not so expensive. Let's use common sense.

The most troubling thing the president said was, "We gave our citizens schools and colleges, infrastructure and the internet -—tools they needed to go as far as their effort will take them."

I beg your pardon, Mr. President. You gave me nothing. My mother paid for my college tuition and I had a loan. My son had scholarships and loans and I helped when I could.

I pay taxes on practically everything. I pay state and federal gas taxes and register my car to pay for highways and roads. I pay property taxes to pay for schools. My son also went to some private schools for part of his education and I paid for that, not you.

I pay a monthly bill for Internet. I pay a tax on my cell phone and land line. I pay a tax on cable and internet. I pay a tax if I eat at a restaurant.

I worked hard, Mr. President. And if I have anything, it is because my grandparents worked hard and my parents worked hard. And because I work hard. My dollar is worth less than when my parents or grandparents were living because you keep printing paper money and keep borrowing money.

Mr. President, you gave me nothing and I resent the fact that you said you gave me. This sounds like socialism to me. And I do not want socialism. My life is not better. But yours certainly is at the cost of we the taxpayer.

Linda Riley


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We need to elect a president who doesn't act like a sheep

To The Daily Sun,

"American Sniper" is selling out all over the country. Naturally, progressive-liberal movie director, Michael Moore claims that snipers like Chris Kyle are cowards. That he put himself in grave danger during multiple tours of duty to keep Mikey and the rest of us safe, is of no consequence to Mr. Moore. The same man who has become a multimillionaire through the conduit of capitalism and at the same time despises it, remains in a perpetual state of confusion and denial regarding the identification of good versus evil. This man with no backbone then tried to walk back his "coincidental comment". We know you and your ilk too well Michael. Peace through denial, empathy, naivete and appeasement, right Michael?

I recently came across an excerpt from a book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman entitled "On Combat." It talks about three categories of people — sheep, sheepdogs and wolves, as recalled by a retired colonel, a Vietnam veteran. Sheep are like many of us — kind, gentle and productive people. However, far too many of us live in a state of denial regarding the evil that lives among us. Churchill tried to warn others about the growing evil of Nazism while Neville Chamberlain tried employing appeasement and empathy. Yet Hillary Clinton uses the term empathy when referring to the way she believes we should be approaching Muslim countries who think ill of us. According to the colonel's description of sheep, Neville and Hillary would qualify. Neville was in deep denial of the evil of Hitler while Churchill was deemed a "war monger" for having a grasp of the evil that was threatening to consume the world. History may soon repeat itself unless another Churchill appears soon to quell the bloodthirsty barbarians.

Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor) and so many other courageous warriors are what is described as the "sheep dogs." They willingly go into harm's way to defend their families and the country they love from the "wolves." The Michael Moores, Hillary Clintons and Barack Obamas of the world can pretend that radical, Islamist evil is not at our doorstep. They will continue to live in this state of denial at the peril of the free world. Then when the rapidly metastasizing terrorism that is radical Islam breaks down our door, they will cower like sheep while the sheepdogs among us fight off the wolves attempting to devour us. Rudyard Kipling aptly describes the real cowardice and acquiescence toward evil in his poem about a brave British soldier: "While it's Tommy this an' Tommy that, an' Tommy fall be'ind. But it's please walk in front sir when there's trouble in the wind, there's trouble in the wind, my boys, there's trouble in the wind. O it's please to walk in front sir, when there's trouble in the wind."

Perhaps Michael Moore can team up with Jane Fonda and they can take a selfie while they are both sitting atop one of the Soviet-era T-72 tanks that ISIS captured from the Iraqi Army. That would be after Hillary Clinton has become president and has shown more empathy for the Muslim world in the Middle East.

Yes, close Gitmo, retire all our senior military commanders, reduce our military might to its lowest level since before World War II, make deals with Iran, keep the borders open, give Afghanistan back to the Taliban and refuse to even name our enemy. That would be the rapidly growing radical Islamist terrorists that appear to have initiated World War III. President Obama proudly proclaims that he is ending two wars forgetting that the enemy gets a vote, too (see Iraq). If we don't elect a president who will act like a "sheepdog" in the next election then all bets are off for the survival of American freedoms and liberty. Voters in November 2016 might want to keep that in mind as the head to the polls for the most important election of our lifetime.

Russ Wiles


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Numerous dangers will result from these roundabouts, later

To The Daily Sun,

What is the connection between Meredith underground, town utilities, additional maintenance requirements and emergency response in relation to the three proposed roundabouts in our Meredith Village?

Major water and sewer lines run along U.S. 3 and Route 25 and through the Route 3/25 intersection. Telephone (FairPoint) is on the north side of Route 25 and runs on top of the sewer. It restricts access to sewer.

The town indicates it is a decade away from major work on the water and sewer in this area and is just starting an inflow and infiltration (INI) evaluation now. Town has had to make repairs near the 3/25 intersection several times over the last few years to fix breaks and address other issues. John Butler (of the NHDOT) explained that impacts to the underground utilities will be avoided wherever possible. Unavoidable impacts to the town utilities will require town funding for any necessary relocations. We the taxpayers do not want our taxes to rise. Families are stressed enough due to Obamacare. Less working hours means less income. High food prices continue to rise. Our economy is weak and their is a recession on the horizon.

The sewer manhole in the center of intersection is the hub that connects the four trunk lines. This structure provides access to these lines for clean-out, which occurs several times a year, especially during summer months. A truck and trailer mounted jet unit must be set up near this structure during cleaning operations. This manhole would be on the edge of the proposed roundabout truck apron. Town is concerned that access for clean-out will be difficult.

Town also indicated their are poor soils under the road. When they excavated Route 25 just East of Route 3 for a sewer repair, the existing soils had to be taken to an incinerator because they were oil-laden.

Ownership of the Lakes Region Sewer Line is still in question. Exiting crossover valve cluster is located in the existing triangular island and will be within the proposed roundabout apron on future design.

Town DPW is concerned with installing landscaping in the median islands because it presents future maintenance issues. They are concerned the grass and trees will die because of the salt. The town would be required to sign a maintenance agreement similar to a sidewalk maintenance agreement. Here is a string of the federal government attached to our town.

DPW is concerned with exiting drainage facilities that fail because of silt or because they are underwater. There have been instances where the Route 3/25 intersection has several inches of standing water.

The next problem relates to emergency services.

Concerned that the roundabouts at Lake Street and Pleasant Street will increase response time along Route 3 North and Route 25, both for volunteers coming to the fire station and then responding to an incident from the fire station. This fact will open up questions of patient care and will open up the town to lawsuits.

Fire trucks will need to slow down at Pleasant Street and will have difficulty speeding back up to climb the hill on Route 25.

Concerned with curbing at roundabouts and potential to cut tires. The 3/106 roundabout has had numerous accidents with this problem. I was talking to a man from Pease Road and he voiced displeasure with this roundabout because all the large trucks avoid the roundabout because it is too small for big trucks and the damage to tires. They consistently use Pease Road to avoid the roundabout. Will the large trucks coming through the 3/25 roundabout, use Main Street in Meredith to avoid this same issue?

Chief Jones is concerned that they are losing access to Dover Street and that Lake Street may be restricted due to the size of the roundabout. Gene McCarthy stated that "the Lake Street roundabout was not designed to accommodate ladder truck access to Lake Street." Here is the qualifier used: "However he felt the roundabout could be revised to accommodate this movement. Qualifier is an adverb or adjective, that qualifies or limits the meaning of another. What exactly does this mean?

Concerned with the access to fire hydrants because of the median islands. Additional fire hydrants on north and south side of the road. Who pays for this? Chief Jones would like a mounted median between intersections so they can cross as needed. Who pays for this?

The possibility to install a dry hydrant and water pipe under Route 3 at Hesky Park was discussed in order to get water on west side of the road without running hoses over Route 3. Who pays for this?

The chief is also concerned with access to the fire station and wants to know if it would be possible to get an emergency signal on Route 3. The ladder truck can only access the station by heading north on Route 3 and backing into its bay. Many instances of vehicles trying to pass the ladder truck as it backs into the station.

There are numerous dangers that will develop from these roundabouts after the fact. Recently I clocked the distance from Lake Street to Pleasant Street and the mileage was 0.3 mile. A very small area to be building three roundabouts, I am concerned with a life being lost because of the decrease in time responding to emergencies. Our town should be concerned also.

Visit the Meredith Library for details and literature.

Rosemary Landry


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Thank you Gilford, what a wonderful community you have

To The Daily Sun,

I brought my family to Gunstock Ski Area this past Sunday, where we had the great experience of working with Dave and Emily of Lakes Region Disabled Sports. They helped our son enjoy his first skiing lesson, where he excelled with their help.

On the way out of the area, the roads suddenly froze. Someone had come out of their home to warn oncoming traffic of the three-car accident that had already occurred. I put on my brakes, but the road was slick and frictionless, I was barely able to avoid a car and crashed into a snowbank instead. Thankfully no one was hurt.

AAA was unable to help us, but thankfully some Good Samaritans in the town of Gilford were able to pull us free with the help of a pickup truck and five people pushing and guiding us out.

We were unable to leave that day due to the poor weather, but were very happy to have found lodging at the TownePlace Suites in Gilford. We also had wonderful service at both the Lyon's Den and Wendy's restaurants in Gilford and my family truly appreciates the hospitality we were shown by everyone.

I wanted to extend my thanks once again and commend you on your wonderful town.

Kevin Hebert
Brimfield, Mass.

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