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The first 'A' in ACA stands for 'affordable' but look what's happened

To The Daily Sun,

The great health care debate rolls on into perpetuity. The anger, still burning hot seven years after Obama's GREAT FIX promised to end it. Democrats crammed down their fix. That only intensified the hate, heat and venom that still contaminates the air. The ACA didn't LOWER COSTS as promised. Worse, it separated millions of people from their insurance, their doctor and their hospital.

Insurers ONLY AGREED TO PLAY because Obama promised to cover any losses they incurred. That's exactly what CORRUPTION and COLLUSION look like. Insurers losses were so staggering (in the hundreds of millions) they quit the exchanges at their first opportunity, leaving many states with only one provider today. Laughingly, Obama reneged on his promises. Insurance companies are in court suing the U.S. government for breach of contract while the total number of people projected to enroll in the ACA by Obama never happened. The costs for those who did enroll has far exceeded projections while the roll out of the ACA in 2010 became a three stooges laugh-a-thon, bilking more billions out of the pockets of the badly, struggling middle-class tax payers.
Consider the hundreds of millions of hours this nation has spent debating health care, and the incredible economic waste tied to that time. Debate is a generous word. Demonizing is more accurate. Hopeful "free bees " are never going to be silenced, no matter the harm to all the rest of us paying for them. Do we want to discuss the trillions wasted on this boondoggle so far? Not one penny of which has led to better health outcomes on a national level. No insurance at all and "on Medicaid," with its hundreds of billions in cost, produce IDENTICAL HEATH OUTCOMES. Want to talk about that? Life expectancy hasn't changed one day since 2007. But the middle class worker has been screwed and tattooed paying for Democrat's health care fantasy called the ACA. Their bitter, unhappiness from that screwing delivered Trump to us all.

The first "A" in the ACA stands for affordable. In six years the cost of Obamacare insurance has increased 126 percent. A faster pace of hikes than before the ACA. Obamacare is LAUGHABLE IN ITS FAILURE. Now we can't get ONE DEMOCRAT with a spine to fix THEIR MESS for fear the 20 million people who got insured, all in the bottom 25 percent (most of them put on Medicaid) are afraid those people will then vote Republican.

The democrats continue their decade long outrage and destruction aimed specifically at the white, middle-class worker, demanding they fund vote-buying entitlements like the ACA for their almost all, non-white bottom 25 percent voter base. Their programs that have done literally nothing to further health care EXCEPT to rapidly speed up the fastest growing segment "CASH ONLY HEALTH CARE" THAT REFUSES TO ACCEPT EVERY GOVERNMENT FORM OF HEALTH PAYMENT INCLUDING THE ACA, MEDICARE AND MEDICAID. That my friends, is what the Democratic Party and the ACA have done to health care In America. CASH ONLY!
Tony Boutin

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GHS Class of 1997 is preparing for 20-year reunion on August 27

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to make the Gilford High School Class of 1997 aware of a 20-year reunion on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017.

The event will be held at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, starting with a tailgate party at 4 p.m., followed by the "I Love the 90s" concert.

For more details, please visit: http://bit.ly/Love1997

Any Gilford Class of 1997 graduate who is interested should respond via the event page as soon as possible, so tickets and parking passes can be secured.

M.J. Langathianos
GHS '97 Class President

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