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Russ's 3-foot ladder would leave him wallowing in ignorance

To The Daily Sun,

When I first moved here to Laconia 20 years ago, there was a man who would stand on the corner of South Main Street and Union Avenue. He was dressed in a long white cape, had a placard around his neck, had usually a Burger King crown on his head, and was blowing a trumpet. I was fascinated of course by this man, and I asked a friend in the Sheriff's Department about him. My friend told me he was well known in the community and people accepted him as harmless and a little crazy. And soon over time, although I would still see him on his corner, the fascination soon wore off. Metaphorically speaking, that corner of Laconia has now become the Letters to the Editor section in The Daily Sun and it seems Russ Wiles has taken over that role of the man dressed in white with the crown on his head.

Just because 197 organizations worldwide, including every major academic science society, has a consensus statement on the effects on climate change by man and diverse organizations from the Pentagon to the Vatican all have embraced this concept; just because NASA and NOAA are filled with scientists whose job is to gather data and interpret that data without any political bent and they all realize where the data is leading; just because 97 percent of climatologists worldwide embrace climate change; Russ finds the 1 or 2 climate change deniers that support his fantasy.

Recently, John D. Rockefeller, called Exxon Mobil's alleged efforts to cover up evidence of climate change "morally reprehensible conduct." "Evidence appears to suggest that the company worked since the 1980s to confuse the public about climate change's march, while simultaneously spending millions to fortify its own infrastructure against climate change's destructive consequences and track new exploration opportunities as the Arctic's ice receded," the fund's statement says. "Appropriate authorities will determine if the company violated any laws, but as a matter of good governance, we cannot be associated with a company exhibiting such apparent contempt for the public interest."
And this from the Canadian government, "The scientific evidence is clear: climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. From increased incidences of droughts, to coastal flooding, to the expanding melt of sea ice in our Arctic, the widespread impacts of climate change compel Canada to take strong action now". (Geneva AFP)

Russ's current charges on climate change falls right in line with his previous rants, such as, "Vaccines are not immunizations", "President Obama... is planning to bring Hordes of Ebola patients to our shores" and "Robert Thompson , a whistle blower is going to prove a cover up on the role of vaccines and autism". Tell me Russ, which one of these statements have any basis in reality?

To put it into perspective, if Russ and I were at the bottom of a 100 foot hole. And we were each able to build a ladder and each rung represented the percent of climate change scientists who agree with our stance, I would have a ladder 97-feet long enabling me to reach the top of the hole , which would represent reality. Russ would have a 3-foot step ladder, which would leave him wallowing in the depths of his ignorance.

Mirno C. Pasquali


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Weight restrictions need be reviewed in light of modern road building

To The Daily Sun,

For the past two weeks, many communities in New Hampshire have imposed road weight restrictions.

Many communities have seasonal road weight restrictions, most of which are decades old and were established on the understanding that heavy vehicles can cause major damage to pavement already under siege from the annual spring freeze-thaw cycle.

New Hampshire law states that this is a customary practice. Customary is defined as a long-continued practice.

Some communities allow large vehicles to travel on the roads early or late in the day when the cold hardens them, usually before 8 a.m. or in the late afternoon.

There are exemptions to the road weight restrictions, such as trucks carrying sap for maple syrup production, heating fuel delivery trucks, trucks delivering processed milk products and school buses.

The intention of the road weight restrictions is that communities should not let large vehicles ruin their roads. Taxpayers will have to fund the bill to repair the roads.

I believe that trash pickup should be an exemption. The communities could establish hours and roads that the large vehicles could travel.

The way roads are built has progressed over the years. Perhaps, the road weight restrictions can be reviewed.

Jim Mayotte

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