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Discover Vermont's Dog Chapel for yourself; what a treat it is

To The Daily Sun,

This weekend I attempted to go to the Flume. Bad idea, it was crazy busy. So my husband and I decided to drive on and enjoy the amazing day of beautiful weather. We ended up heading over to St. Johnsbury, Vermont. We have never been there and it is a great little town.

We stopped at a maple store (of course) and we had a great conversation with the two ladies working in the store and we got on the subject of pets. They told us on our way back we had to stop at the Dog Chapel.

It was were the talented artist Stephen Huneck and his wife lived and had a studio. It's called Dog Mountain. If you love animals you must go and bring your pet(s). What a place! The chapel he created is just beautiful, but it is what is inside that is awesome. Every inch of wall space is covered with pictures and "notes of love" for the dogs that have passed on in so many people's lives.

You will need tissues, trust me. Stephen's art and carvings are in the chapel as well. He and his wife passed and it is mainly running on donations. We left with T-shirts, art, books, all from the store on the grounds. The view is breathtaking! The fall will be amazing up there. Tons of friendly people and cute dogs everywhere.

Please check it out. It is worth the trip. And bring your pet(s), they are welcome up there to run free on the 150 acres of land dedicated to our furry buddies. We are heading back soon with ours.

Denise C. Burke


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Hassan has trustworthiness & credibility questions of her very own

To The Daily Sun,

Governor Maggie Hassan has been saturating the airwaves recently on radio and TV with political ads touting her leadership skills in improving the business climate in this state by balancing the state budget without raising taxes, creating jobs and helping small businesses expand.

What a hypocrite! In actuality, Maggie Hassan proposed a bloated budget with increased spending and taxes. It was the Republican Legislature with superb leadership by Sen. Jeanie Forrester as chair of the Senate Finance Committee that cut the waste and proposed taxes and actually lowered business taxes while significantly expanding funds for caregivers and services in the substance abuse area.

Maggie Hassan called the budget disastrous and irresponsible. She then vetoed it, thereby delaying the increased aid for the substance abuse crises and other reimbursements by three months until her veto was overridden. Now she is trying to take credit for the improved economic climate in the state from increased business tax revenues and for the increased state substance abuse aid that her actions tried the utmost to prevent. It seems like Maggie Hassan is having the same trustworthiness and credibility questions that she had such difficulty explaining about Hillary Clinton.

Richard R. Gerken

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