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God is slow to anger but don't mistake his forbearance for impotence

To The Daily Sun,
E. Scott Cracraft starts out his column of Feb. 24, "I think that Jesus was quite likely a historical character." Please! If he were talking about Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great would he make such a disclaimer or would he just go on and write about them.

Yes, some writers have challenged Jesus' existence, but it's a silly challenge, for to do so is to put the reality of all recorded history in doubt. If his intent is to write a scholarly piece about Christianity, why would he lead us to believe that Jesus existence is somewhat tenuous. Writing a scholarly piece about Christianity is not his intent, but to disparage orthodox Christian doctrine is his intent.

Scott goes on to demonstrate his ignorance of what Scripture is, elevating it seems all "Christian" writing from the early church period to equal genuine scripture for trustworthiness and authority. In this he makes a grave mistake.
He writes as though Christian doctrine evolved through the centuries, rather than being distilled. The difference is huge, and it renders all of his skeptical points about the debate over who Jesus is as non sequiturs, for those who don't want get out your dictionaries, worthless BS.

The doctrine of the Trinity wasn't merely decided at the council in Nicaea in 325 AD it was recognized and protected as a distillation of the true teaching of the Scriptures and of the true church.

Critics of the Bible like to have it both ways. They like to depict it as hand-me-down stories that have been added to and altered and not authentic accounts. Then as Mr. Cracraft does here; they complain about part of the process that has kept it pure and they try to introduce extra canonical texts and heresies and say why weren't these included?

Was there debate over who Jesus was? You bet. He was executed because most of he Jewish leaders did not believe He was who He said He was. Was there debate between Paul and Peter and the rest of the 12 about this? No, there wasn't. Jesus received worship. Only God can receive worship otherwise it is idolatry. (John 20:26-29; Rev. 5; John 1:1-18; Rom. 1:1-5)

Were there others who did not believe this and would corrupt the true teaching? Yes. Did their teaching need to be weeded out and rejected as not canonical and some as even heretical? Yes. Would Mr. Cracraft try to second-guess the process by which heresies were rejected and canonical teaching was protected, and would he elevate these heresies -- that have been rejected by our church fathers, in order to protect sound doctrine which is a correct distillation of Biblical teaching — to equal to true Biblical teaching? I think so.

Mr. Cracraft, please, it is my understanding that you are a quite amiable person. You have a column in a respected local newspaper. Please do not write so as to cause those who might believe in Christ to stumble. It is the God of the whole Earth that you are disparaging. I write this in love sir. Please be more careful in what you write. Of all the things you could write about you chose to disparage God's church. This is not a small thing that you should wave off. Please consider carefully what it is you are doing. For though God is slow to anger. Do not mistake his forbearance for impotence.

Would it not be better to know Him in His mercy? That is why Jesus came and died and was raised, to bring a salvation that only God Himself could bring. The truth is simple sir. A child can understand it. It's not way up there so that only the very intelligent can understand it. But it's down in the heart where even the simple can grasp it. Please don't let your great intelligence — for it is as nothing compared to God's — prevent you from receiving the truth. (2 Peter 3:9-18)

Put your knowledge down for a minute sir and hear God. Please sir take a Sunday and go to a Bible preaching church, not as a critic, but to hear what God would speak to you. If you go expecting to hear from God and with a pure heart you will not be disappointed.

John Demakowski


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I really hate what Obama is & what Obama does but I do not lie

To The Daily Sun,

Guess I get under L.J. Siden's skin because I won't play his/her games. I refuse to "prove" what is common knowledge, established fact, or someone's opinion. Readers can almost hear him/her screaming hysterically as he/she slams his/her keyboard keys as he/she slanders, smears and lies about me personally instead of debating issues. Typical leftist tactic, detract readers from facts and issues and just spew hate and lies.

L.J. is particularly aggrieved that I presented an article written by an editor from The Blaze. Apparently to Siden's warped thinking, no conservative source can ever be quoted or taken account of. Siden's favorite MSNBC, (lowest of the lowlifes) is just fine though I bet. Well Siden, I never said the article was from other than from The Blaze and everyone already knows Glenn Beck is the owner of it. What a shock!

Now just so Siden understands, I do indeed hate Obama. I hate him because he's a proven liar. I believe him to be a Marxist socialist who does not have good intentions for America and her people. He has lied, stonewalled investigations if he ever ordered those investigations, or withheld any results from them. His minions lied to Congress or took the Fifth, He stirred racial divisions resulting in riots looting burning and cops being killed by radical racists thugs. Oh yea, Siden I really hate what Obama is and Obama does, but I do not lie.

I see Netanyahu won his election in Israel the other day. What, no congrats from our president? Guess he's pouting in the Oval Office anteroom. All his underhanded efforts to affect the election over there went for naught. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because the Jewish people will defend themselves and their nation from the hordes of Obama's Muslim buddies dedicated to destroying Israel and every living Jew in the world no matter who is prime minister. Just another thing Obama doesn't understand about the world.

Well, Siden, chew on this for awhile and dream up some more of your lies. You will not intimidate me into silence.
Steve Earle


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