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No offesne, but at my age it's unlikely that I'll ever be a Mormon

To The Daily Sun,

Tuesday the 16th and James Veverka says my letters remind him of an angry child. Gee, wonder if the editors are trying to start a feud between we two using the line as a header? James actually starts off by correcting my mistake of crediting him with a letter from Alan Vervaeke. Of course, how foolish of me. Alan actually is a far more accomplished writer whereas James goes off name calling every other sentence. Still one interesting thing, James a few weeks ago used the term "Steve Earle's Mormons." I thought at the time it was a typo but then a week or so later he did it again and I wondered if he actually thought I was a Mormon? Well today's paper rather confirms it, he thinks I'm a Mormon. Actually no, with apologizes to Mormons, I'm not nor have I ever been a Mormon. I rather think that at my advanced age it's unlikely I ever will be. What I am is no ones business, but guess I'm not the only one who can make a mistake from time to time, right James?
Having straightened out about the second half plus the first paragraph of his letter let me address the rest of his nonsense. Yes it's true the Holy Bible contains some very, well, blood and guts stuff in the old testament, but even James would find it hard to find in the new testament. That's because what makes us Christians came with Jesus and a new covenant with God. That doesn't excuse earlier Christians for not following those teachings but we at least have reached a higher plateau and strive to be better. That may or may not be true with Muslims. I have to question every time someone says it's only a small minority of Islamic terrorists doing all the killing. Really, how do we know that? Did someone take a worldwide census of all Muslims? Not that I know of, so this is just a narrative used to deflect critical thinking. By that I mean in any military or paramilitary organization it's only about 5 percent of the fighters on the front lines. After that are recruiters, trainers, support of all kinds, fundraisers and financial contributors and of course the ever present cheer leaders. So really it might be any number even a small majority. Yea that's a narrative, too, but no one can say for certain it isn't true.
I may have offered this thought before but it bears repeating. There is no other "religion" on earth, here in the 21st century, that has a worldwide trained, equipped and functioning terrorist network that has conducted over 31,000 lethal attacks since 2001 killing tens of thousands and injuring tens of thousands more. It is a huge problem and irregardless of what percentage anyone cares to assign to the terrorists that doesn't change. I have no evidence "moderate Muslims" are doing a thing other then lip service to fix this problem. Therefore, I will continue to denounce the ideology that breeds these terrorists, funds them, glorifies them and laughs up their sleeves at us for being such fools as to invite them into our country.
Angry, James? You darn well can bet I am, because we have fools who will attack Christian values incessantly but defend and give cover to Muslims who are killing and terrorizing all to the glory of Allah.

Steve Earle


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Join me in advocating support for Laconia's kids & educators

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia schools, teachers and students need our support. Laconia teachers have one of the lowest pay scales for teachers in years 3-15. The low salary results in teacher turnover rather than retention.

As evidence, nine teachers are leaving the school system this year. Many are leaving due to the low salaries and seeking jobs with other area school systems. In addition, Laconia cut $1.6 million in last year's budget and $850,000 in this year's budget. Budget uncertainty just adds to the pressure of working for the Laconia School District.

The proposed teacher contract is fair and not excessive. It doesn't exceed other area schools; it just becomes competitive. The increases are spread over five years to minimize the economic impact on the taxpayer. Additionally, the contract includes a health care contribution that steps up to 10 percent by year five which is in alignment other New Hampshire school systems.

I want the Laconia School District to have a stellar educational reputation rather than the reputation of a district of budget cuts and turnover. Join me in advocating support for our children and our educators by attending the City Council Meeting on Monday, May 22, at 7 p.m. in City Hall on Beacon Street East.

Dick Dunnell

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