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Almost every mass shooting has been in a 'gun-free' zone

To The Daily Sun,

The areas with the most gun laws are the safest? Then Chicago should be safest place in America. Instead, it is the deadliest.

On a recent weekend, 48 people were shot.

Vermont has the fewest gun restrictions and is the safest state. Their crackpot senator says if he is elected president, he will go after guns. New Hampshire is the second safest state, I believe, and our governor vetoed a lessening of gun restrictions bill that passed in 38 states. In every one, crime dropped.

They have tried everything: banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, marking bullets, restricting imports, not allowing private sales, taxing sales, not allowing gun stores, registration, gun buy-backs, waiting periods, background checks, closing shooting ranges — calling all of it gun "safety", not gun "control". 

If you are a vet collecting benefits, or on Social Security, and have a third-party handling your affairs, they assume you are incompetent and will come for any guns you own. Under Obamacare, doctors ask if there is a gun in your home.

Every mass shooting, with one exception, has been in a gun-free zone. We need more of those.

None of these schemes have lowered crime and made us safer. Why do they persist, you ask? Because it is not about crime and safety. It's about disarming the citizenry. Are you serious? You bet i am. It's about freedom and they're taking it away, little by little. Join the N.R.A. today. Do it for the children.

Arnold Dunn


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Far left believes its okay for everyone to have their own 'truth'

To The Daily Sun,

Dearest faithful readers of this publication, are you as sick and tired, as well as disgusted and outraged as most of us are to constantly being "lectured to" by the handful of hard-left, retired, secular-progressive, ex-professors who have nothing better to do all day, than to pretend they are still in the classroom, preaching to the young "skulls-full-of-mush," who would sit with their chins in their hands, with admiring eyes gazing after their college instructors, most of whom would come to wish they could get out of their classrooms so they could get about changing the world?

Whether these experts on everything are lecturing the rest of us on economics, dealing with the minimum wage, or global warming, due to their hatred of capitalists who have been providing fuels for energy, one thing is clear: They hate the America you and I grew up in, the America we put the uniform on for, as much as Obama does.

Whenever someone doesn't agree with them on just about any subject imaginable, they are called a racist. The latest rant appeared Tuesday, Sept. 29, from "...a man of 'faith, charity, and hope'", lecturing us, even quoting an atheist, that Jesus would not have been a Christian. And to quote the ex-professor himself, "... can you imagine Jesus hating gays and lesbians?"

Anyone who disagrees with him, or has a different, but just as valid, point of view, his debating technique switches first to personally attacking people, and if that doesn't work, then to misquoting people. Professor, please listen up and please pay attention: no one is declaring hatred for homosexuals. No Christian I know has ever said that. Christians learn from Jesus to love the sinner, but hate the evil behavior, sin. Did you get that, professor? The inspired writers of the New Testament repeatedly tell us that homosexuality is an abomination to God, and that's who Jesus is, as is the Holy Spirit, who inspired them what to write.

"Rights" come from God, and civil laws are based on Christian values. Get over it! And when Christians are asked to disobey the commands of God, one of which explains in extremely simple terms that marriage was created by God, and was to be between one man and one woman (Genesis 1:27; Matthew 19:4-5), and if they are true believers (not arrogant, not despotic, not prideful, but true believers), they are obliged to follow their conscience, and hold to the one and only "truth!"

The problem with people like the professor, and other far-left secular progressives, they believe that there is more than one "truth". They believe that it's okay for everybody to have their own "truth." Their "truth" is relative, and if there is no absolute "truth," they don't have to be held accountable for their behavior.

God loves everyone, and every human being on earth is a child of God, whether they love God in return or not. Those who love God and want to serve Him, and be acceptable to Him, will, for the rest of their lives, try to obey his commandments, knowing that because we are fallible humans, and that we will continue to fail miserably, know that, in the eyes of God, true believers are forgiven sinners.

So we continue to try ...

Jim McCoole


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