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Should we believe assurances that our hospitals are pristine?

To The Daily Sun,

Carol Stappi's recent letter claims that "Shoutin" Tony Boutin is long winded, a self-proclaimed expert and in need of a distemper shot. Anyone find it interesting that she chose to infer that Mr. Boutin must be too late to get a shot designed to prevent canines from contracting a highly contagious, viral disease. I found it to be doggone funny in light of her attack on Tony's concern for the Ebola virus.

This just in Carol: According to Judicial Watch and Bob Goodlatte, House Judiciary chairman, President Obama has a plan, yet to be announced and pray to God he doesn't, to import Ebola-infected foreigners from other countries. Not to worry ladies and gentlemen, Carol scoffs at Tony's notion that we might have an Ebola crisis on our hands. Will she change her mind if our "mad scientist" president actually decrees that we must bring hordes of Ebola patients to our shores?

Carol scoffs at Mr. Boutin's concern that hospitals may not be able to keep up with all the tons of treating and sanitizing that would be required in a real outbreak. She assures us that the hospitals method of sanitizing everything, called "terminally clean" can handle it all because they do it every day. Then perhaps Carol can explain to us just why so many C.diff (gastro intestinal) infections are occurring in our "terminally clean" hospitals. Why are four times as many people dying from C.diff versus 10 years ago and why is it the number one hospital infection killer in most of the nation. Even more than staff infections and about as many as AIDS. About 9 percent of C.diff patients do not survive their hospital stay and are thus "terminally dead."

Hospital personnel blame it on antibiotics. Well yes, the rampant overuse of antibiotics does make patients more vulnerable by killing the good bacteria in the gut along with the bad stuff and also by creating "super bugs." But they don't actually cause C.diff.

Betsy McCaughey, who has done the research, assures us that it is caused by inadequate cleaning in hospitals. Carol, how can that be? Speaking of antibiotics, the Mayo Clinic reports that MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has mutated into a more drug resistant form that is infecting healthy people in the community. It is difficult to treat, requiring longer hospital stays from the longer illness and resulting in the prescribing of more expensive and toxic medications and sometimes death. Oh Carol (sorry, had a Neil Sedaka moment), can you tell us why every PCP that treats a patient with an antibiotic doesn't tell them to take probiotics in order to replenish their intestinal tract with good bacteria and thus support and replenish compromised immune systems?

Carol accuses Tony of "scare mongering" when it is the CDC (yes, the group that can't make up it's mind about the correct protocol or how to properly train medical personnel) who uses scare mongering to get the public to rush out and get their flu shot. The CDC's own official record, the National Vital Statistics Reports says that only a few of the 36,000 deaths per year are from the flu. Most people die from a weakened immune system (especially the elderly) and from pre-existing conditions. Many deaths result from contracting pneumonia as a result of their compromised immune systems. And let's not forget that pneumonia is usually bacterial in nature.

In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal confirmed that the CDC flu death figures are indeed bogus and are manufactured in order to scare people into obtaining a flu vaccine. Yes, the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies are bosom buddies. Very rich and reciprocated, crony capitalistic bosom buddies.

Okay, I report and you all can decide for yourselves. Should we believe Carol and her assurances that hospitals are pristine and the CDC is spot on in handling the Ebola concerns, or your lying eyes. I'm thinking that Tony is right to be skeptical of our government agencies.

And good grief Carol, please take a good look around you before you pick on Tony for his displeasure regarding Obama's policies. The Democrats are running away from Barack Obama because the man has totally gone off the rails and epitomizes a lawless runaway locomotive gone loco. Our open borders are bringing in all manner of disease, death, destruction, terrorists and brutal gangs. And all to insure an unending supply of new Democratic voters. Impeachment proceedings would have been well on their way under a Republican administration.

Russ Wiles


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I urge you to fight back against these right-wing ideas; go vote

To The Daily Sun,

National Republican Party leaders and New Hampshire Republican candidates must think people's memories are short or that we're not paying attention. But some of us have good memories.

We watched as Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate engaged in unprecedented efforts to block almost anything supported by President Obama, even when the legislation was a Republican idea — like the basis of the Affordable Care Act, based as it is on private profit-making insurance companies.

We watched as Republicans denied the reality of climate change (though there is no argument about this in the scientific community), as Republicans shut down the federal government, resisted regulations designed to prevent another financial collapse like 2008, fought necessary environmental regulations, blocked an unprecedented number of presidential nominees to key positions, opposed equal pay for women, opposed an increase in the minimum wage, tried to block gay marriage.

Perhaps most shameful is the organized national strategy by Republicans to attempt to elect their candidates by making voting more difficult for groups that have typically supported Democrats — such as minorities, the poor, and college students. Fortunately, many of these voting-restriction efforts have been blocked by the courts, who have ruled that Republicans have been largely unable to produce significant evidence of voter fraud to justify the many voting restrictions they have attempted to impose.

I urge people to stand up and fight back against these Republican voting-restriction efforts and right-wing ideas by turning out to vote on Nov. 4 and by voting for each of the Democratic candidates on the ballot, from top to bottom.

Remember, in New Hampshire you may register and vote on Election Day. Just bring a photo ID (e.g. driver's license) and some proof of your local address.

Finally, for some non-partisan information about this election, see my collection of Web links with election information, including fact-checking sites, and sites that help you match your views with those of political parties and/or candidates. The PDF may be seen at: http://library.plymouth.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Election-links-2014-rev.pdf -- or see the link on the PSU Library Website http://library.plymouth.edu

Gary McCool


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Forget the government; help your neighbor; feed the hungry

To The Daily Sun,

Several years a go I would send letters to a large popular newspaper. My letters would be in the paper within one week or early the next week. After the owner passed away my letters still found their way to the letters page. A new letters editor was hired. My letters still were printed in a fair amount of time. Soon the letters editor left for another job. And a new letters editor was hired. I waited for three months and did not find my letter in the paper. I thought they must have lost them.

Around that time John Kerry was running for president. I wrote another letter not being in favor. The letter was not published. I waited a few weeks and called the letters editor. His response went something like this: " Most letters were not in favor of John Kerry, in fact well over 75 percent found no favor for John Kerry, and we needed to even the field in the letters we received." That sounded very familiar even back then. Another socialist cliche.

I continued writing and continued finding none of my letters in the paper. I finally called the paper and talked with the new letters editor. A young women who was very polite to me. I shared my thoughts and she asked about my letters as to when and content. She looked in the computer on letters received and found none from me. She was surprised. My first thoughts were "isn't that quaint." She could not understand how my letters could have disappeared. She was very cordial and continued to look for them. All to no avail. I talked with her for awhile and she gave me her e-mail address that I could send letters to. Soon I could find my letters in the paper.

I have written for 50 years and have learned that censorship is alive and thriving very well within the United States. It is a form of thought control practiced by the communists and introduced within this country many years a go. A specter is hanging over America and does not have a bouquet of flowers for those who dwell upon this earth. It is sinister and evil and has plans to rile the inhabitants to rage against one another. It appears to be working very well.

As we bicker with each other corruption grows, our food supply dwindles, crops are poisoned by chemicals, money loses its value, our border becomes a place of entry for our enemy, other countries are building up their war machine to attack us, while we ware out our soldiers and diminish our defense. A man sits in the White House making unconstitutional decisions. Voter fraud runs rampant. Tax money is not being spent on what it's collected for. Foreign countries are unloading their ill children upon us and the president has them flown around the country. A world government is created.

The list above is but a small contribution the facilitators have brought upon this country while most slept, played video games, drank their favorite intoxicating elixir, followed their favorite sports team, became addicted to pornography and other mind-altering pastimes. Becoming indoctrinated within our universities has become the surest way to spread the plague of socialism while the unaware are involved in other interests.
No matter who we vote for, the inevitable is occurring. Every president gets most of their advisers from the Council on Foreign Relations, a Rockefeller think tank; and George Soros, a convicted felon, spreads his ill-gotten money around in hopes he can bring down America.

But I have hopes that a new generation is emerging that is not conned or deceived by smooth-talking soothsayers and magicians who say what you want to hear and then do what they had planned all along — liars who swagger onto a stage as if they are a special gift to mankind. Corrupt servants of the people who fly from one vacation to another, wasting taxpayers money. A dictator who lacks ethics of government and says he has a "pen and a phone." Agitators who create chaos and division among the people. It will not work for the upcoming generation who have not fallen for the indoctrination practiced within our schools and college campuses.

I have taught college youth who aware of the unsound doctrines practiced within the Department of Education and socialists who are a plague upon young minds.

Forget the government. Help your neighbor. Feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Bring responsibility back to our states and communities. Do what we were created to do and make sure the federal government does only what it has a legitimate authority to do.

The subversives are a small number in America but create the most noise and chaos, all in hopes of drowning out any response to their untrue rantings.
America is a great nation. In time we will all see how great and by what principles it was created.

Gene F. Danforth

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I say we all lose because we're not debating what really matters

To The Daily Sun,

In less than a week, on Nov. 4, another sordid election campaign will mercifully end. Voters in New Hampshire will elect five executive councilors, 424 state and three federal lawmakers.

Frankly, I wish it was already over. Since 1988s "Willie Horton" ads I have become sick and tired of snarky commercials on TV and radio. The glossy political pamphlets stuffed in my mail box and the "robo" political calls at dinner time. Every election year it seems to get worse.

Both sides play dirty because they say they have to or they'll lose. I say we're all losers because we're not debating what really matters — our future as a relevant society.

We need to discuss ways to generate and distribute electric power for this century and beyond. The current system was laid out 125 years ago by Tesla and Westinghouse over the strenuous objections of Edison and J.P Morgan.

When the interstate highways started construction during the Eisenhower administration in the mid-1950s intercity passenger train service was still common. Back then, you could actually catch a train at Boston's North Station and ride north to New Hampshire.

In the early 1960s my wife tells me she would occasionally take the B & M "Buddliner" from Manchester to visit her grandparents in Center Harbor. They would pick her up at the train station in Laconia or Meredith.

All that was gone before the 1960s were over. Mankind had reached the moon, the airlines, the automobile, the 18-wheeler and the Interstate highways had vanquished the railroads.

In 1788, America invented participatory democracy by creating a republic. Originally only white males over 21 who owned property were allowed to vote. Gradually and somewhat reluctantly, we have changed with the times extending voting rights to all citizens over age 18 regardless of gender, race or land ownership.

Yet, less than a third of those eligible to vote actually do so. It's a shameful statistic but, understandable. Most of us believe our vote won't matter. No matter who wins the election it won't make a difference. The real decision makers aren't elected, they aren't even politicians. They're billionaires and global conglomerates and their lobbyist's who owe allegiance not to our country and its people, but to stockholders and their "profit margin" — in other words - M-O-N-E-Y.

Campaign commercials are only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever source of funds is paying for these ads, their purpose is to defame and diminish their political opponent or idea; not to tell the truth.

For example, here in New Hampshire, Walt Haverstein, the Republican candidate for governor, claims the state economy has tanked and the current governor, Democrat Maggie Hassan is to blame. Haverstein says he has a plan to fix our economy when he is elected by cutting taxes, cutting state spending and creating thousands of jobs. It sounds wonderful. But, what are the details? It seems this information will come after the election.

Meanwhile, campaign ads for Gov. Hassan accuse Haverstein of gross mismanagement because his company went bankrupt during the worst economic crisis in the United States since the Great Depression. They don't stop there, claiming Haverstein committed fraud and a cover-up.

The races for Congress and the U.S. Senate are similar. Republicans Scott Brown, Frank Guinta and Marlinda Garcia are running against Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi, not Democrats Jeanne Shaheen, Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter. The Democrats for their part are trying to tag their opponents as too "extreme" for New Hampshire.

Before casting your vote on Nov. 4, educate yourself about what your candidate is really all about. Don't be swayed by the media. Do you and your candidate share the same values?

My first consideration is bi-partisanship. Does my candidate play well with others who have differing opinions? The art of governing is consensus building. Creating our country's Constitution was the epitome of compromise. Small states versus big states; checks and balances among the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. We need more bi-partisanship in Concord and Washington — not less.

New Hampshire is a far different and more moderate state then when I moved her permanently in the late 1960s. Our population has doubled and our economy has grown exponentially. And so has state spending. We are not the conservative, quaint, "little" state we once were. About 1 million of us live within 50 miles of our southern border. Many of whom moved here from south of our border, Massachusetts.

Even with a state population exceeding 1.3 million people, some folks can't accept state government has assumed a greater role in our lives. Parroting Ronald Regan 30 years ago, they say government isn't the answer — it's the problem. I say they're wrong — wrong then, and wrong now. Besides, after Regan said that, he tripled the national debt. Furthermore, it's the purpose of government to serve, protect and defend the people. Do you expect corporate America will take on that responsibility? Maybe if it's in their best interest. But don't count on it.

David E. Bodge


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Don't leave it up to someone else; get out & vote Shaheen down

To The Daily Sun,

There was an interesting commentary, written by Jane Cormier, in the Oct. 23 edition of the Weirs Times. She attempted to attend an Oct. 15 "Anti-Second Amendment" traveling road show in Concord, hosted by former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford. Gifford is taking this show to nine states, pressing for ever-more-restrictive gun control legislation. An Internet check on her activities shows that she and husband Mark Kelly promise to spend $20 million during this election cycle for just this purpose.

Jane and Susan Olsen, chairman of the Women's Defense League of N.H., were welcomed and seated when Tiffany Eddy, of WMUR, came over and introduced herself and the two guests did likewise. Two minutes later both guests were shown the door. Jane states that this was obviously only for a group of progressives and several out-of-state "players" intent on pounding out yet more New Hampshire gun control legislation. Any dissent and any questions could not be tolerated.

Michael Bloomberg is another rabid anti-gun type willing to spend that much and possibly up to $50 million to push his wishes on gun control at any level. Of course this man doesn't go anywhere without several well armed bodyguards surrounding him. This was all paid for by NYC when he was mayor and he took at least five former cops with him into private life. Look it up, you will be impressed by his self-serving nature while doing his best to deprive honest working people of their constitutional right to bear arms and defend themselves if necessary.

It doesn't take much imagination to realize that any of this money, spent in New Hampshire, is going to directly support the campaigns of only the Democratic incumbents, none of whom will unconditionally support the Second Amendment. Their records show an unfailing devotion to Obama and his well known wish for more restrictive gun laws.

Our only hope to avoid this is to regain control of the U.S. Senate with this election. Our part is to assure the defeat of Jeanne Shaheen. Don't leave this up to the other guy. Get out there and vote her down. Don't let this outside money buy this election. Show them the door, just like they did to Jane Cormier and Susan Olsen.

I am pretty sure that very few of this avalanche of letters to the editor will change anyone's mind, so let's simplify this matter. If you are satisfied with the performance of Obama and company, and the direction that he has taken this country, re-elect them all and watch as he continues impose his "Hope and Change" on us all. If not, send them all back home and maybe, just maybe, a Republican Senate and Congress can hold him in check until we see the last of his self-made regime. At that point, let's hope that there is enough of this great country left to salvage.

Donald Lockwood


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