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Here's what happened, you decide who's the uncivilized person in the story

To the Daily Sun,

The two letters that my father has written about my "Muslim friend" are false. The man in question left his dream job in his home country to take care of his family, which was struggling in the U.S. The reason why the charges were dropped was because he had no prior history, he worked full time, went to school full time, and was taking care of a family of eight, as he is the eldest son. Let me also add that he had just graduated in his home country with an engineering degree in 2014. Now that he is in the United States, he has to earn the same degree all over again.

It also was not a "violent crime". He accidentally broke my window. He was trying to get my attention and threw a rock at it, like in the movies. It backfired, and he paid for it. That's it. The reason why I had asked for a gun was completely unrelated to my "Muslim friend." I had asked for it a week before the event in question. My neighbors boyfriend was a loud and abusive drunk and he scared me. He is now in jail. He is a white American.

Who sounds like the uncivilized person in this story?

Rachel Moon

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These are mean-spirited people whose goal is to destroy society

To The Daily Sun,

The following representatives: Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Howard, Silber, Sylvia and Vadney have finally been outed as mean-spirited, anti-community, pro-tax people. They are Free Stater intellectuals who not only don't have an empathetic bone in their bodies, but they are actively working to increase your taxes and working against efforts to reduce our horrible scourge of addiction. They have elite ideas of "reducing" your taxes, but that is a charade that has now been exposed!

Corrections and Sheriff's Departments put forth proposals to reduce your taxes by reducing operating costs and reducing addiction, all the while increasing the quality of the inmates who will be released. By refusing to safely staff the very modern jail they originally agreed to build, they are not only voting to continue to house inmates in inhumane conditions, they are condemning the whole community to support higher police, EMS and hospital costs through the tragic opioid epidemic.

Commissioner Gray has proven that he, along with community partners, can successfully reduce addiction. Representatives Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Howard, Silber, Sylvia and Vadney stand against this, claiming they are thinking of the taxpayer. In their dreams, because not only are they blocking the implementation of programs to proven to combat addiction but they are guaranteeing that your taxes will go up and your children and neighbors are put at increased risk.

Here is a simple example, though obviously it is too complex for these "Free Staters:" Commissioner Gray has developed scientifically-proven jail programs to reduce addiction and recidivism (read merry-go-round back to prison). Instead, a citizen who is incarcerated with an addiction instead of receiving humane counseling, getting their GED and learning how to become useful member of society will learn even worse traits in the over-crowded jails. So when they serve their sentence, instead of becoming taxpayers and productive members of society, they go right back to abusing and probably committing worse offenses learned from their time inside.

In turn, this will burden all of us with higher taxes with more police calls, EMS calls when they over-dose, fear in their neighborhoods when they break-in to steal property to sell to feed their drug habit, court costs to process them right back to their over-crowded cells many times in less than a year. This is what Representatives Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Howard, Silber, Sylvia and Vadney are foisting on Belknap County under the guise of "saving taxes."

Since they can't claim ignorance, as Commissioner Gray demonstrated graphically how his proposal is already saving money, lives and property in places like Sullivan County, they must have a hidden agenda which has now been outed.

In fact, these are mean-spirited people whose real goal is to destroy our society that so many generations of us have worked to create. This "Free Statism" is as destructive and antithetical to this country as any "ism" I have seen in my lifetime. They spout liberty and freedom but their actions are just the opposite. They are in fact the very elites they claim to defend us from. I would remind them of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution: " We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Nothing in their votes of philosophy do anything to support this Constitution. Theirs was a vote against justice and domestic tranquility. Against the general welfare. Belknap County citizens, in letters, phone calls, public hearing and the ballot box, do let them know what you think of their ideas.

David Stamps


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