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Thanks for the 'melt down' explanation but I didn't hear an apology

To The Daily Sun,

Apparently, in the arrogant world of Al Blake, the fact that you own up to your boorish behavior should absolve you of any criticism. While I can appreciate the honesty of one who recognizes his/her mistakes in judgment, it doesn't negate the threatening behavior that was perpetrated on an unsuspecting town employee.

In his letter Mr. Blake talks of "admitted loss of temper," "use of an expletive or two" and "raising his voice" (referring to the perpetrator). The one glaring omission Mr. Blake seems to overlook is — an apology. Instead, this individual blames his outburst on a conspiracy theory in which selectmen conspire to deprive him of information he has requested under "Right to Know."

For whatever reason, other than to malign my character, Mr. Blake deems it necessary to highlight my subversive activities as an associate of a "special interest group" — the Gilmanton Year-Round Library. I stand guilty as charged. I work with other dedicated individuals to help communicate to the residents, the underlying values that strong community connections, information, education, and shared community space matter. I'm sure Mr. Blake would find it less offensive if I were threatening and bullying town employees.

In the spirit of full disclosure and the updating of my nefarious behavior, I feel it necessary to let Mr. Blake know that my family and I recently celebrated birthdays at the Gilmanton Winery. Sunny and Marshal were gracious hosts, the brunch was delicious and plentiful, and Ellen, our waitress, couldn't have been more attentive and accommodating.

While Mr. Blake takes exception to my voicing views on Mr. Lavin's meltdown at Town Hall, he seems to have no qualms in using Mr. Lavin as a political pawn in launching into demonizing attacks against town selectmen for perceived misdoings.

Gilmanton is a wonderful community, with issues that confront many small towns, but if you read Mr. Blake often enough you'd think we were on the eve of destruction. As another contributor suggested, "Light some candles," Al.

Jack Schaffnit

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I believe in Belmont & would like to return to serving on Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

I respectfully ask Belmont voters for consideration March 14 when choosing town leadership for a three year selectman term. Over 30 years it's been a privilege to serve the community in several roles, as a business owner, local volunteer, and former selectman.

As the town nears a 150th year milestone, it is time to plan and prioritize. Decisions ahead include management, facilities, infrastructure and community development — all in a landscape of rapidly increasing costs of services.

Belmont's future is not a decision limited to a three-member Selectboard, employees, or any single district or neighborhood. It is a continuing work in progress that needs the participation and opinions of all-aged residents. We must be inclusive, and better communicators, to develop and implement strategically.

With the help of my wonderful family, I built a first business — the Shaker Insurance Agency, in Belmont — capping 35 years of experience in the industry. After selling the agency, a second Watterson enterprise, "The Hungry Dog," was founded on Main Street last year, with one of our daughters. Community service has included the Belmont Baseball Organization, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Belmont Senior Center Advisory Board and Heritage Commission, and chairman and president, respectively of the Conservation Commission and Belmont Historical Society.

I believe in Belmont, and will be grateful for your vote on Tuesday, March 14.

Brian Watterson


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