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By walking our of the meeting those 3 stifled democracy in Alton

To The Daily Sun,

Last night (April 4) at the Alton Central School board meeting, we had a firsthand lesson in civics that has left us baffled. At Prospect Mountain, we have been told it is the school's mission to help us become "effective and appropriate communicators." According to our mission statement, we should "demonstrate personal responsibility and practice basic principles of citizenship in a democracy."

These are fine tenets upon which our academic instruction and social expectations are based, but they are a little hard to swallow when some Alton School Board members do not practice what they preach. By walking out of the Monday night's meeting, Sandy Wyatt and Steve Miller closed the doors of communication to the citizens in attendance. By walking out of the meeting, they stifled democracy. By walking out the doors at 5:07 pm, seven minutes after the meeting began, they systematically discounted every lesson about democracy, responsibility, and effective and appropriate communication our teachers have worked diligently to impart. It's a good thing our teachers have also taught us to "practice civil, non-violent methods of communicating differences in resolving conflict." Because of our teachers, we know the "pen is mightier than the sword" when combating questionable and disrespectful behavior by the people who are supposed to be building up our community through collaboration, not isolating the citizens by shutting down the forum in which they may express their thoughts.

Andrea Feliciano

Maggie Fontaine

Ryan Thibeault

Prospect Mountain High School students

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I have no doubt that what Dave Nickerson said was correct

To The Daily Sun,

I was appalled to read the Sanbornton Selctboard's minutes of March 16 in regards to the Town Meeting discussion.
I was reviewing the selectman's minutes to keep current of their decisions when I read what had been said in paragraph 6.5"
"Ober stated the entire conversation during Town Meeting about the discussion that took place between Selectman Nickerson, County Commissioner Devoy and the fire commissioners was an absolute lie."
The selectman's minutes are historic documents which will be looked back upon for years to come such accusations give a negative light on our selectman's conduct by making statements that slander fellow citizens who serve their community at a sacrifice to their personal time.
As the new chairman, Johnny Van Tassel, I am sad to see you didn't oppose this. John Olmstead, as a new member of the Selectboard and a lay pastor, you should have opposed such statements as inflammatory and degrading to people you have known and respected. And Karen Ober, I guess all those complements you ladled onto Dave Nickerson at Town Meeting were insincere.
I have no doubt that what Dave Nickerson said and Dave Devoy stated was correct. But never mind the exact words, it is common knowledge that the Town of Tilton intends to build a sub fire station near the Sanbornton town line; common sense tells me that if I was a taxpayer of Tilton and I could get another town to help fund the operation it would save Tilton some money.

The timetable for a town to regionalize can be fast or slow, depending on the circumstances. Belmont lost its fire chief and negotiated with Laconia to share Laconia's chief between the two towns. As a taxpayer of Sanbornton, I would very much like the selectman to explore the possibility; why duplicate services when we can buy some services from our neighboring town.
Dave Nickerson served our community for several terms as a selectman. What I observed is he served applying a lot of his personal time to the job, making the best decisions he could with the citizens and taxpayer of Sanbornton in mind; he deserves better.
You three who ran for the office of Selectman and got elected to serve, you must realize your responsibility first and foremost is to serve your community in the best capacity you are capable of, your friendship with your fellow selectman must take second place, you're not there to agree to protect friendship with fellow selectman.

Earl Leighton


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