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Giuda's opponent believes government should tax & regulate more

To The Daily Sun,

On election day, I'm supporting Bob Giuda for state Senate. While we're lucky to have two honorable candidates, there are significant differences in their experience and their ideas about the role of government.

Government sets the environment for people and businesses to succeed. Our current business environment is costing us businesses and jobs. Poor workforce development is causing companies to leave. High energy costs are keeping new businesses from coming. These failures lie squarely at the feet of government.

Giuda's opponent believes government should tax more, regulate more, and mandate business policy. But these issues are exactly what are driving major employers away, as Hitchener, Ruger and EFI/Vu-tek move over 1,000 jobs out of our area. Without jobs, we don't have an economy.

Bob Giuda is running "to improve the lives and prosperity of the people and businesses of New Hampshire." His life and legislative experience are second to none. He understands high-tech, because he earns his living high tech. He understands the environment, because he visits places where it is being destroyed. He understands freedom, because he flies to places where it does not exist. He understands business, because he has owned and operated businesses. And he understands leadership, because he has been a leader — in the Marines, in his community, and for our state.

We need a senator who knows how to get things done in Concord. Bob's proven leadership, experience and judgment are exactly what we need.

Please join me in voting for Bob Giuda for state Senate.

Dave DeVoy, Chairman
Belknap County Commission

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Please help me in returning Senator Hosmer to the Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

Our decision on state Senator for District 7 will be soon upon us. I would like to tell you of my experiences with our current senator, Andrew Hosmer.

I am president of a 242 home community. As with most residential community, issues always arrive at the most inconvenient times. At Briarcrest, (Lakemont Cooperative), several issues came our way. One in particular, our residents in the Belmont side of our community received a notice that their private water supplier was going to increase drastically, to the point that some of our neighbors may not have afforded to remain in our community.

I contacted Senator Hosmer and asked him for help. He immediately started looking into our issues. He coordinated and attended a meeting at our club house. He asked many questions and took great notes. He notified the state board that he wanted to be registered to be part of our complaints with the State Utility Board in our behalf.

That is the kind of state senator, Mr. Hosmer has been in representing our district. He has held many sessions with our residents to assist them with issues that might be having with our state agencies. This is a man of his word. I can assure you that if you ever needed his help, Senator Hosmer would listen and assist in anyway possible.

Senator Hosmer has represented our district with honor and the energy of a person wanting to be of assistance to anyone just for the asking. I would urge our District 7 voters to return Senator Hosmer to Concord.

I had been urging Andrew to run for governor, I offered to help in anyway I could, but his reply was that he had much unfinished work to complete in Concord as our state senator. Please help me in returning our senator to Concord. You will be proud that you voted for him. Thank you for reading my experiences with Andrew.

Don Vachon

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