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Voters need to keep SB 2 to protect Shaker tax dollars

To The Daily Sun,

Voters need to keep SB 2 in place to protect their tax dollars from the greed of the Shaker Regional School Board.

Please vote to keep SB 2 at the elections. Everyone gets a voice with SB 2 vs. the old stacked meetings etc.

You will not have to worry about being booed like at the old meetings.

Keep SB 2.

Don Irvin



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Watterson is committed to betterment of Belmont town and schools

To The Daily Sun,

Community service was a way of life for my parents, who arrived here in Belmont in the 1950s. They encouraged and instructed us that volunteering was part and parcel of good citizenship. I have tried to follow their example and be involved in our community.

I met one of the current selectman candidates when he brought his family and business here in 1985. Even as a new resident, he looked for ways to learn about Belmont, lent a hand, attended local meetings, and fully participate. I learned early on that Brian Watterson is willing to be involved, is fiscally conservative, but most importantly he is committed to the betterment of our Town and Schools. I know that Brian can help mend the adversarial feeling that seem to put our Town and Schools against each other.

Having four residents on the ballot wanting to serve as Selectman for the next three years is a good sign. Belmont needs more volunteers and voices. I will vote for Brian Watterson next Tuesday. He has demonstrated leadership, high standards as a small businessman, and a willingness to ask the tough questions.

I hope you will choose Brian Watterson as Belmont Selectman on March 14.

Roy Roberts


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