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It was a great reunion for Class of '65 & we are all thankful

To The Daily Sun,

The class of "65" held its 50th reunion on September 19 and 20, with a great turnout of classmates. We enjoyed many events during the weekend, including a tour of Laconia High School on Saturday morning.

The class would like to express its appreciation to Coach Kozens, who took time from his busy schedule to open the doors and take us down memory lane. Many of our classmates had not seen the school since graduation, so they were surprised with the many changes that have occurred over the years. Everyone walked away with renewed memories and pride in LHS (GO SACHEMS!).

With folks coming from as far away as Washington State and all areas in between, it was a great reunion and we were all thankful for the get-together.

John Leahy

Laconia High School Class of 1965


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We should, can & must accept 100,000 refugees from Syria

EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter is being rerun to correct an error in the headline and a typographical error in the text when it originally appeared on Oct. 2.

To The Daily Sun,

To date the U.S has agreed to accept 10,000 refugees escaping war and ISIS brutality. This is far too few considering that our decision to not intervene in the Syrian conflict has, to a considerable degree led to the current humanitarian crisis.

Therefore I believe we have an obligation, if not a moral imperative to act now.

We are a nation of 320 million. We can easily accommodate 100,000 refugees. If you think that number is too large, let me put in perspective. Imagine a sports stadium filled with 32,000 people. Our accepting 100,000 refugees would be the equivalent of making room for 10 more in the stadium.

We should, we can and we must do this.

Jack Landow


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