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Drunk drivers should get cup of coffee and 3 squares per day

To The Daily Sun,

I'm looking for a state representative or senator to put forth a bill in the N.H. House for me, to be introduced into the next session.

The language should be simple. If a drunk driver is stopped, a hot cup of coffee be administered on the spot, the drunk will be provided with a $1 million-a-year bed with three squares a day, a state caregiver to wipe his/her nose until they dry out, then released back into the general population. Repeat offenders will be offered the same treatment as before.

The monies for all of this treatment will be paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayers who are not afflicted by this "epidemic". How about it? We can hire some more state caregivers, administrators and a booze czar, to justify the expenditures and increase your voter base to reassure your being re-elected. Don't worry about the additions to the state employee retirement system, it can be kicked down the road some more. The taxpayers will pick up that one as well.

Out of the big House and Senate, one of you bleeding hearts should be able to put this bill in for me.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Does it make people 'bad' if they believe in Creationism

To The Daily Sun,

Another hate letter written by James Veverka fills the page here on Thursday. As usual James is obsessed with his anti Christian agenda. It just seems he is so concerned that some Christians believe the earth is only a few thousand years old instead of millions that he has to go on another hate rant.

My response to James is, "So what?" If some believe in Creationism, again, "So what?" Does this make them "bad people" or just people who do not vote the way James thinks is proper? Look, it's no skin off Jame's nose what Christians believe. Christians are not cutting of atheists heads, bombing shopping malls, lynching gays or throwing them off high buildings. But the religion that is, gets James tacit seal of approval by his silence, probably because they vote the way James wants, nothing else matters to James.

I would continue on but, rather, I will refer readers to the excellent letter by Don Ewing responding to one of James recent letters. Don spells out the lies and deceit James uses to try to make fools of those who believe his nonsense. Fools do so love to have company.

One other topic I'd like to mention is that Obama has come out highly critical of the RNC suspending the scheduled debate due to the unethical behavior of the last CNBC moderators. He thinks they should be tough enough to handle such biased "tough" questioning. What the heck does Obama know about tough questioning? He was given a smooth uneventful road to the White House twice. Let him go onto Fox News and face two or three real journalists who won't swoon in his mere presence. For that matter How about the Democratic candidates facing real questions there, too?

If I had the control Fox is the only channel I'd allow Republican candidates to debate on, the others are biased in varying extremes.

Steve Earle


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