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N.H. must start defining its problems correctly & then find solutions

To The Daily Sun,

I am a candidate for the state House of Representatives in Grafton 7 (Campton).

On a recent canvassing trip of a Campton neighborhood, my companion voiced surprise that there were so many poor people in Campton. I was not surprised. Having been a doctor in rural New Hampshire I have seen many examples of people who have no way to pay for their rent or mortgage, their kids' clothes, their healthcare, their children's lunches. These are not people who don't care. But many are trapped in poverty.

What do we do when there is a natural disaster? We do what Reuben Whitten did in the summer that wasn't. He fed his neighbors in Ashland with his own wheat when everyone else couldn't grow a crop. When accidents happen we need our neighbors. Our reaction to these calamities has always been to help — without hesitation, without judgment and without expectation of reward.

I am sure this spirit is very much alive in New Hampshire. I've seen it. Families making sure other families don't go without firewood or oil in the winter; that children don't go without lunch or breakfast when their parents can't provide them. This is done without anger or judgment, but with joy in knowing that one is useful and a help to his or her community.

All this is to come to the question: what are we as a state going to do about this suffering that continues in our communities from poverty and drug use? I don't have easy answers, but I know that the answers are out there and if we work together to find reasonable and workable solutions we will succeed.

The New Hampshire state government must unite in purpose to succeed. Then we can start the process of defining the problems correctly and finding solutions worthy of our values. I would like to be part of that process. I have worked in several large organizations and understand the give and take that has to occur to find solutions. I have also seen the pain caused by the refusal of politicians to work together. I am ready and willing to work for the people of Campton and New Hampshire to find solutions that are equitable and effective.

Richard G. Osborne, MD


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Tom Dawson is well-informed, conscientious & eager to serve

To The Daily Sun,

On Sept. 13, Laconia voters will nominate four Democrats and four Republicans to contend for Laconia's allotted seats in the state Legislature. Those elected will also be members of Belknap County's County Delegation. We entrust these people with the states' and county's human, environmental, and economic future.

One of my votes will go to Democrat Tom Dawson. Why?

I have known Tom Dawson and his family as good neighbors for 30-plus years. He staked his past and future in Laconia, raised a family here, seeing to it that schools educated children well. He now looks forward to the same for his Laconia grandchildren.

Tom has an enviable record of service to New Hampshire and Laconia. He is a former state fire marshal, developer and former professor of the outstanding Fire Science program at the Community College level, former Laconia School Board member, and thoughtful contributor to local and state issues.

Tom looks forward now with commitment to a stable, solid, bright future for his and all New Hampshire's coming generations. Tom is well-informed, open-minded, conscientious and eager to serve.

Martha W. Chandler




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