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None of these accounts were inteneded to fund Fish & Game salaries

To The Daily Sun,

I've stated before that the Department of Fish and Game is in the throes of an $3.5 million shortfall in their 2015-16 bi-annual budget and expects to get a $1.5 million bailout from the state's general fund. So where is the rest of the money to come from?

The House Finance Committee's proposed HB-2, directs the department to raid dedicated funds. The proposed budget requires Fish & Game to use the Wildlife Habitat Account, RSA-214:1,F and the Fisheries Habitat Account, RSA 214:1,G, "to support staff costs, wages, salaries, benefits and other expenses of the department employees."
These two accounts are in place for the "management, preservation, conservation, restoration and maintenance of wildlife and fisheries habitat on both public and private lands" with 50 percent of the annual revenue to be dedicated to pay the cost of labor and materials for direct Wildlife and Aquatic management activities. Any remainder of funds in these accounts is to be used for the acquisition of private land to protect critical wildlife and fisheries habitat.

In addition, the $5 boat registration surcharge that is intended for the purposes of the statewide public boat access program, RSA 233-A:13, will now go to offset the operating expenses of the department and its employees.

None of the monies from these three accounts was ever intended to be used to "fund" staff or operating expenses. By diverting this money from its intended purposes the department fails in its primary mission and we might as well change the name to the Department of semi-public Bait Hunting and Fishing Employee Support Fund.

This is just another Band-Aid solution, what happens in the 2017-18 bi-annual budget? What other programs will be gutted?

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Were you also interested in embassy attacks during Bush years?

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Earle, maybe all the info your looking for are inside that machine you use to type out all those interesting, factual letters to the editor. Amazing the stuff that is in there but what to or not to believe is the hard part. I'll try my best just for you this time and then, with some help, you might be able to find out the answers to your questions.

"Fast and Furious" was a tough one but the machine had lots of articles about it. Back in 2006 under G.W. Bush there was a program called "Operation Wide Receiver", which ran for a year. Under Obama it was called "Fast and Furious" and the general idea was to create mayhem within the drug cartels. This was according to Rush.

Obama wanted to enforce the existing gun laws, restore the existing bans on certain gun. This was started by Clinton but Bush let it lapse. Obama tried to restart it but was unable to. It was also meant to curb border violence. Obama was working with Mexican President Filipe Calderon. They sold about 2,000 guns of which around 700 were recovered, killed around 300 Mexicans but unfortunately this also included a border agent named Terry. Nobody was ever arrested.

Benghazi is a problem that may never be solved to anyone's satisfaction. I went to Google it and only by some luck was able to read any article posted. Then the ads would appear and that ended that. But from what I saw was enough to tell me that the ambassador didn't have to die and should have been saved. I didn't find out why he was there to begin with.

Were you also interested in all the embassy attacks and people killed while Bush was in office? There were 13 attacks on us and 60 of our people killed while Bush was in charge. On Aug. 6, 2001, he was handed a note concerning an impending attack by Bin Laden but the note was ignored. We lost 2,996 on 9/11 which was followed by 2,201 in Afghanistan and 4,491 in Iraq. But Bush will be well remembered for his comments of Mission Accomplished and Treated as Liberators. Most of this information was from the web site of Mark Maynard.

You can do the fact-checking.

Jon Hoyt


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