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Even if you agree with Guinta's goals, he's lying about what he's done

To The Daily Sun,

Our congressman, Republican Frank Guinta, has been doing what he does best: lying about budgets and how he would balance them.

Congressman Guinta has a long history of lying about money, having illegally taken $355,000 in contributions from his parents in 2010. His five-year-long refusal to admit to this led the Union Leader to dub him a "damned liar" in an editorial.

He recently claimed to have been crucial to passing a balanced budget amendment and $60 billion in cuts. To which I say, he's still a damned liar. The budget process managed by the current Republican Congress has utterly fallen apart. Both chambers failed to agree to a budget. No balanced budget amendment was adopted and they only funded the government through Dec. 9. So what's he talking about? Budget cuts?

Spending for FY 2016 and FY 2017 will likely be above the Budget Control Act caps that Congressman Guinta voted for in 2011, and the government continues to under invest in critical needs like infrastructure and education.

Even if I agreed with Congressman Guinta's budget goals, he's still flatly lying about what he's done. New Hampshire deserves better, and he should be voted out of office in November.

Juliette Paquin

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Don't miss this hilarious presentation of 'Nuncrackers the Musical'

To The Daily Sun,

I don't know about you, but we can thank some heavenly power that the election is now days away. No matter the candidate you support, it seems like this process has gone on far too long and has created a lot of stress. But thankfully the end is near.

By the time the election is over, it will be time for Thanksgiving! Turkey. Sweet potatoes. Stuffing. Pecan pie. But then the inevitable questions. Where shall we celebrate, your house or mine? Should we go out to Hart's? How many people do we invite? How big a turkey do we need? Do we brine, deep fry or stick in the oven? Uncle Joe likes canned cranberry sauce but Aunt Alice likes home made. What should I do? Stress. Stress. And more stress. But you're tough. You get through it.

After Thanksgiving, the stress level is notched up tenfold. The holiday season. Black Friday. Shopping lists. The search for that elusive toy Sarah wants. The tree. Putting up decorations. Trying to create the perfect Griswold holiday. Showing after showing of "It's A Wonderful Life." You get the picture. Stress piled upon stress piled upon stress. You need some relief. Well, you've come to the right place. I have just the remedy for you. Well, me and Interlakes Theatre that is.

On Dec. 10 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 11 at 2 p.m., join your stressed out neighbors at Moultonborough Academy (25 Blake Road) in for Interlakes Theatre's hilarious presentation of "Nuncrackers the Musical!" That's right, "Nuncrackers the Musical." With an N. This outstanding musical was written by Dan Goggin and is produced and directed by none other than the esteemed Nancy Barry! And best of all? Tickets are just $25. That's right, my friends, $25. For just that paltry amount, you can get away from the craziness of the season and have a laugh a minute singing and tapping your feet to Nuncrackers the Musical. With an N.

These two presentations will be live and on stage at Moultonborough Academy. Interlakes Theatre has made it easier than ever to purchase tickets. You can order your tickets by calling 1-603-707-6035 or purchasing them online at Interlakestheatre.com. It's really that easy! Make that call! See you there!

Vincent Martino
Braintree, Mass.

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