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We're still hoping for more than a lump of coal in our stocking

To The Daily Sun,

Now that we have had nearly six months of Trump, we are starting to see his game and it's not bridge. He may have bid too much on his hand, however, so maybe he thinks being president is a game. Maybe the country can re-shuffle the legislative cards in 2018. Or, perish the thought, maybe he will be caught stacking the deck! Or, maybe, the wild card in North Korea will try to lob a rocket into Japan.

Enough with the card analogy. How about some cold, hard analysis of the man's plan. First he brought in his family of experts. That's working out well. Jared has been a great help with the Russians. Obviously, Donald didn't consult with Ivanka when he came out with his rejection of the environmental accords reached in Paris. Even Rex had some trouble swallowing that bitter pill. Well, Rex can look at it this way, he has a new talking point the next time he is invited to a European capital. That is, if he is ever invited again, I mean.

Has anyone but me noticed how quiet it has gotten in the halls of Congress? The only noise seems to be created by the anticipation of Comey's appearance before our favorite committee. Will we get the latest on the tax the middle class bill soon? Oh, I forgot, the middle class doesn't exist anymore. All that is left is the super rich (1 percent), the poor disillusioned ones who voted for Donald (49 percent) and the rest of us (50 percent) ,who use reason instead of resentment to make political
decisions. Poor though most of us are, we are still hoping for more than a lump of coal in our stocking this Christmas.

Lastly, has anyone but me noticed how much Steve Bannon looks like John L. Lewis? The comparison doesn't stop there; they both needed a barber and a make-up artist before appearing before the cameras. He, Bannon, may be the reason Trump has that fixation on bringing coal back into a power plant near you.

I wonder if, perhaps, Trump or Bannon has any idea what coal mining has done to parts of West Virginia and Kentucky. Black lung considerations aside, the environmental damages in evidence should guide decisions about the future of coal. Maybe Donald could build a tower on what's left of one of the mountains that were flattened by the pursuit of coal seams. Or maybe there could be a way to tap into the fires in abandoned mines to heat the polluted water and create some much needed electricity. Alas, that has too much of a restoration flavor to it. It doesn't fit the “drain the swamp” concept does it?

Bill Dawson


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Last thing we need is our younger generation walking around in a fog

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to Don Ewing of Meredith, who wrote a thoughtful and much needed message about the trend toward legalizing marijuana. With many in our New Hampshire population struggling to get the education and skills required for well paying jobs, the last thing we need is our younger generation walking around in a fog. Engage in life and it's incredible opportunities, don't dis-engage!

Ted Carl

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