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Forrester provides constituent service most can only dream of

To The Daily Sun,

As the owner of a small business which provides good jobs for local people, I am happy to endorse Jeanie Forrester in her bid to remain our State Senator in District 2.

Recently, we were notified by the state that our business was liable for worker's compensation costs for an employee who voluntarily left our employment last year. We knew that there must be a mistake and submitted the necessary paperwork to the state and called to confirm that it was received. We then got another notice saying that this same employee was receiving financial benefits without any indication that our documentation was even consulted. More paperwork, more calls and more of being ignored by the state. Finally, we had enough and sent one simple email to Jeanie.

The same day Jeanie forwarded our concerns to the appropriate commissioner. The next day, we got confirmation from the department that, after reviewing the documentation, we were not in fact liable and would receive a refund.

Wow! That is the type of constituent service most people can only hope for. If Jeanie hadn't stepped up, our local business would still be held hostage to a bureaucratic system which wasn't at all responsive to our efforts to show that there had been a mistake.

Jeanie Forrester is smart, experienced, and most importantly, responsive to the needs of her constituents. I would encourage everyone to support her in the upcoming Primary and General Elections to insure that we have an advocate in Concord.

Christopher Boothby, M.P.A., N.H.A.


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Google Lynn Rudmin Chong to find out how independent she is

To The Daily Sun,

When I read Lynn Rudmin Chong's letter to the editor titled "Rubens can beat Brown", I really had to laugh when she said she was a Independent.
Go to Google and look under Belknap County Democratic chairmans and guess who's name appears numerous times? That's right, Lynn Rudmin Chong.
In her letter she mentions all kinds of reasons to support Jim Rubens and many reasons not to support Scott Brown. I imagine Lynn and many of her fellow Democrats will probably will switch so they can vote for Jim Rubens. I would do the same thing if I was as scared of Scott Brown as they are.

Everyone knows that in order to vote for Jim Rubens she will have to declare, as a Republican and will only get a Republican ballot.

Actually, I don't blame her. I wouldn't vote for Jeanne Shaheen either.

L. Michael Hatch


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Rep. Fields is a strong and informed advocate for Belknap County

To The Daily Sun,

I have read a number of recent letters to the editor attacking state Rep. Dennis Fields and, although I seldom write letters to the editor, I felt compelled to respond.

I was a registered Republican from 1984, when I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan as an 18-old voting in my first election, until 2010, when I grew tired of the partisan politics and campaign by attack that both parties now seem to favor. During that time, I voted predominantly for Republican candidates, but I always voted for the person, and what he or she stood for, over the party with which the candidate was affiliated. I am now an independent (I know that the correct term in New Hampshire is "undeclared", so please no attack letters on this point), but I still hold to the ideal that our elected officials should stand by their principles and vote for what they believe is best for their constituents rather than how their party leaders want them to vote.

Unlike so many of today's politicians, Dennis Fields has done just that and, predictably, he is now being attacked for it. I first met Dennis a number of years ago when I served on the board of the Belknap County Economic Development Council and, frankly, I didn't know what to make of him. He was not a polished politician and did not strike me as the type of person who would hold political office. However, in the years since then, I have gotten to know and respect Dennis. While other members of our delegation were frequently absent from many of the legislative breakfasts and other community events in the area designed to inform our legislators of the needs of their constituents, Dennis was always there to hear what members of the community had to say and to ask questions to help him to understand the community's needs. Dennis took these needs to heart and has consistently been a strong and informed advocate for the residents of Belknap County.

Over the past year, Dennis has stood up against the partisan politics that have dominated the headlines. In fact, he seems to be the only member of our Republican caucus who remembers how things used to be. He remembers a time when both parties would stand by their principles but also be willing to reach across the aisle and work together with members of the other party to actually get things accomplished.

That is exactly what strong conservatives of the past, like Ronald Reagan, did. Unfortunately, as Jeb Bush recognized in 2012, President Reagan would also be labeled a RINO in today's political climate. In my opinion, that is a shame.

If the voters of Sanbornton want someone who will toe the party line, then it is clear that Dennis Fields isn't their candidate. If they want someone who will take the time to understand their needs, stand by his principles, and be willing to work across party lines for the benefit of his constituents, they should ignore the attacks and send Dennis back to Concord for another term.

Michael Persson


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Rep. Burchell honest & direct & not afraid to do work that needs to be done

To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Burchell is the man for the job in Belknap County. Having known Richard Burchell for these past two years, I can tell you he is honest and direct and not afraid to do the work that needs to be done.

The Belknap County taxpayer will do well to remember how Rep. Burchell has fought for them time and again while serving in the Belknap Delegation. Whether it supporting reasonable budgets for the taxpayer or undertaking the debated project work on the County Jail, Rep. Burchell was always professional and prepared.

Our family wishes all the best to Belknap County and we know Rep. Richard Burchell will work for all the folks in Belknap. We heartily endorse Rep. Burchell for Belknap County Commissioner.

Carlos Martinez & Jane Cormier


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Lisa Scott will continue excellent work in CC Register of Deeds office

To The Daily Sun,

Experience is one of the most important qualifications for the position of Carroll County Register of Deeds, and Lisa Scott has that experience.

Lisa Scott has worked as a paralegal for more than 35 years and she understands the function of the Registry of Deeds and the documents which are recorded there.

The Registry of Deeds is used by realtors, surveyors, attorneys and the general public. When the Registry of Deeds makes the transition to go online, it will be important to have a Register of Deeds who understands the who, how and why of the Registry.

In my 35 years of researching at the Registries of Deeds throughout the state, I hold the record-keeping done at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds in high esteem. I know that if Lisa Scott is elected to be the Register of Deed she will continue the excellent work that is done by the staff who will serve under her.

Please vote in the upcoming primary, and when you do, please vote for Lisa Scott, Register of Deeds.

Donna M. Cullen


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