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I was out of bounds; thanks for straigtening me our on veteran tax credits

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Mr. Bill Bertholdt on straightening me out on this delicate subject. I was out of bounds and way over my head with my interpretation of the law governing the tax breaks for veterans. I want to extend a formal apology to Mr. Michael Hatch and Mr. George Horne and any one else that I might have offended with my stupidity.

I never would have been able to fulfill my duties as air mobility coordinator for the Teams during OIF/OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom), without the support and knowledge of time sensitive information from the service men and women back in CONUS (continental United States).

Eric T. Rottenecker

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I haven't made a decision yet but I'm not likely to vote for Trump

To The Daily Sun,

We all know the 2016 presidential election is an important one.

Have I decided who will get my vote on primary day? Not yet. It certainly won't be Hillary. Reports are that the FBI may ask for an indictment on her for her giving State Department favors given to those who gave to the Clinton Foundation ... a foundation which gives only 6 percent to those who the foundation was supposedly created for, as the other 94 percent go to maintain the Clinton lifestyle.

I will be voting in the Republican primary. I want a fiscal conservative. I want a balanced budget. I want to stop borrowing money and pay down the debt so my future grandchildren will not be saddled with it.

I certainly was excited when Trump entered the race and was so not politically correct. I was excited when he said he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Personally, I do not care who pays for it, just keep the illegals out at the norther border as well as the southern border. I also want to know who came here on student visas and or other visas and overstayed their welcome among others here illegally. And yes ... Send them back to the countries they came from. Period. I understand they wanted a better life for themselves and their families. Just do it the legal way.

I have had enough of a president who could not or would not work with Congress. And therefore created executive orders to get what he wanted when the Congress would not go along and did not agree with the majority of Americans. Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing.

I do not want a president who will create executive orders to get what he wants. Our founding fathers agreed to give the president the ability to create executive orders for emergencies. When our country was founded it took weeks for the Congress to get to Washington. They did not stay there all year. They did their business and then went home.

But there are things to think about. Quite a few of the Supreme Court justices may leave the court during the next presidential term. Who do I want to choose the next Supreme Court justices?

I do not think I want Trump to do that. He himself said in an interview with Jim Russert that he was born in New York and was a New Yorker and had New York values. Do I want a Supreme Court Justice with New York values? Not likely... is there a candidate with New Hampshire values?

I want a Supreme Court justice to interpret the law as it was written not make law and rule what they think it should have said.

Choosing Supreme Court justices will be an important part of the next four years. We must choose carefully a president who will choose carefully to maintain our constitutional rights.

Our founding fathers were brilliant. They created a government that had checks and balances. Unfortunately our federal representatives did not use their power to check the president's power lately. But in all honesty, I cannot partly blame them as anyone who opposes President Obama has to be a racist.

No decision yet. But not likely to be Trump.

Linda Riley

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