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Solar energy is now competitive with fossil fuels in cost

To The Daily Sun,

Douglas Smithwood's letter in the Union Leader on Wednesday, January 22, 2017, was titled "Save solar in NH." I was glad to see it.
We have a governor and a president who favor fossil fuels over renewables and don't mention energy conservation. Many of us are concerned about this.
Solar energy is now competitive with fossil fuels in cost, and has a much better future. Even improved nuclear involves the dangerous mining of uranium. Fracking for natural gas is dirtier than the production of oil, with its exploding railway cars and underground piping (Standing Rock), and even "clean coal" involves sequestering CO2 underground, which has not been proven safe.
Another renewable source, wind turbines, may be ugly and require a lot of concrete, but produces cleaner energy than fossil fuels.
Corporations don't seem to care about clean energy or energy conservation. Corporations are not people.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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Thank you to the people who cleaned up mess on the ice

To The Daily Sun,

I would love to say thank you to Heather Buffum, her husband, and many others for cleaning up the lake areas after the "festivities" on the ice. Your concern truly touched me. I saw some of that mess way out on the lake, and was saddened by the total lack of consideration that was left behind. There should be stricter rules and regulations for the use of New Hampshire's many beautiful lakes and surrounding areas. What I would love to know is about some "cottages" that are still grandfathered(or not) into releasing their septic (bodily waste, sink water, washing machine runoff, etc.) into Lake Winnipesaukee? Or is that just a rumor? Perhaps someone could clear this up for me, no pun intended.

I do not go out on the lakes in the winter, but I do enjoy them in the summer. I can say with the increase of vacationers and summer folks returning the lake and beaches get filthy and fast. I have seen many plastic bags, numerous cigarette butts, plastic cups, dirty band-aids, cans, used fire works, diapers, etc. I know last summer a few beaches were shut down more than once for bacteria and I do not think it was all from the ducks! We had a harsh lack of weather in 2015-2016. The missing rain and snow really hurt the lakes, streams and brooks. I hope we will have a wet spring and some of that snow helped. Global warming or the Earth changing either one, Lake Winnipesaukee suffered and no can deny that.

The lake is a beautiful gift to enjoy, but if we do not take care of it ... well, sadly, nothing lasts forever. And what would this area be with out Lake Winnipesaukee? As for Tracie Fitzpatrick's letter about the milfoil, thank you as well. I enjoyed your letter and the useful information you shared. I agree and hope that they can control this awful water weed without harm to humans or animals. We shall see, and please keep us posted for any news about this situation. Thank you all for your love of Lake Winni, she is such a beautiful treasure.

Denise C. Burke

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