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We need a president who understands purpose of military strength

To The Daily Sun,

Democrat presidents have a disturbing history of weakening our military while strengthening our potential enemies. Hillary will continue these suicidal policies.

Muslim wars and terrorism began with Muhammad, 15 centuries ago. However, their attacks against the U.S. were rare until President Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran, enabling Iran's takeover by radical Muslims who have fomented terrorism ever since.

Despite increasing serious Muslim terrorist attacks, this threat was mostly ignored until 9/11. Then President Bush went on offense against Muslim terrorists, driving the Taliban from Afghanistan, defeating Saddam Hussein, and stabilizing Iraq.

Ignoring requests from the Green Revolution in Iran, President Obama refused to help replace the radical Muslims controlling Iran with moderates. But Obama/Hillary sponsored/supported the overthrow of helpful governments in Egypt and Libya, turning them into terrorist and radical Muslim havens.

The early pullout of Iraq, foolish intervention in Syria, and denial led to the explosive growth of ISIS which killed, raped, enslaved, and displaced millions.

Obama's/Hillary's Iran deal give the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism $170 billion and OK'd developing ICBMs and nuclear weapons.

President Carter's other disaster, giving up U.S. control of the Panama Canal, which is now under China's control, jeopardizes our ability to quickly send ships from coast to coast.

President Clinton traded technology needed for China's failing ICBMs for campaign contributions, and allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

President Obama cozied up to America's enemies and communist dictators all around the world. Despite his and Hillary's "Russian reset" and his "Tell Vlad I'll have more flexibility after the (2012) election," our relations with Russia are worse than ever. We're close to a shooting war over Syria (guaranteed by Hillary's "no fly zone" plan), and our nations are rattling nuclear weapons at each other.

Obama's/Hillary's weakness and lack of leadership encouraged China's aggression against its neighbors and Russian aggression against the Ukraine despite President Clinton's assurances in the Budapest Memorandum. Obama befriended Chavez who drove resource-rich Venezuela into near bankruptcy and opened relations with Cuba, against most Americans' wishes, without requiring human rights improvements or return of American criminals in Cuba.

One wonders what's next from Obama or from a President Hillary who would continue to weaken our defenses, which invites aggression, as our enemies grow stronger.

We need a president who understands the purpose of military strength is to deter aggression, a president who negotiates agreements that benefit Americans, a president who loves our country, our way of life, and our fellow Americans, a president committed to keeping America strong and the American people safe and prosperous.

Donald Trump will be this kind of president.

Don Ewing

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Who we choose will affect federal courts for as many as 20 years

To The Daily Sun,

Why I Won't be voting for Hillary: Reason 7 — Supreme Court Justices and the judicial system.

We all know that there will need to be a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Scalia. There is no replacement. Scalia's rulings were based on his interpretation of the law, existing law. Some liberal judges think they should not interpret the law but make a ruling depending what they think the law should be.

Our country was founded with checks and balances. Laws are to be made by the legislature. Judges interpret the laws.

Who we choose for president this election will affect all the courts for maybe the next 20 years.

We seem to think just the Supreme Court is important. But not so. President Obama has appointed many lower court judges. There are twice as many lower court Democrat appointees than Republican appointees.

Because of this, many more cases are going before the Supreme Court. We need to keep a balance in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court hears about 70-80 cases a year. We must also keep a balance in the lower courts as many cases won't be able to come before the Supreme Court.

Obama changed the D.C. circuit. Senator Harry Reid changed the rules that allowed three Obama appointees to the D.C. circuit. This court deals with executive power. Having a shift in this area allowed Obama to get away with all the executive orders he did.

Liberal supreme court justices lean to agreeing with international law. The U.S. has the Constitution. We must not let international laws override our constitutional laws. This would take away our rights.

The courts are leaning liberal. All the courts. If Hillary is elected, they will not only lean liberal but bend over liberal. We must make them even again. If the balance changes in the liberal favor for 20 years, our rights could be forever changed. Our country will never be the same if we vote for Hillary.

Linda Riley

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