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Operation Care & Comfort provided winter items to the homeless

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia High School Class of 1983 would like to extend its thanks to a number of people after the wonderful success of our Homeless Outreach Project.

Our class initially collected donations toward the purchase of warm sleeping bags, tents and tarps for the unsheltered homeless in Laconia (Operation Sleep Tight). When that goal was reached within weeks, Operation Care and Comfort was launched to provide the homeless with other needed winter items.

Thanks to donations from classmates and friends, from Walmart in Gilford and from Lowe's in Gilford, we were able to pack 12 backpacks with warm weather flannels/sweaters, seat warmer cushions, wool socks, hats, gloves, scarves (made by the inmates at Belknap County Jail), headlamps, hand/foot warmers, and other items. We were also able to provide four tubs of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for these folks. We will continue to support this unsheltered homeless population with our remaining funds throughout the winter.

The Class of '83 would also like to thank Sgt. Dennis Ashley of the Laconia Police Department for his guidance and advice in getting started on this project, the Laconia High School Key Club for supporting this endeavor, and thanks especially to Michael Bernier of the Community Action Program for his support, direction, patience, and willingness to distribute the items to the homeless in such a conscientious and responsible fashion.

With our gratitude,

The Laconia High School Class of 1983's Homeless Outreach Committee

Lynn Brody Keltz, Shelly Daniels-Marcoux, Christine Lerp Johnson, Kim Myrick Hook, Heidi Wells Gannon and Jayme Reever Duggan


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Lack of leadership is reason electorate is inspired by this jerk

To The Daily Sun,

The success of Donald Trump should be a loud warning shot across the bow of America's boat. How could an arrogant, blowhard with a Bozo, comb-over gain such traction with voters? For that answer, look no further than Barack Obama.

The working, Main street Jane and Joe have become the forgotten people during his presidency. They have become both disenfranchised and disadvantaged. These are the people whose buying power has shrunk, and whose political influence has vanished. These voters are filled to the brim with disgust and rage at the political class led by Barack Obama. The shadow of success or failure is always cast from the top down. These folks have good cause to be mad as hell. They seek the most anti-establishment, venom-spewing candidate they can find in retribution. Who fills that description better than Trump?

Even worse, for the disenchanted minions. Trump is unelectable, either as a Republican or independent, no matter the illusion of his broad support in the media. A close look reveals narrow popularity in the backdrop of a national presidential election with all voters. Trump's support resides almost exclusively among whites, in lower ecoonomic stratas.

No surprise, These are people Obama has ignored and crapped on for seven straight years. Not because Obama is black and their white, but because Barack Obama is a delusional, self-absorbed, ideologue, blind and brain dread to everything that underlies the economic principles of a country whose exceptionalism, and long history of success has been built on the foundation of capitalism.

That the electorate would be inspired by such inflamed rhetoric from an incompetent, silver spooned, jerk on the right while simultaneously beguiled in fantasy by a self described, bleeding socialist on the left provides an honest and clear understanding where the lack of presidential leadership has left this country after seven disastrous years.

Jerks and European-style socialists are now thought to be credible candidates by tens of millions of Americans seeking little more than security from their enemies and an economy that works for them, rather than against them. These people ask for little. I fear they are going to make the wrong choice again, and suffer the same consequences that has lead to their current deep and desperate despair.

Tony Boutin


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