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Hope N.H. Senate will realize the damage the House budget will cause

To The Daily Sun,

Members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and Senate:

Here we go again. When will legislators overhaul the state so every two years families do not have to parade before committees to explain why services for family members with developmental disabilities are crucial to daily life, not luxuries?

Shame on the House of Representatives for trying to eviscerate the state.

I hope the Senate realizes the damage the House budget will cause.

Susan Michaelis Gunther

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Cost/benefit analysis? No, green movement wants to crush capitalism

To The Daily Sun,

Dave Pollak believes he has secured the real truth about "man caused global warming". He is so darn cocksure that he repeatedly used the phrase "climate change deniers" in his recent letter to describe those who believe that there is far from a consensus on this complex issue. Don't you just love the mindset of the progressive left? If Dave wants to "deny" he belongs to that "inclusive society of the closed minds", then he might try writing without referencing the Holocaust denier connotation. Seems the nasty left just can't help themselves.

Patrick Moore, Greenpeace co-founder reports, "scientists are in general skeptics and very little of science is ever settled at any one point in time and climate is one of those areas where virtually nothing is settled." He goes on to say, "CO2 is the most important nutrient for life on earth. An increase in CO2 in our atmosphere results in an increase in productivity for plants, trees and food crops". MIT professor Dr. Richard Lindzen reports that while it is possible man has made some small contribution to climate change, it is highly questionable and continues to be debated.

Joe Bastardi, meteorologist and John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel, both believe that, based on satellite data rather than on faulty climate models, man-made global warming is a myth. Bjorn Lomborg, who believes man may have caused some increase in global warming, nevertheless thinks we should focus on a cost/benefit analysis. Unfortunately, that sounds too much like capitalism, which like Communism, the "green movement" wants to crush. So they come up with slogans and repeat them ad nauseum — "the science is settled, the science is settled".

Dr. Roy Spencer and John Christy are admittedly pro fossil and anti-scientific consensus. That is simply because there are no large scale replacements on the horizon. Wind and solar are still way too expensive. Most economists admit that to cut back significantly on fossil fuels right now would cause immense human suffering, perhaps as severely as has Communism. Oh and Dave, the 97 percent scientific consensus is pure nonsense. Like the "science is settled" mantra, it is pure myth no matter how many times you and others repeat it.

Does Dave care that there is a growing concern we are entering a cooling period, which historically can last for hundreds of years? It totally defies common sense to ignore the devastating consequences of cooling should it actually occur in our lifetime, by not having a plan to combat it. It probably does make sense to the left though. There would be no money in it for them.

Well, sadly it does make a lot of sense. The Cornwall Alliance has been warning us that this "green movement" is all about controlling energy production and centralizing power in some sort of world government consortium. Perhaps Lord Moncton can crash the Paris 2015 climate summit and uncover the real reason why many dozens of bureaucratic jet-setters will be sharing fancy spoon victuals and adult beverages while planning on how to control the world. Mikhail Gorbachev and Nikita Khruschev would be envious of this surreptitious attempt at global governance. Communism with an environmental twist you might say.

You see Dave, all this name calling, repeated false slogans and attacks on those who don't think the "science is settled", has a rather scary name — "censorship". Progressive liberal types from the left lay claim to openness, critical thinking and honest debate. But whenever they try it and the facts inevitably don't fall their way, they attack, demean and destroy those who dare to challenge them with truth and common sense.

Russ Wiles

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Site of Pine Gardens tenant's meeting has been moved to Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

Attention Pine Gardens residents:

Due to an overwhelming response to the Tenant's Association formation meeting being held on Monday, April 27 at 6 p.m., we have had to relocate the meeting place due to space requirements.
The new location for the meeting will be at the Belknap County complex, located at 34 County Drive in Laconia, in the multi-purpose room. This location is in the same building as the Belknap County Nursing home. There will be signs posted at the complex. Park management personnel are not allowed to attend association meetings.
As a reminder, tenant's associations are organized for several reasons. They educate residents on their rights and responsibilities as tenants in manufactured housing communities, they foster community interactions where neighbors look out for each other, and if the park were ever to be sold, the tenant's association is in a position to easily form a cooperative to purchase the property.
There will be a member of MHOTA (Manufactured Home Owners & Tenant's Association) available to assist us with questions and concerns; we will be voting on Board Members. If you are interested, please RSVP via telephone, text message or e-mail. The information was distributed last Friday and Saturday indicating contact information. We will have light refreshments.
We are extremely excited about this opportunity and wish to thank all residents who have contacted us. For further research, go to:
Judy Estes & Simone Henderson

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Existence of supernatural world is all around: how did we get here?

To The Daily Sun,

It's interesting that Mr. Veverka, whose past letters — if you have followed them — have shown him to have a poor grasp on understanding history, should imagine himself as a person to judge as to if the Bible is historical or not. He congratulates himself as if he were profound for casting Biblical truth as "beliefs of people who didn't know where the sun went at night." This is rather hubris from one who it seems has forgotten that the knowledge of the world that we today possess has been the result of an inheritance. We have been the beneficiaries of an increase in knowledge because of the opportunity to have more minds focus on a thing than our ancient ancestors. Written language was a help in this. Yet the real breakthrough in this came with movable type. With the invention of movable type, many more minds were able to work to find solutions to problems presented. An overview of history confirms the correlation between Gutenberg's invention and this increase in knowledge. That the human mind was inferior prior to this is not in evidence, only not harnessed. To claim that spiritual knowledge followed the same trajectory is ludicrous. The only parallel is the protestant reformation which was to bring back the truth of the Scriptures to a church that had become corrupt, and then this technology gave the ability to disseminate the truth of the Scriptures more widely than ever before. The Apostles' teaching has not been improved upon, only made more widely available. For God does not change. What He revealed about Himself 2000 years ago is just as applicable today as it was then.
Jim says that "there is no evidence for any supernatural realm." He is quite mistaken.That a supernatural realm exists is evidenced by the existence of the temporal world itself. How did it get here? How did we get here? How is it that we are alive? Other than a supernatural God there is no explanation, only hemming and hawing and evasive answers will you get. Ask Jim to explain it? The Big Bang Theory really does not explain it. In who's experience has an unguided explosion ever brought order and creation, but only destruction. In our experience only when an intelligent designer is the author of the explosion and the after processes does an explosion serve to help create, say a highway.
Science legitimately gives us tools to examine the physical world today in the present. It is not equipped to evaluate the supernatural realm which is above the natural and is not measurable by earthly methods of measure, except perhaps when God chooses to move on the natural. Then His action is seen.
Yet God at His choosing allows His children to see into this supernatural realm through dreams and visions and less often actual experience in it. This is not an uncommon thing as some assume. Not to say that every dream is from God nor is every vision that one may present, from God; yet God does reveal the supernatural realm in this way. If Jim and others are blind to this realm it does not mean that it does not exist, only that they are blind to it. And know, that they will ridicule anything outside of the temporal evolutionary box that they have chosen to live in. This is the world we live in. Yet God's Truth is real.
Yet the most full proof is the Holy Spirit living in believers' hearts. This is why the Truth will not go away, no matter what you say or do to us. For it is God who lives in our hearts.

John Demakowski


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If we have to have casinos, why shouldn't the state reap 100%?

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to our state representatives, state senators and anyone else that may listen:

Simply put, why if we are so in need of easy money would the state take the paupers share, giving the gaming industry the lions share?
Think about it. New Hampshire had gambling back in the 1930s and started lottery gambling in 1964, which it has run. Is the state incapable of building and running a casino or two? After all, what real oversight would there be wanting to look at someone else's books; better that the state (honest & true) run the games and keep its own books for commissioners and elected government politicians to oversee.

Millennium Gaming, Inc., founded in 1996 and based in Las Vegas, I believe is slated to build and run the casinos. They do so to earn a PROFIT, which will leave the state. What, to spend on education in Nevada?

I believe the cost previously put out was near a billion dollars in costs and fees (taxes) to get the casinos up and running. $1.6 billion is being spent to build one in Everett, Mass. The point is that the gambling industry will get back its cost plus profit. Sen. Lou D'Allesandro doesn't speak to this; why is a Democrat who cares so much for the people want gambling? Why hasn't he spent his years in office getting manufacturing industries to stay (a little help from government would have helped) as well as move to the state?
Why hasn't he spent his time making it possible for individuals to get government help while earning, learning and establishing themselves before taking away assistance just as they are getting their feet on the ground? If he is so into gambling in this state why doesn't he gamble on the people who having good jobs would be paying taxes?
I think Casino gambling is a terrible idea (I do buy lottery ticket but haven't won but a few bucks) but if the state is going to have one or two it should be owned and run by the state and the profits stay in the state. Now try to get senators and representatives behind that.

G.W. Brooks

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