Our cost for 90-day Rx has gone up 1,000% while Hassan spends away

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you Governor Hassen,

As a retired state employee I was shocked to receive a letter from the state this past week. My cost for long-term (90 day) prescriptions has gone up 1,000 percent. You read that right, 1,000 percent. It seems the profligate spending by our governor is to be paid, at least in part, on the backs of retired employees. We often worked at substandard wages because of the benefits we received. I guess that is now much less true than in the past.

Our governor just can't stop spending our money, and when I called to complain about her outrageous spending I spoke to a condescending minion who, while overtly polite, could not keep his disdain out of his voice. He was just not interested in someone who wanted to rein in the free-spending activities of those we had elected.

So, thank you governor. My wife's prescriptions are many, and my costs will increase enormously. I just hope we can keep such as yourself from continuing in office.

Ron Hrasna


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I am thankful to have been born in this wonderful country of ours

To The Daily Sun,

Thanksgiving is the day to be thankful, and I am thankful.

I am thankful for my loving husband and for every day that we can be together.

I am thankful for my wonderful daughter, my equally wonderful son-in-law and his great family, and my amazing and beautiful granddaughter.

I am thankful to have been born in and am able to live in this wonderful country, and for my grandparents who had the wisdom to come to this nation. Thank you to America, land of trial and error in her history, but I like to think of as an eventual success in a great experiment in human dignity. Even in spite of the loud and clamorous voices on all sides of the political spectrum. And maybe because of those loud voices, because they prove we are a free land.

I am thankful for those who keep us safe.

I am thankful for the beauties of New Hampshire, for friendship, for being able to create music with good friends, and for so much that I can't think of at this time to list.

And last and not least, I am thankful for the wonderful team of nurses, caregivers, food service workers, and aides of all departments who work 24/7, holiday or regular day, at the Belknap County Nursing Home to give loving care to my husband.

I am thankful.

Thea Aloise

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Shaheen has demonstrated blind allegiance to the White House

To The Daily Sun,

Where is Senator Shaheen? I would like to know more about why she supports "sanctuary cities" and where she would like to see on in New Hampshire.

In all fairness to the senator, she has emulated everything that President Obama has stood for during her term in the U.S. Senate, including the silly plan to contain ISIS. We have all seen how well that is working out.

I watched Senator Shaheen recently getting off Air Force One with President Obmaa. She is someone who the president can count on no matter wheat the issue is; however, she demonstrates nothing as a senator other than blind allegiance to the White House.

New Hampshire needs more than this.

Kenneth L. Bowers


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Mark Dec. 18 on your calendar; let's vote to reopen recycling center

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton residents have shown with petition-signing and attendance at a public hearing that we want to have our swap opportunity at the Transfer Station/Recycling Center back again. We want access to the metal pile, in what likely will be a new set-up, to respond to the insurer. Coming up is our Special Town Meeting for Friday, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m. at the elementary school. Registered voters: come and cast the votes to make this all happen. Put this on your calendar.

When I was at the Transfer Station/Recycling Center before Thanksgiving, a couple brought a pick-up with "reusables" in the back. I brought home the very large bureau mirror in a lovely frame — to bring back for someone's reuse when we have our swap area again. Manager Mike Adams set aside a sturdy wooden bench that "could be for children to sit on when they look at books," as he put it. Mike has saved the bookcases.

The inter-knit community that we are truly believes in swap, in re-use. Repairs to equipment can be done with re-use out of the metal pile. It is up to all of us now to come to the Special Town Meeting and put our votes to use. We also need volunteers to give letters of interest to the selectmen, for filling seats on a restored Solid Waste Committee, that hasn't met since 2009.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Let's let a woman clean up the mess; she knows how by now

To The Daily Sun,

The Mideast is ready to implode. Terrorists are causing death, chaos and insecurity in peaceful countries. Some economies are just suffering and others are on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is a real chance that the Republicans will nominate Donald Trump as their candidate. It is time for the Democrats to nominate Hillary Clinton to beat the snot out of that Donald Trump bully at the polls and then let her go after the other bullies who are causing major havoc around the world for defenseless people.

Hillary has been working with leaders the world over as secretary of state for Obama and as first lady of the U.S. before that. She knows who the players are and will hit the road running if elected president. However, foreign policy, mediating and mitigating crises are not the only proficiencies she brings with her. Remember the economic boom and monetary surplus with which Bill Clinton left the presidency? Well, Hillary has his ear and expertise, if she needs it, to straighten our economy out again. She also has the advantage of being or having been a U.S senator, a governor's wife, a lawyer, the chair of different boards, a student, a woman, a daughter, a mother and a grandmother. Ergo, she works well with others and has a sterling background for domestic policy making as well.

I encourage every person who is going to vote (Democrats ... get out there for the primaries!) to check out her biography on the Internet and also her voting records as senator from New York. Compare what this woman has worked and stood for over the years with any accomplishments of the people who are running in the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton outshines all of them because she did it with the glass ceiling still in place; neither did she have a rich daddy to help her get to where she is.

I won't go on about her impeccable credentials (they are numerous) that no one else who's running can claim, except I will say that she has the best insight, breadth of experience, and discernment that this country can expect from one person, even a man.

If Hillary is going to be denied the support of your vote due to a gaffe or two along the way, remember that no one is perfect. Plus, if you look at the big picture and you consider the choices she has made in her personal and public life, the mistakes have been very few. She has exemplary qualifications. Her acumen is matched only be her compassionate intelligence that comes from being one of us — a U.S. citizen that educated herself.

The time is ripe for this uncommon woman of such political astuteness to break the barrier to the Oval Office for our gender. If we don't give her this chance to break that ceiling then I believe we will get what we deserve. Our country will be better for putting this woman at the helm. With the world at civil unrest and a polar meltdown; despair about poverty and immigration and Ebola; college and national debt; obesity and drought; energy and abortion; guns and gays; child abuse, mental illness, equal pay and on and on ... do you know anyone who can multi-task better than a woman can?

Please check her out, don't take my word for it and don't forget to consider the issues and ramifications of a yea or nay while realizing we're only human and rarely are things black or white. Life is messy, wherever we live. So let a woman clean up the mess. Believe me, she knows how to by now.

Hillary Clinton is ready, willing and able and I hope you'll find her more than worthy of your vote. Also, to me, she embodies all that is presidential. She gets it.

Marcy Gatanti


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