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Look in the mirror; didn't we put these men in positions of power?

To The Daily Sun,

SO TRUMP IS A SLUT — SO WHAT? — Except to his Christian fundamentalist base ... and the rest of us.

Look and see: there is no doubt that the personal life of now-president Trump is a disgrace. Should his fundamentalist base be offended and repulsed? Yes. Should the rest of us care? Maybe ...

Personally, I hold with the sanctity of contracts, both legal and moral. But history shows that some of our most revered U.S. Presidents were "hound dogs" — chasing "anything in a skirt" no matter how inappropriate as to power relations and pressures, etc. Think from Jefferson to Roosevelt, to the Kennedys, etc. and elected representatives too numerous to mention.

I hold no brief for such behavior, but ...

Look at U.S. presidents who have plunged us into destructive, needless wars, and their characters. Does history repeat, to our peril?

What does this tell us about the quality of our leadership — or our electorate — ourselves — whom elected them?

Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror ...

Michael Harris, PhD


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Stick together; pay only rent amount you have been paying

To The Daily Sun,

Yeah, yeah we got a raise ... wait a minute ... 90 percent of the people who are on Social Security did not receive the so-called raise in their monthly checks — Medicare got the raise. Of course the people who overcharge you for your rent don't give a damn ... so there is a way for my fellow seniors who live in their own homes in a mobile home park

Today I wrote to my landlord thanking them for making me and a few others in the park where I live soon to be joining the homeless. They had the nerve to raise the rent by $25. For what? The roads in here are atrocious ... the water is turned off without notice ... and because they raised the rent, they shut down the phone so no one could call them.

Thank you dear landlords for making life a little harder. As for me I headed to the bank and shut off my automatic rent payment. Oh they will get a rent check but only for the amount I have been paying. My advice to the rest of you here in the park is to do the same and if there is a problem with the landlord we could all chip in and pay legal support.
Good luck to us all.

Bev Buker


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