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Please write a letter to the editor about your use of the library

To The Daily Sun,

The Library Trustees have been working since 2009 to provide the best possible library for Meredith and to serve the needs of the town's residents, visitors, and Inter-Lakes School District.

When the current building housing the library was opened to the residents in 1901, more than a century ago, libraries were used by men, women kept home and hearth and read "dime" novels, children were seen and not heard, and anyone with a disability, be it mental and/or physical, was locked away and kept from the public eye.

The purpose of this letter is to ask Meredith Public Library patrons who are interested in maintaining a library that meets today's needs and interests to write the editor telling your story and how you use of the library. I personally believe there are many people in town who would be interested in knowing what you think.

How do you use the library? Books, DVDs, audio, children's programs, special events, help with technology support, assistance with on-line employment applications, how to use a specific computer/ phone/ iPad? We also provide community and outreach programs to residents and schools. Are you a patron through one of these programs?

That said, there is so much more we could do with more space and same staff in a modern facility whose design fits in the community and saves on maintenance and operating costs.

Did you can write a letter to the editor online? Simply go to your favorite newspaper, find the letters to the editor, and start typing! Need help with this? There is a staff member at the library who can help you!

Ann Butler, Vice Chair

Meredith Public Library Trustee

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The 'new' Paul Punturieri is self-aggrandizing & intransigent

To The Daily Sun,

First, I would like to congratulate Jane Aitken for her observant comments regarding the would-be candidate for the N.H. House from Moultonborough. If one reads his blog (and few enough do these days that he often has to supply his own comments to his own posts), Mr. Punturieri has a screed posted regarding Ms. Aitken's comments that has a clearly different tone than his mild-mannered letter to the editor of Oct. 7 in The Sun.

Its good to see that peeling back the thin political hide of Mr. Punturieri and getting even a little bit under his skin, Ms. Aitken has brought out the real Paul Punturieri of late. This is and has been a problem with Paul. I was duped (along with many others) by his soft-styled, mild-mannered, seemingly thoughtful disposition when he was associated with the Moultonborough Citizens Alliance (MCA) a few years ago. Heck, we thought enough of Mr. and Mrs. P. that she was elected president of the MCA group. But he fails to include those days in his letters or any bio info.

MCA was an association of fair-minded and fiscally conservative residents and taxpayers who only wanted to see their tax dollars were not wasted on unneeded projects. We supported for instance, the SB-2 effort, a voting initiative that allowed those unable to attend the daylong, "you must be there to vote" town meeting. But, I digress.

He now says he puts the "needs of citizens" (he cleverly avoids pointing out which citizens) ahead of any political ideology. However, his recent Board of Selectmen effort, to push a $6.5 million recreation center down the throats of those very citizens he supposedly represents, was an effort gone amok, as it should have. This was political ideology at its lowest form. Notwithstanding his failure in this project he has since declared his candidacy for the N.H. General Court.

He used many of the same words he uses to describe Ms. Aitken in his aggressive diatribes against those who opposed (and soundly voted down) the unneeded and unwanted Recreation Department project: "Conspiratorial," "extreme," "spreaders of misinformation," "not based on facts," are just a small handful of the terms he likes to throw around. While he likes to associate the Koch brothers with anyone not of his thinking he overlooks the less-than-admirable Mr. Soros on the left edge of the political pasture — talk about "political ideology." But don't take my word. Go to Paul's blog ( Yes, he even has a problem spelling Moultonborough correctly) and go back eight to nine months and read some of his ideologue-inspired screeds for those opposing the rec center. Or just look at the latest diatribe he has leveled at Ms. Aitken. Then compare those with the greatly softened letter to the editor of the Oct. 7. Do we need more of this in Concord?

As much as I respect the man I got to know back in the day, the "new" Paul has become self-aggrandizing, uncompromising, intransigent and even duplicitous, all when it serves him best. For instance, he was the "King" of Right To Know Laws (RTK) when it served his purposes. He is very proud even today of that stand. And well he should be. But the Right to Know Law was not passed and purposed just for Paul Punturieri alone. Many of the people who supported his Board of Selectmen candidacy would again, I suspect, if he had not put those people on his list of citizens that are not part of his new political ideology (there's that phrase again) and so therefore targets of his bitter political bile.

I expect this will draw a reprimand from Mr. P., denying my observations and criticizing my positions, but then they are just that ... my positions based on facts from his more conservative past. One could have easily gone back years in his blog and found where his political ideology has done a 180 if he had not done a Hillary and scrubbed his blog of his early years. Expect more scrubbing.

Rick Heath

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