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Pres. Obama is in bed with the big health insurance companies

To The Daily Sun,

Old saying that politics makes for odd bedfellows and this is surely the case between the Obama administration and all the big health insurance companies. Obama and company keep telling us all about the big bad insurance industry and how he is saving us all from them. So what's in it for the insurance companies if they are so evil? Answer is money, money and more money. They stand to double or triple profits through Obamacare. The president promised them 30 million more subscribers, paid for by your taxes. Add to that even the most modest plan on the exchange will cost most working people double what customers had been paying even for those few who qualify for a subsidy and then the huge increase in their deductibles and co-pays. Easy to see how the evil insurance companies will make out.

So what does the progressive socialists gain? Power and control over your lives, your health and welfare. Big brother is here, smiling and telling you in his smooth, soothing voice to just trust him and all will be well.
It might be wise to consider for a moment just how many of his promises he has kept before, and how many provable lies he has told us looking us in the eye with his smooth, soothing voice. Are you and will you and your children better off now and will you be next year? Six million families have lost health insurance so far and despite assurances the system is working, it isn't. No system is up and running that sends your check to the insurance companies. Failing that, there is therefore no insurance policy issued. Don't worry things could be worse, just wait it will get worse.

Steve Earle


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Please help our Moultonborough friends find their beloved 'Danny'

To The Daily Sun,

At this time of year it is so easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of the holidays. However, the 24 hour up-to-the-minute news channels are a constant reminder of the pain and misery of others on a global scale. While we may keep these poor souls in our prayers, and send money or other aid when we can, it is often the case that we overlook the equally devastating pain of those close to us, our neighbors and friends.
As we sit here tonight, our neighbors — our friends — are grieving the loss of their beloved dog, "Danny", who went missing on November 27th.

Danny is not just an integral part of their lives, but a lifeline of love to this couple and their other dog, "Ellie". Serious health issues are not strangers to our friends, but the disappearance of "Danny" has taken a grave toll on Kelly's health, and likely Don's as well. Our friends can't smile or send a cheery "hello" across the yard these days, and little "Ellie" no longer plays outside or eats well as she too, grieves for her constant companion.

Please help us bring "Danny" home for Christmas. He is an 8-year-old yellow Labrador and was wearing his tags on his black collar the day he disappeared from his home in Balmoral. "Danny" has "visited" Suissvale in the past and though many know "Danny", his usual friends have not seen him recently. He loves to go on long walks and play with any new friends he meets, so he may have traveled a bit of a distance in any direction.

It is a heart-wrenching pain to not know what has happened to "Danny". But with the help of a supportive and vigilant public, and animal lovers everywhere, we are hopeful that someone, somewhere will know something about "Danny". He may be wandering, lost in an unfamiliar place, he may have gotten stuck somewhere, or has been injured by someone who may be afraid to come forward. In this case we can only assure you that the joy of "Danny's" return is the only thing that matters. If "Danny" is being forced to reside with a new family, please search your heart. "Danny" loves his family and they in turn love and need him in a way that is beyond words. His return will be rewarded regardless of the reasons for his absence. Please look to your heart and conscience at this time of peace and love and bring "Danny" home. Be the instrument of a Christmas miracle. You'll be blessed and rewarded for it.
"Danny's" friends have taken up a collection of $200 for any information that leads to "Danny's" return. You may also have seen some of the flyers we have been posting anywhere that we can. If you have any information, please call Don or Kelly at 801-664-6974.
Or call and leave a message with usat 603-476-5692.
Bless you and thank you for any help you can give us.
Tom & Diane Potwin

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Trust but verify: tell us where you got this info about Chicago

To The Daily Sun,

There has been some great letters again this past week that deserve to be addressed. I have tried to write letters that are of local interest which get off in the wrong direction. I can't believe all the hate talk directed towards our president. I read the letter written by Mr. Tim French of Gilford. I am responding to his letter at his request, as in the past nave been ignored and he can't understand why. I have also put out information on the right-wing nuts that no one has an answer to.

So, first you need to explain to the folks in the Lakes Region why we should be interested in statistics from Chicago? The next thing you should explain is how all this has affected you personally? Who are you and give us the access to the sites that you got all this information from so we can check the information you have provided? To help you in getting started, you wrote, and I quote: "There are more people in Chicago on welfare than there is that work". A little hint, many folks on welfare work but fall below the poverty level. Please advise me to your source of information. I believe it was President Reagan who said trust but verify.

The next one I want to verify is and I quote: there have been more people killed in Chicago than Iraq or Afghanistan in the last six months, mostly young minorities.

I have responded to your letter as a member of the left-wing party, as you requested, so I expect you will return the courtesy. AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Henry Osmer


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Don't let your heritage be stolen by short-lived corporations

To The Daily Sun,

Speaking in regards to the Hathaway House, I am hoping to help convince the owners of Cafua and the citizens of Laconia not to allow the demolition of this bit of your heritage. Don't for a moment think that because there is a lake nearby that tourists will seek out your town and patronize your businesses if the soul of your town has been lost. Travelers are seeking places that have preserved that feel of a simpler, quieter time. Structures like the Hathaway House exude that feeling.
I have watched the Hathaway House, year after year, in articles in your local papers. I've read about the hopes and plans for saving the building. I've driven by. I've been waiting. I am a summer visitor. I live in Massachusetts but I am not from New England.
I come from a small town in New York. My little town was a spa destination for New York City vacationers back in the early 20th century. Much of my town's heritage was completely lost in the 1950s by imminent domain when the St. Lawrence Seaway was built. The town was told that we would again become a tourist's Mecca. Pavilions were built overlooking the St. Lawrence River to provide a vantage point to watch ocean going ships pass by toward the Great Lakes. They were pavilions to watch prosperity passing us by without stopping. The pavilions are now derelict or simply fallen down or razed. Since then the train of thought has been 'tear it down and build new. New is better/cleaner/modern and a sign of prosperity.
Unfortunately, the new buildings are now shabby and in need of replacement... and on and on it goes. All that is left are fast food chains and prefab buildings. This is urban blight. It is devouring our country.
There was a plan in the seventies to renovate and preserve what little was left of the history there. It never happened. Now there is nothing left to preserve.
The last quality landmark, the mayor's house on Main Street, was torn down to make way for a bank about 10 years ago. It is a sad little town that has died multiple times over. This is why people like me love New England.
I go to New Hampshire to seek out that feeling where there is a sense of place. A place that is undying.
Don't let this happen to Laconia. Don't let your heritage be stolen by short-sited corporations whose profits don't even stay in your town.
Your Hathaway House is a treasure.
Preserve this landmark for all future generations to enjoy.

Jean LaPoint
Lowell, Massachusetts

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This struck me as too good a story to ignore or keep to myself

To The Daily Sun,

We are balanced between our customary cynicism and what, for many, is a search for some redemption in this the Christmas season. Many of us get e-mails detailing the alleged wonders of the season and may wonder if the stories are grounded in reality.

Yesterday, I stopped at Quik Laundry and Cleaners on South Main Street in Laconia just in time to hear a customer thank Sara most profusely for turning in a very large sum of money which she found in the man's coat pocket. The money was the result of the combined contributions of several
family members who were sending an aged relative, a member of a religious order, on an extended trip.

This struck me as too good a story to ignore or to keep to myself. Merry Christmas!

Dick Burchell
Gilmanton Iron Works

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