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Huge majorities in N.Y. & Calif. did Hillary no good in Electoral College

To The Daily Sun,

The 2016 presidential race began shortly after the 2012 election. All the contestants knew the objective was to win 270 Electoral College votes. No one started out on the campaign trail with the goal of trying to win the popular vote and no one challenged the game rules at that time. The Democrats can blame the FBI Director, fake news, the Russians, voter intimidation and so on, but Trump knew what had to be done to win. He didn't get where he is by following bad advice.

The Democratic game plan was to pander to the Hispanics, Blacks, Latinos, gays, and just about every ethnic and racial group (except the core people of this country). The problem with that strategy was that these voters were concentrated in urban areas in a few states and getting 80 percent of them to vote for Hillary was not going to get her 270 Electoral College votes. Trump could have worked harder at gaining a larger percentage of those urban voters, but he knew the objective was to win states and he worked to achieve that goal.

Whether he will be a good president or bad one will be decided down the road. The point is that Trump achieved the goal of getting 270 (and then some) Electoral College votes. He did so against long odds — a media stacked against him, paid trouble-makers at his rallies, bias debate moderators throwing hard balls at him and softballs at Hillary, and a sitting president and his administration rallying for his opponent. Trump dismantled all this and achieved the objective. Isn't that the kind of attribute the leader of this country should have, as opposed to someone who has a dozen excuses for not achieving a goal?

Now like spoiled children who lose at a board game, the Democrats are kicking the game board trying to knock the pieces on the floor.

Dennis Robitaille

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LMS is connecting students & families with great resources

To The Daily Sun,

Last week, Laconia Middle School hosted its first December Fun Fest for our students and their families. The evening included dinner, games in the gymnasium, and a huge swap shop, where students and their families could donate clothes, take clothes, or both.

The following businesses donated generously to the event by filling our plates with delicious food: Fratello's, Sal's Pizza, Burrito Me, Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Lakes Region Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Vista Foods, Gilford Hannaford, and Belmont Shaw's. The Laconia Middle School PTO also contributed to the meal.

We were joined by community partners who have so willingly and enthusiastically supported our middle school community. Stand Up Laconia was present to talk with families during the event. Laconia police officers challenged our students and staff on the basketball and dodgeball courts.

We look forward to many more opportunities to connect our fantastic students and their families with the wonderful resources that are alive and well in Laconia.

Alison Bryant, Principal

Laconia Middle School

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