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Eventually every state in America will become Right-to-Work

To The Daily Sun,

Dr. Tom Dawson had a letter in Tuesday's Sun suggesting the purpose of right-to-work ( RTW) was to destroy unions. One thing is certain, after making such an uniformed and erroneous statement, Tom Dawson knows little about unions and even less about the purpose of RTW.

RTW laws are now embraced by the majority of states in America. RTW states see higher average incomes per capita than do union states while large corporations like auto companies that hire thousands of new employees with each new construction REFUSE to expand in union states. It is clear, the initials before Tom Dawson's name don't stand for Dr. of logic, or Dr. of honesty.

Twenty seven of America's 50 states are now RTW with two more new additions coming soon. The next to become RTW will be Missouri followed by our own N.H. Tom sees that inevitable handwriting on the wall. That's why he's spreading donkey BS. Be careful not to step in it. Kentucky became RTW last week, just as soon as it could under its newly elected Republican governor. There is no time in recent history where Republicans have had a better "poker hand" than today to enact RTW, given their massive power control of state houses and governors mansions nationwide.

Eventually, EVERY STATE in America will become RTW. Why? Because those states that refuse will over time be killed economically by those that are. The percentage of Americas unionized, private work force has dropped in a straight line for 50 years to a new low of 6.7 percent today. There is no clearer clue to understand the massive failure of the union structure to solve management problems that that one.

Let me separate the FACT from Tom Dawson's FICTION. All RTW laws do is give employees the right NOT to belong to a union if they choose. Unions want forced membership. More importantly, forced dues deductions from employees pay checks, no matter their beliefs. For millions of people that means watching hundreds of dollars sucked form their pay checks annually to support labor structures they don't agree with while they watch their money support political candidates (and parties) they don't favor get millions of dollars. It is all about FREEDOM OF CHOICE for the employee, rather than a gun to your head from Doc Dawson. RTW is about workers RIGHTS. Unions are about strong-arming DUES COLLECTION from the working class to buy political power. That is what Dr. Tom Dawson is all about. He failed to make his intentions clear in his letter, so I am helping him out. No need to thank me, Tom.
Don't expect Tom Dawson to suddenly grow a back bone or spine to debate RTW on the substance and merits of the RTW issue or any other for that matter. It is not going to happen. The same way Scott Cracraft refuses to debate the failure of education in this fine newspaper. These academic types are just hit and run, BS artists trying to influence public opinion sourced from BLIND , PARTISAN, POLITICS with a foundation that rests on tissue paper for logic.

Tony Boutin

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Since when do parents not have responsibility to feed their kids?

To The Daily Sun,

On its surface the "Keeping the Bellies Full" front page article in the Friday, Jan. 13, Daily Sun warms the cockles of your heart. Attractive well-fed smiling children displaying healthy meals is a good reminder of the abundance of our country and how fortunate we are to live here.

What could be wrong? Three things instantly come to mind.

First, since when is it the community's obligation to relieve parents of their responsibility to prepare meals for their own children? If parents don't have time to prepare meals for their own children, what possible activities are they engaged in that are more important?

Second, stating that the program pays for itself, is ludicrous and untrue. Reimbursement from the federal government is not free money. Its source is taxes paid by the American taxpayers. Hence, the meals are a form of public welfare.

Third, in my day if you displayed the picture of welfare recipients on any page of the paper, let alone the front page, you would be facing the judge in the morning.

I'm all for good works, but for any organization to take credit for resources that aren't theirs is shameful.

Warren P. Murphy

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