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Our lives are gifts from God & only he has right to take them back

To The Daily Sun,

Brittany Maynard, of Portland, OR, killed herself on Sat, Nov 1, 2014, using so-called assisted suicide measures. May God have mercy on her soul. The news was reported locally here in Laconia by The Laconia Daily Sun, running an AP story. But folks, that news story was not fair and balanced. It tried to give persuasive arguments in favor of the "right" of someone to kill themselves, but it did not include any discussion of the opposite viewpoint, other than to say "...social conservatives have sharply criticized..." and "...unlikely Republican-controlled legislatures would consider..."

And except for a few religious-affilliated groups being quoted expressing what some consider empty rhetoric in their opposition, there is hardly ever serious anti-assisted suicide discussion on the matter.

In the 2000 years since "The Lamb of God" brought a New Covenant to mankind, and created the "ekklesia," the church of Christ, man has been trying to write his own new set of laws to live by, rejecting those from God. Most people (even some who consider themselves Christians) do not even know that Jesus' death fulfilled all of the Old Law, bringing a NEW Law, which if followed, will give every one of us Eternal Life. Many people either reject the belief, or simply do not know that we are to live our lives for God, not ourselves. Modernism and Post-modernism beliefs today try to convince people that they are in charge of matters of this type, not an unseen god.

But Jesus said that even some who consider themselves religious will not enter the Kingdom of God unless they do the Will of His Father. He also said, in John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me."

Some will say that we don't know for sure whether it's okay with God for us to do certain things. But that is so not true. He provided a "rule book" for us to live by. And just like an athlete who violates a serious rule of the sport he's playing, and is disqualified from further participation, we can also become "disqualified" from eternal life. At least the athlete knows what the rules are. What makes it worse for us is that many of us are influenced by the culture around us, that it isn't even necessary for us to know what the "rules" are!

We are a "me first" society, and many times, our selfishness causes nothing else to matter to us. Even though most people believe that we are created by God, hardly anyone ever asks, "what does God want from me?" That's because we are afraid of the answer. We don't want to know the answer! The correct answer might require us to become accountable for our behavior, and the last thing many of us want, is to be held accountable. So we don't ask!

Our lives are gifts from God, and only He has the right to take them back. Young people, please do not be influenced by the destructiveness of the present-day culture. God has a plan for your life — go out there and find out what it is! In the meantime, "Bloom where you're Planted," wherever that is!

Jim McCoole

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‘Concealed Carry’ is a much better option than ‘Open Carry’

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter to all "Concealed Carry" permit holders who might be leaning in favor of "Open Carry" for New Hampshire, which has been talked about a lot this election cycle.

Open Carry, in my opinion, is an ill-conceived idea for anyone who can legally obtain a concealed-carry permit, and it has to do with "brandishing."

Anyone who knows that you are carrying can make a false report to police that you threatened them with it. And even if you have not "brandished" it, they can still describe it to police. If they can describe it, that means they have seen it. And if they make a false report that you threatened them, and can now also describe it to police, who will the police most likely believe?

The "...right to bear arms" is a sacred right. But if you needlessly abuse that right, you're simply asking for trouble. Concealed-Carry is the much better option, because you and your loved ones are much safer if nobody knows for sure.

Jim McCoole


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With this record, why are Democrats running away from Obama?

To The Daily Sun,

No rhetoric, just the facts please. Republicans vs. Democrats by the numbers (last 50 years)

Metric Republicans/Democrats

Years held Presidency: 28/22.

Total jobs created: 24 million/42 million.

Stock market return: 109 percent/992 percent.

GDP 2.7 percent/4.1 percent.

Income growth: 0.6 percent/2.2 percent.

Five years of Obama

Jan 2009/July 2014

7,949 The Dow 16,867.

7.8 Percent Unemployment 6.7 percent.

minus 5.4 percent GDP growth 4.1 percent.

9.8 percent deficit percent of GDP 3.3 percent

37.7 percent consumer confidence 78.1 percent

Here's my question: "Why are Democrats running away from this president?" With a record like that any

president would give his right arm for.

George Maloof


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Why can’t Obama and the Democrats call terrorism ‘terrorism’?

To The Daily Sun,

Why is it the prime minister of Canada has no trouble calling terrorism "terrorism" and Obama and Democrats can't? Who do they think they are kidding? Only themselves, because normal people recognize it for what it is.

Another Ebola case confirmed in New York City, new regulations going into effect Monday. Monday? At its core it all depends on "self monitoring." We've seen that's not working out very well already. My gosh, if it isn't clear to people now that Obama and his Democratic drones — i.e. Sen. Shaheen, Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter — just don't have the best interests of the American people at heart, it never will be. All they care about is themselves and their political party which has already proved itself dangerous to our health and well-being.

The list of Obama "achievements" printed in a letter her on Thursday was laughable. Nothing he or they have done helps struggling working families, the poor or the elderly. Under them the costs of everything have gone up. The value and buying power of the dollar has gone down. The world is becoming more and more dangerous and Democrats only blame Bush, the Tea Party, Israel and never dare talk about their records, but keep throwing mud to keep people from seeing what's really going on.

Another terror attack in NYC, rookie cops attacked by crazy with hatchet. Another case of "work place violence?" Will the political correctness never cease?

Steve Earle


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Vote for GOP Executive Councilors to keep spending under control

To The Daily Sun,

One reason why Governor Hassan keeps overspending the budget is because the Democratic-controlled Executive Council doesn't do its job. The Democratic executive councilors frequently just rubberstamp the contracts, even costly hundred-page contracts, that Gov. Hassan and her department heads present to them.

The Executive Council is supposed to review contracts to make sure that good value is received in exchange for taxpayer dollars. But the Democratic majority refuses to allow enough time for contracts to even be read, let alone investigated, before the councilors vote on them. This results in wasteful spending.

Wasted dollars can't be used for other things, e.g., to repair roads or bridges, to help needy citizens, to make life more affordable for New Hampshire citizens, or to make New Hampshire more inviting to businesses so they create more good jobs here for our citizens.

New Hampshire needs executive councilors like Joe Kenney, in District 1, who are dedicated to providing the appropriate, effective, and efficient state government operations that improve the lives of all New Hampshire citizens rather than just favored special interests. Vote for Republicans for the Executive Council.

Don Ewing


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