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Harrold French is too extreme to represent us well in the N.H. Senate

To The Daily Sun,

State Sen. Harold French is too extreme for our state. I’ve been watching this state senator since he was elected, and it’s clear that he does not stand with women. During a recent Senate budget session there was an amendment introduced that only the most extreme members of the GOP supported. The amendment would have completely defunded Planned Parenthood of all services they provide, including cancer screenings and STI treatment. The amendment was an underhanded, eleventh-hour surprise attempt to close Planned Parenthood’s doors by blocking state and federal money from going to any New Hampshire health center who offer abortion services, even though abortion procedures are never paid for by taxpayer dollars. Senator French voted for that amendment.

Sixty-three percent of New Hampshire residents approve of the quality, affordable health care that Planned Parenthood provides. New Hampshire has some of the nation’s lowest rates for teen pregnancy and STI incidence, and has been recognized for the best maternal health outcomes in the country. With extreme politicians attacking health care at a state and federal level, we risk this progress coming undone.

Sen. French doesn’t support the 11,000 patients (women AND men) who depend on Planned Parenthood for services — birth control, STI screenings and treatment, well-woman care, and cancer screenings.

His extreme votes against women’s health have made it very clear where he stands, and it’s not with the women of New Hampshire. It’s time to stand up for women, Sen. French. Don’t forget, we’re all watching how you vote.

Deborah Clark

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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My list of 'requirements' for your state representative from Grafton 9

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to the editor in The Daily Sun, a Republican candidate for our state representative seat claimed that "owning a business" was a "requirement" to being an elected official. Knowing Mr. Migliore personally, I'm sure he was using hyperbole, and must be referring to the Budget Blinds franchise he oversaw, that falls under the umbrella of a much larger company.

That being said, my name is Josh Adjutant, I'm a Democratic candidate for the Grafton 9 seat, and I'd like to list some of the requirements we're already doing that Mr Migliore forgot, so he can get right on them as I know he's itching to do.

Knocking on doors? That's a requirement.

Having actual thorough policy positions? That's a requirement.

Telling the 536 residents of Bristol, Bridgewater, Ashland, Alexandria, and Grafton who get their insurance through Medicaid expansion that you'll commit to funding the program? That's a requirement.

Meeting with residents who have lost loved ones to our drug crisis and telling them you'll fight like hell to make sure we don't lose anyone else? That's a requirement.

Sending a message to drug companies that New Hampshire will lead the way in negotiating drug prices so seniors don't have to choose between foods and meds? That's a requirement.

Hearing stories of residents struggling over their property taxes because Concord constantly shifts costs down to poorer communities and assuring them you'll correct the problem? That's a requirement.

Getting letters from kids that you used to mentor at the community center about how they are running out of school supplies? That's a requirement.

Hearing heartbreaking stories about seniors who are stuck at home, have played fair their whole lives, and now Uncle Sam wants to cut their only daily nutritional meal out from under them? That's a requirement.

Protecting the integrity of democracy and calling for special elections instead of writing a letter to all five towns asking for the electoral process to be delayed, and then jumping into the very race you lobbied against? That's a requirement.

We here at the Josh Adjutant for State Representative campaign have made sure to hit all of the qualifications above, and I look forward to checking in with Mr. Migliore on July 18 on how far he got on the list.

Joshua Adjutant


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