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Instead of a ticket, a Gilford officer helped me change my bulb

To The Daily Sun,

I want to give a big thank you to the Gilford police officer who stopped me on the Bypass Saturday night.

I was pulled over for having a headlight out, I had the bulb, but could not change it myself. Instead of giving me a ticket, he changed the bulb for me on the side of the road and sent me on my way. Law enforcement has been receiving a bad reputation of late around the country and I wanted to let them know they are appreciated for what they do.

When you see a military service person, active or retired, you give them thanks. Do the same for law enforcement. Someone has to preform this duty. Would you want to have to do it?

Robin Barnes

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Moyer is clearly in the best position to lead the Sheriff’s Dept.

To The Daily Sun,

Two law enforcement professionals have stepped forward to run for the office of Belknap County Sheriff, a position I have had the honor and privilege to serve in for over nine years. During my 37-year law enforcement career, I've had the opportunity to assist with the vetting, promotion, and selection of numerous police chiefs and other law enforcement command personnel across many different police agencies. So, I believe that I'm qualified to offer an opinion regarding the person who will become your next sheriff and who is best suited to lead this organization going forward.

The names of Michael Moyer and William Wright will appear on the Republican primary ballot on Sept. 13. I have known both of these men for many years, have worked closely with each of them, and I consider them to be friends.

However, there is a very clear distinction with regards to the experience and qualifications between the two candidates. Mike Moyer has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, having served in many different capacities before working his way through the ranks and becoming the chief of the Laconia Police Department.

Mike has been responsible for developing and administering large budgets. He has led a nationally-accredited police agency with numerous personnel and many moving parts. He has hired, fired, disciplined, promoted and developed law enforcement and civilian employees. He has dealt with delicate and difficult labor issues. He has managed the diverse political responsibilities that any law enforcement executive must be skilled at. He has established professional and personal relationships with other law enforcement leaders in Belknap County and beyond. Mike has an advanced level of leadership training, including graduating from the prestigious FBI National Academy.

Mike's opponent, while having served with the Sheriff's Department for a number of years and currently being a front-line supervisor, has none of this relevant experience or education.

The position of High Sheriff is not one where the head of the agency should require significant on-the-job training. Mike Moyer is clearly the best prepared candidate to step into this important position and lead the Sheriff's Department into the future. I am confident that he would do so with distinction and will serve the citizens of Belknap County with professionalism and integrity.

I urge my fellow Republicans and those independents voting in the Republican Primary on Sept. 13 to cast their vote for Mike Moyer for Belknap County Sheriff. For my many Democratic friends and those undeclared who take a Democratic Party ballot, please write in Mike Moyer on your ballot, as there is no declared Democratic candidate for this position.

Craig Wiggin
Belknap County Sheriff

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