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Here's a 10 question political quiz with no right answers

To The Daily Sun,

Many political junkies like me take political quizzes/tests online, TV (Watters World) or in newspapers, e.g. Concord Monitor. Here is a test for everyone with no right answers. The answers are:

A= Yes, B=No, C= I do not care, and D= I did not know

Q1. Kasich eats pizza with a fork, any impact on campaign?

Q2. Did you know that Pres. Obama was asked 'tough' questions in 2008 by the media?

Q3. Should Trump and Cruz resign over Wifegate?

Q4. Do you agree with Hillary that Trump is not a true New Yorker?

Q5. Did you vote for Bernie only to find out that your vote does not count due to superdelegates?

Q6. Are you waiting for the Republican 'elites' to tell us who to vote for?

Q7. Did you know that if you live in NY, you are banned from traveling to NC?

Q8. Whitewater, Travelgate, Troopergate, Benghazi, Emailgate or Watergate, are all Hillary scandals?

Q9. Did you ever think that you would be fined for not buying a product that you did not want, e.g. health care insurance?

Q10. Can you name the four New Hampshire representatives to the U.S Senate and the Congress?

All of the above questions are being reported on various forms of media. My preference is that we listen to the candidates and vote for the ones we want in office. However, welcome to the WWE — Wide World of Elections.

Have fun with the test.

Jim Mayotte

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Just 2 days later Sen. Forrester voted against Medicaid expansion

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in regards to a letter in this paper last Friday from a constituent and supporter of state Senator Jeanie Forrester, where he stated he attended her announcement speech that she is running for governor.

He stated, "I heard her say that she will be the governor for the people. I did not hear for 'some' of the people. I did not hear she would be the governor of 'her' people. I heard she will be the governor for 'all' the people."

Au contraire. Two days later she voted against the Medicaid expansion which currently serves 48,000 low-income New Hampshire residents. Thankfully, it did pass without her vote, but her vote speaks volumes about her perception of being "for the people."

There were a number of other things she said that evening that she supported such as:

— Support and preserve Second Amendment rights.

— Protect the life of the unborn child.

— She will take the pledge.

Why the distinction between the unborn and those already born? Don't they deserve protection as well?

Her vote not to continue Medicaid expansion tells you she is only for "some of the people."

Last year, New Hampshire hospitals saw a $142 million drop in uncompensated care costs. Members of other health care organizations said Medicaid expansion has helped insure more patients, and kept them financially stable.

I thank the Democratic senators for their unanimous vote and the six Republican senators who did vote "for the people" and decided that Medicaid expansion is working and is a good deal.

Another Forrester constituent.

Paula Trombi


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