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My forefathers didn't fight so you could expose yourself at will

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Kia, no you're not (a nudist), but you are clearly an attention-seeking person.

Why should I go to the beach to enjoy my day off and have to see your breasts out on display? Why should I leave, or move, or look away when you are the only one causing scene with your nutty view of "everyone look at me"?

This is not about breastfeeding. We are not in Europe and even they have designated spots for nudity/toplessness. Go there and stay out and off New Hampshire beaches. Please do us all — male and female — a favor.

Your fight is foolish and ludicrous in this day and age. There are better fights to be won. You are not a male, so stop complaining and comparing yourself to one.

And don't you ever say that anyone has no constitutional rights to not be comfortable at all times in public. How dare you!

My father and grandfather, who were both Marines in wartime, did not fight so you (could) expose yourself anytime or anywhere just because you have some weird feminist agenda to prove.

So please do me a favor and keep that shirt on, or I will gladly call the police, because that is one of my rights.

Denise C. Burke


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Selectmen have careened off 'learning curve' & into the abyss

To The Daily Sun,

Apparently, according to the front page article in Friday's paper (July 1st), Gilmanton's selectmen and town administrator not only continue to reveal themselves as embarrassingly inept and incompetent at functioning within the laws and rules that govern them, but also, now, they've shown themselves to be a danger to their own community. Why?

The very foundation of the peace and security we all take for granted in our communities, whether large or small, are laws; and those charged to uphold those laws: the police. People who believe they are safe by locking their doors, drawing their curtains, arming themselves, putting up fences, getting a dog, investing in security systems ... are kidding themselves. In many respects, it's the police cruiser that just passed your house that keeps you and your children safe, and it's the men and women in these cruisers who are willing to put their lives on the line, that ensure that safety. Yes, we may sometimes object to being ticketed for speeding, or running a stop sign, but when push comes to shove, it's local law enforcement we turn to, to protect us and maintain the peace. And they do a very good job of it.

It is most likely for that reason then, in over six decades of living on this earth, I have never, ever, heard of a governing body not supporting it's local law enforcement. It's simply not done. At least, anyway, until now. A local government, which attempts, publicly, to undermine, discredit and embarrass it's own Police Department, as the Gilmanton selectmen and town administrator have done, simply puts myself and my neighbors at risk. If the selectmen and administrator want to play out their egotistical, agenda-driven vendettas, fine — give it your best shot! But leave Gilmanton's police chief and Police Department out of it. I could give countless examples of how my neighbors and I have been aided by our local Police Department, and I personally do not want my chief to be distracted and thrown off by the petty small-mindedness of a governing body which has repeatedly demonstrated "all the wrong stuff" when it comes to the character, values and integrity that should embody those who govern.

Gilmanton, really, these are no longer issues of "learning curves," if they ever were. In fact, Gilmanton's board and administrator, in their neglect and haste to force their own personal agendas, while ignoring the simplest of rules and regulations, at some point, rounded their so-called learning curve, and careened off into an abyss of negative and harmful behaviors, which, quite frankly, could keep some in Gilmanton crawling from the wreckage for years. I'm not interested in seeing that. I love this town. Before any more harm is done, they need to stop ... or be stopped.

Al Blake

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