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The ice caps they are a meltin', but what the heck . . . gurgle!

To The Daily Sun,

The Paris Climate Accord ... and other important stuff ... explained in very simple terms:

The ice caps they are a meltin', but what the heck — we still hear the contrary from our supporters ... Who are they ... you might be tempted to ask? Ohhhhhh, you know, that huge group of our "friends," "them thar folks we refer to as the climate change deniers."

Millions of people are starving in many parts of the world, including here in this great country of ours, but we still continue to exclusively listen to those who are purposely deaf to the cries of the hungry.

There are major droughts affecting many countries up to and including the U.S. — California and Florida are a couple of places that come to mind. Hey, what the heck does it matter, especially since we still have Trump, his posse (in the White House), and their ever-faithful supporters gushing (intentional pun) about how it’s in this country’s best interest to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Hey, what the heck, say those on the right. Their rationale: "We are in good company, right?" Now let’s just see about this now ..ohhhhhh ... other than Syria, who are now in the same boat with U.S. Hey, what the heck, Trump supporters continue to say. Oh, wait a minute. Is this little dinghy now sinking after being swamped by the rise in the sea levels. Ohhhhhh, where are the life preservers? Ohhhhhh, what do you mean we didn’t bring any life preservers on board? Ohhhhhh, we are certainly doomed.

Now shouting at the top of their lungs,."Is there anybody out there to save us. Ohhhhhh, w-h-a-t t-h-e....gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...."

Bernadette Loesch


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I apologize for my disastrous endorsement of Hunter Taylor

To The Daily Sun,

The principal reason that the county delegation, consisting of all of the elected state representatives from the county, must approve any county budget proposed by the three county commissioners is part of the system of checks-and-balances, and separation of powers, built into our state government. Otherwise, the three commissioners could do what they please with the county budget and increase county taxes solely at their will and whim.

As any well-educated citizen knows, a sound system of checks-and-balances, and separation of powers, is inherent in the government of our county, state and country.

The Belknap County Delegation carefully considered at great length the proposed budget that would have increased county taxes; it found many faults with what was proposed (as well as numerous discrepancies in the data presented in supposed support of the proposed budget) and it finally approved by a majority vote a revised budget that does not increase county taxes. A later attempt to reconsider the approved budget by making a supplemental appropriation requested by the county commissioners failed to win delegation approval.

Now, the apparent principal architect of the inflated budget that was rejected by the delegation proposes to hold the completion and opening of the County Corrections Center hostage to a demand that the county delegation agree to raise county taxes by appropriating more money to the Corrections Department.

This should not be acceptable to any Belknap County taxpayers, since they should recognize that the county commissioners have the power to move monies around within the approved budget to accomplish their goals with respect to the Corrections Department or other areas of county operations as long as they do not exceed the bottom line in the approved budget.

We apparently live in an age when hostages are taken around the world by terrorists, and now it seems that type of conduct has come to our county. I detest hostage takers for the terrorists they are, regardless of what position or elected office they may hold.

Since Commissioner Hunter Taylor seems to like to name names in his letters to this paper and to others, and to insult me to my face because I did not vote for the budget he wanted, it is long past time for me to apologize to the voters of Belknap County for what has turned out to be my disastrous endorsement of Mr. Taylor for his election to the position he now holds. Frankly, I did not realize his true tax-and-spend philosophy until he was elected, but I promise the voters of Belknap County that I will not make that mistake again.

State Rep. Norman Silber


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