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Bishop has helped to bring order to Gilmanton government

To The Daily Sun,

Marshall Bishop stepped into a chaotic situation when he was elected for a one-year term as selectmen. Over the year, he has shown a clear understanding of the process of local government and has worked successfully with other members of the board and town staff to bring order to our town government.

Despite threats and concerted efforts by the defeated candidate to destroy his business, Marshall has built a successful enterprise in Gilmanton. An energetic and creative entrepreneur, he is willing to serve as selectmen, while contributing significantly to the town's business and agriculture base.
We cannot afford to let the town's administration slide backward. Please join me in voting for Marshall Bishop for a full three-year term on the Board of Selectmen.
Carolyn Baldwin


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I understand Shaker community and would like to serve it

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Citizens of Shaker Regional School District,

Please accept this as a letter of interest for the open school board position at Shaker Regional School District. As a taxpayer in the town of Belmont, a parent of two children in the system, and an educator, I believe I can offer a well-rounded perspective to the school board.
I have 20 plus years of experience as an educator both as a teacher and administrator. I understand the workings of schools as well as the challenges they face. I have been a resident of Belmont for almost 10 years as our family relocated from Phoenix, Arizona. I have come to understand this community and would like to become more involved in serving it. I am interested in becoming a school board member to help our schools continue to grow and provide our students with the education they need to be successful in the 21st century. I would appreciate your support on Election Day.

Eric Johnson

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