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Sludge makes people sick; it poisons land & water & creates stench

To The Daily Sun,

Sewage sludge — or biosolids — contains hazardous industrial chemicals "diluted" with pathogenic human wastes.

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Parkinson's Disease (PD) are prion diseases caused by the brain pathogen similar to that which causes mad cow disease. Prion disease victims shed infectious prions in their urine and feces. The wastewater treatment process does not inactivate prions. They survive in the sludge.

The AD and PD epidemics are vastly under reported. While U.S. public health authorities list 7 million victims (6 million AD — 1 million PD), in fact most death certificates list "pneumonia" as the cause of death for AD and PD victims. And some scientists fear autism in children may also be another prion disease — another million victims. Thus, the full extent of the prion disease epidemics is unknown. And the true number of prion disease victims excreting infectious prions into public sewers may actually be much higher.

A recent study found that plants uptake infectious prions from the sludge and transport them to plant parts. The prion infected sludge is spread on corn, wheat, soybeans — basic ingredients in all the food lining supermarket shelves — and sorghum (animal feed).

In 1981, the Feed and Drug Administration (FDA) cut a deal with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the sewage industry to spread sewage sludge on land as a "soil amendment" because it contains some nitrogen and phosphorous from human wastes, and land spreading was the cheapest way to get rid of it, including the toxic industrial chemicals it contains.

Not only does the sludge make people sick, poison land and water and reduce property values, and the stench destroys neighbors' quality of life, but also pets are tracking it into homes on their fur and feet. Runoff goes to surface waters where prions also survive.

Mike Rainey, sludge coordinator for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, is already well aware of all these facts.

For the details on Alzheimer's as a prion disease, and a copy of my Petition to the FDA to terminate their 1981 agreement to promote the land spreading of prion infected sewage sludge on human and animal food crops:

Other links:

Because Alzheimer's is an incurable prion disease, drug companies abandon research:

Helane Shields


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He left victims to reflect on that awful day for the rest of their lives

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding The Daily Sun's Friday, Jan. 22 story about the Gilford man accused of raping his live-in girlfriend in front of their 3-year-old daughter, don't let this guy get away with it. This so-called man should get the right verdict. He allegedly rapes a girl just because she got mart and was leaving him, and he does it in front of her daughter? Leaving them to reflect on this awful day for the rest of their lives?

They should throw the book at this so-called man.

Mike Moken



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