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Could John Birch Society have been a Kremlin-hatched plot?

To The Daily Sun,

I read Gene Danforth's letter on the John Birch Society with interest. I would like to offer Mr. Danforth another conspiracy theory.

Let's put it this way: if I had been a member of the Soviet Poliburo or the head of the KGB, I could not think of a better way of discrediting real concerns about the Soviet Union than to come up with a group like the John Birch Society. Could the JBS have been a Kremlin-hatched plot and never even knew it?

I am old enough to remember the JBS. I always found it rather amusing that for a group that hated the Communist Party so much, the JBS closely modeled itself after a Leninist party. For example, it created "front" groups and infiltrated conservative organizations. Like a communist party its members functioned in cells with the "party line" flowing from the top down.

In the mid-1960s, many conservatives started abandoning the JBS in droves because they were extreme even for many conservatives. Even such conservative "leading lights" at the time as presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and William Buckley Jr. thought the Birchers were nuts. Did that make Goldwater and Buckley part of the international communist conspiracy Mr. Danforth? Even Ayn Rand, the heroine of libertarianism thought they were wrong. Was Ayn Rand a Red, Mr. Danforth?

E. Scott Cracraft

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As Sheriff, Moyer has what it takes to hit the ground running

To The Daily Sun,

This Sept. 13, the residents of Belknap County will go to the polls and elect the Republican candidate for the office of High Sheriff of Belknap County for the November general election. As a 28-year veteran of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department and elected High Sheriff for 13 of those years I feel I have first-hand experience in what it takes to be a successful sheriff.

It takes an individual with proven leadership qualities that has risen through the ranks of a law enforcement agency to the top position. An individual who's shown they can successfully lead an organization and make tough personnel and budget choices as well as strategic departmental decisions and all the while maintaining a positive esprit de corps within the organization.

This person should be adept at developing and administering policies and procedures, be able to wisely delegate authority and be capable of "hitting the ground running" on day one of their administration. To have been raised in the community that you serve so you know its values and citizens is also significant.

Being the High Sheriff of a county is a critical position. It carries a great deal of responsibility, not only to the residents of the county but to department members and individuals that depend on department services. It is not the place for on-the-job training. In today's world this person needs to have a solid law enforcement educational background and have attended numerous leadership trainings. They need to have demonstrated they have what it takes to be the High Sheriff.

We have such a candidate in this election — Mike Moyer. Mike "checks" all the boxes. Born and raised right here in Belknap County, he graduated from Laconia High School. Mike studied criminal justice at Southern Wesleyan University. Hired as a patrol officer in 1985 by the Laconia Police Department, Mike rose through the ranks to be appointed as Chief of Police for the City of Laconia in 2007, a position he held for four years.

While at LPD, Mike graduated from the Command Training Institute at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and the FBI's prestigious National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, which is no small feat in itself. Mike has shown firsthand that he has what it takes to be a successful sheriff and lead the department in a very positive way. He is prepared to be the sheriff from day one.

Please join me in supporting Mike Moyer for Sheriff of Belknap County by casting your vote for him in the Sept. 13 Primary election. He will make us proud.

Stephen Hodges


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